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Argentina Driving Guide

Argentina is a unique beautiful country. Explore all of it by driving when you get your International Driving Permit.

2021-08-05 · 9min read


Argentina is a nation that dominates the south section of South America. It is widely known as the second-largest country on the continent and the eighth-most significant state in the world. The surrounding borders of this state are the Andes Mountains and Chile. It also diplomatically shares a maritime border with the Falkland Islands in the United Kingdom.

The country is famously known for its incredible human-made creations. Tourists across the globe have been religiously visiting Argentina to discover its phenomenal gems. Driving in Argentina through a rental car can make things easy to handle and plan. Securing an International Driver’s Permit (IDP) through the International Driver’s Association web page will assist you on how to make your trip remarkable and unforgettable.

How Can This Guide Help You?

Having a driving excursion in Argentina is a spectacular concept of traveling. Your worries about how to master the time management on your itinerary will no longer be part of the plan. Convenience and complete control are now in your hands. You can easily spend your leisure time on other urgent matters.

Through this guide, you will learn about the proper procedures for acquiring legal permits when planning to have a road trip abroad and useful driving tips. From introducing the reliable and credible source of an IDP application to top-notch destinations that you may visit when traveling to Argentina, you will never regret choosing the state as the next getaway destination.

General Information

In crafting travel plans, every explorer thinks of an ideal place to go. It is the first element to decide when doing an itinerary. When choosing a great site that houses impressive natural wonders and fascinating glaciers, Argentina suits them all. Learning about the state, below are the factual and informative data about the country. Discover the nation’s geographical location, official language, exciting information about its tourism, and why tourists drive in Argentina.

Geographical Location

Argentina shares borders with six beautiful states. It goes along with Chile on the west going to the south. While in the north, the territorial lines of Bolivia and Paraguay rest. In its eastern area, Brazil, Uruguay, and the Atlantic Ocean are peacefully resting. This legendary country sits in the south part of South America. Its size is more prominent than Mexico and Texas in the United States.

Argentina proudly highlights its stunning plains, lush forests, great tundra, deserts, soaring high mountains, and even its majestic miles of shoreline. It also has a property in Antarctica and some of the islands along the South Atlantic.

Languages Spoken

The official language in Argentina is Spanish. But it is more of Argentinian Spanish, which sounds different from the usual Spanish in Spain. Hearing a local speaking the native language, it will make you think of Italian rather than Spanish. Besides the primary language and the countless dialects that exist in the country, there are also other foreign languages that you can hear. These include German, French, Italian, and English.

English language is quite rare in Argentina. So, for explorers who plan to travel in this country, consider learning the basic phrases that locals commonly use. It will help you connect easily with Argentine people. Of course, they will admire and appreciate your extra effort for conversing with them using their native language.

Land Area

Reigning the most in the South American nation’s land, Argentina comprises four regions: the North, Pampas, Andes, and Patagonia. The Pampas is the country’s agricultural heartland. The national gorgeously conceals a land portion of 1 073,364 square miles. Its total population reaches up to 44 million citizens based on their latest record for this year. Argentina’s capital is Buenos Aires.


Before the Spaniards’ colonization in 1516, indigenous tribes dominated Argentina in the 1480s. Once the Spanish rulers began governing the country, they started implementing changes and attempted to integrate the state’s port city into their empire. The Royalty of Rio de la Plata's formation in 1776 didn’t last long, but Argentina’s declaration of independence pushed through in 1816.

However, despite the state’s victory from the Spaniards’ chaotic battle, civil wars still exist over the decades. It was only in 1853 when Argentina’s constitution became official and legal. Until then, they have the chance to build a national government. After those achievements, the country is now among the most prosperous nations worldwide.


Looking at the constitutional framework of Argentina’s Government, the country primarily uses the Federal governance system. Federalism only started after surpassing the conflicts that arise between the central government and provincial supporters. The nation’s highest official rank is the President followed by the Vice President. Their cabinets of ministers are in charge of overseeing the overall standard flow of the country’s administration.

For the local government, Argentina has a separate leader for provincial. Though that system faces several issues, it doesn’t become a hinder for its multiple restorations. Every town has a designated mayor to supervise its local jurisdiction. They primarily have four-years of service to provide the essential needs of the citizens.


Despite the million population in Argentina, it is still one of the less populated countries in the whole of Latin America. But, the tourism industry is incredibly excellent. Argentina is also one of the top-visited countries in the region. Talking about its capital, Buenos Aires is another dreamy destination. It is known as the main point of entry for air travel. Astonishing diversity in architecture and a stunningly wide range of wine production make Argentina a must-visit country destination.

Touring around the country, it is best when you drive by car. Getting a special license is a must. The phenomenal chance to enjoy breathing the fresh air, witnessing the picturesque views, and taking advantage of the convenience of moving around Argentina, are the fantastic perks you will get when applying for an International Driver’s Permit (IDP).

International Driver’s Permit FAQs

Upon concluding a spectacular road trip adventure, the next thing is to know about getting an International Driver’s Permit (IDP) in Argentina. It is an exclusive permit to allow a foreign individual to drive abroad. Securing one will make things legal and right when you go on operating a four-wheel vehicle. Kindly take a look at the International Driver’s Association online page. It will provide you with credible details about the said permit.

Do take note that an IDP serves as the official translation of your original driver’s license. It will never be a replacement for it. Do not forget to bring your IDP and your real driving license. People who will fail to possess one won’t be allowed to drive in Argentina.

Is A Local Driver’s License Valid in Argentina?

Foreign citizens who hold a driving license in their home country may use it to drive in Argentina. But, they must meet some conditions to qualify. Verify first if you are exempt from securing an International Driver's License or an IDP. For definite details about the criteria on how you can save yourself from applying for a special permit, below are the guidelines.

  • Holders of a driving license that uses the English alphabet
  • Licenses issued from an EU State, European Economic Area, Australia, England, South Africa, Switzerland, and the United States
  • Countries under the Vienna Convention on Road Traffic

For those not qualified in any of the above conditions, obtaining an International Driver’s Permit (IDP) is necessary. Go to the International Driver’s Association website. Having your application journey from the said site will ensure you a smooth transaction process. Those who seem uneasy about not owning an IDP despite the exemption benefit are still free to apply.

