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Antigua Driving Guide

Explore Antigua by driving with International Driving Permit.

2021-08-12 · 9min read
Antigua Photo by: ottogarcia

Antigua is an abundant country in the Caribbean, together with Barbuda. It peacefully sits on the West Indies and East-Southeast portion of Puerto Rico. It marvelously highlights its secluded gems, including the Redonda Island. This beautiful state shares diplomatic maritime borderlines with Saint Kitts and Nevis, Anguilla and Montserrat in the United Kingdom, and Saint Barthelemy in France.

Unveil the majestic secrets of this gorgeous Caribbean nation through the use of a rental car. Make time to possess an International Driver’s Permit (IDP) in Antigua. It is an essential item for an explorer who wishes to drive in the state. Have another one of a kind experience as you explore the treasures by driving a four-wheel vehicle. Check out the International Driver’s Association official website for more definite information.

How Can This Guide Help You?

In hunting the magnificent spots of Antigua, driving would probably be the best way. Having the comfort and convenience of operating a vehicle can save you a lot of time and hassles. Imagine crossing out the queuing time at the terminal, rushing over the stores and booths to buy a ticket or load a transport card, and scoring a public transport vehicle along your way on your list. Isn’t that a great chance to spend a lot of hours enjoying the sceneries of Antigua?

This guide will give you the proper procedures for making things legal when choosing to have a highway-bound voyage in the country. Be sure to jot down the crucial reminders and regulations to prevent hassle and troubles along the way.

General Information

The Caribbean is the ultimate dreamy destination of every tourist in the world. Speaking of alluring beach spots, don’t go any further than Antigua. This Eastern Caribbean state is a famous spot for the most tantalizing water paradises in the globe. It is well-known as the country with “a beach for every single day of the year.” If you are culturally curious about its origin, geographical location, native language, and other general information read further below.

Geographical Location

Antigua is a sister Caribbean state of Barbuda, which is around the territorial land of Lesser Antilles. It is famous for its coastline that embraces the beautiful reefs and shoals. There are also water inlets nearby. It includes the Parham and English and the St. John’s deepwater harbor.

Languages Spoken

In Antigua, nationals who are eloquent in the universal language may perfectly blend with the country’s locals. They sure won't have difficulties in communicating with the residents. The official language of Antigua is English. Though few locals use Antiguan Creole, the majority of the citizens in the country do speak English. Some communities make use of the Spanish language. Learning the nation’s dialect can have a great impression on Antiguans.

Land Area

Antigua is famously known as a dwarf country for only covering a small land area in the entire Caribbean Island. The state only acquires a total territorial section of 440 kilometers squared. Despite its tiny size, it is quite bigger than Washington, D.C. Its inhabitants only count around 89,000 based on their 2016 population record. St. John’s is the nation’s vibrant capital and largest city.


Antigua’s legendary trademark in history began when Christopher Columbus visited the nation in 1493. Until then, English colonizers invaded the state in 1632, and Britain successfully sustained their powers despite the French’s dominance in 1666. English rulers were the dominant conquerors that made tobacco and sugar profitable in the 17th century. Through the existence of the West Indies Federation, Antigua collaborated with them to achieve independence.

In the year 1962, the federation disappeared. But, Antigua perfectly preserved its legalized agreements and discussion, making it a way to become an associate state with the United Kingdom in 1967. From then on, Antigua is now an official self-governing country. However, its light in achieving independence became a blur when prime minister Walter lost their battle against Vere Bird. It was only on November 1, 1981, that Antigua won its ultimate autonomy.


Constitutional monarchy with a mix of parliamentary forms is the governing system of Antigua. The acting nation’s head is a British monarch with a representative of governor-general. According to its constitution, Antigua can enforce a two-chamber legislature composing a Senate and a House of Representatives.

Going down to the municipal government, Antigua has no provincial governing level. The country only has local administrative units divided into six parishes.


This sovereign island of Lesser Antilles is a top-notch beach attraction to explorers across the globe in the Caribbean coasts. It may look like a small paradise on the map, but its tourism industry is more incredible than you think. Antigua is a hotspot for tourists because of the renowned Antigua beaches, but that is just the beginning of exploring the country’s epic beauty. Do you know that this Caribbean land can cater to almost 30,000 visitors in 2019? That’s the country’s record-breaking count over the years.

Vehicle rentals are the most common thing you will notice on this island. Driving in Antigua can make your itinerary organized. There are fewer struggles in navigating the next stop, as you won’t be hopping on a different car or bus. It will make your effort to apply for an IDP pay off. You can freely head over to other places without worrying about the time constraint in catching a ride back to your lodge.

