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Top Destinations in Egypt

Egypt is a land filled with enthralling history, outstanding ancient monuments everywhere you go. Aside from the ancient monuments that most travelers are eager to visit in Egypt, the country is also blessed with natural wonders that add to the attractions and beckons travelers to discover their breathtaking beauty.


Hurghada is one of the top destinations and the most visited destinations in Egypt, for it is a resort town located on the edge of the Red Sea. When you reach the beautiful land of Hurghada, you'll be welcomed by the beautiful beaches and their warm waters perfect for tourists to take a dip and relax under the sun.

This top destination has many attractions, such as Hurghada Marina, Giftun Island, Careless reef, Mahmya Island, and more. A great place to unwind away from Egypt's busy city streets.

What is the best time to go?

The best time to visit Hurghada is between April to June and between September to November. Hurghada's temperature is warm around this time. It is bearable for bathing, taking an adventure, and exploring this top destination.

What is the worst time to go?

The worst time to visit Hurghada is July and August. It gets unpleasant and unbearably hot for travel, adventure, and exploration, not the best time to visit the region.

What Can You Do in Hurghada?

As Hurgada is a beautiful resort town, you can do many underwater activities and other activities aside from sunbathing and admiring the vast Red Sea. If you love to take an adventure in the beautiful place of Hurghada, here are some of the activities you can do on your visit:

What Makes Hurghada Famous?

Hurghada is famously known as the resort city of Egypt that is the home of many beaches that cater to tourists worldwide. The destination is famous for it is Egypt's most famous and oldest resort in the country. The offshore beauty of Hurghada and the spectacular corals and marine line of the Red Sea have taken the world's interest.

Can You Drive to Hurghada?

Yes, you can drive to Hurghada. You can easily reach via car from Cairo; you can also take an alternative route to Sharm El Sheikh and Dahab. Driving is the most convenient way to go to Hurghada than riding a bumpy bus ride for 6 hours.

When traveling to Hurghada, you need to ensure that you always bring your valid national driver's license and your IDP at all times. If you're wondering and asking yourself, "do I need an international driving permit in Egypt" the answer is yes. You can apply for an international driver's permit in Egypt online. There are several organizations that issue international driving permits. For fast and easy transactions, apply at the International Driver's Association.

You don't need to take an international driver's permit test; all you need is to pass all the written international driving permit requirements. International driving permit zip code, name, and motorist information are included on the license. You can still get an international driving permit anywhere you are because the International Driver's Association can cater to you online.

  • Scuba diving
  • City sightseeing
  • Quad bike riding
  • Snorkeling with the dolphins
  • Ride the banana boat adventure
  • Visit the Hurghada Grand Aquarium
  • Idle at the beach
  • boat excursions

Historical Significance

Hurghada is once a simple village in Egypt for many decades and was founded in the 20th century. Later on, it has grown into the Red Sea's major resort that attracts foreign investments in the 1980s. Today, Hurghada became one of Egypt's best tourist destinations that continuously attracts travelers worldwide.


Giza is the most recognized destination in Egypt and the world. The Giza Pyramids attract and impress visitors each year for how the kings Khafre, king Khufu, and king Mankaure have such huge spectacular pyramids constructed long ago.

What is the best time to go?

The best time to visit Giza's wonderful place and its tourist spots is from October to April. The temperature is pleasant and ideal for tours and exploration of Giza's top ancient monuments. The peak seasons are in December and January, where lots of tourists flock to Giza, but if you want to avoid the crowd, you skip visiting Giza during these months.

What is the worst time to go?

The worst time to travel to Giza is the summer period. The heat is unbearable and uncomfortable that you will not fully enjoy your trip because the heat will beat you up, but from June to September, it is less crowded, but the weather is sweltering.

What Can You Do in Giza?

With the number of Pyramids' immense structures in Giza and the Sphinx, you do many incredible things with your family and friends as you visit this top destination in Egypt for Giza offers family-friendly trips experiences that you'll enjoy.

What Makes Giza Famous?

Giza became widely known as the beautiful Giza Plateau location and the home of the most striking ancient monuments globally, including the Great Pyramid of Giza, the Great Sphinx, and other large temples pyramids as the old sacred structures and royal's mortuary.

Can You Drive to Giza?

Yes, you can drive to Giza Necropolis from the city of Cairo Giza. It is the best way to reach this top destination; it is better to self-drive than hiring a driver because scammers lead you to another way instead of getting you to the pyramid. Driving around the pyramids is also allowed, but if you want to have an adventure, you can ride a camel or horse to tour around the pyramids.

When self-driving in Giza, you need to bring your IDP all the time. If you're wondering, "do I need an international driver's license in Egypt?" the answer is yes, where it includes your international driver's permit Egypt contact number, international driver's license Egypt zip code. Your address, name, and other motorist information are also included on your permit.

