Best Restaurants To Check out in Egypt – 2024 Top 10 Picks

Best Restaurants To Check out in Egypt – 2024 Top 10 Picks

Top 10 Restaurants in Egypt You Must Try This 2024

PUBLISHED ONApril 3, 2024

If you are in Egypt for a trip or a vacation, you must try out their delicious food. After all, experiencing the local food scene is one of the best things to do in Egypt. You will surely find something satisfying for your taste buds, from traditional Egyptian dishes to international cuisine.

And good news! We’ve listed some of the best restaurants in Egypt that you should check out during your stay. So, if you want to have a truly authentic and delicious dining experience, keep reading!

Abou Tarek

Abou Tarek stands out as a beacon for visitors and locals in the heart of Cairo. This restaurant is a must-visit for anyone wanting to explore the culinary heart of Egypt, especially for first-time visitors to the city. It’s equally cherished by residents seeking comfort food that tastes like home.

Since 1935, Abou Tarek has been mastering koshari, a dish that could easily be considered the national dish of modern Egypt. The recipe is simple yet hearty: rice, lentils, and chickpeas are mixed with macaroni and vermicelli noodles. Then comes the magic – this mix is lavishly covered in a tangy tomato sauce seasoned with lemon, vinegar, and chili to create a flavor explosion.

What started as a modest establishment has grown into a bustling multi-story restaurant. Despite its size, Abou Tarek maintains an intimate atmosphere where diners can witness an assembly line-like crew of cooks meticulously preparing thousands of bowls daily.

The popularity of Abou Tarek isn’t just about tradition; it’s about consistency in delivering mouth-watering koshari that keeps customers coming back for more. This place isn’t just serving food; it’s offering an experience steeped in Egyptian culture and history through every bite.

Zooba – Cairo

If you are a street food fan but looking for something that feels a bit more special, Zooba is the place to go. It elevates traditional Egyptian street food, giving classic dishes a modern makeover. This spot is perfect for anyone eager to experience Egypt’s iconic flavors with a fresh, innovative twist. 

Zooba’s inclusive menu offers dishes catering to various dietary needs, including vegan options. Here, you can enjoy well-loved staples like Koshari and Ta’ameya, but presented in a way that’s sophisticated and full of creative touches. What makes Zooba stand out is its atmosphere. 

The décor is lively, filled with bright colors that demand to be photographed, making it a favorite not just for foodies but also for anyone who loves a good photo opportunity. 

Sobhy Kaber – Alexandria

Located in the heart of Alexandria is the Sobhy Kaber. This place is famous for its amazing seafood and stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea. It’s popular not only with locals but also with tourists seeking authentic Alexandrian cuisine. The vibe here is relaxed and friendly, perfect for eating out with family or friends. 

Sobhy Kaber is known for serving big portions at good prices. You can look forward to plates full of fresh, tasty seafood. Even though seafood is their specialty, they also have a wide range of traditional dishes. 

Everything is made with local ingredients and age-old recipes, giving you a real flavor of Alexandrian cuisine.

Abou el Sid – Cairo

Abou el Sid brings a touch of luxury to Egyptian cuisine, making every meal feel like a royal feast. It’s located in Zamalek, an upscale area that draws locals and tourists who want to taste Egypt’s rich food traditions. 

The interior of Abou el Sid is stunning, designed to resemble the dining halls of ancient Egyptian royalty. Every part of the decor, including the comfortable seats and detailed wall patterns, creates a feeling of stepping back in time. 

What makes Abou el Sid stand out is its wide range of traditional dishes, all given a modern twist. This means there’s something for everyone to enjoy. 

Plus, it offers unique Egyptian wines and spirits, adding the perfect touch to any dish.

Felfela – Cairo

Felfela is a historic restaurant in Cairo, opened in 1959 by A. Zaghloul. It’s not just for eating; it’s a trip into Egyptian food traditions. Famous for its tasty and quick dishes like falafel and shawarma, it attracts locals and visitors. 

They use fava beans in many dishes, like ful, bringing true Egyptian tastes to the table. The setting at Felfela is part of its appeal. Guests can sit inside, surrounded by Egyptian cultlure decorations, or watch Cairo’s lively streets outside. 

Over time, Felfela has become known for its meals and promoting Egyptian and Mediterranean foods worldwide. Its commitment to quality shows in every dish. 

For anyone wanting to experience real Egyptian flavors with a historical touch, Felfela is more than a meal; it’s a chance to soak in Cairo’s rich food culture.

Andrea Mariouteya – Giza

Andrea Mariouteya in Giza is loved by locals and tourists alike. Since opening in 1958, this restaurant has become famous for its amazing grilled chicken. 

What makes Andrea Mariouteya special is not only its delicious food but also its location in the beautiful countryside, perfect for family outings. You can eat in the outdoor garden and enjoy stunning views of the Pyramids of Giza. 