Renting A Car in Antigua

Having an intimate journey around the Caribbean island’s attractive roads, you will need a car. The kind of freedom that you will achieve is nothing compared to the rushing over the public buses. Wandering around the enticing white sand beaches, capturing the mesmerizing landscapes, and witnessing the iconic paradises, all of those are best when you pick the driving voyage in Antigua.

Despite the numerous tour packages you can avail of, renting a car is almost unbeatable. In Antigua, you got to show that you are at least 25 years old before you can book a moving vehicle. Being a valid holder of a driver’s license is the top thing to know.

Car Rental Companies

With the continuous spite of technology advancement, people can now access every single thing on their smartphones. It’s like there’s nothing you cannot find online. Through this, reserving a car abroad made more straightforward and convenient. But, before booking, be sure to search up first the reliable car rental shops in Antigua. Consider writing it down for your reference. To keep you guided, below are the typical rental stores in the Caribbean nation.

  • Ace
  • Avis
  • Budget Car
  • Caribbean Rental Cars
  • Dollar Car Rental
  • Drive-A-Matic Car Rentals
  • Hertz
  • Pete’s Taxi and Car Rentals
  • Thrifty

A quick reminder when transacting online, be responsible for verifying the legitimacy of the site of the car hire company you are visiting. Scammers and fraudsters are everywhere online. You don’t want to waste your money on something illegal. Do not click any suspicious links as it is the root of getting rip off. Be careful and vigilant when placing your payment details. If you are not tech-savvy, you can simply make a walk-in reservation at the airport.

Documents Required

Renters of a foreign vehicle should have documentary requirements upon reservation process. Car rental companies should also ensure that their customer is fit for driving. In beginning the transaction, you must bring these general essential papers with you. Bear in mind that changes are subject to your chosen rental car provider.

  • International Driver’s Permit (IDP)
  • Foreign Driving License
  • Passport
  • Credit Card or Debit Card

Before wrapping up your terms and agreement with the provider, do not forget to get their contact details. It will be useful to you in case of road emergencies. You will know who to contact first when trouble happens along the way. It’s a tip that every traveler must never miss out.

Vehicle Types

Scoring a rental vehicle in Antigua is a brilliant decision to make when thinking of driving abroad. It can lessen your stress and anxiety about catching a public car to get you back to the hotel. The freedom you can have is something you will dream of experiencing in a travel. The most popular rental car type in this sovereign state is the Compact car. It can fit a small family. But, if you are with someone you cherish the most, getting a mini one is the best.

Car Rental Cost

Foreigners can rent a car in Antigua for $12/day. The costs of rental fees typically depend on the type of car. Rental car shop owners also consider the demands of their customers. If a specific vehicle has many requests, the price automatically increases as the supply lasts. However, if the orders are low, the price has a higher chance of decrease. Also, the maintenance value is one of the most critical bases on marking-up the price. Most international companies accept payments in US dollars.

Most car rental stores include driving kits and equipment, gas mileage allowance, and service charges for the fee coverage. For particular remarks, you may directly contact them ahead. Some reputable car hire companies also offer emergency services for their customers.

Age Requirements

Antigua’s road laws strictly mandate all car rental agencies to validate a foreign renter’s age. It is a crucial procedure for them to get charged when they are not required to rent. The Antigua legal driving age to rent is 25 years old. Violating the rule is subject to high fines and punishment. Additional fees will apply depending on the driver’s age bracket.

Car Insurance Policy

The most typical car insurance is the Third Liability Insurance. It primarily secures the medical expenses, and minimal repairs acquired when you get involved with an accident. This type of policy is mandatory in any country abroad. However, it also has disadvantages. Be sure to read the terms under this policy before signing up. Another to consider is the Collision Damage Waiver (CDW). Through this, it can cover up to the maximum cost of damage repairs.

There is also Personal Accident Insurance (PAI). It is a policy that can pay for any personal injuries acquired by drivers and passengers. It’s a perfect match to have with the mandatory

Antigua Photo by Rick Jamison

Road Rules in Antigua

To start your Antiguan voyage, educating yourself about the basic traffic road rules and regulations is the most common. Proper guidance is what a driver needs, especially on the highways. Do note that thousands of cars pass on each road section, so it is essential to be a responsible individual. A driver’s obligation and accountability include the lives of people. They should not take it lightly.

The Government of Antigua will not tolerate reckless and negligent drivers. According to the law, any violators will have a sanction and punishment regardless of citizenship and social status. If you are new to having a driving tour in Antigua, you will most likely encounter unfamiliar roads and signs. Take time learning their meaning and understand what it implies.

