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It translates your identification information into 12 languages — so it speaks the language even if you don’t. Argentina highly recommends an International Driving Permit.

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Top Destinations in Argentina

Sophisticated, dynamic, and exquisite are the words to define the brilliant beauty of Argentina. Occupying South America, this nation is a paradise that no one should miss out on their list. Serving as the origin of the famous classic dance, tango, home of the extensive collection of natural treasures, and oozing with impressive creativity on culture, explorers have no reason not to wanderlust this country.

In Argentina, tourists can feel the importance of getting an International Driving Permit, with the ultimate convenience at the hands of the traveler. Waiting time at a public terminal transport and long queuing for tickets will no longer be part of the plan. Designing and scheduling will be more comfortable than before. Visit the website of the International Drivers Association to read the complete guide on how to process an International Driving License in Argentina.

Quebrada de Humahuaca

Quebrada de Humahuaca is a mountainous valley situated in the Jujuy Province in north-western of Argentina. Its popularity begins after playing a vital role in the old trading way back in the Inca Empire era. Observing the surroundings and structure of the valley, explorers can witness its ruggedness and fascinating sandstone escarpment. Right on this site are small villages, these include the Humahuaca. It only houses over 10,000 inhabitants.

It is best to go into this site during the austral summer and fall, which generally sets on January to June. There is a unique event every month of February, which is famously known as “Carnaval.” It is a big celebration where people conduct traditional and historical dances. There are also rows of food and epic drinks to try.

Sierra de Siete Colores

Sightseeing adventures are genuinely a remarkable thing. In wandering around the Quebrada de Humahuaca, check out the Sierra del Siete Colores. The glorious shade of its hills is stunning. It is a perfect spot to capture in a lifetime. History enthusiasts will find this place fascinating as the entire site has faced numerous bloody wars way back in the legendary Argentine War for Independence.

Driving Directions:

  • Start by heading to the east section on Av. Corrientes to Av. 9 de Julio before turning to the left.
  • Continue driving the Au. Pres. Arturo Umberto Illia.
  • Turn over to Av. Int. Cantilo before going to Av. Gra. Paz/RN A001.
  • Make use of the right 2 lanes when taking the exit to Acceso Norte/Debenedetti/Av. Márquez/Autopista.
  • Hit the Au Panamericana/RN9.
  • Keep on the right of the fork when continuing to RN9. Follow the signages for Ruta Nacional 9/Ruta Nacional 12/Escobar-Rosario.
  • Take the exit going to Av. Circunvalación 25 de Mayo/RN A008 and another exit to Sta. Fe.
  • Keep on driving to Au. Rosario - Sta. Fe/AP01 until the exit going to Ruta Provincial 80/Arocena/Gálvez.
  • Make a right turn to RP80, then continue RP10.
  • Upon reaching a roundabout, take the third exit to RN19.
  • Have another exit to Rafaeila/La Banda, then merge to RN34.
  • In driving through RN34, take the second exit twice and stay on the lane.
  • Make a right turn on RN9.
  • Go straight ahead to RN34 until RP43.
  • Drive through Ruta Provincial 73a.

If driving with a rental car, it is excellent to own an International Driving Permit in Argentina. To get a particular driver’s license, go to the International Drivers Association website. There is a specific link intended to Argentina indicated on the site.

San Antonio de Areco

Talking about horses, San Antonio de Areco is a haven for that. If you want a cowboy life, then heading to this soulful city of Argentina is a must. The origin of the city’s name is after the Spanish General Areco, who is the conqueror of indigenous locals. In discovering the fabulous attractions around the city, a sneak peek inside the Church of San Antonio will welcome the explorers to a unique culture.

If you are wondering when it will be a great time to go to this site, it is best to target the month of November. There is an annual celebration known as “Day of Tradition.” Tourists can watch fascinating equestrian parades and thrilling destrezas gauchas, an impressive showcase of horse skills.

Guiraldes Museum

After enjoying the city’s central tourist hub, a quick visit to the Guiraldes Museum can be a beautiful addition. It has a wondrous display of sacred traditions and the culture of gauchos. Visitors can get a chance to witness the most astounding masterpieces of the world-class artist named Mariano Draghi.

Driving Directions:

  • Begin at Comuna 14 before taking the highway of Au Panamericana/RN9 to RN8 in Ricardo Rojas.
  • Continue to Av. Int. Cantillo and Av. Gral. Paz/RN A001.
  • Use the right two lanes when taking an exit leading to Accesso Norte /Debenedetti/Av. Márquez/Autopista.
  • Follow the Au Panamericana/RN9.
  • Head to RN8 towards Alsina in San Antonio de Areco.
  • Stay on the left fork side before hitting on RN8. Observe the signs for Ruta Nacional 8/Del Viso/Pilar.
  • Get on the second exit at the roundabout and stay on the RN8.
  • Turn left in Alvear/RP31 and have a right turn to Av. Smith.
  • Make another left to Av. Smith before turning to Lavalle.
  • Upon reaching Lavalle, turn left to Alsina.