Is Driving with a U.S License Allowed in Argentina?

Bonafide residents of America holding a valid U.S driving license may use their local card to drive in Argentina. They are part of the countries that can freely carry their native one in the South American nation. So, they can save themselves from getting an International Driver’s Permit (IDP).

Is Driving with a U.K License Allowed in Argentina?

Nationals who possess a U.K driving license must get an International Driver's License in Argentina. Simply encode on your browser the International Driver’s Association, where you’ll find information about Argentina’s international driving permits.

Do I Need An IDP to Drive in the Cities and Districts of Argentina?

Owning an International Driver’s Permit (IDP) is a must whenever you plan to drive abroad. There are exemptions for nationals living under the E.U State, EEA, Australia, Switzerland, United States, South Africa, and countries included in the Vienna Convention on Road Traffic. Citizens whose country is part of any of those will no longer need an IDP. However, getting into cities, an IDP is compulsory. Checkpoints are frequent in the capital.

Traversing the districts may not have frequent police stops, but that doesn’t mean you won’t encounter one. Third-country nationals who do not belong to any of the said states should secure an IDP in Argentina. Always bring the IDP and the original driving license. Losing it means trouble on the road.

Does an IDP Replace a Native Driver’s License?

Exploring the expressways of a foreign country without an IDP and being a citizen from a country that is not part of the exemption will be considered illegal driving. Never tolerate people going beyond the rules. It will only leave a negative remark on your record. Always keep in mind that an IDP is only an official translation of your original driver’s license. It will never qualify as a replacement for it.

Renting a Car in Argentina

Making another unforgettable trip in Argentina is perfect when you level up your traveling style. Car travel has become popular as it gives you more space and freedom to explore a lot of areas. By reserving a rental car, you can easily craft a magical experience you never have. You will feel like everything is right on your palms. Your stress on managing the time will no longer exist. You can freely spend the time enjoying your trip.

Here’s a quick reminder when booking a rental car in Argentina. You have to be at least 21 years old to qualify. Vehicles may also vary depending on your driving age. The essential thing is you need to be a valid holder of a driver’s license in your home state. When you get what it takes to be a driver in Argentina, get now your International Driver’s Permit (IDP) with the International Driver’s Association’s help.

Car Rental Companies

Reducing the hassle in completing your travel plan is possible by considering to book a rental car online. When reserving ahead of time, you will mostly enjoy great discounts and perks. Now, to start your search for a rental car company, grab your phone and see what shops offer an affordable cost of rentals. Below are the typical and top-rated rental car agencies in Argentina that you can see.

  • Rentacar
  • Sunnycars
  • Budget Cars
  • Europcar
  • Localiza
  • Alamo
  • Winterfell Rent a Car Bariloche Patagonia Argentina

Though the convenience is in your hands when you browse online, scammers and fraudsters can quickly get you if you don’t take caution. Check the credibility and reliability of the site you are visiting. Do not give all your private information unless needed. If you have a doubt booking online, you can opt to have it right at the airport.

Documents Required

Making a rental car reservation must show the necessary documents supporting your legitimacy to drive, especially in other countries. Upon beginning the booking process, be sure you have these primary papers with you. Keep in mind that these are only the basic requirements of the car rental stores. Additional documents are up to your chosen car rental agency. The following documents are required when renting a car.

  • International Driver‚Äôs Permit (IDP)
  • Valid Native Driver‚Äôs License
  • Original Passport
  • Credit or Debit Card

Before you finish your booking, do not forget to ask for the contact details of your provider. It will be useful in case of a road emergency.

Vehicle Types

Exploring Argentina’s addictive beauty is best when you are in control of your itinerary. Of course, it will be only possible if you choose the most innovative excursion, which is hiring a car abroad. Tourist drivers may opt to reserve a vehicle online or walk-in. Whatever manner they pick, they must know some of the popular vehicles to rent in Argentina.

A four-wheel drive car is best if you'll be exploring the country areas and long distance drives. Here are the usual autos you might want to consider to inform you about what vehicle types you can choose when booking.

  • Economy
  • Compact
  • Intermediate
  • Standard
  • Mini
  • Full-size
  • Premium
  • Intermediate SUV

Car Rental Cost

Costs of rental cars are typically subject to change. It usually increases based on the demands and the season. Also, agencies mark up their prices according to the maintenance value of the vehicles. Another factor is the brand of the car. If the chosen type is a famous brand, the chances of getting it at a low price might be impossible. Some popular kinds are rare to find, so getting an imported material adds to the rental fee.

Coverage of the fees typically includes pick-up service, gas mileage allowance, emergency driving kits, and equipment. Some companies already have third-liability insurance on their packages.

Age Requirements

There are car hire age restrictions in every country. In Argentina, the legal driving age is 17 years old. Upon stepping on that age, you may now acquire a driver’s license. But, you should first enroll in a driving school for proper training. If you want to rent a car, you should be at least 21 years old. Charges are depending on the age bracket. Also, the type of vehicle may vary based on age.

Car Insurance Cost

When you book in advance, you will be most likely to get full liability insurance. It is best when you reserve ahead of time as rental cars’ availability is limited in some areas in Argentina. Getting insurance is a protection for you in case of unexpected circumstances on the highways. But, be wary of securing insurance through an agent. It can cost you double the price.

To avoid cashing out a large sum, call your credit card office. Ask them if they can cover a rental car abroad. If you are an owner of a private car in your country, contact your car provider. Verify to them if they can add up insurance covering a foreign rental car. Doing this will prevent you from spending too much.

Car Insurance Policy

If you are not familiar with a car insurance policy, it’s a legal document that can cover any damage and injury acquired if you get involved in a road accident. Policy coverage may vary depending on what type of insurance you will purchase. There are three standard policies that you may encounter when making a reservation for a car rental. The Third Liability Insurance, Collision Damage Waiver (CDW)/Loss Damage Waiver (LDW), and Personal Accident Insurance (PAI) are among the popular policies you may check out.

