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Egypt Driving Guide

Egypt is a unique beautiful country. Explore all of it by driving when you get your International Driving Permit

2021-08-13 · 9 mins

Are you planning a trip to Egypt? Egypt is the land of ancient wonders, a country full of a spectacular and glorious history that carved a path from the millennia by the Persians, Greeks, Romans, and medieval explorers. Now, modern travelers come and visit its beauty from the enticing desert, beautiful temple, and cities, which is genuinely fascinating and a blessing into the eyes to see.

It is a country home to scenic and panoramic views from the vast desert, mysterious pyramids, beautiful coastlines, top destinations, and various plants and animals like cobras, jackals, and gazelles. Egypt is indeed a blessed country that attracts millions of travelers around the world.

How Can This Guide Help You?

Traveling without proper knowledge about the background, laws, rules and regulations, and important guidelines of a foreign country that you will visit can lead to a catastrophe that will ruin your trip instead of having a fun adventure. The guide will help you understand all the essential information you need before and when traveling to Egypt.

The guide contains Egypt's general information and top destinations that you should visit. As for driving in Egypt, the driving requirements, International driving permit, car rental information, operating rules, etiquette, and the road situation and condition you need to know and, most importantly, follow.

General Information

Egypt is one of the most visited countries for its spectacular sceneries of the pyramid, wonderful vast sea, historical destinations, and more that is beyond Egypt's photos you will see on the screen of your devices. It truly captivates the world's eye and invites millions of tourists to check and discover its beauty.

Geographic Location

Egypt is located on the northern part of the Africa continent between the Gaza Strip and Libya, the Red Sea of Sudan, bordering the Mediterranean Sea, including the Asian Sinai Peninsula. It has a total land area of 995,450 square kilometers and 6,000 square kilometers of water area.

Languages Spoken

The Modern Standard Arabic is Egypt’s official language and is widely used throughout the country. It is the most used language in Egypt's written documents and schools. Modern Standard Arabic originated from Classical Arabic or medieval Arabic, where it still has the most comprehensive fixed grammar and syntax since the 7th Century.

Nevertheless, the literary form of Arabic is what Modern Standard Arabic mostly describes: a macro language composed of numerous vernacular dialects. For the most part, the language is the written standard for a cluster of similar dialects mutually comprehensible.

Land Area

Egypt has a total land area of 1,001,450 square kilometers in size. Only 5.5% of Egypt's land area is used for inhabitation; the remaining 945% is an unhabitable desert. The country is bordered northeast by Israel and the Gaza strip, the Red Sea in the east, Sudan and Libya in the south and west of Egypt, and the Mediterranean Sea in the north.


Egypt's history is widely studied globally for its fascinating history and contribution to world history. Egyptian civilization has continuously flourished since prehistoric times. Simultaneously, the civilization's rulers, religion, writings, beliefs, climate, and borders have changed over the millennia for so many times.

Egyptian civilization has a strong connection to the other parts of the world, importing and exporting goods, foods, people, sharing religions and ideas. Ancient Egypt ruled territories outside the modern-day Egypt border that is now Cyprus, Israel, Lebanon, Syria, Sudan, Israel, and Palestine.

In ancient times, Egypt was called with several names; one is the "Kemet," an old popular name for Egypt, which means the "black land" believed derived from the Nile's left fertile soil receding floods. The country was occupied by the Persians, Greeks, Nubians, and Romans in different timelines, one of the reasons why Egypt's culture is fascinating that you will witness until now.


Egypt is a democratic state where its state religion is Islam. It’s also known as the Arab Republic of Egypt. Egypt's president is the country's head and supreme commander of Egypt's armed forces over six years and may be extended for a year term. The president is working together with the cabinet that constitutes an executive authority over the nation.


In Egypt, tourism is the country's leading source of income and crucial to its economy because the travel and tourism industry provides an extensive contribution to the Egyptian economy.

Egypt was ranked the third most international tourist arrivals among the Middle Eastern countries, where Egypt received more than eight million tourist arrivals in 2017. Cultural tourism is the most popular reason tourists visit Egypt aside from the variety of adventures and activities tourists can do.


Driving in Egypt is one of the best ways to explore and reach every corner of the country's top destination. To drive hassle-free in Egypt, you need to bring all the required documents to the country's road. An international driver's permit is one of the essential requirements you need that is pretty convenient because it dissolves the language barriers between you and Egypt's local authorities.

Egypt is one of the countries that signed the United Nations Convention (1949) that allows travelers from other countries to rent a car and drive legally on their roads by obtaining an International driver's permit (IDP). You should always bring your international driving license in Egypt together with your national driving permit at all times when driving around Egypt to avoid breaking the laws and getting in trouble.

Is a Local Driver’s License Valid in Egypt?

Yes, but every foreign driver needs to accompany their national driver's license and an international driving permit for Egypt. An international driving permit is an important document you need to bring and use with your national driver's license. Both driving privileges can't be valid if used alone; it will only be useful to use the two drivers' licenses.

It is a requirement for you to drive in Egypt. You must possess these two essential documents. A local driver's license will be valid as long as it is accompanied by an IDP when driving in Egypt. Bringing the two vital records is one of Egypt's driving laws that you need to follow because driving without a license in Egypt is punishable by law.

Do I Need an IDP in Cities and Districts of Egypt?