Be sure that, before departing from your home state, you made a verification about the requirements needed to have an International Driving Permit in Argentina. Forgetting this critical note may cause you trouble when you get caught driving without a license by an Argentine officer.

San Martin De Los Andes

San Martin De Los Andes is an epitome of beauty resting in Lago Lacar. From its glamorous eco-friendly surrounding like dense forests, pristine lakes, and soaring mountains, it mirrors the heavenly-paradise that one dreams of seeing. Charming lodges and stunning homes are showcasing the lovely architecture of Bustillo. Tourists can have meaningful chit-chat moments over the cafes, souvenir shops, and boutiques around.

Relaxing to this site is perfect between the 2nd quarter and 4th quarter of the year. The months of March and April have the slightest chance of rainfall. From October to December, an ideal temperature will mostly embrace the guests. Do not forget to check and update whether you will need an International Driver’s License in Argentina or not.

Driving Directions:

  • Hit the Av. Corrientes to Av. 9 de Julio, then left turn at Carlos Pellegrini.
  • Switch to the left lane to make a left turn to Lavalle.
  • Another left turn to Cerrito.
  • Head straight to Av. 9 de Julio/Cerrito.
  • Right turn heading to ramp until Aeropuerto Internacional.
  • Merge to Au 25 de Mayo. Keep on the right fork before going ahead to Au Perito Moreno/AU6.
  • Strictly follow signs to Perito Moreno/Accesso Oeste/Autopista 6.
  • Keep left on Au Acesso Oeste/RN7. Have an exit at 61 for Ruta Nacional 5 heading to Lujan/Mercedes/Sta. Rosa.
  • Go ahead to Au Acceso Oeste/Au Lujan-Bragdao/RN5. Always keep left. At a roundabout, head to the third exit and stay on Au Lujan - Bragdo/RN5.
  • Follow the RN5 highway. At Av Circunvalacion lng Marzo, turn left.
  • At RN35, take the 4th exit. Swift slightly to RN152, then keep right on RN143.
  • Drive through RP20/RN151/RP7/RP51.
  • Follow Av. San Martin to Tte. Cnel. Perez.

If you are unsure whether an International Driving Permit in Argentina is a primary requirement, learn its meaning by visiting the International Drivers Association website. On that online site, you will get to know its procedures and even look at a sample.

La Boca

Genius creators and art buffs will never go wrong in La Boca. Haunters of fantastic art are also welcome to see the most brilliant and lively neighborhood in Argentina. This colorful area in Buenos Aires features streets, alleys, balconies, and even patios with attractive decorations. Travelers will witness the incredible figurines of prominent tango dancers and other adorable characters.

A quick sneak peek at the Museum of Decorative Arts of Quinquela Martin is an exciting idea to add. Guests can have the opportunity to observe the epic collection of masterpieces and creative works by Argentinian artists of the 20th-century era. Going to La Boca is best during the day. Sticking to tourist spots is a must.

Caminito Street Museum

Caminito Street Museum is a favorite spot for travelers in La Boca. It proudly displays its impressive pedestrian-friendly zone. The section has been serving as an open-air museum and a market for arts ever since 1959. Another beautiful highlight of this site is the mesmerizing palette of tones painted on the buildings.

Driving Directions:

  • From Av. Corrientes, head to Av. lng Huergo and Av. Benito Perez Galdos in Comuna 4.
  • Make a right to Av. Benito Perez Galdos.
  • Drive through Pinzon and Palos.

Hitting this route, you should be vigilant with other drivers on the road. In case of emergency, present your International Driver’s Permit or the International Driver’s License in Argentina. Do not forget to check its validity beforehand. To keep you guided, carefully read and understand the meaning, study the sample on the online site, and check for verification.

A City of Theaters: Colón Theater

Grand performances and a spectacular venue for art-related events, Colón Theater, is the home for it. Lovers of theater plays can instantly engage in the special activities held inside the splendid hall. The legendary theater house is a renowned facility for classic concerts like opera, ballet shows, and even a music studio.

Explorers can avail of the guided tour offers at the theater. For first-timers, it will be great to stroll around the place with a professional guide. In catching a marvelous live stage act in Colón Theater, schedule the trip between April and December.