Road Antigua Photo by: MichaelUtech

Important Regulations

Applying the basic knowledge in operating a steering wheel is an important initiative to do when traveling abroad by car. Of course, next to it is understanding the road regulations. Do note that tolerance in disobedience has no place in Antigua. Foreigners who do not possess an International Driver’s Permit (IDP) should also not attempt to drive in the state. The legality of operating a car in a foreign country is essential.

If you think that it is enough to know how to drive, you must think again. You will entrust your life to someone who only has the idea to move the vehicle but does not hold a valid driving license and an IDP. Then, something unfortunate happens to you. Who do you think will take the blame? It’s a troublesome hassle, right? The significance of obtaining a legitimate driving card and an IDP is to ensure that you will get protection from any circumstances on the road.

Drunk Driving Problem in Antigua

Being vigilant on alcohol consumption is crucial. The legal alcohol limit level in Antigua is 80 mg per 100 ml. Even if you only sip a small amount can already get you drunk. Daring to drive in the country intoxicated is a grave offense. All nationals should not try going when under the influence of alcohol.

Anyone who will get caught drunk driving will face a problem in Antigua. Maximum penalties can reach up to revocation of your International Driver’s Permit (IDP).

Before Driving

When starting your day, be sure to take your breakfast meal well. Boosting your energy and immunity from getting exhausted is vital. Your full attention is a must when driving. Remove any disruption that can harm your lives. Do not let yourself go when you are unwell. Ask someone instead to get you on track.

It is also mandatory to check the condition of your rental vehicle. It will let you know if you need other kits and equipment. For travelers who are with their toddlers, make sure to have a car seat installed inside.

While on the Highway

When Antigua Driving, the focus is essential. Do not let anything distract you. Eyes should only be on the road. Hands off first from your handheld mobile phone. If you have to send a message to someone, pull over at the side of the road. If it is inevitable, make use of the hand-free system instead.

Parking Regulations

As soon as you reach your final destination, kindly find a parking lot area to rest your car. There are several parking areas in Antigua. Verify if the site is safe. You don’t want to end up facing trouble on your trip. Upon checking the security of the place, remember not to leave your valuable things inside. There’s no wrong in ensuring your items. It is better to come prepared than to lose what is essential.

General Standards of Driving

With only a few reminders to go, you are now ready to hit the grandest roads of Antigua. Before you do so, try to look back on what you have learned about the vital laws and protocols. It is a great chance to test yourself whether you fully understand and comprehend the given basic driving rules. Remember that when grabbing a rental car, know if it is a manual or automatic. Make sure to get what will make you have a comfortable road trip.

Always carry your valuable items. Make it a habit to check your bag before getting out of the car. See if you have your foreign driving license and International Driver’s Permit (IDP). You must not lose any of the two.

Seatbelt Laws

All occupants should wear their seatbelts at all times. For young children, there are no particular laws for booster seats in Antigua. But, it will be a great move to install one for safety. Inform your car rental provider right away if you need one.

Speed Limits

The establishment of traffic signs is to assure all motorists’ safety when you go to Antigua driving. Speed limits in this country are quite different from other nations. So, everyone should be wary of it. To keep you guided on the roadways, below are the standardized speed limits per area.

  • Urban - 20 mp/h
  • Rural 40 mp/h

Observing the allotted limits, Antigua might probably have the slowest ones in the globe. Some locals exceed and going beyond the rule, but it is not a good idea to tolerate them. Charges and fines are waiting for violators. Always observe the national speed limit to avoid violations. Also, slow down in areas like bus stops and school entrances.

Driving Directions

Despite the magnificent transportation system in Antigua, many have been engaging to drive by car. It is no doubt why travelers want to hit the road with a rental vehicle as the epic convenience is worth trying. Countless benefits and perks of choosing to drive are waiting for tourists. The freedom to pull over at any charming spot, to buy snacks along the way, and refilling your gas, are the exciting things to look forward to when having a road trip.

Heading to Antigua, there are several routes to take if you are outside the mainland. Among those is when you are from Guiana Island. If you want an ultimate island hopping, this might be the best match for you. If you can’t get enough of discovering the hidden islands, the pathway from the English Harbor is also a fascinating adventure to add.

Traffic Road Signs

Apart from the speed limit signages, there are also other hazard signs that you must learn. In Antigua, drivers should always observe the road signs, and they must know what it means. Unfortunately, most road users do not completely understand most of the traffic icons on the road. With this, they fail to follow the rule. But as you look over the markings on the highways, there are all clear and well-painted.