The Third Liability is a famous one. It’s a mandatory insurance to have when driving abroad. The CDW/LDW can pay up to the maximum damage repairs and medical expenses incurred in the accident. The PAI can help both drivers and occupants to aid their injuries without adding any fee upon getting medical treatment.


The Road Rules in Argentina

Before hitting a driving journey around Argentina, educating yourself about the imposed rules and regulations is required. Remember that you are in a foreign territory, the government strictly enforces laws. Make a refresher review on what you have learned back in driving school. Take note of the basics, as they generally go the same. When you encounter an unfamiliar rule, carefully read its meaning, and understand what it implies.

Accountability is one of the traits that a driver should attain. It is essential to observe that character well. Do not tolerate a reckless and imprudent attitude; it will only lead you to be a violator. You might face severe punishment and maximum charges. Here's an overview of the main road rules in Argentina.

Important Regulations

A designated driver must know how to obey the enforced road policies. It is a mandatory trait that an accountable operator should possess. It is also vital that they know how to apply it to actual driving. It will be useless if they don’t understand such things and cannot even do it for real. For example, using of traffic signals and use of low lights.

People who do not possess a valid driving license in Argentina cannot drive around the country. Foreign residents who are not part of the exempted states and do not hold an International Driver’s Permit (IDP) are not allowed to use a car legally. Bear in mind that you are about to ensure your safety to a person you think can drive. You don’t want to entrust your life to someone who cannot hold a steering wheel.

Ensure that a driver and the car are in a good state.

It should be clear enough to you that you must be fully in your senses as early in the morning. Your complete attention is what you need to drive safely and efficiently around Argentina. Sip a cup of coffee or any hot beverage to boost your energy. Do not dare to touch a steering wheel if you are in bad condition. It won’t be easy to drive in Argentina when drunk. Ensuring your car is in good condition promotes car safety.

Another must thing is to make a complete check-up on your vehicle’s condition. You need to be sure enough that you have enough supply of driving kits and equipment. You should also have extra tires. For the families traveling with children, they must be seated in a car seat. Bringing a first aid kit is also a good habit when driving.

Never use any handheld devices.

The use of a mobile phone is strictly prohibited. Your eyes and mind must be on the highways only, especially on main roads. Never let your focus get diverted to another. It will only give you a high probability of meeting danger on the road. As much as you can, control yourself from using handheld mobile phones. If you can’t avoid doing so, ask your provider to give you a car with a hand-free system installed.

Parking Areas

Choosing to park on the sidewalks may cause you great harm and risks. Though there are specific rules to follow, finding a good parking space lot will be great. You will just simply pay the parking fee. Be sure enough that you will park at a trusted place. Do not leave your valuable things unattended. Check your International Driving permit in Argentina and your local driving license. See if you correctly input information like name, address, and state’s zip code.

Seatbelt Laws

All occupants of the moving vehicle should wear their seat belts at all times. For travelers with their kids aging from 12 years and below, they should be seated on a fitted child seat. Confirm to your car rental agent if they can install a unique chair for children. Violators of this mandate will face severe sanctions and charges. Observe this law at all times, not only on main roads.

Drunk Driving

If you attended a party or an event where you drink an alcoholic beverage, then do not attempt to drive independently. Even if you only drink a little, it can easily make you go beyond the legal blood alcohol level limit in Argentina, which is 0.05%. That’s enough to charge you a drunk driving penalty.

  • So, better call a back-up driver instead. In that way, it can prevent you from facing severe fines and get your driving license in Argentina revoked regardless of what your category is.

General Standards

Now, you are only a few steps and reminders away before you can have a leisurely drive in Argentina. Catch-up with your notes from your training on how to properly drive on the road. It can quickly help you sustain your focus. Rental car users must make use of a vehicle appropriate to their expertise. If they can handle an automatic type, then scoring the same kind must be done. Manual operators should get what will fit them.

Speed Limits

In Argentina, the legal driving age is 17 years old. Upon stepping on that age, you may now acquire a driver’s license. But, you should first enroll in a driving school for proper training. If you want to rent a car, you should be at least 21 years old. Charges are depending on the age bracket. Also, the type of vehicle may vary based on age.

Enforcing speed limit laws is to manage the flow of traffic on the road. It is also to prevent accidents that can cause a big hassle for all travelers driving by car. Crafting this rule can test the driver’s discipline on the highway. Do note that driving is not always about manipulating or operating the steering wheel, accelerator, brake, and gear shift. It also includes obeying the road rules and regulations.

Argentina provides legends for the speed limit per roadway section. Regardless of nationality, everyone must abide by the allotted limit on the highway. You don want to be the kind of driver who doesn't care about the safety of people on the road.

  • Residential Areas - 40 km/h
  • Urban Areas - 60 km/h
  • Suburban Roads - 80 km/h
  • Highways - 120 km/h

Driving Directions

A rewarding adventure where you can freely spoil yourself without any interruption is to take the innovative exploration. A highway-bound trip can instantly turntable for you. The remarkable experience that you can get does not fade right away, but it lasts for long. Heading to Argentina, there are two doable ways to do so. Tourists from Chile and the United States can reach the South American nation. Be prepared to consume a lot of time when driving from those states.

Take note that when crossing country borders, foreign drivers must watch out for the sudden merging of roads. Typically, after passing a particular expressway, you have to drive through the unified roadway before entering the state’s checkpoint. You must also be vigilant when yielding on a roundabout. Give way whenever possible to do so. Be sure that when letting another vehicle move ahead, there’s a leeway between the vehicles.

Traffic Road Signs

For newbies in driving abroad, familiarizing yourself with different road signs of the country you will visit is a great decision. The establishment of traffic signs is for the safety net of travelers, especially in Argentina. Understanding the meaning and the significance of each can help you achieve a danger-free journey. There are many international road signs used by the country, but there are still one-of-a-kind signs that you have never seen before.