Yes, for travelers who love to drive a car to get around a foreign country and experience the adventure of going to Egypt, you need an IDP! If you are wondering, "do I need an international driver's license in Egypt?" The answer is yes! An international driver's permit in Egypt is a requirement you need to have and use together with your national driver's license because this will allow you to drive on Egyptian roads.

Are you wondering how is driving in Egypt different from your home country? Do you want to experience it, yet you don't have an IDP in that case? You can check for an international driver's license in Egypt on our website. You can get your own international driver's license in as fast as 20 minutes.

Driving when traveling in Egypt will be fun if you'll reach and travel to other destinations on your own with these essential documents. The international driver's license in Egypt requirements is needed to get an IDP. You need to use the permit with your national driver's license to Egyptian authorities and car rental companies to let you drive on their spectacular roads.

Does an IDP Replace Your Native Driver’s License?

No, an IDP does not replace your national driver's license even though an international driving license in Egypt contains your name and motorist information. An IDP is a partner and the translation of your national driver's license. It is a handy permit when talking to Egyptian authorities you might encounter on your visit to Egypt.

If you intend to stay in Egypt for a long time and want to apply for work like driving jobs in Egypt or applying for residency, that's the time your national driver's license needs replacement. There are driving schools Egypt has established to take driving license tests in Egypt or take the driving test Egypt requires and get an Egyptian driver's license.

Renting a Car in Egypt

Egypt is full of beautiful landscapes and top destinations to visit, and to reach this destination most conveniently is to rent a car. Renting a car is a great way to explore Egypt if you're not comfortable taking Egyptian public transport. To first-time travelers in Egypt, renting a car can be confusing, especially when you're in a foreign country and don't have an idea about renting cars.

When renting a car in Egypt, you need to know several important information before renting a vehicle, such as the required documents to pass, the vehicle you can rent, renting inclusion, and more.

Car Rental Companies

Egypt has many car rental companies ready to serve and help you drive in the country. When you arrive at CAI airport, you see several car rental companies waiting for clients who want to rent a car. AVIS, EuroCar, and VIP cars are the car rental companies you can contact and rent a car in Egypt.

Besides the airport, you can also find car rental companies far from the airport and companies in Egypt's larger cities such as Cairo, Alexandria, Hurghada, Sharm El Sheikh, and Sharm El Sheikh Sin.

You can book a car in advance online before your flight to Egypt; you'll be able to screen and differentiate a car rental company. It is to see who's giving the deals, or you can rent a car on the day you will reach the country; it depends on your preferences.

Documents Required

Renting a car in Egypt is easy and straightforward; after choosing the car rental company to deal with, you need to present the required documents to rent a car. Most car rental companies in Egypt require an Identification card, a valid national driving license, an International driver's license, and an acceptable payment form; there's no need to get a driving license in Egypt.

Suppose you don't have an IDP yet and wonder how to get an international driver's license in Egypt. In that case, you can apply on the International Driver's Association for it is a great international driver's permit on the Egypt website to get an IDP where you need to pass the international driver's permit in Egypt requirements in as fast as 20 minutes.

Vehicle Types

The driving range in Egypt is the same as the vehicles you will see on the freeways and the type of cars you can rent in Egypt. There are different types of cars that car rental companies offer to those who want to travel to Egypt via vehicle. There are economy cars, standard SUVs, Luxury cars, compact, premium, minivan, and more.

Citroen C-Elysée, Chevrolet Optra, Kia Forte, and some similar to standard vehicles on the car's economy type to rent. The SUVs there are standard, full size, intermediate, and compact SUVs. On luxury cars, the familiar brand used is Chevrolet Aveo Sedan or a similar compact.

You can rent many vehicle types in Egypt; every car has a different price range and policies where some can only accommodate two persons. The kind of car you can rent in Egypt will depend on your preferences from the diverse driving range in Egypt and how many are your passengers, and what deal suits you the best.

Car Rental Cost

Egypt's average car rental cost per day may range from $19 to $45 per day. Its car rental fee is based not only on the type of car you will rent in Egypt but also on the deal, such as the vehicle's capacity and the fuel policy. The insurance policy was included and written in the agreement, and of course, this will depend on what car rental company you will use.

The type of vehicle you will rent and its capacity to hold a certain number of passengers add to your rental fee. The fuel policy was written and included where the car is ready to drive the roads for its already full tank. The insurance most car rental companies apply on their vehicles and add to their policy is the collision damage waiver and the theft protection waiver.

The fee coverage on the car rental free in Egypt will depend on the rental company you choose. In renting a car, you need to select the best car rental company that offers the best cars to rent, the deal, and explain the rental car fee coverage.

Age Requirements

The legal driving age in Egypt is at least 18 years, but the minimum age requirement to rent a car is 21 years old with a valid national driver's license and international driver's license. Still, some rental companies require 23 years old; this will depend on what car rental company you will pick.

You might be wondering, "do I need an international driver's license in Egypt? Even if I pass the age requirement to drive and to rent a car?". Yes, you need IDP to do both; your national driver's license is not valid to transact and drive in Egypt. International driver's license in Egypt zip code is included in your IDP, with your name and other motorist information.

Car Insurance Cost

If you're planning to rent a car, you must also consider finding a car rental company that offers car insurance. Most companies include insurance costs on their car rental fees; some do not and needed extra payment to get insurance. The car insurance cost varies from the type of car insurance they offer and how many insurances you will use.