Talking about unique traffic rules, watch out for donkeys along the way. For lovers of the said animal, this country might be the best for them. Give them the leeway to cross the road. Do not attempt to rush when you see them. Those who will violate the law, patrol officers will call your attention. You'll also find signs for pedestrian crossings so make sure to slow down when you see these signs.

Right Of Way

Pedestrian lanes, commonly known as the ‘zebra crossing,’ have the right of way in Antigua. Drivers who will encounter this part on the highway should halt and let the people cross over. In this Caribbean state, locals use the left side of the road to drive.

Respecting the rules of the road in Antigua is an obligation of a driver. Trying to disobey the protocols will get a strong sanction from the authorities.

Based on the legal requirements for driving in Antigua, a person should be at least 18 years old to get a valid driver’s card. Before applying, they must have a certificate from any driving schools in Antigua.

Law on Overtaking

Getting ahead from another vehicle should be done when the road is spacious, and there is enough way to do so. Never overtake when reaching a pedestrian, junction, and intersection. Beware of the road enforcers on every highway. Drivers who will get caught by the speed cameras overtaking without any signal or hazard, prepare to release your driver’s license and IDP.

Simple road instructions are the primary lesson in driving schools in Antigua. It’s not that hard to comply with this rule unless you are an impatient one. Keep in mind that negligence will always lead to accidents.

Driving Side

As you navigate your driving map in Antigua, you will notice that people drive on the left-hand side of the road. Those nationals who generally hit on the right side, practice is a key for you. The left side portion is for overtaking, but it can only be possible when there is a leeway. Illegal movements are subject to charges.

If you happen to pick Antigua as your next highway bound journey paradise, do not forget to secure an International Driver’s Permit (IDP) in Antigua. Getting it is made more manageable by the International Driver’s Association. There are quick and easy steps to apply, so you won’t have difficulty understanding everything. In less than an hour, you can already have your IDP.

Driving Etiquette in Antigua

Fineness in mannerism is a significant element to inhale when dealing with refined people and dignified individuals. It is also equivalent to exhibiting an appropriate demeanor to others. In the driving world, showcasing politeness and professional finesse are crucial. Though there are numerous adjustments to make, sustaining the ethical character is what matters the most. It will make your competence develop naturally.

Facing people with different beliefs, it is a must to know how to converse with them. Learning how to show real actions without misinterpreting is a canny exercise, especially in an international country. These valuable etiquette are among the significant attitude that a driver should have

Car Breakdown

In pre-planning for a travel getaway, there are things that most travelers forget to consider. As the excitement overflows, they tend to miss out on emergency scenarios. So, whenever an unexpected something happens, they got no back-up plans. Maybe it’s due time to revise the format in designing a travel proposal. Consider setting emergency portions on every place you will go. It will be a big help in case of trouble.

Accurate information and guidelines can keep you away from danger and more significant risks. It can lessen your worries about what to do if your car breaks down in the middle of the highway. Bear in mind that these tips are the general actions to take on the roads.

  1. Spot a Safe Zone to Pull Over.

Absurd sounds, strange bumps, and weird tones are the most usual things you hear from your car. When you hear one, you end up getting curious about what that would be. If you want to check the problem, find a safe spot on the road. Safety is your urgent priority in this situation. Make it a point that all occupants are far from harm. Kindly flash your hazard lights right away. It will signal others about your current situation.

2. Get your Reflective Jackets and Warning Triangles.

Once you found an excellent area to pull over, go ahead right away. Before going out of your car, look for your reflective jackets and warning triangles. Be sure you have complete driving kits and equipment. Now, wear the jackets properly. Then, as you hop off, put the warning triangles around 50 to 100 meters away from your vehicle. It will alarm the drivers that there is a current road problem ahead.

3. Do Not Permit Any of Your Occupants To Go Out.

When facing driving-related matters in a foreign country, only the driver and one adult can head out of the vehicle. Other than them, all passengers must remain inside. You can roll down their windows halfway, but be sure to lock their car doors. Toddlers must stay in their car seat. Older adults should also stay safe in the vehicle.

4. Grab Your Phone to Dial Your Car Rental Provider’s Number For Assistance.

Upon configuring your car’s damage and finding it hard to fix, you can call your car agency agent to ask for road assistance. This is why it's important to know the emergency number for emergency services. It is the essence of asking for the contact details of the car rental shop you choose when looking for a car. Of course, do not forget to secure an International Driving License in Antigua. You will need it.

