Editorial Guidelines

Writers and contributors in the International Drivers Association deliver expertly curated travel content for the global explorer. Our seasoned network of writers and contributors worldwide provides authentic insights and first-hand experience, ensuring every journey you embark on is informed and inspired.

Whether you're a travel writer, digital nomad, or adventurer, our articles are your gateway to discovering the world's best-kept secrets. Trust us to guide your travel choices and enrich your explorations.

To ensure the highest quality and reliability of travel stories, tips, and other content, the International Drivers Association has established comprehensive editorial guidelines. These principles guide our global network of writers and are the backbone of our commitment to authenticity and expertise in travel storytelling.

Purpose and Audience

Our content is written to inform, inspire, and guide our readers. We deliver high-quality, well-researched, and engaging articles catering to our diverse audience's interests and needs. We expect every piece to add value through practical advice, insightful analysis, or compelling storytelling.

Content Quality and Originality

All articles must be original and not previously published elsewhere. Content should be fact-checked, accurate, and provide a unique perspective or information that is not readily available. Plagiarism is strictly prohibited, and all sources, including but not limited to images and videos, must be credited appropriately.

Tone and Style

The tone of our articles should be professional yet accessible, avoiding jargon and complex language. We encourage a conversational style that resonates with our readers and upholds the integrity of our brand. Articles should be structured logically, with clear headings and subheadings to improve readability.

Research and Accuracy

Thorough research is the backbone of our content. Writers must verify facts, statistics, and quotes from reliable sources. Any claims or statements that could be considered contentious must be substantiated.

Relevance and Value

Articles should be relevant to our readers' interests and current trends. They must provide value through actionable tips, in-depth expertise, or innovative ideas. We encourage writers to draw on personal experiences when relevant to enhance the article's authenticity and relatability.

Inclusivity and Sensitivity

We are committed to inclusivity and cultural sensitivity. Avoid generalizations, stereotypes, or assumptions that could be offensive to individuals or groups. Language should be inclusive and respectful at all times.

Search Visibility

Writers should follow best practices to enhance the visibility of their articles. This includes using relevant words and phrases naturally and referencing relevant internal and external pages where appropriate.

Visuals and Multimedia

Use high-quality images, videos, or infographics to complement and enhance the text. Visuals should be relevant and add to the reader's understanding of the content. Ensure you have the right to use any visual elements and provide proper attribution.

Editing and Proofreading

All articles must be thoroughly edited and proofread before submission. Grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors undermine the credibility of the content and our brand.

Ethics and Transparency

Maintain the highest ethical standards in writing. Disclose any potential conflicts of interest, and do not accept gifts or compensation in exchange for biased content. Transparency with our audience is paramount.

Feedback and Revisions

Be open to feedback and willing to make revisions. The editorial team reserves the right to request changes or edits to ensure the content aligns with our guidelines and quality standards.

Professional Conduct and External Relationships

Our contributors are expected to conduct themselves professionally in all interactions. The distinction between editorial content and advertising must be clear, and editorial decisions should remain within the purview of the editorial team, free from external influences.

Handling of Gifts and Travel Expenses

Acceptance of gifts or travel expenses that could influence the content is not permitted. Any exceptions to this rule must be approved by the editorial team and disclosed within the content.

Submission and Publication

Follow the submission guidelines carefully. Provide all required elements, such as a brief bio and any necessary disclosures. Understand that submission does not guarantee publication, and the editorial team's decisions are final.

By adhering to these guidelines, contributors will ensure that their work meets the standards our readers expect and maintain the integrity and reputation of our platform.

For travel writers eager to contribute, reach out with your stories and ideas at contact@internationaldriversassociation.com

Our Authors

Meet our dynamic team of writers, a diverse group with a shared passion for travel, storytelling, and a flair for unique perspectives.

Each writer brings their distinct voice and expertise, from captivating travel adventures to in-depth cultural analysis. Together, they form the heart of our blog, dedicated to providing international travelers with engaging, practical, and well-researched content.

Maricor Bunal

She is recognized in Forbes 30 under 30 and has a knack for finance and a passion for travel. As a digital nomad, she intertwines her love for exploration with her expertise in financial education. Her work stands out for its practicality and relatability, appealing to those navigating the financial aspects of global travel.

Lorraine Giron

Lorraine started writing professionally in 2019 for a popular lifestyle blog in Manila. She believes that life is one great adventure and that traveling is one of the best ways to appreciate it and our planet. Lorraine also writes for Trip101 in her spare time and geeks about photography, fashion, and design.

Kevin Andrew Ordoñez

Kevin Ordoñez is a seasoned verbal artisan who brings his adventurous spirit to life through engaging and insightful narratives. His fascination for exploration and thorough research propels his readers into the heart of each destination he writes about.

Kevin's vivid storytelling brings out the hidden gems and authentic experiences that every traveler seeks, truly embodying his belief that "Every journey begins with a single step, and the best guide is a story well told."

Dorothy Field

Dorothy started her writing career for Thought Catalog, a well-known U.S. digital magazine. She focuses on diverse topics she's deeply passionate about, such as international travel, relationships, mental health, and personal development. She's also an exemplary SEO content writer, writing for local and international marketing companies.

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