Car Insurance Policy

Yes, insurance applies to renting a car in Egypt. It is used and offered by car rental companies that will keep you covered and protected when you happen to get into an accident while driving in the country of Egypt. It's mandatory to have a third-party liability insurance when driving in a foreign country. Most car rental companies offer collision damage waiver and theft protection waiver insurance that adds to your rent bill.

If you want to make sure that you are all covered, especially since there are often traffic accidents in Egypt, you can also use your insurance and cover rental cars. To travel to Egypt's top destination by driving a car is freedom; you are free to explore every corner of Egypt except the prohibited places for travelers to go. You'll be able to explore the country on your own.

There are other means of transportation to travel in Egypt, but renting a car is having the freedom to drive, which is a real luxury in Egypt. Renting a car will allow you to reach and explore various island destinations with comfort and far more speed than taking any form of transport in Egypt's country.

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Road Rules in Egypt

To drive on Egypt's road to reach the country's countless top destinations is super exciting. Before you start to drive in Egypt, you need to be aware and educate yourself on the Egyptian government's directed driving rules and road regulations similar to other countries' driving rules. Some of these are general rules. Some may differ, for the driving range in Egypt is broad.

To avoid breaking the driving rules in Egypt or, worst, get into an accident, It is essential to know and follow the driving rules and regulations for the dangers of driving in Egypt. It involves the locals' way of driving that goes the same as Egypt's driving side, the unwritten laws, the road condition, and the driving range in Egypt is vast and needs great care as you drive.

Important Regulations

You might ask yourself, "is driving in Egypt safe?" The answer is "Yes," but the answer might change and will also depend on if you will follow the provided essential driving guide and driving rules in Egypt. Here are some of the essential regulations and rules of the road you need to follow:

National Driver's license and IDP

One of the essential road rules you need to follow is always carrying your national driver's license and IDP together with your registration documents and insurance documents. It is one of the road rules you need to follow to drive. There will be checkpoints where traffic police officers will check your documents.

Bringing your national driver's license alone will not be valid for renting a car and driving in Egypt. You need to partner it with an IDP at all times because your IDP will be your national driver's license translator.


Driving under the influence and intoxication of and the effect of alcohol is prohibited. The allowable blood alcohol level in Egypt is 0.05%. Road accidents in Egypt are prevalent, and one of the reasons for these incidents is drinking and driving.

Avoid drink and driving at all costs to ensure your safety while you're driving in a foreign country and to avoid breaking the stipulated law by the Egyptian government or, worst, get involved in an accident. Always observe the standard legal limits.


In Egypt's big cities, it is difficult to find a parking spot because of the lack of parking spaces. When parking your vehicle, you need to ensure that you are parking in the right place because if not, your driving license may be suspended for 30 days or more. Some people work and offer valet parking for a small tip.

Driving at Night and in Winter Rains

When driving in Egypt, you must avoid driving at night because there are many carts and pedestrians on the roads that you may bump into and get involved in an accident. It is also advisable to avoid driving in winter rain because the road can be too slippery, and there will be some localized flooding at that time.

Use of a mobile phone while driving

Avoid driving and using a phone simultaneously, and it is under the driving laws in Egypt unless it is hands-free. Using a phone while driving can distract you and put all of your attention on the phone and not the road; following this rule will help you avoid an accident.

Seatbelt Laws

To ensure the driver and the passenger's safety and avoid accidents while driving in Alexandria, Egypt, or driving around the country, everyone must wear a seatbelt at all times and throughout the ride from the driver and its passengers. You'll encounter aggressive drivers while on the road so it's best to wear your seatbelt for your safety.

Suppose you're driving from Egypt to Israel or generally driving to Egypt with a child. In that case, you need to use a child restraint that most car rental companies offer as additional car accessories that also add an extra fee. A child that is under the age of 7 is not allowed on the front seats.

General Standards of Driving

Observing general standards of driving is essential to obey to ensure your safety and everyone's safety, including the locals, once you hit the Egyptian roads. General driving standards are common to every country. This standard is essential, especially to tourists who plan to take long driving distances in Egypt.

Before driving, you need to check your car; at all times, you need to ensure that the engine is in good condition. You need to have a spare tire, a compass, an international driver's license in Egypt map, adequate food and water, a full tank, extra gasoline, a first aid kit, and other essential documents to bring on your way.

You need to ensure that the car you rent has a working air conditioner for the temperature in Egypt is very high all year, and the tires of the vehicle can drive through the sands because it is like driving snow when you go in loose sand.

Speed Limits

Overspeeding is what you need to avoid when driving to Egypt; as a traveler, you need to ensure your safety to avoid getting into trouble for breaking the law or, worst, getting into an accident. Follow the restricted speed limit that the Egyptian government has implemented.

The average speed limit on Egypt's open roads or freeways is 90 kilometers per hour. In built-up areas, the speed limit is 60 kilometers per hour. The average speed limit is 100 kilometers per hour on Alexandria Desert road and 120 kilometers per hour on the Ayn Sukhna road.

Driving Directions

For the driving directions in Egypt, especially outside the city, it is advisable to use a map or GPS to drive the road signs in these areas. On the general standard of driving in Egypt, it is advisable to bring a map and a compass. It would be best to have a ready itinerary to know where you will visit, study the driving directions to each spot in advance, and the road condition and such for a hassle-free journey.