5. In the Case of Towing, Coordinate With Your Car Rental Company.

There are certain times that professional help may take longer than you expect. So, towing agencies on the roads are heading to take off the vehicle. If you encounter this, make sure to inform your car rental office about it.

6. Ask For A Local’s Hand for Quick Aid.

You are fortunate enough to get stranded on a main highway where patrol officers are around. You can simply call them and ask for the necessary actions to take. However, if you are in an unfamiliar place, seeking a resident’s help is the best option. Antiguans are friendly and approachable. They can communicate in English as it is their official language.

Police Stops

Police points are most likely in the central city, which is St. John’s. Since it is a hotspot for tourists, security has a high demand on it. Typically, when an officer hailed you, you have to follow immediately. It will show them how you want to cooperate with their operations on the road altogether.

If a traffic enforcer calls out your attention, gently halt right away. If they ask you questions, answer them all honestly. Do not also forget to greet them warmly. Upon request, show them your travel papers like passport, foreign driving license, IDP, and other documents. When they request you for an official talk in prison, follow them in an instant.

Asking Directions

According to the ways of traveling responsibly, it is important to consider learning the native language of the country you are heading. It is an admirable act to express to the locals that you are enjoying exploring their nation. In Antigua, English is their official language. Native speakers of the universal language won’t be having a hard time adjusting.

However, next to their primary ones is their local dialect known as Creole. Most of the locals in the country know how to speak the said dialect. Trying to learn their other languages can impress the Antiguans as they won’t expect a foreigner to have the idea of their second mother tongue. Below are the common phrases to use when you ask for directions in Antigua using their local dialect.

  • Excuse me!
  • (Eskize m.)
  • How do I get to the town center?
  • (Kijan pou m fè pou m ale anba lavil?)
  • Where is the bank?
  • (Ki kote bank la ye?)
  • Is it far from here?
  • (Eske li lwen isit la?)
  • Do you know where I can find it?
  • (Ou konnen koten m ka jwenn?)
  • I am looking for the embassy.
  • (map chèche (chache) anbasad la)
  • It’s over there.
  • (Li lòt bò a)


Every country has security checkpoints on the road. Its enforcement is to ensure the complete safety of the locals in the nation. Antiguan Government imposes strict monitoring of all drivers and road motorists users. For precise guidance about what they usually ask in police checkpoints, carefully read below the definite details.

  • Foreign Driver’s License
  • International Driver’s Permit (IDP)
  • Rental Car Registration Documents
  • Identification Card
  • Passport

Be sure that when passing a checkpoint, you did not drink any alcoholic beverage. Drunk driving is a problem in Antigua. For a smooth sailing road trip, all nationals must secure an IDP from the International Driver’s Association. Kindly visit their site for more accurate information.

What should you do in case of an accident?

Panicking shouldn’t be in your option. It won’t bring any resolution to the situation. You must do in case you get involved in a road accident to dial the emergency rescue hotline. Getting help from licensed authorities can quickly aid and resolve the issue. Do not attempt to settle it on your own. Wait for the uniformed personnel to arrive before meddling in the case. Once they approach you and ask for details, give them honest answers.

Often, you may encounter road rage. If you meet one, do not dare to hop out from your vehicle. It will only add tension to both parties involved in the accident. You can simply grab your phone and call for appropriate rescue personnel. You may also warn other drivers by flashing your lights and lead them to alternate routes to avoid hassle.

Driving Conditions in Antigua

Cruising on the roadways of Antigua, you might bump into a lot of potholes and sudden rough paths. There are also narrow highways and alleys with almost zero visibility. Animal crossing is inevitable in Antigua. Night driving is a challenging one as street posts are rare. However, major roads are in good condition and quality. Road markings are visible, but having a GPS or any Antigua driving map is a must.

Some local drivers tend to go beyond the rule, so do not do the same. Abide by the laws and regulations. Be wary of the cyclist around, especially in St. John’s. Always keep your IDP and your real driver’s license, as there are surprise police stops on the way.

Accident Statistics

Based on the Royal Antiguan Police Force’s data, a record of 297 road accidents with serious injuries occurred from 2008 to 2010. It indicates that men are the responsible ones for the deaths of the people. However, in the World Health Organization study in 2018, a decrease in the record deaths has been published. Out of 100,00 inhabitants, only 5% of them end up in a road traffic accident.

Despite the hazardous roads and number of deaths, it is still safe to drive in Antigua. Main highways are excellent. Just be careful when reaching off-beaten pathways.

Common Vehicle

A driving tour in Antigua is the right style of adventuring the country. Rental cars are quite famous in the country. Though the nation has a unique transportation system, many still choose to drive by car. Delving about the most popular vehicle type to rent by the tourists and even the locals, the Economy cars like the Hyundai Accent is the one. It is a perfect choice for couples.