Like most countries, Argentina also uses warning signs, information signs, mandatory signs, and prohibitory signs. Keep in mind that warning signages meant a possible threat. It sometimes tells you to take it slow, to stop for a moment, and be careful on the next section ahead. Information signs contain general guides. Prohibitory ones are bound not to permit you to push through. The mandatory ones are compulsory. It means you have to follow it no matter what.

Right of Way

In Argentina, drivers generally use the right side of the road for driving while the left is for overtaking purposes. When hitting the main highways, making a left turn is not allowed unless the road section permits you to do so. Vehicles that honk first get the right of way in this nation, but moving cars must arrive at the intersection of Greater Buenos Aires early.

Compliance in the mandated driving side in Argentina is a top priority. Always remember to keep right when driving and shift to left for overtaking. With this, you won’t get confused on what side you should go in this South American state.

Based on Argentina’s implemented laws and regulations in driving, you must be at least 17 years of age. That’s how old you should be to drive legally in the country. Upon getting a license, there are different categories that you must check on the Argentine government when it comes to the driving aspect.

Laws on Overtaking

Though the left side area is for overtaking, do not recklessly do so unless everything around you is safe. Make sure that there is enough space between you and the vehicle ahead of you. Don’t dare to move forward without a signal or warning. Learn to respect and wait for the right timing. Illegal overtaking may end up getting punished and charged.

Obeying this basic rule is one of the things that you can do to drive to Argentina legally. Regardless of what state you will be going from, it can be from the US or Chile; there’s no excuse for not following the law. Whether you drive a rental car or private vehicle, everyone must abide by the regulations in Argentina.

Driving Side

Foreign citizens who are generally driving on the right side of the highway won’t get a hard time adjusting in Argentina. Never forget that the right side is for driving, and the left is for overtaking. It will answer your query about what particular side of the roadway you should hit on.

When you plan to have a driving journey in this country, make sure to apply for an international driving license in Argentina. It is vital to have it along with your original driver’s card. For convenient and manageable application, try checking the International’s Driver’s Association page. Do not forget to input your name, address, zip code, and payment details.

Driving Etiquette in Argentina

Portraying moral character and a decent attitude shows how dignified you are as a person. It is the ethical manner to exhibit your professionalism in all situations. Same with driving, there is proper behavior to act when on the road. Blending it with your personality and habit can help you think right at all times.

Performing responsibly as a foreign visitor in a country mirrors you as an individual. It is living proof of how well you understand the life and core values you have learned when studying. Those traits are among the ways on how to be an accountable tourist in an international state.

Car Breakdown

Getting indulged in excitement sometimes makes one forget the necessary things. Though it is crucial to identify where to go, emergency measures are often left behind. Now, bear in mind that when driving in Argentina, aside from having an international driving card, prioritizing the actions for unexpected cases must be included.

To get you informed and educated, read below the general procedures and things to do in case of a road emergency.

  1. Search for a safe zone before pulling over the car.

There are inevitable moments when you suddenly hear or feel something weird in your car. It starts to bother you as you don’t initially expect it. To resolve the problem, look first for a safe area or spot to pull over. Think first of your occupant’s safety net, especially if you are with kids or older people. Kindly flash on your hazard lights. It will alert the drivers on the road that you are having problems with your car.

2. Mandatory reflective jackets and warning triangles must be ready.

Upon securing a safe site to move your vehicle, you can now check the problem. But before doing so, take first the reflective jacket. It is a must-have when facing trouble with a car on the highway. Another is placing warning triangles around 30 meters on the front and rear section of the vehicle. Before confirming your booking, ask your provider to put complete driving kits and equipment inside the car properly.

3. Do not permit your passenger to hop out of the car.

Whatever portion or section of the highway you are stuck in, do not allow any of your occupants to head out. Remember that you are in a foreign nation, and you are not quite sure about the environment’s safety. Only the designated driver and one accompanying adult can go out. Kids and more senior people should remain inside and secure. This tip is for security reasons.

4. Dial your car rental provider’s contact number for emergency assistance.

The essence of getting your car agency’s number, you know who to tap in case of unexpected matters on the road. Like when you meet an injured person, you need to call an ambulance right away. Same with driving, if you get stuck, calling your provider is your emergency person.

5. Ask for a resident’s help for quick help.

Waiting for an authority’s response can take some time to arrive. Most especially when you are in a secluded location, expect to receive an answer the following day. Now, another option to do in this case is to reach a local’s assistance. Ask them nicely and politely. Consider learning common phrases used in Argentina. It will be an advantage. Argentines will be happy for your efforts to talk to them.

Police Stops

Borders and checkpoints are mostly situated when you pass the Chilean territory and the states along the Pan-American Highway. Remember that you have to observe the protocols and rules of the nation you are transiting when crossing borders. Typically, immigration and police officers ask for your travel documents. Prepare to show your IDP, driver’s license issued by your home country, passport, and rental car papers.

As you meet the enforcers, give them a pleasant greeting. Provide them honest answers when they ask you about your trip. Present to them your documents if they requested. Do not show any sudden movements. When they ask you to have a formal talk in their office, follow them immediately.

Asking Directions

Depending on your GPS or navigation apps makes it comfortable to know what way you should be heading. But you never know when you will run out of battery or signal on the road, so it is best to learn the basic phrases or words at least. Spanish is the official language of Argentina. Though there are other foreign languages in the country, letting yourself speak a native is a great start to get along with the locals.

Here are the common phrases that you can easily use when asking an Argentinean for directions.

  • Excuse me!

- Disculpe

  • Ma‚Äôam / Sir

- Se√Īora / Se√Īor

  • Do you speak English?

- Habla usted Inglés?

  • How do I get to the park?

- ¬ŅC√≥mo llego al parque?

  • Is this the right way?

- ¬ŅVoy bien por aqui?

  • Do you know if the mall is around here?

- ¬ŅSabes si est√° por aqu√≠ el centro comercial?

  • Turn right / left

- Gira a la derecha/izquierda

  • Can you repeat that please?

- ¬ŅLo puedes repetir, por favor?