You can drive automatic and manual cars in Egypt, and car rental companies offer both types of vehicles. It will only depend on what car you will rent. Before you head straight on Egyptian roads, you must prepare and take precautions to ensure safety.

Traffic Road Signs

The traffic road signs in Egypt are the same as the other country's road signs, but some also differ. The road signs in Egypt are in pure Arabic, some in English, and you will also have road signs in Arabic and have an English translation.

Egypt used three different road signs, the regulatory, warning, and guidance signs. You must strictly follow the road signs, be cautious when driving, and watch for other vehicles. Even Egypt has road signs and traffic lights; most Egyptians don't follow or disregard these road signs. It is essential to observe what each road sign indicates as you travel in Egypt to ensure a safe and fun journey.

Regulatory signs include:

  • Stop sign
  • U-turn sign
  • Roundabout sign
  • Yield sign
  • Turn Left sign
  • Turn Right sign
  • Keep Left sign
  • Keep Right sign
  • No parking sign

Warning signs include:

  • Pedestrian sign
  • Wrong-way sign
  • Slowdown sign
  • No passing/overtaking sign
  • Dangerous turn sign

Guidance Signs includes:

  • Distance sign

Right of Way

There is no written right of way on driving laws in Egypt or the concept about the right of way. Still, they do have it as an unspoken rule of the request, of course, where the larger vehicle has the right of way over the smaller vehicles; this also applies to driving in Egypt intersections and different roads.

Pedestrians also have the right of way even the traffic light signals go; donkeys and carts are also the pedestrians that have the right of way even in or outside the cities driving in Egypt intersection

The minimum legal driving age in Egypt 18 years old has essential documents such as a passport, national driver's license, international driver's license, and proof of your insurance that will cover damages and costs if you get into an accident.

But if you're planning to stay in the country for longer than six months, you need to get and apply for an Egyptian driver's license, attend driving schools in Egypt, and take a driving test Egypt requires for foreigners who want support in their country.

Laws on Overtaking

Overtaking is one of the road rules that are not always regulated and strictly implemented in Egypt. There's also a lack of marked lanes in the country that If you leave a space between your car and the other vehicle, another vehicle will immediately overtake and occupy your space. Even if there are lanes, other drivers will force their way and move you out of the road so that they can overtake.

Always watch out for drivers who will, out of nowhere, will overtake even the traffic is heavy; if you're going to surpass, make sure there's no oncoming traffic, or you will put yourself and your passenger in danger.

Driving Side

Egypt's driving side is on the right-hand side of the road, just like most other countries do. The driving side in Egypt law is easy to follow and not confusing unless you are from the countries that drive on the road's left side and don't know Egypt's driving rules.

As the driving side in Egypt is on the right, remember that you must watch out and be mindful of the pedestrians that will suddenly cross the road, especially at night when more carts and locals are walking on the streets.

Isn't it fun to drive in Egypt safely and hassle-free? Don't forget to bring your national driver's license and an international driver's permit to Egypt. If you want to make a side trip, it is possible to drive from Egypt to Israel by crossing the border point on the North of Egypt at Taba, where you also need to drive on the right side of the road.

Driving Etiquette in Egypt

Unexpected situations can happen to you while you're driving in a foreign country, and driving in Egypt is not excused. It is essential to stay calm and have the proper driving etiquette when you find yourself in a particular situation. If you're not, you might sound and act rude to locals and the Egyptian authorities.

In avoiding these dire consequences, it is essential to know what to do in a particular situation that you may face as you drive in the country of Egypt. Besides knowing the traffic laws, road situations, and conditions, you need to know and possess the driving etiquette before going on your way on the Egyptian roads.

Car Breakdown

Even if your rental is well maintained and you follow the general driving standards in Egypt, such as checking the car condition, fuel, and more, there are situations that your car can break down on the Egyptian roads. A car breakdown in the middle of a foreign country is a hassle and stressful, but don't let the stress, panic, and frustration get into you. This will black out reasoning, where you can't think properly.

If your car breaks down in the middle of the road or is left stranded, you don't need to panic, for Egypt has lots of roadside assistance apps that you can download and reach to ask for help. Once you have contacted the roadside assistance to relay your concerns and location, you need to wait for them to get where your car breaks down. Knowing the emergency services number in Egypt is also vital in case things like this happen.

Police Stops

Police in Egypt will stop you for a few reasons. It is either a violation or for inspection purposes. If you're caught breaking the traffic law in Egypt, the police will give you a ticket. They will also ask for your identification card and a ticket to pay at the police station or online; the fee will depend on your violation.

If police stopped you in Egypt, you need to comply and stop your vehicle or turn your car to where the police ask you to pull over. If they asked for your important documents, especially your national driver's license and international driving license, kindly show them the documents.

When talking to police and Egyptian authorities, you need to be polite. Follow the instructions police will ask you to do, don't get into an argument, or else you'll get in trouble and spoil your trip instead of having a hassle-free drive in Egypt.

Asking Directions

It is common to ask for direction, especially if you're in a place that you are not used to driving. Using GPS or a good map on your way is pretty convenient, but if you're outside the city, you may encounter asking for directions because sometimes small places are not on the map. Locals, especially local taxi drivers, are willing to help travelers with directions; most of them do not speak English.