Do you want to apply for an IDP? All you need is to comply with all the international driver's license requirements in Egypt from the International Driver's Association. It is one of the organizations that issue international driving licenses, where you don't need to take the international driver's license in Egypt test. You just need to submit your original license and photos.

  • Shop souvenirs
  • Ride camels or horses
  • See the Giza Plateau
  • Watch the pyramid light and sound show
  • Tour around the Giza Pyramids & Sphinx
  • Take a walking tour at the Giza Pyramids and The Sphinx
  • Join the Giza pyramids, Saqqara, and Memphis Day tour

Historical Significance

Giza's ancient monuments, such as the Pyramid of Giza, have an extreme historical significance to Egypt. The Pyramid of Giza and other ancient monuments found in Giza are from Egypt's old kingdom era. These monuments were constructed 4,500 years ago that still stand and preserves until today that tourists from all over the world are eager to see.

Sharm el Sheikh

Sharm El Sheikh is one of the most popular resort towns in Egypt, located at the Sinai Peninsula's southern tip. It is a blessed destination with a scenic and panoramic view of the vast deep blue water and great beaches to walk and idle around. Another goal in Egypt is to do underwater activities, such as discovering the Red Sea's underwater wonders and beauty.

What is the best time to go?

The best time for every tourist who wants to visit Sharm El Sheikh and its tourist attractions is during spring from March to May, ideal for sightseeing. Autumn season from September to November and winter from December to January to spend your time exploring and having an adventure at Sharm El Sheikh.

What is the worst time to go?

Summer is not the best time to go to Sharm El Sheikh because it is high and scorching. The average temperature rises around 37 °C and more. Summer lasts for three months, from June to August. You won't fully enjoy the sightseeing and explore in Sharm El Sheikh when the temperature is draining you, even at night where the weather is 30 °C.

What Can You Do in Sharm el Sheikh?

Sharm El Sheikh is one of Egypt's best destinations if you want to chill out and relax at the beach, appreciating the vast blue sea. In Sharm El Sheikh, you can do more than that, for it is filled with family-friendly activities and adventures to take. Here are some of the things you can do as you visit the Sharm El Sheikh:

What Makes Sharm el Sheikh Famous?

Sharm El Sheikh is famous because it is one of Egypt's best destinations to visit and explore. A natural wonder of Egypt and a break from exploring ancient pyramids, tombs, and temples of the country. Sharm El Sheikh is also one of the best diving sites globally, a reason tourists flock to the city and explore the Red Sea's wonders.

Can You Drive to Sharm el Sheikh?

Yes, you can drive to Sharm El Sheikh, but there are other means of transportation to reach Sharm El Sheikh. As you drive to Sharm El Sheikh, don't forget to bring your valid driver's license, IDP, and other essential documents. Are you still hesitating if you need IDP? Your driver's license is not valid if you use it alone. An IDP should be partnered with your valid driver's license.

You can get an international driving license in Egypt online on the IDP Egypt website, the International Driver's Association site. Fill up the registration form and pass the IDP Egypt requirements. The international driver's license in Egypt includes a valid IDP Egypt zip code, an IDP contact number, and your other motorist information.

You can get your application on the IDP Egypt portal or website. Once your international driving permit for Egypt got approved can be sent to your email, or you can ship your IDP to Egypt’s address or the address you put on your application form.

  • Relax and watch the sunset at Naama Bay
  • Visit the Ras Mohammed National Park
  • Explore and dive at the Thistlegorm Dive Site
  • Explore and dive Jolanda Reef Dive Site
  • Explore and dive at the Jackson Reef Dive Site
  • Swim, shop, and idle around the Shark's Bay
  • Go extreme at dive at the Blue Hole
  • Hike and join the day trip to Mt. Sinai
  • Day Trip to Saint Catherine's Monastery

Historical Significance

Sharm El Sheikh is an old fishing village of Israelis occupied from 1967 to 1982 that began to start building the town as a tourist destination for years. The development of Sharm El Sheikh continues after it is being returned to Egypt. Today Sharm El Sheikh is one of the most top destinations tourists add to their itinerary on their visit to Egypt.


Alexandria is the second-largest city and the known leading seaport in Egypt. it is a beautiful seaside city with over 5 million populations. The city's faded shade gives you an ancient vibe as if you are walking and living in the past. It is best for history lovers because of the city's excellent tourist spot.

What is the best time to go?

The best time to visit and explore the beauty and tourist attractions in Alexandria is spring between May to June and autumn between September to November; the weather and temperature are ideal for strolling Alexandria's ancient monuments and exploring the local tourists' spots.

What is the worst time to go?

The worst time to visit Alexandria is in the summer period. Aside from the busiest period, the weather is hot. You don't want to explore the city with sweat falling from your forehead, which you'll be uncomfortable visiting Alexandria's top tourist spots.

What Can You Do in Alexandria?