Ensuring the security of the Argentine citizens is the topmost priority of the country’s government. Installation of checkpoints in the state’s highways and borders is the prior solution to monitor different nationals in the country. Here are the primary papers you have to possess to guide you upon passing the checkpoints.

  • International Driver‚Äôs Permit (IDP)
  • Original Foreign Passport
  • Valid Driving License
  • Copy of Approved Itinerary
  • Copy of Rental Car Documents

Completing these essential items will guarantee you an easy drive to Argentina. Of course, being a responsible driver is also a must to achieve a smooth sailing trip.

Other Tips

Upon reading this guide, you get to familiarize yourself with possible ways to reduce the hazardous possibility of meeting a road accident. However, tourists must also consider crafting back-up plans in case of encountering an unexpected road emergency. To know what you must do and not attempt to do, continue reading the guide below.

What Should You Do in Case of an Accident?

The most effective way to resolve the issue is to tap an emergency rescue by calling 101. Tell them your exact location and current situation. It’s for them to evaluate how serious the road rage is and how severe the accident’s impact is to the road users. Attempting to meddle with the situation without proper knowledge of managing it professionally never dares to do it. It will only make the scene worse.

As soon as the uniformed medical personnel, road enforcer, and police patrollers arrive, leave it to them. Let them handle and solve it in their way. When an authority officer approaches you for further questions, provide them with honest answers. Avoid panicking as it won’t do anything significant for you.

Driving Conditions in Argentina

  • Strolling around the mesmerizing havens of Argentina, you might encounter a different scenario from what you usually see on the Hollywood state roads. Planning to drive in this country, you must be extra careful and vigilant. There are rude and aggressive drivers in the capital city, which is Buenos Aires. Despite it, the state continues to improve and develop its infrastructure on transportation and road safety.

When heading out of the capital, reckless drivers are rare. So, your worries and stress about dealing with negligent ones may freely go. Pedestrians are well-respected in this country. As you hit the highways of Argentina, remember to keep your IDP and your local driving license at all times.

Accident Statistics

Risks and dangers on the road are always present. In Argentina, they initially do not have a good record of security on the highway. Back in the year 2009, the country recorded 22 fatalities per day. However, a decade later, Argentina reduced the number down to 15 accidents per day out of their 45 million population. Now, explorers can safely drive in this South American without worries. Argentine authorities have strongly developed a lot of innovative solutions in driving.

To delve more into Argentina‚Äôs driving-related accidents, you can find several data online explaining the different situations and cases. You may download the spreadsheet in ‚Äėxls‚Äô file for a credible visual about the country‚Äôs frequency of road driving accidents.

Common Vehicles

Before, tourists across the globe tend to prefer public transportation rather than investing in a rental car. But, as the technological advancement saga continues, the word ‚Äėconvenience‚Äô has become a trendy word. Ever since that term gets popular, from rushing over the buses and trains, most are now shifting to reserving a rental car instead. Driving is one of the greatest inventions that has received lots of appreciation.

Speaking of the most popular vehicles that locals use in Argentina, most renters choose the Compact ones. They often pick the best low price option as it can help them save a lot. Sedans and SUVs are limited in the country. For drivers who aren’t comfortable handling a manual car, they need to make a special request for an automatic.

Toll Roads

Getting stuck for long hours in a traffic jam is indeed a headache to face abroad. With that, the Argentinean Government continues to develop expressways and toll roads to ease the road user’s struggles every day. But, passing through toll roads may require drivers to pay a small fee. Tourist drivers will encounter such roads in the capital city and state borders.

Lending a particular time for this road trip route will pay off in the end. Be sure that you will hit the RP20 highway to make it. This specific pathway is what everyone uses when driving to Argentina. When reaching Ruta 115, expect to face the country border checkpoint. Immigration officers generally ask for an International Driver’s Permit, native driving license, original passport, and rental car documents when driving one.

Hardcore road thrillers who want to traverse the 15,000 miles route of the iconic Pan-American Highway to get to Argentina should now start preparing as the driving duration can take up to months. Experience to cross over 14 countries with only your car and not taking any flight. The said route is famously known as the longest road in the world. It serves as a link between two continents from the north to the south.

Road Situations

Despite the threats and hazards in Argentina back then, the country has ultimately enhanced the security system on their expressways and highways. There may be traffic congestion in some areas, but everything is manageable. Do not tolerate imprudent drivers. Stay on the appropriate section of Argentina’s road to avoid hassle and road rage. Some roads in rural areas may not be as good as the roads in urban areas so be careful in driving.

Traffic road signs establish useful indicators of what a driver should do in the upcoming areas. All marks and signages are readable and clear. So, no one has the excuse of violating the road rules. Simply never forget your International Driving Permit, as it can also assure your complete safety and legality when driving in Argentina.

Driving Culture

Designing a travel plan is an excellent idea to turn things on another level. Like, you try a driving trip abroad with the whole family or friends. If Argentina is your final destination, you do not have to think of any negative thoughts about the local drivers’ character. There may be some violent and abusive, but there are still polite and friendly resident drivers. When you feel intoxicated, do not ever attempt to drive. Call out a back-up to get you back to your hotel.

Other Tips

Applying what you have learned from taking driving courses is proof of how much you understand the significance of operating a four-wheel vehicle. Now, to practice your skills more, here are the other related matters that you may also note when hitting Argentina’s roads.

Are They Using KpH or MpH?

Argentina has made an official public announcement about the significance of wearing a seatbelt and complying with the alcohol limit to prevent drunk driving. The drivers sometimes overshadowed it as most of them exceed the speed limit. In this South American country, they make use of ‚ÄėKpH‚Äô as their speed unit. Signs are indicating the maximum speed on the road.

Can You Do A Sunset Driving in Argentina?

Exploring the country’s highways at sunset time is allowed and provided that your driving car complies with the standard low beam headlights. In Argentina, it is vital to obey the rules. Whatever location you may head to, even if you plan to look for a restaurant similar to La Nueva in the US, practicing diligence is necessary.