Learning a few Arabic words is a big help, especially when you're going to ask for directions. You'll relay a message that locals can understand; even most of the locals do not speak English, they will try their best to help you on your way. Here are some of the useful words:

  • Near – areeb
  • Far – Ba'eed
  • Left – Shimaal
  • Right – yimeen
  • Straight ahead – 'ala tool
  • Here – hina
  • There – Hinak
  • Where is – feyn
  • Feyn il-mataar? – the airport?
  • Feyn il-mustashfa? – the hospital?
  • Feyn funduk (name of the palace)? – (name of the place) hotel?
  • Feyn mat'am (name of the palace)? – (name of the place) restaurant?


If you're going to pass a checkpoint in Egypt, don't panic, for checkpoints are common in other countries. Aside from the traffic incidents, there are also terrorist happenings in Egypt, and there are checkpoints to ensure everyone's safety in the country.

When approaching a checkpoint, always be polite when talking to officers, follow their directions like pulling down the window of your car, inspecting your vehicle, and asking for documents. Always bring your national driver's licenses and your IDP at all times.

Suppose you don't have an IDP yet. In that case, you can apply at the international driver's association website instead of getting an international driving license from Egypt going to offices that release IDP. You can apply online; it is hassle-free. You need to pass the essential international driver's license in Egypt requirements, fill up the application form, wait for a few minutes, and voilà! You already have an IDP!

Other Tips

Aside from the driving situations discussed above that you might encounter while driving in Egypt, it's also better to know what to do in case of emergency and accidents. Witnessing and getting involved in a vehicular accident or trap in a dire situation is traumatizing and stressful. If you come across such inconvenience on your way, the information and instructions you need to follow are written below.

What Should I Do in Case of Running Out of Fuel?

The car rental companies in Egypt commonly provide a full tank before you rent their cars, but there will be a time that you need to refuel, especially if you're driving to further locations that are far from the cities. Running out of fuel is one is nothing you need to avoid aside from breaking the laws.

If you're driving to further locations away from the cities, you'll probably run out of fuel. When running out of fuel in a foreign country is frustrating as a car breaking down when you're not prepared and equipped enough. When you run out of power, you can use a roadside assistance app. Egypt has many of these apps to reach different kinds of road assistance that within a few taps and minutes of waiting for the service to contact you, your problem is done and solved.

To avoid running out of fuel on your trip, you should always check your tank now and then and immediately fuel when your tank is almost empty; in this way, your adventure is continuous and hassle-free.

What Should I Do in Case of Accidents?

If you get involved in a vehicular accident or witness an accident in Egypt, the best thing you should do is call the country's emergency services and wait for them to arrive where the accident happens. Here are the emergency service numbers you can reach in Egypt:

  • Emergency – 112
  • Tourist police – 126
  • Fire brigade – 180
  • Ambulance – 123

If there's a party needing medical attention, call an ambulance immediately.Follow the driving guidelines and the traffic laws mandated in Egypt to avoid accidents or get involved in a traffic incident. You need to rigorously follow the law to ensure your safety and make your travel to Egypt fun-filled and a memorable experience.

Driving Conditions in Egypt

Aside from knowing Egypt's driving rules and etiquette, travelers should also need to see the country's driving situation and road conditions. It could prepare you for the possible difficulties you may encounter once you drive on the Egyptian roads.

To ensure driving in Egypt safe and sound, you need to know the driving situations and conditions or not, considering that locals don't pay attention and follow the road rules. Taking an extra measure for safety will be your preparation and protection when you drive in Egypt.

Accident Statistics

Vehicle accidents are frequent in Egypt, that when talking about the safest roads, Egypt will not list even in the top 10. Based on the World Health Organization statistics, the traffic incidents in Egypt, there are about 12,000 lives lost every year. The majority of the deaths are passengers of four-wheel vehicles and pedestrians, with a significant proportion of the fatalities

Most of the road incidents were from poorly enforced driving laws over speeding, sudden U-turn and overtaking, drinking and driving, not wearing a seatbelt, and not wearing a helmet. Egypt is ranked as 98 for the most traffic incidents out of 183 countries in the world.

These traffic incidents are the reasons why you need to obey and rigorously follow the driving rules and, of course, take an extra preemptive measure to ensure your safety as you travel in Egypt.

Common Vehicles

When you travel to Egypt, you will see the country's streets and the road filled with different vehicles. Standard cars used in Egypt are a mix of brand new and second-hand cars, private cars, microbuses, and minibusses. These are commonly used vehicles in Egypt, often used as transport vehicles. Of course, there are trucks on the roads as well.

These are the vehicles you will encounter on the Egyptian roads as you drive in the countries where small vehicles like cars always give the right of way to larger vehicles like microbuses and trucks.

Toll Roads

There are over seven toll roads in Egypt; there are the roads that charge a fee for you to enter, drive, and cross one destination in Egypt to another. The first toll road is Cairo to Alexandria Desert Road, Cairo to Ismailia to Port Said Desert Road, Cairo to Ain Sukhna Desert Road, and Cairo to El Fayoum Desert Road.

Aside from the main toll roads, Egypt has a handful of other toll roads across the country. Egypt's remaining toll roads are Kaistep to Belbis Desert Road, the next one is Ahmed Hamdy Martyr Tunnel Crossing Suez Canal, and lastly, the route to Mubarak Peace Bridge Crossing Suez Canal. The fee for toll payments varies on which road you're going to pass, and the payment includes the basic toll fee, sales tax, accident insurance, and improvements.