Toll Roads

The existence of toll roads makes every road user comfortable whenever they head for a drive in Antigua. It’s like an expressway route towards their respective destination without even bothering to spend hours in traffic congestion. Passing through one, drivers must pay an appropriate fee. It is for the maintenance and developmental purposes of toll roads. Heading to Antigua, there are several routes to take if you are outside the mainland.

The advisable way to hit when touring to St. John’s is the Sir Sydney Wailing Highway from Guiana Island. Foreign travelers will not complete a Caribbean journey without experiencing the wanderlust moment from a faraway land to the nation’s brilliant and exquisite city. The English Harbor is famously known as the state’s Sailing Capital. The fastest road to drive is via All Saint Rd. The entire 20 kilometers trip from English Harbor to St. John’s is an unforgettable one.

Road Situations

Antigua’s road conditions vary from smooth to rough, depending on the area. The main roads are generally in good condition. Hitting potholes and bumps are normal, but you do not have to worry about those as you go on the major expressways. Be vigilant for the cyclists, as well as for emergency cars like an ambulance. Road signage is clear, but installing a GPS or a driving map of Antigua can be a great help. Some roads also have inadequate streetlights.

Driving Culture

Trying out the innovative style of traveling, which is driving, is a fabulous concept. Antiguans are friendly, so it is not quite hard to converse with them. You may let go of your doubts and worries about driving safety in Antigua.

Are They Using KpH or MpH?

This Caribbean state may have the slowest speed limit across the globe, but it is for the sake of the safety of people and animals crossing the roads. Antigua makes use of “MpH” as their speed unit. It is visible on the road.

Is Night Driving Allowed in Antigua?

If you think that the daytime is the busiest, well, Antigua’s nighttime is different from what you know. There are huge volumes of cars traversing the road at dark. Congestion is more likely to experience at night than in the morning. So, better think twice before deciding to try the night driving.

If you cannot avoid hitting the road in the evening, keep your foreign driver’s license and IDP with you at all times. Be sure that your vehicle is in good condition. Your headlights must follow the prescribed ones.

Things To Do In Antigua

The enthralling charm of Antigua can make one go back multiple times. Explorers who want to step on another chapter of adventure can opt to have a more extended stay by working or residing in this beautiful island in the Caribbean. Agriculture is the most in-demand industry, while tourism is seasonal. Nevertheless, searching for employment and residency opportunities are great choices to have.

For the application of work permit and visa in Antigua, exemptions can only apply to those working under the Government of Antigua and Barbuda, United Nations, and offices connected to the Caribbean Community. Other than that, all nationals who seek employment in Antigua shall apply for respective work permit and visa.

Drive as a Tourist

International tourists who plan to drive in Antigua is possible. They shall undergo the first legal process, getting an International Driver’s Permit (IDP). Non-residents of the state must obtain an IDP. Of course, to qualify for the special permit, they must be holders of a valid driver’s license from their home country. For a convenient application experience, check out the International Driver’s Association website.

Failure to comply and possess the two essential documents for a tourist drive can lead to a bad driving record in Antigua. No one wants to make a huge mistake in a foreign land.

Work as a Driver

Though tourism employment is seasonal in Antigua, it should not hinder you from looking for job opportunities in the state. The most important thing to render service in the country is to get hired by an Antiguan Company. There are numerous work offers online. Just be sure to visit a legitimate site. It is also a good sign to help the country boost its tourism economy during peak seasons.

Before searching for driving roles, ensure that you are of legal driving age and a certified holder of a driver’s license. Those are vital when you want to exchange your foreign license for an Antiguan driving license. You'll first be given a temporary local driving license.

Work as a Travel Guide

If manipulating a moving vehicle isn’t enough for you, then why don’t you try the work of a travel guide? That can be a good source of income. While you traverse the highways of the country, you can also entertain your passengers. In seeking an employment permit in Antigua, you have to make sure that you can show the immigration a certificate of your job hiring under an Antiguan company.

It is best to look first for a vacancy and job offers in Antigua before applying for a working permit and visa. Your employer is in charge of processing your documents. You only need to supply what papers should come from you. Make time to read about the basic requirements you have to obtain when securing working permits.