If you are a fan of ancient history, you will love to visit Alexandria; aside from the history lovers, Alexandria is not only for historical sights but also for you to have an adventure as you drive and visit every corner of the city. Here are some of the things you can do in Alexandria:

What Makes Alexandria Famous?

Alexandria is famous because it is the home of many favorite historic sites like Alexander the Great's library with more than 500,000 books and was destroyed by an earthquake and is rebuilt near the Library of Alexandria. It is founded by the infamous Alexander the Great and lorded by Queen Cleopatra.

Can You Drive to Alexandria?

Yes, you can drive to Alexandria. Driving is the most convenient and hassle-free travel to the city. Driving helps you reach one point to another, and you'll travel at your own pace. Since you're in a foreign country, you need to have a guide to your way such as GPS or map to get around, and of course, you need IDP.

To get an IDP, Egypt quarantine is not needed. You can apply online without going to establishments to acquire an international driver's license from Egypt. You don't need to take an exam for international driving licenses. You just need to upload your photos and a digital copy of your valid driver's license.

Your IDP includes your international driver's permit for Egypt number, name, and other motorist information. It can be shipped to your address, or you can download an international driver's permit for Egypt as a pdf and printable version.

  • Drive around Corniche
  • Visit the Bibliotheca Alexandrina
  • Explore Alexandria National Museum
  • Stroll and watch the sunset at the Fort Qaitbey
  • Visit the Kom el-Dikka "Mound of Rubble."
  • Check the Catacombs of Kom el-Shuqqafa
  • Stroll and Idle at the Montazah Gardens
  • Visit Cleopatra's palace

Historical Significance

Alexandria is founded by Alexander the Great, one of the most influential and famous people in history, not only in Egypt but also in the world. He founded Alexandria in 331 BC during the conquest of the Achaemenid Empire.

It is governed by the famous Cleopatra, the last active monarch of Egypt's the Ptolemaic Kingdom. Today the history of the city remains that lures tourists to come and explore its history and beauty.

Most Important Rules of Driving in Egypt

Driving to Egypt's top destination is fun and exciting. Still, before you jump into your car and get that engine started, you need to make sure that your visit to Egypt should be hassle-free by rigorously following the driving rules and regulations mandated by the Egyptian government like an Egyptian driver.

The imposed driving rules are often the same as the other countries; some also differ, and these laws do not excuse you. Here are some of the driving rules and regulations you need to strictly follow to guarantee your safety and your passengers' safety as you drive in Egypt.

Carry your driver's license and IDP at all times

One of the vital road rules for foreign travelers to follow is always bringing your valid driver's license and your International Driving Permit for Egypt. Other particular documents like insurance and registration documents are also essential to get at all times, for it is one of the requirements for travelers to drive, especially the IDP. Your International Driving Permit in Egypt will be your national driver's license translation.

You can get and apply for an international driver's license in Egypt online at the international driver's association's website. You need to comply with the international driver's license Egypt requirements and don't need to take any international driver's license Egypt test or international driver's license Egypt exam.

Your international driver's license in Egypt will include information like your international driver's permit Egypt number, international driver's permit Egypt address, international driver's license Egypt zip code, and personal info. Your motorist information is also included where international drivers permit Egypt to download or be downloaded or ship into your address.

Drunk driving is against the law

Drunk driving is prohibited in Egypt; the alcohol in your blood should not exceed the blood alcohol level of 0.05%. Avoid driving under the influence of alcohol to guarantee your safety and avoid getting caught breaking the law.

Don't drive at night and in Winter Rains

It is advisable to avoid driving at night in Egypt, for there are many pedestrian animals, carts, and locals waiting on the road. Avoid driving during winter in Egypt, for the winter brings heavy rains with thunderstorms where the roads can be too slippery and, at that time, there can be localized flooding.

Drive below the speed limit

If you're driving on Egypt's open roads or freeways, the average speed limit is 90 kilometers per hour. On the country's built-up areas, the speed limit is 60 kilometers per hour, when driving to Alexandria Desert road 100 is the average speed limit kilometers per hour, and on the Ayn Sukhna road, it is 120 kilometers per hour.

Use a seat belt when driving

Wearing a seatbelt is a must in Egypt; the driver and passengers must wear a seatbelt. If you're driving in Egypt with a child in tow, you need to use child seat restraint that most car rental companies offer to add car accessories that also add an extra fee. A child that is under the age of 7 is not allowed on the front seats.

Drive on the right side of the road

The road's right-hand side is Egypt's Driving side, just like most countries' driving side. Driving flow in Egypt is on the right side of the road, but travelers who came from the countries that drive on the left side of the road might find this confusing; you can first practice driving on the right side to familiarize yourself.

When you're driving on the right side of the road, you must watch out and be mindful of the pedestrians like people, carts, and stray animals that will suddenly cross the road, especially at night where there are more carts on the streets.

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