Road Situation

The dangers when driving is what you need to look out for and avoid in Egypt because the country has one of the world's highest rates of road fatalities. Behind these fatalities were the traffic rules that are not strictly enforced and the local's rough way of driving that breaks every traffic rule to navigate Cairo or all over Egypt's hectic roads in general. Always take extra action on the roads of the busiest cities where you'll encounter chaotic traffic.

Egypt's intercity roads are all in good condition. Still, the roads' major issue is a lack of marked surfaces, pedestrians, stray animals, and vehicles that suddenly stop or overtake without warning. It is essential to pay attention while driving with the bikers, pedestrians, locals that break the law to ensure your safety. Gone are the days when Egypt has deplorable driving conditions.

Winter in Egypt brings rain and thunderstorms. The roads' driving condition is dangerous because it gets slippery, and there is flooding that can cause an accident. It can happen especially to tourists who are not familiar with driving to Egypt's road condition when raining.

Driving Culture

Some Egyptian drivers break traffic laws to navigate the roads as they please due to the lack and poor enforcement of the driving rules and regulations, so the country's number of traffic incidents keeps increasing.

The locals will suddenly overtake recklessly; they also suddenly take U-turn even in heavy traffic and don't follow the traffic light; they often break the traffic law. However, not all Egyptians are like that. There are also safe drivers that you can encounter on the road while you are driving to Egypt.

Foreign tourists might find it slightly daunting to navigate Egyptian roads. You don’t need to stress and question whether “Is driving in Egypt safe?” because the answer is yes. To prepare yourself to drive on Egyptian roads, you need to keep in mind all the driving situations and road conditions in Egypt. It will guarantee your safety and your passengers' safety as you start your travel and enjoy your adventure in Egypt to the fullest.

Other Tips

It's also best to know other essential information related to Egypt and its driving conditions, such as the metric unit used in speed limit signs. Read below to learn more details about other helpful tips when exploring Egypt.

Are They Using Kph or Mph?

Kph (kilometers per hour) and Mph (miles per hour) are the units used in the speed limit signage that depend on the country you're driving in, and they either use Kph or Mph. Egypt is one of the 81% of the world countries that used kilometers per hour (Kph) as the metric system for speed limit used on its road signs.

Countries from the US, UK, and its other dependencies might find the use of kilometers per hour (Kph) confusing, for they are part of the 9% of the world that used miles per hour or (Mph) on their country's speed limit road signs.

Follow the speed limit in the Kph metric measurement in Egypt and avoid getting in trouble with the authorities for overspeeding. You must be a cautious driver, always avoid getting a ticket from the police and paying fines, get in an argument with other traffic authorities, or worst, get involved in a traffic accident.

Things To Do in Egypt

Driving in Egypt is fun and unforgettable because of the scenic landscape view you'll see and, of course, the experience itself. Still, aside from being a tourist in the country, Egypt is a country that is open to opportunities, even to foreign nationals.

Suppose you're looking for a job such as driving jobs in Egypt or applying for residency and other Egypt opportunities. In that case, you need to consider getting the essential documents for your stay in the beautiful country of Egypt.

Drive as a Tourist

Yes, for travelers who love to drive a car to get around a foreign country and experience the adventure of going to Egypt, you need an IDP! If you are wondering, "do I need an international driver's license in Egypt?" the answer is always yes! An international driver's permit in Egypt is a requirement you need to have and use together with your national driver's license because this will allow you to drive on Egyptian roads.

Are you wondering how is driving in Egypt is different and exciting from your home country? Do you want to experience it, yet you don't have an IDP in that case? You can check for an international driver's license on the Egypt website, the International driver's association. You can get your own international driver's license in as fast as 20 minutes.

Work as a Driver

Foreigners can work in Egypt, even working as a driver or working as one of the driving instructors in Egypt, as long as you have a working permit to show the authorities and apply for the job. You should also know and study how is driving in Egypt is different from your home country to prepare yourself for the career since you're going to work as a driver in a foreign country.

Processing a working permit in Egypt sometimes takes a very long time. If you want to apply as a driver, you need to process the required working permit ahead of time. A working visa in Egypt is only valid for one full year that is renewable. You need to secure an Egyptian driver's license, too; your national driver's license will not be useful once you stay in Egypt for more than six months and want to apply as a driver.

You must get an Egyptian driver's license; you need to take a driving test in Egypt requires or the driving license test in Egypt equipped with all the essential driving rules in Egypt at driving schools in Egypt of your choice.

Work as a Travel Guide

Yes, you can work as a travel guide in Egypt; the same as applying for a driver or becoming a driving instructor in Egypt, you must get a working permit or a work visa to enter the country. To do so, you should already have a job where your employer can partake in your working permit's processing.

Working as a travel guide in Egypt is required to take pieces of training, a tough and not easy training. A travel guide needs not only to be knowledgeable about Egyptian destinations. You also have to manifest problem-solving skills for problems or incidents that might occur during the tour, but this training prepares you well on the job.

Apply for Residency

Yes, you can apply for a residency in Egypt. Foreigners are welcome to be residents in the country, but there are required documents and rules to follow when applying for residency. It would help if you got a residence permit that can be valid for up to 5 years.

