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International Driver's License In Antigua: Travel And Rent A Car

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IDP is essential when driving abroad

driving abroad with idp

International Driving Permit (IDP), regulated by the United Nations, certifies that you are the holder of a valid driver's license in your country of origin.

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Your IDP is a valid form of identification in more than 150 countries worldwide and contains your name, photo and driver information in the 12 most widely spoken languages in the world.

How to get your IDP


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Is A Local Driver’s License Valid in Antigua? 

Regardless of nationality, all foreign nationals must obtain an International Driver’s Permit (IDP) in Antigua. But, you need to be a valid holder of a driver’s license in your home country before you qualify to apply for an IDP. Your domestic driving card will still matter in this nation. The special permit will only serve as an official translation of it, and it cannot be a replacement. 

In securing the exclusive international permit, consult first at the International Drivers Association for the requirements. After tick the application button then you may now begin filling-up the form.

Driving in another country has been made possible since the 1926 as per the United Nations through 4 different conventions.

Is A U.S Driving License Valid in Antigua?

Unfortunately, American citizens cannot use their U.S driving license in Antigua. They should get an International Driver’s Permit (IDP) to hit the country’s highways legally. There’s no harm when you get one. Simply go to the official page of the International Drivers Association. There are clear guidelines and procedures for assistance.

Do I need an IDP to Drive in the Cities and Districts of Antigua?

Taking time to own an International Driver’s Permit (IDP) in Antigua is a must. Any foreign citizens living outside the state should be able to have an international permit. Failure to get one will not be allowed to get a rental car and drive on Antigua’s roadways. Of course, a valid driving license issued by the explorer’s home state is also an essential item.

Does An IDP Replace a Native Driver’s License?

The first essential thing you must have is a driver’s license card in every highway-bound journey exploration. It is legal proof of your capability to hold a steering wheel and operate the vehicle. It is the same thing when planning to drive outside your home state. An IDP will allow you to use a car when traveling on foreign land, but it is not a replacement for your original driver’s card. It only translates your native one internationally.

How Do I Get An International Driving Permit?

Getting an International Driving Permit is relatively easy. With just a few steps on our sites, you can easily get your IDP processed. You will only need to provide a copy of your valid National Driver's License, 2x2 passport sized photos, and your credit card details for the fee.

We also process IDPs for the following locations: St. Lucia, United Kingdom, Brazil, Iran, Panama, Guatemala, Italy, Barbados, Anguilla, Albania and more. 

International driving permit for Antigua and Barbuda

The Most Important Driving Rules

Expertise is nothing when a good character does not show up. It may not be a technical requirement, but it is one of the essential things road users should have. Cloning a disrespectful individual on the road is a big mistake. However, tolerating the ideal ones is a plus point. A great reminder to keep every time you hit the highway is to observe the road signage and Antigua driving rules. Among the most critical items to secure is the International Driver’s Permit.

Hold Home Country's Valid Driver’s License, IDP & Passport

An accountable foreign driver must know that getting an updated International Driver’s Permit is one requirement to drive legally. Of course, an operator of a moving vehicle should be a valid holder of a driving licence if you let someone who does not possess any of the two will end up facing high fines and charges.

For a reliable source on where to apply for an International Driver’s Permit, visit the International Drivers Association’s official site. There are application guidelines on filling up the form and the details to input, including the contact number, district of your residence, email address, and online payment information or credit card for your IDP in Antigua.

Seatbelts Are Compulsory For All Passengers

All occupants should wear their respective seatbelts whenever the vehicle is moving around the highway. Kids who are seven years below must make use of the child seat. Ask the car hire agent to install one when needed.

Never Exceed The Speed Limit Mark

The main roads' signages and boards along the highway control the congestion of cars passing. Going beyond the limit means you are out of focus or are simply a reckless driver. In this counry, the speed unit is in miles. Understanding the measurement of the country on speed probably they have the slowest one. However, if it means that every road user is safe, then it’s all good.

Drunk Driving Is Against The Law

A single shot of alcohol can make you go beyond the BAC limit. The legal alcohol level in Antigua is 80 mg. So, do not drink when you know that you will drive back to your lodge. It is to avoid road accidents and trouble. Your adventure in the Caribbean state should end up fantastic, not traumatic.