  • Passport (valid at least six months)
  • Passport size Photo
  • Return Flight Ticket
  • Accommodation in Antigua
  • Proof of Financial Support
  • Police Clearance Certificate (issued by the country’s residence)
  • Birth Certificate (an English translation is required if applicable)
  • Letter From Employer (proof they could not find any suitable candidate)
  • Employment Contract
  • Application Fee

Apply for Residency

Extending your stay in Antigua means you have to meet specific procedures. Temporary workers who hold a temporary residence should be residing in the country for at least four years to qualify in applying for a permanent resident permit. There are various categories that you check out to see your eligibility. The documents that you have to possess will depend on the status of your employment in the country.

Here are the basic requirements that an Immigration officer in Antigua usually looks for from a foreign national requesting a residency permit. However, these guidelines are subject to change. Consult first your consulate of Antigua and Barbuda under your country’s jurisdictions if there is any. You can also visit the official website of Antigua and Barbuda’s immigration.

  • Work Permit signed by the Minister
  • Proof of Tax Contribution
  • Health Certificate
  • Flight Ticket
  • Proof of Financial Support
  • Police Certificate of Good Character
  • Passport
  • Insurance (if applicable)
  • Temporary residence relative to work (if applicable)

The Top Road Trip Destinations in Antigua

The Caribbean’s gorgeous dwarf island, Antigua, is a heavenly paradise for every beach lover in the world. There’s no wonder why explorers go crazy for its 365 fabulous water destinations as it is the hot spot for them. Going on a hunting journey will let you have a hectic year spotting the country’s spectacular gems.

Antigua is a kind of faraway wonderland that deserves an excursion. Before you visit Antigua's best beaches, make sure you have an IDP. To make it come to life, sneaking ways to get an International Driver’s Permit (IDP) is the necessary step. Make sure to slide the essential items, your valid license, IDP, passport, and car rental documents, in your bag. Losing any of those will cause you trouble with the authorities. So, secure them as you can.

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Half Moon Bay

Half Moon Bay is a splendid hideaway place. From its fascinating natural treasures, addicting ruggedness, and incredible seclusion, you wouldn’t think that you can cast away yourself from the city with only a short drive. The entire beach is a perfect example of nothingness, as you won’t see anything aside from the beautiful Mother Nature’s gifts.

Windsurfing is a popular activity to do in this quite underrated paradise. Heading to this site is the best in summer. Schedule your trip around March for better days to soak in the sun. It is the ideal month dipping over the pristine waters of the bay. You can also try targeting the months of June to September. Before going here, take whatever you need for the entire day. Sources are rare in this place.

  1. From the V.C Bird International Airport, drive to the southwest heading to the Pavilion Dr.
  2. Make a left turn on Sir George Walter Hwy to access Palmetto Dr.
  3. After passing through Palmetto Dr., go straight to Pigott’s Main Rd.
  4. In Pares Village Main Rd, turn left before taking a right turn to arrive at Half Moon Bay.

As a good driver, you shall never violate the drink driving law in Antigua. Severe and grave charges are waiting for reckless ones. Do not go on the same boat with them. Live what you have learned from the driving school you attended in this Antiguan nation.

Half Moon Bay is a glorious haven to explore. It’s a haven that you must not miss out on when you head over to Antigua.

  1. Windsurf at Half Moon Bay

Water sport enthusiasts may test out their capability to windsurf at the Half Moon Bay. Its exceptional aquamarine waters are indeed enticing to do some fun plays. Take note that when windsurfing, you must have proper gear and safety equipment to ensure a thrilling and engaging leisure play.

2. Walk over the bay’s sands.

If you think you are not applicable for strenuous activities, having a peaceful walk over the gorgeous white sands is a beautiful highlight. Spend the moment crossing over the forested headlands and enjoy the idyllic atmosphere that embraces the entire paradise.

3. Snack at the beachside bar

When you desire to have some cool off time, check out the bay's beachside bar. It can fill in your grumbling tummy. Various fantastic snacks and drinks are available for grabs. It’s a brilliant idea to add to the itinerary and to enjoy the soothing vibe.

4. Snorkel at Stingray City

Underwater adventure in Stingray city will get you a phenomenal chance to meet the adorable stingrays swimming in deep waters. Do remember that before you swim, you must wear a suitable mask and gears. Once you dive in, the mesmerizing marine creatures and fascinating coral reefs will greet you.

5. Explore the Darkwood Beach

Darkwood Beach can be easily found by car when traveling to the north area. It is among the havens in Antigua that are untouched by tourists. Astonishing rocks and mesmerizing coral reefs are what conceals the natural sea paradise. It mainly highlights the panoramic overlooking sight of Montserrat and its stellar tropical forest. It is also known as one of the most extended stunning beaches for its incredible warm waters and beautiful white sand.