Egypt also offers a residency visa to Americans who have purchased a property in the country, and the visa's validity will depend on the cost of the property. The visa's length can be for one year, three years, and five years, which is the best visa validity you can obtain in Egypt. If you want your residence permit to be valid for five years aside from purchasing a property, you need to be either one of these persons:

  • an investor;
  • a child of an Egyptian mother;
  • a spouse or widow of Egyptians;
  • a child whose father was granted Egyptian Citizenship;
  • and an American who are over 60 years old and has been living in Egypt for more than ten years

Other Things to Do

You can do more things if you're planning a long-term stay in Egypt. The country's beauty and solitary way of living can convince you to apply for work and choose to settle down in Egypt.

How Do I Convert My License in Egypt?

Converting your national driver's license is necessary to get a driving license in Egypt and one of the essential things you need to do when you plan for a long-term stay. To convert your national driver's license, you must be at least 18 years old, and you're even required to attend driving schools in Egypt. Passing the driving test in Egypt is also needed.

For driving in Egypt, you must bring along with you your national driver's permit together with an international driver's license that is valid for six months upon arrival to Egypt. The International Driver's Association IDP can be useful for one to three years; depending on how long you want your IDP to be valid, you either choose for one year only or prolong its validity for up to three years.

If you're going to stay in Egypt for more than the said validity period and still want to continue driving around Egypt, you can renew your IDP on the same website. And If you lost your IDP, you can ask for a free replacement service where your international driver's license in Egypt zip code and international driver's license in Egypt contact number from your lost IDP will be on your new IDP.

Are There Other Work Opportunities in Egypt?

Aside from the driving and tourist guide jobs, you can also find other work opportunities in Egypt. You can apply and work as a Language teacher, which is the most in-demand job for foreigners in Egypt.

The Top Destinations in Egypt

Egypt is known for its fascinating history and spectacular ancient monuments. A country blessed with natural attractions that attract and beckons travelers to come and discover its beauty. The country is considered one of Africa's top travel destinations and the world's oldest travel destination.

Hurghada-Egypt photo by  Mohamed Gehad


Hurghada is an incredible resort town and a top destination in Egypt where you can enjoy a scenic coastal road trip to reach its village. It is the most visited place in Egypt for tourists who want to enjoy idling on the beach or experience tons of water activities located at the Red Sea's edge.

The town has many attractions that lure travelers to visit Hurghada; some of these attractions are the Hurghada Marina, Mahmya Island, Careless reef, and more. It all adds to the beauty and the unique attribute of the city in Egypt and its tourism. A great destination to relax and chill away from the busy streets and large cities in Egypt.

Hurghada is a resort town blessed with an astounding view of its beaches, making it a famous Egypt destination. Due to its incredible marine life and corals of the Red Sea, travelers worldwide visit Hurghada.

Driving Directions:

  1. From Cairo International Airport, head to the northeast on Talaat Harb
  2. Merge onto Salah Salem St and continue following Nafak Al Orouba
  3. From Nafak Al Orouba, continue to follow Route 50M
  4. While on Route 50M, follow the road Hurgada - Al Ismaileya/Hurghada - Cairo/Route 65M
  5. From Hurgada - Al Ismaileya/Hurghada - Cairo/Route 65M head straight to a toll road
  6. As you pass the toll road, keep turning left
  7. Turn right onto Hurgada - Al Ismaileya, and enter roundabout
  8. Follow the roundabout as you reach Hurghada
  9. It takes 5 hours and 28 minutes to arrive Hurghada

Things to Do

Hurgada is Egypt's stunning resort town where you can take lots of adventures such as Hurgada's underwater activities and other events you can try aside from admiring the beauty of the immense Red Sea. Here are some of the exciting activities you can do on your visit:

  1. Idle and relax at Hurghada's beaches

    Hurghada is blessed with beautiful beaches, a perfect place to relax after a long day traveling around Egypt. If you want to rest and take a few days before exploring cities in Egypt, you can spend a day idling on the beaches and admire the beauty of the Red Sea.
  2. Experience scuba diving

    One of the activities you must do as you visit Hurghada is to experience scuba diving. Hurgada has many diving itineraries to choose from! You can pick to dive and explore at some specialized wreck areas, reefs, and you can also select a mix of both.
  3. Explore Hurghada

    Aside from checking out Hurghada's beautiful beaches, you can explore a lot more around the town. You can visit Hurghada Marina, try the desert jeep expedition, check out Hurghada's aquarium, and more.
  4. Enjoy a snorkeling adventure
    Aside from scuba diving, snorkeling is another activity that you can enjoy in Hurghada. If you want to take a dip and explore the ocean without wearing special equipment for more in-depth ocean exploration, snorkeling is best for you. It is an adventure where you can explore the Red Sea, discover beautiful reefs, and swim with diverse marine life.
  5. Join Hurghada excursions

    One of the best activities you can try in your stay in Hurghada is to join excursions. It is an activity for those who are not diving enthusiasts. Hurghada's popular excursion destination is Giftun Island. An island with exquisite beauty and the coral reefs surrounding the island can be accessed quickly, the best place for snorkeling galore.
Giza-Egypt photo by Jeremy Zero


The most recognized and top destination in Egypt is Giza, which is always on every traveler's itinerary when visiting Egypt. Giza's pyramids and ancient monuments have attracted and amazed millions of tourists worldwide because these astounding structures were built and remained intact and preserved for so many years.

The land of Giza is the right road trip destination to visit for as you drive, you do not only see spectacular pyramids, monuments, and delightful scenic views, but you're also like traveling back in the past.