The restaurant offers a variety of grilled chicken dishes, cooked perfectly to be crispy on the outside and juicy inside. Guests also love the charred bread, traditional Egyptian sides, and especially the feteer meshaltet, a flaky pastry. 

Andrea Mariouteya is a great place for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, offering beautiful views in its open-air eating area.

El Fishawy – Cairo

El Fishawy is a historical café in the bustling heart of Khan El Khalili bazaar. This spot has served guests for over a century, making it a must-visit for those exploring Egypt.

The café’s interior exudes old-world charm, featuring large mirrors and exquisite chandeliers that reflect its long history. It’s more than just a place to grab a drink; it’s an experience steeped in tradition.

While many might opt for coffee or regular tea, El Fishawy offers unique beverages that stand out. The mint tea here is famous, but there are other drinks worth trying:

  • Yansoon: An aniseed tea offering a distinct flavor.
  • Karkaday: A hibiscus infusion is known as the Egyptian national drink.

Visitors often find themselves enchanted by the atmosphere at El Fishawy. The combination of historic surroundings and authentic Egyptian flavors makes this café one of the best places to visit in Egypt for anyone looking to immerse themselves in local traditions.

Taboula Lebanese Restaurant – Cairo

Craving Lebanese food? Taboula Lebanese Restaurant in Cairo is the place to go. It’s an ideal spot for lovers of Lebanese cuisine. This restaurant stands out for its elegant setting and wide range of Lebanese meals. It offers unforgettable evenings with dishes like mezze and grilled meats. 

Mezze consists of small, tasty appetizers that kick off the meal right. The grilled meats are tender and flavorful, showcasing the best of Lebanon’s culinary skills. 

Inside, Taboula is decorated in a Middle Eastern style. It has an intimate and cozy feel, thanks to the dim lighting. There are fettahs – dishes topped with yogurt to eat with bread or rice – and the famous salad, taboula. This salad is known for being authentic and fresh. 

The menu also includes traditional wines that go perfectly with the food.

Pier 88 – El Gouna

Pier 88 in El Gouna looks out over the marina, perfect for big moments or romantic dinners. It’s well-known for serving up fresh, tasty Italian seafood. The view and the classy vibe make every meal special. Ideal for date nights or celebrations, it sits peacefully by the water. 

The dessert menu is a highlight, with creations by pastry chef Artem Vasilevich that taste as amazing as they look. Each dessert is a piece of art. Pier 88 isn’t just in El Gouna. 

It also has locations in prominent areas around Egypt, including near the Nile and the Pyramids, as well as in Almaza Bay and near Khufu. Every place keeps up the great food and service Pier 88 is known for.

Koutouki – Sharm El Sheikh

Koutouki is a top choice for experiencing authentic Greek cuisine in Egypt. Located in Soho Square, it offers beachfront dining. This combination of Sharm El Sheikh’s beauty and Mediterranean flavors creates a unique dining experience. Koutouki is known for its fresh seafood, a key part of Greek food. 

Guests can try dishes like moussaka and seafood, which are made for an authentic taste. The place also has a lively vibe, with live Greek music on some nights. This makes dining more fun, inviting guests to dance too. 

Main points include genuine Greek dishes, dining by the beach, fresh seafood, and fun live music.

At Koutouki, whether outside in the sea air or inside enjoying the music, you’re in for a memorable meal in Egypt’s top resort area.

Roam Around Egypt and Delight Your Taste Buds

Don’t limit yourself to just these ten amazing dining spots in Egypt. There are countless more to try! From street food vendors to upscale restaurants, each offers unique flavors and experiences that will leave you wanting more. 

So, roam around Egypt, explore its rich food culture, and delight your taste buds with various delicious dishes.

Driving in Egypt is arguably one of the best ways to explore its food scene. You can rent a car, plan your food tour, or join a guided foodie excursion. Either way, you’ll have the chance to discover hidden gems and try new dishes that will leave a lasting impression.

However, if you plan to rent a car, make sure to have your international driving permit in Egypt, as it’s required by law. This ensures a smooth and hassle-free journey to each dining destination. 

Savor Egypt’s Food Scene

Egypt’s food scene is diverse and full of delicious surprises. With a range of traditional Egyptian restaurants and international cuisines, there’s something for every palate to enjoy. As you explore the country, don’t miss the opportunity to try some of the top-rated restaurants mentioned above for an unforgettable dining experience.

Don’t forget to enjoy real Egyptian coffee or tea after your meal because it’s not complete without it. Make sure to reserve a table early, as these places get busy fast.

Dive into Egypt’s amazing food, where each dish is full of flavor and tradition. Egyptian meals are special because they show the country’s welcoming spirit, making dining memorable. Don’t just eat; enjoy and fall in love with the flavors of Egypt.

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