Pigeon Photo by: MichaelUtech

Pigeon Point Beach

Pigeon Point Beach is a quick escapade option for families with younglings who want to cool off and chill underneath the sunshine. This paradise is within the territorial land of English Harbor in the southeast coastal area of Antigua. Locals and residents within the nearby communities and foreign guests can enjoy a snorkeling adventure over the beach’s crystal clear waters.

Based on the frequent traveler’s reviews, March is the spectacular period to swim in this fantastic beach. Be sure to bring up your gears in splashing over the sparkling waters of Pigeon Point Beach.

  1. If driving from Antigua airport, take Sir Sydney Walling Hwy.
  2. Hit the Pavillon Dr. to Sir George Walter Hwy. Head southwest until the roundabout.
  3. Take the 2nd exit before going to another roundabout section. Head right away to the first exit towards Pavillon Dr.
  4. Go straight to Sir George Walter Hwy before making a left turn at Sir Sydney Walling Hwy.
  5. Turn right at Jonas Rd, then slightly shift to the left on Matthews Rd before continuing to Tyrells Main Rd.
  6. At Dockyard Drive, turn right and stay on the lane.

When touring this particular section, be careful on the sudden bumps and potholes. Watch out for checkpoints and police officers. Do not show them motives that can leave you a bad driving record in Antigua.

For a quick escapade from the capital, taking a five-minute drive from the English Harbor can give you an incredible pathway to spend a rewarding vacation you deserve to have. To maximize the journey, here are the fun activities to try out with your family or friends.

1. Snorkel at Pigeon Point

Submerging underneath the ocean waters is the most appealing water activity in Pigeon Point. You can even see the beautiful sea life right on your naked eye, which typically takes a deep dive before you can see them. Do not forget to pack snorkel gears, including masks and fins.

2. Walk along the pier

If you can’t manage to snorkel, strolling around the beach is your next choice. Try to have a short walk along the pier. Upon reaching the end, have a seat right on the dock’s edge. You can instantly have peaceful sightseeing over the speedboats roaming around the offshore.

3. Dine over the seafood restaurants

Once your tummy requests for a sumptuous meal, checking out the two restaurants around Pigeon Point Beach is the answer. Both resto offers an elegant seafood cuisine to its customers. They can also serve you the freshest wine and glorious cocktails they have on their menu.

Fort James Photo by: MichaelUtech

Fort James Beach

Somewhere at the northwest coast of Antigua is Fort Bay’s gem, Fort James Beach. Walking over the tantalizing sand while sightseeing the grandiose treats of the blue sea, your epic wanderlust trip in Antigua can now be your newest favorite exploration. The Fort James Beach proudly showcases its unbeatable facilities, amenities, and even parasol rentals.

When thinking of the best day to reward yourself on this site, free some of your days on weekdays, you can avoid the surge of cruise ships on the sea. You don’t want a photobomber on a captivating landscape around the site.

  1. From the capital city, St. John’s, a 5-10 minute drive will take via Bay St and Fort Rd.
  2. Drive to the west on Bell St, head to Bennett St before turning right to Wapping Ln.
  3. Make a left turn on Bay St, then right turn at the 2nd cross street on Bay St.
  4. Continue to Fort Rd.

As a good driver, you shall never violate the drink driving law in Antigua. Severe and grave charges are waiting for reckless ones. Do not go on the same boat with them. Live what you have learned from the driving school you attended in this Antiguan nation.

Having a relaxing getaway moment in Fort James, you must never cross out any site activities.

1. Watch the cruise ships at the beach.

Fort James is the famous hub for glamorous cruise ships. It’s no wonder why the site has many incredible wonders and explorers. If you like to chill and observe the place, you can just sit on a bench and have fun watching those exceptional ships cross the beach’s waters.

2. Take a Segway Tour

Beyond a fascinating cruising observation, you may check out the Segway tour. You can rent a vehicle to take you to some legendary sites and epic trademarks surrounding the beach through the Rendezvous Company’s help.

3. Savor At BeachlimerZ

If you get tired from dipping on the waters, re-fuel your stomach over the bistro bar. The BeachlimerZ is a family-owned bar where you can try out local cuisines. They also have sun loungers and umbrellas that you can rent out for additional shade on your post.

4. Swim at Galley Bay

Epic tranquility is what the Galley Bay offers to its guests. With only less than an hour of driving, you can easily find another hideout place from the capital’s hustle and bustle. This paradise exhibits its dancing palm trees lining up along the bay and its legendary white sand stretch. Lying underneath the tall palm tree of Galley Beach is a remarkable moment to experience, especially when watching the sunset.

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