Giza is a well-known and top tourist destination in Egypt. It became popular, especially for Giza's history-rich landmarks and location of the spectacular Giza Plateau. Giza is famous for being the home of the most known ancient monuments, Pyramids, and The Sphinx.

Driving Directions:

  1. From Cairo, head west to El Tahrir
  2. At El Tahrir, continue at Kasr Al Nile Bridge
  3. From Kasr Al Nile Bridge, follow route at Opera Square to National Center for Translation
  4. Continue at El-Galaa Bridge and follow the 3rd exit onto Charles de Gaulle
  5. From the 3rd exit onto Charles de Gaulle, continue to Mourad
  6. Turn right to Al Haram and left to Salah Salem
  7. From Salah Salem, take a slight turn on the right until you reach Giza
  8. It takes only 12 minutes to reach Giza from Cairo

Things to Do

With the immense number of structures of ancient monuments and Pyramids surrounding Giza, you can do so many memorable things and activities. Giza serves a beauty that feeds the eye and offers lots of family-friendly adventures to do and experience as you visit Egypt's famous tourist destination.

  1. Explore the vast Giza Plateau

    Exploring the Giza Plateau is one of the best plans for your travel to Egypt. It is the most famous necropolis that is also called the city of the dead. Giza Plateau is the home of the best attractions in Egypt, including the Giza Pyramids, the Solar Boat Museum, the Sphinx, and more.
  2. Tour by riding a camel

    Riding a camel while touring around the fascinating pyramids in Giza is an unforgettable experience that you should not miss. No prior experience is needed to travel the desert dunes, for they provide well-trained camels and tourist guides.
  3. Enjoy Giza light and sound show

    Another activity you can enjoy in Giza is the light and sound show directed and flashed on Giza's Great Pyramids. The best time to watch the show is around 7 pm from October to April and 7:30 pm from May to September.
  4. Explore Giza Pyramids and the Sphinx

    In your stay in Giza, exploring Giza Pyramids and the Sphinx will never be out of every traveler's itinerary. These monuments are the most celebrated and famous monuments not only in Egypt but around the world. You shouldn't miss the chance to check out these monuments!
  5. Join Tours and visit the Giza pyramids, Saqqara, and Memphis

    There are many itinerary tours to join in Giza. You can join tours that cover tours around the pyramid, Saqqara, and Memphis. These tours can be walking tours, sunset camel tours, and tours by driving a vehicle. The choice will depend on your preferences on which tour you want to join.
Alexandria -Egypt photo by  Flo P


Egypt's second-largest city, a leading seaport that has over 5 million populations, is Alexandria. A beautiful seaside town surrounded with a pale shade hue gives an ancient vibe to every tourist who comes and visits Alexandria as if you were walking in the past; if you're a history lover, the city is a perfect place to tour.

Driving Directions:

  1. From Cairo, head to southwest to Abd El-Qader Hamza/Cairo - Al Wosta toward Mohammed Mahmoud road
  2. Turn right to Kamal El Din Hussein St/Nile Corniche
  3. Continue following the Nile Corniche and turn right to Mnia Al Kmh - Cairo Rd
  4. From Mnia Al Kmh - Cairo Rd, continue following the road to Alexandria Agriculture Rd
  5. At Alexandria Agriculture Rd turn slight right on Kafr Al Zaiat - Berket Al Sabea
  6. Continue until you reach a toll road
  7. From the toll road, take the slope to Route 40M
  8. At Route 40M merge to Route 75M
  9. From 75M, follow the route and exit near Ahmed Ismail
  10. Turn right and enter Ahmed Zewail Square until reaching Alexandria
  11. It takes 3 hours and 51 minutes to reach Alexandria over a 213.5 km of drive

Things to Do

Alexandria is considered one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Not only for historical sights, but it is a seat of learning filled with adventurous activities as you drive and visit the most prosperous city of Egypt, Alexandria.

  1. Wander at the Montazah Gardens

    Visiting Alexandria would be vain and boring if you won't add Montazah Palace Gardens to your plans. It is a beautiful place from the city's heart, an ideal place to watch the Mediterranean sunset. You can troll and admire the beauty of the verdant lush of the well-maintained garden in Alexandria.
  2. Check the Bibliotheca Alexandrina

    If you're a historical enthusiast, checking out the Bibliotheca Alexandrina is perfect for you. A natural disaster ruined Alexander the Great build, but later on, reconstructed in a different location.
  3. Pay a visit to the Kom el-Dikka "Mound of Rubble."

    Kom el-Dikka, the "Mound of Rubble," is another best place to visit Alexandria for those who love history. You won't only check out this incredible Roman amphitheater but also learn its history with a joyful travel guide's stories.
  4. Visit Cleopatra's sunken palace and know its history

    On your stay in Alexandria, you can visit and dive at Cleopatra's sunken palace. You will see more than 8000 monumental pieces of Cleopatra's palace underwater. Your tour guide will provide facts and information about the place and check your diving equipment for your safety.
  5. Stroll around at the Catacombs of Kom el-Shuqqafa

    The catacombs of Kom el-Shuqqafa are recognized to be the largest known Roman burial site in Egypt. The catacombs consist of three types of tiers of chambers and tombs. It is cut into the bedrock with a depth of 35 meters. These catais one of the last significant constructions that Ancient Egypt has is dedicated to its religion.

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