Once another foreign country's national gets caught by a traffic enforcer because of drunk driving, the driver must comply with the BAC level test. Refusing this procedure means that the person is guilty. A violator will go straight to the nearby district police station, and they will have the right to revoke the foreigner’s drivers license.

Never Use A Handheld Device While Driving

Doing two things at the same time confuses one’s mind on where to focus. The same goes when driving. Your fullest attention is a must. Potholes, cracks, and bumpy roads are to be expected in Antiguan roads. The probability of involvement in a road crash is high if you don’t take caution. If you have to relay a message to someone, pull over at the side of the road.

If you cannot avoid urgent calls, ask one from your list of chosen car rental companies' customer service in advance to give you a vehicle with a hands-free system feature. But, be sure not to abuse it as police officers are watching on the road traffic of major roads. 

Pass On The Left, Overtake on The Right

If you can’t drive on the left side of the road, practice is your best choice. Unlike in the European states, where they usually pass on the right, the left side is driving section in thos country. Strict compliance with the road traffic rule is a must for all road users. Regardless of nationality, ignorance of the law is not a valid excuse.

International driving license for Antigua and Barbuda

Top Destinations in Antigua

Antigua gloriously rests at the Leeward Islands of Lesser Antilles. It is a Caribbean nation famed for its glamorous beaches for every single day of the year. Aside from endless water spree spots, this country is also famous for its intriguing historical landmarks. There are also hidden treasures that are highly recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. Its incredible prosperity in legendary attractions makes it a spectacular getaway destination.

Stingray City

Ocean thrillers and fearless explorers can try the face-to-face encounter moment with the Stingrays right in their city. The Stingray City features its pristine, aquamarine, shallow lagoons with grayish sands underneath. It is where the hundreds of adorable Stingrays inhabit, waiting for guests to give them food.

Thinking of the best time to plunge in the waters of Stingray City, allot a time early in the morning and before the afternoon. Be sure to go to this site during weekdays as weekends tend to be the busiest days.

Trendy Outdoor Activities

Wild-at-heart snorkelers can easily glide along with the Stingrays underwater. But, for the tourists who are only curious about what they are like in close distance, they can opt to stand with them through the professional’s guidance. Feel free to touch their magnificent satiny bodies and let them go against your skin. It will be the most exhilarating trip you can ever have in the water.

Driving Directions:

  1. Start on Dickenson Bay St., then follow Friars Hill Road until Bishopgate St.
  2. At the roundabout section towards Old Parham Rd, pass through the first exit before turning right to Coronation Ave.
  3. Turn left to Factory Rd before going straight to Sir Sydney Walling Hwy.
  4. Swift at the first exit and keep on the lane heading to Pares Village Main Rd.

Nelson’s Dockyard National Park

Situated in English Harbor, Nelson’s Dockyard National Park is famously known for being the only one Georgian dockyard in the globe that is still existing and accommodating tourists. It also highlights the historical 18th century British Naval Dockyard which receives high recognition from UNESCO as part of the World Heritage list in 2016. As history buffs sneak inside the place, they will discover the site’s stunning past life story.

The legendary dockyard annually holds a Boat Show around early December. For a holiday getaway, heading here is the best. Late summer travelers can plan a trip around late April and early May as they can catch the Sailing Week Regatta on this site. Make time to free up your weekdays for lesser crowds.

Sightseeing Points At the Dockyard

While tracing the past iconic events, take a look at the Dockyard Museum, the Admiral’s former residence. Indulge in the superb ambiance of the creatively renovated warehouses. For more delightful wondering, climb over the hilltop of the Shirley Heights. Capture the panoramic scenery at Fort Shirley, which offers striking landscapes among the rest.

Driving Directions:

  1. Around a 45-minute drive from St. John’s, you’ll get in the Nelson’s Dockyard if you will hit the Buckleys Main Rd.
  2. Begin at Dickenson Bay St., then head right away to Friars Hill Road.
  3. Have a right turn in Friars Hill Road before turning left at Bishopgate St.
  4. At the Old Parham Rd, pass through the first exit at the roundabout, then make a right turn to Coronation Ave.
  5. Turn left at Factory Rd before turning right to American Road.
  6. At All Saints Rd, make a left, then exit at the 2nd section on the roundabout.
  7. Follow the markings on Buckleys Main Rd. Upon reaching Fig Tree Dr, turn left.
  8. Make a sharp right move at the Matthews Rd before going straight to Tyrells Main Rd.
  9. At Dockyard Drive, keep on the right lane until the last left turn street.

