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Traffic Ligits

Driving Rules in Greece

Driving in Greece can be a very challenging as well as memorable experience for visitors. Greece drivers are known for their nervousness and impatience on the road but that should not be a problem if you drive defensively and cautiously.

Important Reminders:

  • Greece drivers drive on the right side of the road.
  • Minimum driving age is 18 and 21 for car rentals.
  • Speed limit for urban roads is 50 km/h, outside cities 80 km/h and highway 100 Km/h .
  • Maximum drink driving in Greece is 0.5 g of alcohol per liter of blood for standard drivers and for commercial and novice drivers 0.2 g.

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A reasonable amount of information should have been recollected prior to your trip to Greece. This kind of approach is ideal to make the most out of your travel and have an enjoyable experience when touring a foreign country. Via the collection of ideas regarding the country, it will be easier for you to explore its different tourist spots, thus saving a lot of time and preventing mishaps during your journey. This guide will give important information about the country's amazing tourist spots and the different dos and don'ts when on the road.

A word of caution to tourists is that when you travel in this amazing country by car, you might need to know important details about the need for an International Driving Permit (IDP). This document can easily be acquired by going into the International Driving Permit in Greece website of the International Drivers Association (IDA). The IDA ensures fast processing time, which benefits those who urgently need an IDP.

Important Reminders Before Driving in Greece

When in a foreign country, make sure to keep in mind the following details or questions to make your travel experience more manageable. One important question to ponder is “do I need an International Driving License in Greece?. If yes, you might find yourself asking these questions: how to get an International Driving License in Greece?; what if you drive in Greece without an IDP?; and what are the different benefits of an IDP in Greece?

As you continue reading, you will know the answer to the aforementioned questions. You will discover more on why an IDP is an essential document to have. If you want to rent and drive vehicles, make sure to also check if rentals require an IDP in the country before allowing you to drive.

The Best and Worst Time to Go to Greece

Greece is known to be best visited during the months of late April to early November. This is due to the fact that the weather conditions are good during these months and reduced costs in hotels and restaurants are apparent in these seasons. On the other hand, August is considered as the worst month to travel into the country as the peak season occurs during this month and all locations are heavily crowded and the weather is extremely warm and dry.

Top Destinations in Greece


Just two hours from Athens lies Nafplion, one of the worthy additions to your journey and most picturesque cities you may step foot on the mainland. The city is a fascinating mix of old and new, and locals are kind-hearted and accommodating to tourists. Further, the city is covered with modern shops and cafes that are normally shadowed by the stunning Acropolis. Nafplion is a part of Athens and an IDP is required when in this area.

Make sure to bring with you your IDP along with your national licence. To get an IDP, learn the instructions by accessing the International Driving License for Greece website of the International Drivers Association. When applying for an IDP online, have the administrators know of your details, such as name, address, city/state, country, and zip code to receive an IDP for Greece.

Take note that driving in Greece without an IDP might cause troubles like fines and penalties when exploring its cities.

Corinth and the Corinth Canal

The fascinating Corinth Canal is just about an hour from Athens. On your way to this are. Numerous toll booths are present along the way. Road trips are smooth as the roads are modern multi-lane highways. Due to its strategic location on the sea and being home to the naval fleet and center of trade, the city was considered an important region during ancient times.

It is also one of the first Christian cities that was occupied by the Romans for several centuries. Since the area is part of Athens, you may need to have knowledge about the IDP in Athens Greece.

You should be aware that when in this area, an IDP in Greece is required and you are expected to carry it together with your regular driving license. For instance, if you’re an Australian national, an Australian International Driver's License for Greece is necessary. To know how to get an IDP in Greece, go to the IDA's website and go online for the IDP in Greece.


At present, Sparta is a popular stop for people who visit Greece. This is thanks to the mega-success of a history-based movie, which, in a big way, has helped put the city back on the map. The area is known for its picturesque views and windy landscapes. True to the impression evoked by the movie, scattered around Sparta are statues of warriors that add to its dramatic imagery. It is once known as the home of the feared and powerful warriors in Greece.

Today, Sparta is viewed as a pleasant but humble place to stop if you want to learn more about the glorified past of the Spartans. When in Sparta, a non-European tourist should bear in mind that an IDP is required in this area. To have an idea on how to get an International Driving License for Greece, you can visit the webpage of the IDA to obtain your International Driving Permit in Greece online. Plus, the IDA ensures the quick processing time of your documents with instant approval.