Things to Do In Argentina

There’s no wonder that right after pushing yourself in the engaging charm of Argentina, you will want to find a remarkable opportunity to make your stay longer than you plan. Most of the top-rated things that tourists do are searching for employment and residency. There are endless opportunities for foreign citizens to make their dreams come to life. It might be hard to score one, but the experience will pay off.

Applying for a working visa and permit in Argentina is the general rule. However, you have to show proof that you have a confirmed job offer in the country. The employer will mostly do the work for you in that matter. Exemptions from obtaining working documents only apply to the citizens of Brazil, Paraguay, and Uruguay. Nationals from the MERCOSUR must simply visit the nearest Argentine Mission and Consulate to get a MERCOSUR visa.

Drive as a Tourist

Foreign explorers who have plans of traversing the fascinating highways of Argentina are free to do so. However, there are proper procedures and guidelines to follow. Exemptions from observing the required processes only apply for residents under the E.U state, EEA, United States, Switzerland, England, South Africa, and Australia.

Nationals who are not part of those exempted nations should secure an International Driver’s Permit (IDP) in Argentina. Obtaining one is not that hard to do so. Simply visit the official website of the International Driver’s Association. Follow the instructions stated. Double-check the information before confirming and submitting everything. Right after two hours, you can already have yours.

Work as a Driver

Employment opportunities are plentiful in Argentina. Finding the right company or employer may be difficult at first, but the benefits are worth trying. Working as a driver in the country is a good idea. It can help the tourism industry grow and improve, especially during peak season. Now, to score a competent job as a driver, you must look for an agency to serve. It is vital to show valid proof of your hiring to easily apply for a working visa and permit.

It is also essential to present legal evidence that you are a valid driving license holder of your home state. It will let the Argentine government and Immigration that you are in the right driving age. You are also required to exchange your foreign driver’s card for an Argentine driving license.

Work as a Travel Guide

As you get fond of having a fabulous wanderlust journey in Argentina, you might want to be a country’s travel guide. It is a fun and exciting work experience. You may share your unforgettable experience with other tourists when you are still an explorer in the South American land. In getting a legal permit to work in Argentina, you must present a valid document stating your job’s confirmation under an Argentinean Company.

For internship courses, Argentina considers it as work. It means that intern students or individuals should obtain a working visa and permit. Of course, employment purposes will undergo legal procedures in securing an appropriate document. In applying for a working visa, the applicant must identify what type of visa suits the purpose. Read below the definite details for proper processes on having a special permit to work.

  • Original Passport (valid at least 18 months)
  • Three pieces of Passport size photographs (white background)
  • Employment Contract (issued by an Argentinean Institution or Agency)
  • Birth Certificate (must be translated into Spanish)
  • Marriage Certificate (for married women, with Spanish translation)
  • Good Conduct Certificate
  • Official Copy of Professional Credentials
  • Affidavit of No Pending International Police Record

Apply For Residency

All non-Argentine nationals who wish to live longer in the country are eligible to apply for residency. A temporary worker can also qualify to obtain a permanent residence in the country. Whatever professional work an applicant has, as long as the individual possesses a temporary resident permit, exchanging it for a permanent one can be possible. Even if an applicant is only getting a temporary one, it can be allowed to do so.

One of the standard requirements to qualify is an applicant must have been a temporary resident in Argentina for a minimum of two years. A foreign citizen should be at least 18 years of age to be eligible. For other general documents that you need to bring when securing one, carefully study and understand the information below. Do note that these guidelines are subject to change depending on the applicant’s immigration status.

  • Notarized Birth Certificate by the Argentinian Consulate and Embassy from the applicant‚Äôs home country
  • Valid Passport
  • Certificate of Residence (country of origin)
  • Financial Statements
  • Labor Contract (with payslips, if applicable)
  • National Identification Document
  • Criminal Record (both in Argentinian and Country of Origin)
  • Two pieces of 4x4 Photo
  • Proof of Billing (from the foreign residence)

Other Things to Do

In taking a higher level of adventure abroad, working and living are ideal ways to make it more remarkable. Of course, rendering driving services is a fantastic opportunity to take. Along with pursuing that journey, many outlanders opt to get an Argentinean driver’s card to make them feel like bona fide residents. Below are the proper procedures on how to get an actual Argentinean license.

How to Exchange Your Native Driver’s License for An Argentinean Driving License?

In terms of exchanging your foreign driver’s license for an Argentinean card, an applicant must be able to qualify on specific requirements. If a foreign national does not hold a driving license from a state that is not valid in Argentina, undergoing a series of practical and theory exams is a common practice to obtain one. Of course, novices should attend appropriate training at a driving school in the country.

To keep you informed about the general processes and essential requirements that you must know, here are the necessary papers that you should note. Bear in mind that in Argentina, there are different categories of driving license based on your age bracket. Exemptions will apply to specific countries.

From the E.U Member countries, European Economic Area (EEA), South Africa, Switzerland, the United States, and the states under the Vienna Convention on Road Safety:

Citizens from any of these states do not have to take driving exams. They can simply process their foreign license as an Argentine does in renewing their driver’s card. When planning to exchange in Buenos Aires, you have to attend a meeting intended to revalidate a driving license. Instructors will give a certificate of participation after the orientation proper. The said merit is valid for up to 90 days.

Below are the usual documents you need to present at a National Road Safety Agency in Argentina.

  • Foreign Driver‚Äôs License
  • Original Passport
  • Proof of Identity (Original and Photocopy)
  • Certificate of Residence (issued by Police Department)
  • National Identification Number (DNI)
  • Processing Fee of 930 ARS

For other foreign national who does not belong to any of the exempted states:

  • Tourists who want to surrender their local driver‚Äôs license for an Argentine must meet specific qualifications to apply. Their driver‚Äôs cards should be valid upon entry into the country. First-time drivers should enroll in a driving course as they need to comply with practical and theory tests.

When scheduling a start for applying for an Argentinean Driving License, here are the standard requirements that you should present.

  • International Driver‚Äôs Permit (IDP)
  • Native Driver‚Äôs License
  • National Identification Number (DNI)
  • Proof of Residency (Original and Photocopy)
  • Original Passport (with Photocopy)
  • Processing fee of 930 ARS

What Other Work Opportunities Are There in Argentina?