Devil’s Bridge

Indian Town National Park fantastically highlights the phenomenal limestone known as the Devil’s Bridge. The pounding surf does its fictional creation. Attempting to cross over the bridge’s breathtaking pathway, one should be ready to face soaring high tides, intense current of waves, and extreme force of geysers that go against the amusing blowholes of the Devil’s Bridge.

Targetting the best excursion month in this spectacular site, January to April is ideal for visiting. A higher chance of rain usually happens around May to August, but only light tropical rain showers occur. Avoid heading over from September to November. Hurricanes are most likely to hit the site.

Nature Activities to Do

For hikers who are in search of the perfect trail to climb, right in this park, there are numerous pathways to discover. Nature lovers can also have a moment of bird-watching. Over 36 mesmerizing avian species inhabit this site. Some of the birds rest among the acacia trees around.

Driving Directions:

  1. From St. John’s drive-through, Sir Sydney Walling Hwy and Pares Village Main Rd.
  2. Take the route from Dickenson Bay St. to Friars Hill Road.
  3. From Friars Hill Road, turn left when reaching Bishopgate St.
  4. When arriving at the Old Parham Rd, pass the first exit after the roundabout.
  5. Follow the Coronation Ave. until Factory Rd before going ahead to Sir Sydney Walling Hwy.
  6. Keep traversing the Sir Sydney Walling Hwy before turning left to Pares Village Main Rd.

Heritage Quay

Extravagant shopaholics will have the best shopping galore in Heritage Quay. Travelers who got a luxurious wealth can find excellent items that will satisfy their expensive taste. This complex offers countless sublime products, including watches, tantalizing diamond jewelry, famous brand of clothes, impressive cosmetics quality, and many more.

Shoppers can freely get their needs in Heritage Quay from Mondays to Saturdays. But, most of the frequent customers of this complex advise the newbies to avoid going on Saturday. Crowds most likely surge, and it’s not ideal for getting into large groups. Social distancing should apply to the new normal phase.

Driving Directions:

  1. If coming from Pares Village Main Rd, hit the Sir Sydney Walling Hwy.
  2. Take the first exit and keep on driving the Sir Sydney Walling Hwy road.
  3. Follow the Factory Rd before turning slightly on the right at High St.

St. John
The Divine

St. John the Divine or widely known as St. John’s Anglican Cathedral, is an iconic treasure that dates back to 1848. It is a legendary gem that symbolizes the fascinating neo-Baroque style of a cathedral on a Caribbean Island. From its striking glass-windows, incredible iron fence, and great two lofty towers with dazzling cupolas on its peak, there’s no wonder why it is among the unique landmarks of the capital.

If you want to offer prayers on this site, take time to visit their weekday services. Fewer people are gathering, so you can solemnly pray. Generally, worshipers packed the whole cathedral on Sundays, so better avoid this day for less hassle.

Driving Directions:

  1. Hit the All Saints Rd if heading from English Harbor.
  2. Head on to the north area towards Mary Moore Rd.
  3. Continue to Dockyard Drive/Tyrells Main Rd/Matthews Rd before slightly turning right to Jonas Rd.
  4. In All Saints Rd, turn left, then pass on the second exit. Make a right turn to Independence Dr. before going straight to Camacho Ave. and Independence Ave.
  5. Follow the Church St. Drive towards Gutter Ln.

Cades Reef

Passionate snorkelers and ultimate scuba divers can have an exciting underwater journey at the Cades Reef. Abundance in sea life is what will welcome the divers. The visibility of the water is more apparent than a human’s eye. With this, water fanatics fall in love in an instant.

Break off from paddling on the beach and go beyond what is above by dipping at the ocean’s bottom. Before doing so, make sure that you are going between December and April. Touring around Cades Reef is best during those periods as the whole place is in profound silence.

The Chimney

For the fullest and unforgettable experience, do not miss out on the Chimney. It is a splendid collection of giant coral pillars that amazingly form into a staircase. Upon going down on these stunning steps, the scuba divers and snorkelers can breathtakingly watch the nurse sharks doze off through the tunnel.

Driving Directions:

  • From St. John’s, take the route from Dickenson Bay St. to Friars Hill Road.
  • Go ahead along the Independence Ave and Camacho Ave., before taking Tindall Rd towards Valley Rd.
  • Turn to the right when arriving at Valley Rd.

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