Mystras and Olympia

You can go to Olympia and Mystras with ease with the aid of a vehicle. The ancient city, Mystras, has beautiful churches, monasteries, and a convent. The UNESCO World Heritage site is a great place for a relaxing stroll. It can take three hours to get through it all so expect to be there for a while. You may want to have a tour around Olympia later in the day at around 4 or 5 in the afternoon, which is a well-known ancient site that endears visitors because of its rich history. You can also visit the Historical Museum of the Olympic Games for more history.

When in this area you need to get an IDP for Greece and the permit should always be accompanied by your regular license. The IDP is not a Greece license equivalent. Without your IDP, you can be called out by the local authorities of the country. If you want to see an International Driver's License in Greece sample, go to the website of IDA and check for important information regarding its application.


Time to visit the Greek islands! The country has 6000 islands, 200 of which are inhabited. Each island has exciting activities to offer to travelers and Crete is definitely on your itinerary when you are in Greece. It is the largest island in the country and is considered by many as the home to numerous legends and the cradle of European civilization. Some of the popular attractions in this area include the Knossos, which is known for its mountainous inland.

Another is the Heraklion Archaeological Museum which you can visit if you want to know more about the island, as it stores most of its amazing history.

Crete’s landscape is gorgeous and dotted with aromatic citrus trees and olive tree plantations and vineyards that you can visit and have your photos taken. As a part of the Greek islands, some tourists may find themselves asking, “do I need an International Driver's License for Greece?”, when in this portion of the country. The answer is yes, the International Driver's License is needed when in the Greek islands. You can get an IDP in Greece online by going into the website of IDA


You cannot visit this country without exploring its capital. Athens is seen by many people as a top Greek destination, as it provides a mix of ancient monuments, bazaars from the east, dense traffic and green parks to its visitors. As a place that is composed of many landmarks, the best way to cover everything is to rent a vehicle and visit all areas that can be accessed by the vehicle. There are free guided tours in the old town of Athens. Do not forget to watch the magical sunset that can be seen from the Temple of Poseidon. It is also a great idea to climb the Acropolis of Athen and admire the magnificent Temple of Athena Nike.

As one of the popular tourist spots of the country, a lot of people visit this location for a vacation. Tourist drivers require the International Driving License when in Athens, Greece. Rental companies are also ubiquitous in the area and most Greece rental companies normally search for an IDP before leasing to a tourist.


Making a trip to the nearby Peloponnese peninsula offers visits to many beautiful attractions. There lies the Greek town of Nafplio which is full of old monuments and picturesque streets that can be visited by just walking. You can also enter and walk through the shaft graves that are located in Mycenae, which is one of the first cities of the ancient Greek civilization. The area is famous for the cyclopean wall which boasts the remarkable limestone wall that is built by Cyclopean masonry.

In the Peloponnese, the streets are tranquil and driving isn't as forceful as it used to be. The most serious issues that you can experience are individuals driving sluggishly, not keeping to one side of the road and by and large, not focusing for example rising up out of a side street and dallying along in ecstatic obliviousness that they're holding up the vehicle behind. Like the previously mentioned areas of the country, this location requires you to get an International Driving License in Greece.

Northern Greece

Crossing the legendary bridge near Patras located in northern mainland Greece is considered one of the best travel tips you can follow. This is also where the beautiful art city of Ioannina is located, which is surrounded by rugged gorges and mountains. Not far away are the Orthodox monasteries located in Meteora. And rising above everything are the Pindus mountains, which are hiked by travelers to visit the Dragon Lakes. If you're done with these journeys, you can have your future foretold by the oracles present in Delphi, Pythia, and the beautiful Temple of Apollo.

The streets are shockingly tranquil. Features of northern Greece incorporate the Edessa cascades which ought to be in full spate in March, the delightful city of Kastoria, the most lovely of all Greek urban communities, the Prespa Lake, Zagoria with the fantastic Vikos Gorge, Ioannina, Metsovo, and Meteora. These are all family-friendly spots that you can easily visit with the help of a car.

Northern Aegean Sea

Another popular tourist spot are the islands located in the Northern Aegean Sea. You can swim in Hydra Island and admire its crystal clear waters and neo-classical houses. You can also explore the pine forests of the Aegina Island and be in awe with the mastic trees and medieval villages present in the island of Chios.

The cheapest way to access the North Aegean is by coming from Istanbul, which takes less than 20 hours by car. You can also arrive in this wonderful destination by riding a bus which normally costs 30 -50 USD and takes about 19 hours before arrival.


The Dodecanese is a group of islands in the southern Aegean Sea close to the Turkish coast. The islands are full of beautiful landmarks, from castles, temples to Byzantine churches. Its main island is Rhodes which is famous for its medieval towns where knights once resided. A lot of travelers also journey to the fishing village of Lindos while passing old fortresses along the way. Another island to satisfy your adventurous spirit is Kos, which is considered the floating island of the Aegean Sea and home to an endless field of hibiscus, jasmine, and elder trees.