Not everyone can operate a steering wheel, as not all have the same course and field. Besides driving, English teaching is the most typical professional works in Argentina. Many outlanders seek job vacancies for teaching abroad, especially if English is their native mother tongue. Scoring an education job, an applicant must have a TEFL Certificate and enough experience to handle students.

The Top Road Trip Destinations in Argentina

A refreshing style of traveling is one of the exciting things to experience in a lifetime. Thanks to the incredible mind of the inventor of road tripping, most tourists can find an alternative way to traverse a country without rushing the time conveniently. Thinking of an enticing destination, Argentina should be on the top. The country highlights many fantastic gems. Exploring it will make you feel the worth of owning an International Driver’s Permit.

If you are an aspiring wanderer of the world, especially in Argentina, you must consider driving a rental car. It is the best excursion manner. Before doing so, you need to be sure enough about the legal documents on your hand. Check first if you own a driver’s license card. If you do, visit the International Driver’s Association. Click the application button and start filling up the necessary details. Within the day, you can have your IDP already.


Iguazu Falls

Iguazu Falls is a magical paradise that sits on the borderline of Brazil and Argentina. It is a famous waterfall around the globe. The tantalizing scenery of the fall makes it captivating to every explorer in the world. If you are a nature lover, a visit to this haven can make you feel the essence of preserving the environment. The Iguazu Falls are also known for being the most extensive waterfall system on Earth.

When traveling this site, consider heading between the periods of April and June. It is the dry season, which makes it admirable to explore. It is the perfect time to reward yourself with natural wonders. The months of January, February, and Easter Holidays are the usual period where crowds surge. If thinking of visiting around August to September, expect a cooler climate. Hiking and biking are among the popular activities to do during those months.

Driving Directions:

A long drive will take from the capital city, Buenos Aires, to Misiones via RN14:

  1. Hit the Comuna 14 before heading east on Av. Corrientes to Av. 9 de Julio.
  2. Head straight to Au Pres. Arturo Umberto Illia. Expect a toll roadway ahead.
  3. Continue to Av. Int. Cantilo.
  4. Follow the Av. Gral. Paz/RN A001 before shifting to the right when exiting the Acceso Norte/Debenedetti/Av. M√°rquez/Autonista.
  5. Stay on the right of the fork when traversing the RN9. Observe the signs going to Ruta Nacional 12/Escobar-Rosario.
  6. Make an exit to Campana/Z√°rate/Ruta Nacional 12.
  7. Upon reaching the RP6, merge on it. At the roundabout section, go to the first exit to RN12. Pass through a toll road.
  8. Continue following the RN14 until the roundabout.
  9. Take the second exit and keep on RN14 to Mocoreta.
  10. Switch slightly to the left to keep on track on RN14.
  11. Pass on RN105 and merge to RN12.
  12. Follow the roads on RN12. Take the second exit to keep on track.
  13. Upon reaching the end of RN12, cross the borders of Brazil.
  14. Drive through the Av. Mercosul to BR-469.

When driving this route from Argentina, expect several toll roads. You are also bound to encounter a county border. Prepare the essential documents like IDP and original foreign driving license. For updated monitoring travel regulations, look for the official site of Argentina’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Download the spreadsheet (xls) file for reference.

Things To Do

Spectacular excursions will never be a boring game in Iguazu Falls. With the falls’ alluring beauty, no one will have the courage to refuse the enticing activities you can do on the site.

1. Walk over the Devil’s Gorge

The glorious cascading and compelling splash of waters are the best stellar scenarios to watch right on the Devil’s Gorge. As you do breathtaking sightseeing on the waterfalls, strolling at the lower Circuit area will make you speechless by the gorge’s sophisticated visual.

2. Ride on the eco-train

If you want to explore more, hopping on the eco-train will lead you through the lush rainforest. You will have the phenomenal chance to observe the stunning foliage of languid butterflies and adorable lizards. You will also get to hear the addicting bird’s chirp and monkey’s tune in the air.

3. Experience the thrilling Iguazu Forest’s adventure

By riding a jeep through the jungle, you will get to stop at the rappelling point. From there, you have to head down the falls, do a little hiking over the trails before getting to mount the tree. Doing those will let you discover the incredible Misiones rainforest. The Flora Kingdom surrounding the place is indeed a treasure. From impressive ferns, massive stinging nettles, and many others, no one can doubt its captivating wonder.

4. Eat at Porto Canoas Restaurant

Since Iguazu Falls is resting near Brazil’s borderline, you must not miss the chance to cross borders to dine in another country without even taking a flight. You may get to drive at the Iguazu National Park’s Brazilian portion. From there, proceed to the Porto Canoas Restaurant. It primarily serves the traditional Brazilian cuisine, which makes the country known globally.

5. Hike at Macuco Trail

To have an epic blast of wandering around Iguazu, hiking over the Macuco Trail is a fantastic idea to hunt the majestic treasures and authentic jungle sounds lingering in the place. Through a local travel guide, you will understand Flora and Fauna’s essence and significance to the environment. Right after an educational exploration, a cooling-off swim at the lagoon will make your exhaustion fade away.


Buenos Aires Province

To have a quick escapade from the country’s capital chaotic noise, head over to the Buenos Aires Province. It will be a pleasant highway bound experience to settle yourself a little distance from the mainland. The province features mesmerizing sightseeing tours. It includes touring around the fascinating neo-Gothic Cathedral in Argentina. It is an epic museum of history exhibiting a greenery space to stroll and have fun. There are also seaside resort towns nearby, the epic haven of Pinamar, and the superb coastal gem of Mar del Plata.

When scheduling an adventure in Buenos Aires Province, target the fall season, from April to June. You may want to reserve a date between September and December. It is the spring period of the country. Choosing any of those seasons will give you a phenomenal chance to see the beautiful foliage.

