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Road with trees lined both sides
Travel By Vacation Rental

7 Magnificent Under-the-Radar U.S. Road Trips

If you’re craving a taste of America’s hidden natural beauty away from the tourist crowds, this list of under-the-radar U.S. road trips is for you. The U.S. is home to countless stunning landscapes, charming towns, and breath-taking vistas that remain off the beaten path.

Learn more2023-07-06
Your child’s car seat is in the WRONG place
The Sun UK Edition

SAFETY FIRST Your child’s car seat is in the WRONG place – here’s where you need to

Squeezing all your luggage into the car and strapping in the kids ready for a getaway is always an exciting, albeit slightly stressful experience for parents.

Learn more2023-07-07
Heavy rain can cause a lot of problems for drivers
Daily Record

Motorists urged to check under their cars before driving after heavy rainfall

Thunderstorms have brought an end to the UK's sunny spell, and drivers are being urged to look out for how they can affect cars.

Learn more2023-06-20
Dogs can easily overheat in cars – even when we don’t think it’s particularly hot outside
Birmingham Live

Should you break into a car to free a trapped dog during heatwave?

June heatwave has brought soaring temperatures, amid concerns about dogs being left in cars.

Learn more2023-06-14
A person holding an International Driver's Permit in a car.
Wandering Earl

Obtain An International Driving Permit from IDA

When it comes to obtaining an International Driving Permit, the International Drivers Association (IDA) stands out as the go-to solution for getting one quickly, conveniently and with numerous benefits.

Learn more2023-10-14
Mountain road flanked by pine trees at dusk.
Nomadic Matt

How Get An International Driving Permit For Your Next Trip

The best way to get an IDP is from the International Drivers Association.

Learn more2023-08-12
Curved road with mountain views at sunrise.
The Broke Backpacker

Introduction to International Driver’s Permits: Why You Need One and How To Get One

This article will give you a comprehensive overview of IDPs, helping you understand why you might need one and how to get it.

Learn more2023-09-03
Winding forest road in autumn light.
Two Monkeys Travel

3 Reasons Why An International Drivers Permit Is Essential For Your Next Vacation

All roads lead to fun, safe, and hassle-free travels by securing your International Drivers, Permit with The International Driver’s Association.

Learn more2023-09-05
Crowd enjoying a live concert with fireworks.
Caravan TImes

Essential checks before heading to Glastonbury

The International Drivers Association (IDA) has offered its best tips to ensure safety for drivers ahead of the hot weather and potential road hazards.

Learn more2023-06-23
Cartoon of drivers honking in traffic jam.
The Highland Times

Annoying Driving Habits Across The UK Revealed

The International Drivers Association has carried out a poll to discover the driving habits that really annoy us on the highways.

Learn more2023-06-20
RV with bicycles on the back on a sunny highway.
Daily Express

Drivers face massive £5,000 fine for travelling with a bike rack this summer

Drivers around the UK could be facing expensive fines and penalty points this summer when installing a bike rack or roof rack on their car.

Learn more2023-06-28
Bird poo can damage paintwork
Wales Online

Drivers warned that tree sap and bird poo could land them with a hefty repair bill or a fine

To help motorists avoid irreversible damage and fines, the International Drivers Association looked at the most common issues caused by nature and provided some tips and tricks on how to protect their cars.

Learn more2023-06-30

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