Driving Directions:

  • From the east section of Av. Corrientes, head to Av. 9 de Julio.
  • Make a left to Carlos Pellegrini.
  • Use the two lanes on the left before turning to Lavalle.
  • Turn right to Libertad.

When applying for an International Driving Permit in Argentina, an applicant must know the requirements. Visit the official website of the International Drivers Association. Tap the start application button. You must fill up the form with the correct name, address, contact number, and zip code. Do note that this information is essential. It will be on your International Driver’s License for Argentina.

Most Important Driving Rules

Traveling through an exceptional style, which is driving a rental car, has an essential responsibility. Observing the protocols, traffic road regulations, and adjusting to each highway’s condition are the most vital notes that a driver should remember. In Argentina, the enforcement of laws has been stricter than before. Random checkpoints and country borders are plentiful in this nation. Argentine authorities highly advise tourists to follow and avoid getting in trouble.

Having an International Driver’s License in Argentina is a must. Foreign nationals who are not part of the exempted countries from E.U, EEA, and Vienna Convention on Road Safety are mostly required to get one. To get a legit International Driving Permit, consult the International Drivers Association website. There is a link to the country of Argentina on the site. It will be easy to navigate by clicking that one.

Secure Your International Driver’s Permit and Foreign Driving License At All Times

Non-residents of Argentina have to get an International Driver’s License or Permit when taking a rental car. Though there are exemptions for some foreign citizens, possessing one can give you confidence on the road. Take note that an IDP is an official translation of your native driver’s card. It will never be a replacement for your original license.

Remember that you have to be at least 17 years of age to drive. Newbies should undergo a practical test and theory exam to qualify for a driver’s license. In Argentina, they strictly oblige foreigners to own an international driver’s license or permit. Authorities on the road do require that particular permit.

Do Not Attempt to Drive Under the Influence of Alcohol

Attention is the most crucial thing on the road. Losing it can lead you to serious road accidents. One of the primary reasons for injuries on the highway is drunk driving. Drivers who will get caught intoxicated can face high charges and severe punishment. Road enforcers will test your alcohol limit by taking a sample from you. They will also ask for your International Driver’s Permit or International Driver’s License in Argentina. Emergency contact number must be on it.

Observe the Proper Wearing of Seatbelt

All passengers of the vehicle should comply with the mandatory seatbelt rule. Everyone shall check if the seatbelt has fastened correctly. Reducing severe injury and loss is the regulation’s purpose. If you recall your training at a driving school, part of the test and exam is the essence of wearing a seatbelt. So, when driving in Argentina, obeying the law is vital. It can prevent you from getting your updated International Driver’s License to get revoked.

Installation of Car Seat or Booster Restraint for Kids

Children under ten years of age should have a car seat appropriate to their size. Check with your rental car agent if they can provide you a vehicle with those special seats for kids. Do not take dangerous risks of letting your child sit on the ordinary passenger seat.

Maintain the Speed Limit

Traffic signs on the roads of Argentina are readable. It will not be hard for one to understand what road signage means. Private vehicles should follow the standard speed limits per road area. On side sections, drivers must observe a 40 kph pace. For built-up areas, they should sustain a 60 kph movement. When on highways and outside the capital, not exceeding 100 to 120 kph is a requirement.

Before moving forward, ensure to yourself that your International Driver’s Permit or License’s validity is well updated. Argentinian officers will test it upon checking.

Handheld Smart Devices Are Prohibited

Do not be stubborn on the highway. Learn to discipline yourself when driving. Avoid using a mobile phone on the road. Shifting your attention to any unnecessary things can harm you and your passengers. If you need to use your phone, do it with a hand-free system instead.

Another essential item to have is an IDP. Argentina does require foreigners to get an International Driver’s License. Applicants must go to the International Driver’s Association page. They will merely fill-up the form, input their address, zip code, and payment details.

Head on the Right to Drive

Drivers who want to experience a dreamy adventure in Argentina should adequately stay on the right side when driving. The left side is for overtaking only. Remember to respect every driver on the highway. Do not try to be reckless.

Of course, an International Driver’s License, or commonly known as International Driver’s Permit, is needed in Argentina. When having one, verify the accuracy of the details. Check your name, address, contact number, and zip code. Refer to a sample posted on the page for guidance.

Flashing of Low Beam Headlights

Regardless of nationality, all licensed drivers must use low lights or luces bajas 24 hours a day on the highway. When on main roads, they should also observe the rule. Violators of this road law will be subject to high fines.

It would be best if you do not forget to own an International Driver’s Permit in Argentina. If you are wondering how to apply, get your phone and visit the International Drivers Association website. There’s a sample for reference, so you don’t have to worry about what you will input. You should also state your country’s zip code on your International Driver’s License for Argentina online.

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