Driving Directions:

  • From Buenos Aires, get on Au 25 de Mayo.
  • Obediently follow the Au Ezeiza - Ca√Īuelas.
  • Merge to Au 25 de Mayo.
  • Stay on the left side before following the road signs heading to Autopista Riccheri/Aeropuerto Ezeiza.
  • Continue to Au Luis Dellepaine and RN A002.
  • Keep left at the fork while continuing the AU Ttte. Gral. Pablo Riccheri/RN A002.
  • Head straight to Au Ezeiza - Ca√Īuelas.
  • Make an exit to 26 heading to Ruta Provincial 52/Ruta Nacional 205/Ruta Provincial 6/Ruta Nacional 3/Ezeiza-M. Grande/Ca√Īuelas.
  • Traverse the Au Ezeiza - Ca√Īuelas. At the roundabout, take the 3rd exit to RN3.
  • Turn left at RN205/RN3 and right turn to RN3.
  • At the two consecutive roundabouts, take the 2nd exit and keep on RN3.
  • Drive through the RN226.

Always remember to bring your driving permit documents. Your international driver’s permit, foreign driving card, and passport are the most vital objects you should never leave behind.

Things To Do

Tranquil paradises are the ideal hideout to go when you want to escape from the hustle and bustle. When in Buenos Aires, heading over to its provincial area will make you discover some hidden gems that only a few knows about it. Here are the dynamic engagements to check out to enjoy more of the perks and benefits when traveling Buenos Aires Province.

1. Eat at Tandil City

Splashing into pristine beaches and waters can get you exhausted, so to re-charge you with energy, head over to the laid-back town of Tandil. Do not miss tasting the trademark of the site, which is the Picadas. It may look familiar and similar to a cheese platter, as it is a stack of locally made nibbles composed of cheese, olives, and cured meats.

2. Tour at the Pampa Humeda

For religious explorers who want to be in a sacred place, heading to Pampa Humeda will satisfy their search. It is the nation‚Äôs divine destination for its great basilica and the iconic patron saint‚Äôs home, the Lujan‚Äôs Virgin. The said site also features the Mercedes for its legendary ‚Äúpulperia.‚ÄĚ It is a provision boutique that has a vital role in showcasing the social and mystical status in gaucho folklore.

3. Explore at San Antonio de Areco

Suppose you’re fortunate enough to visit Buenos Aires Province right on the marvelous celebration in San Antonio de Areco. In that case, you will get the chance to witness the lively Fiesta de la Tradicion. It’s an annual celebration and the most significant event in giving honor to the pampas culture. You’ll find many trademarks like galloping gauchos, horseback estancia workers, and iconic paisanos scattered at the boliche bar.

Historic-Córdoba-Cathedral-Juan Cruz Palacio

Historic Córdoba Cathedral

Córdoba is the nation’s second-biggest capital city. It is quite a famous landmark for travelers and a stopover hub for road trippers heading to Andes. For history buffs who are great at tracing the remains of the past, a spectacular hunt at the Historical Córdoba Cathedral will satisfy their longtime search. The vintage town has a glorious collection of the finest and religious buildings, dating back to the 16th-century colonial period.

The incredible blend of Baroque and Neoclassical styles make it engaging to see. Adding its creative interior showing the stunning 20th-century frescoes and murals, explorers will not have any reason to pass this site on the list. The ideal time to discover the fabulous treasure of Córdoba is from May to September. Rainfall is seldom during this period. Going from November to March, the summer heat is intense. Expect a higher chance of rain during this time.

Driving Directions:

Depart early when taking the RN9 and Au 9/Au Córdoba - Rosario from Buenos Aires:

  1. Begin at Comuna 14.
  2. Go to the east on Av. Corrientes to Av. 9 de Julio.
  3. Make a left turn at Av. 9 de Julio.
  4. Continue to Au. Pres. Arturo Umberto Illia.
  5. Follow RN9 and Au Córdoba - Rosario to Av. Velez Sarsfield in Córdoba.
  6. Take exit 13AB from Av. de Circunvalacion Agustin Tosco.
  7. Merge to Av. Velez Sarsfield.
  8. On the roundabout, have the first exit and stay on Av. Velez Sarsfield.
  9. Make a right turn on Lamartine and keep left.
  10. Another right turn upon reaching Sta. Clara.

Do not let your guard down in securing your valuables. Always check if your bag carries your IDP, driving license, and passport. Never let any one of those get lost. Exercise being a responsible traveler and driver at all times.

Things To Do

In discovering Cordoba’s epic wonders, you should not miss out on any of these engaging activities.

1. Learn the Tango dance

Groovers who love to sway in the joyous tune of music may want to learn tango dance. It is one of the trendy things to do around Córdoba. Check out the cultural center at Cabildo and know the classes offered. Taking a session will be fun.

2. Eat at a steakhouse

After an enthralling engagement, you may want to search up on your phone for a fancy restaurant to eat. In Argentina, there are lots of steakhouses that are quite similar to La Nueva in Miami. That will be a perfect way to end the day before going on a sunset drive.

3. Shop at Feria Artesanal

To get you a remarkable souvenir on your trip to Cordoba, having a brief shopping galore at the Feria Artesanal will introduce to you several locally made handicrafts. If you love jewelry and toys, it is the perfect marketplace that will help you make your voyage memorable.

4. Head at Guemes

Your doubts and anxieties in fulfilling your cravings will instantly fade away once you choose to dine at Don’t Worry restaurant in Guemes. It’s a famous and hotspot resto-bar where you can savor some delicious pizza and even take a shot of its most extravagant cocktail, the caipirinha.

5. Explore at Museo Superior de Bellas Artes Evita

If you can’t get enough of Cordoba’s hype atmosphere, exploring the Museo Superior de Bellas Artes Evita or the Evita Fine Arts Museum is a wise option to pick when you want to see something creative and notable. With over 500 masterpieces, you can never go wrong with taking the chance to sneak inside the building.

Planning for a trip can be quite exhausting if you don’t research the things you need to know about the country you’re visiting. Driving in Argentina is one of the best ways to have an unforgettable journey to this country/ If you’re planning to drive in Argentina, make sure you follow the road rules and etiquette found on this guide. Don’t forget to apply for an International Driver’s Permit in Argentina as soon as possible.

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