You can easily work your way in the Dodecanese by leasing a vehicle. It's as simple as going online, renting a car, and going off. Before leasing in this area as a tourist, make sure to get a driving license for Greece, search for its zip code for you to know exactly its location in the country, as you don’t want to miss exploring its amazing scenery.


The Cyclades are home to wonderful sandy beaches, barren landscapes dotted with chapels and blue and white houses. For this reason, the area is considered to be the epitome of Greek islands. One of its most popular tourist destinations is Santorini which is famous for its beautiful landscapes that are postcard-worthy. The place is a popular spot to do different activities but is most popular for swimming and fishing.

To be reasonable, Santorini isn't for the cowardly. On the off chance that you are a bit anxious around steep precipices and tight streets that you need to impart to transports coming the opposite way, at that point you may need to choose which driver in your gathering will be more joyful to take on this test before you lease a vehicle. Having said that, investigating this novel island of the Aegean is simply worth the difficult drive.

To easily find the location of where you want to go in this area, make sure to carry your IDP in Greece and the zip code of the specific spot you wish to visit.

Most Important Driving Rules

When visiting any foreign country, you should be knowledgeable of the basic traffic rules and regulations to avoid the possibility of fines and penalties. European countries, more or less share the same road rules. However, people coming from the US and the Asia Pacific might be unfamiliar with these laws. For this reason, when you are in this country, it is crucial to take the time to know the basic living and traffic rules in Greece.

To start with, getting a driving license or permit for Greece is a knowledge that should be checked before going behind the wheels. So, before proceeding, ask yourself immediately the question: do you need an International Driving License in Greece?

Driving Eligibility in Greece

There are a lot of traffic rules in Greece that you should take into account. For example, if you are an Australian national, an Australian International Driver's License for Greece or IDP should be obtained to allow you to operate a vehicle. For other non- European countries, an IDP is a requirement in conjunction with your native driving license. The IDP or International Driving License is not a Greece license, but rather a translation of your native license.

So, what do you need an IDP in Greece for? The IDP for Greece benefits those who would love to explore the country with a car. As a person in a foreign country, you need to respect their rules and prevent yourself from getting into trouble with the local authorities. As such, an IDP for Greece is a must-have. You can see an International Driver's License for Greece sample online at the International Drivers Association website. You can also apply on the same website and prepare your details such as name, address, city,/state, country, and zip code to receive an IDP in Greece.

Observe the Indicated Speed limit in Greece

In Greece, the speed limit that you should follow on ordinary roads is between 90- 110 km/hr. This case is different in motorways where the speed limit is between 110- 130 km/hr. In built-up areas, a speed limit of 50 km/hr should be followed, as these areas are expected to have narrow roads and are heavily populated.

Follow the Seat Belt Law in Greece

Wearing seatbelts is compulsory in Greece. It is also mandatory that all seats have their own seat belt to accommodate all possible passengers. If you are exempted from wearing a seat belt due to medical grounds, you must retrieve from a medical doctor an exemption medical certificate that is accompanied by a Greek translation. In regard to having a child as a passenger, there are stricter rules that you should follow in the country.

A suitable child restraint must be mounted for children that are under 3 years of age. The standards ECE R44/03 are the ones approved by local authorities. An appropriate child restraint should also be utilized for children between 3 and 11 years old and measure less than 1.35 meters.

Adult seat belts are already allowed to be worn by children ages 12 and above that measure over 1.35 meters. If you plan on installing a rear-facing child restraint, you are allowed to do so on the condition that the passenger airbag is deactivated.

Remember the Right of Way in Greece

In Greece, knowing which side of the road is correct should be considered by tourists. Like most countries in Europe, you have the right of way when you are on the right-hand side of Greek roads. In marked/signed junctions, unless there is a stop sign, the right of way belongs to the traffic on the main road. In unmarked exits and junctions, right of way belongs to traffic approaching from the right and on the main road.

You Must be in the Legal Driving Age

The legal age for driving in the country is 18 years old. However, this does not apply to all forms of vehicle. If you are a motorcycle driver, the legal age set by the authority is 16 years old. For driving trucks and cargo vehicles, the minimum age requirement is 21 years old. Being in the aforementioned ages is a must for drivers or else, you can be penalized for breaking the rule for all types of vehicles.

Carrying your IDP with a foreign license is imperative if you plan to drive in a foreign nation. This document simply allows you to explore the country freely and explore Greece in all of its glory. Visit the webpage of the IDA to know more about its details.


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