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Windward Islands Driving Guide

Windward Islands is a unique beautiful country. Explore all of it by driving when you get your International Driving Permit

2023-09-26 · 9 mins

An unmemorable trip to a country that you’re going to explore is something that we always look forward to when we visit a foreign nation. Often alluded to by tourism specialists as one of the most beautiful islands in the world, the Windward Islands of North America should be on your bucket list if your goal in life is to see paradise here on Earth. This country will not only leave you breathless but will certainly satisfy your craving for a magnificent island encounter.

To make your Windward Islands journey more exciting and less stressful, renting a car is highly advisable. Before you can operate a car, an International Driver’s Permit (IDP) is an important prerequisite for you to carry while driving on these islands’ roads. The permit will allow for a flexible schedule without the hassle of following a strict itinerary. Furthermore, with the IDP, driving spots that are somewhat inaccessible can be easily spotted.

How Can This Guide Help You?

Planning your trip will surely make your travel to a foreign nation smooth and stress-free. In this regard, you might want to consider researching details that can help you explore the country easily. This guide will offer some knowledge that will surely make your trip systematic. Information regarding the dos and don'ts when traveling, beautiful attractions, and driving rules are just some of the valuable knowledge that you can learn from reading this.

This driving guide will also provide pertinent information regarding driving in the Windward Islands now. Read further if you want to know the best strategies on how to explore the country with ease. Acquiring details from this reading material is one sure way to make your trip more exciting and a meaningful encounter.

General Information

Gathered under the roof of the Windward Islands are just some of the most wonderful islands that you can set your eyes upon. The islands are blessed with a perfect climate and a variety of costumes, culture, and cuisines that will leave everyone who visits them enamored and be craving for more. Also, the islands always welcome travelers from around the globe with a plethora of beautiful attractions.

Geographic Location

The Windward Islands are positioned at the eastern end of the Caribbean Sea. They are geographically located between longitudes 60० and 62० west and latitudes 12० and 16० north. They included from south to north the Grenadines; the English-speaking islands of Saint Vincent, Grenada, and Saint Lucia; and, the English-speaking island of Dominica. The islands of Tobago and Trinidad are recognized to constitute the southern end of the Windwards’ group.

Languages Spoken

A large proportion of the Windward Islands inhabitants are black with a small community of other mixtures that are dominated by the mulattoes. Their minority includes the East Indian and the whites. The official language of this nation is English, and a Frech patois is also spoken largely by a vast majority of its inhabitants. The population growth rate of the country is just slightly higher than in the Caribbean.

Land Area

The total land area of the Windward Islands is 3232.5 km2. The country’s geology is predominantly volcanic, with sulfuric vents, craters, and hot springs that are situated in the central ribs of the mountainous islands. One significantly destructive event in history happened here when Mount Pelee erupted on May 8, 1902. The eruption devastated the islands by killing 30,000 people and destroying resources that hit its economy to the lowest.


The history of the Caribbean as a whole can be dated as early as 4500 BC. The same can be said to the Windward Islands as the nation is also tied to the Caribbean. The Taino community was the first known inhabitants of the Caribbean, and they found to settle in the land during the aforementioned date. These people are known to be the relatives of the Arawak community, which are reported to be native people from the West Indies.

In the 15th Century, the first communication with the Taino and Arawak was done by Christopher Columbus. Afterward, the Carib people slowly became the dominant people in the region, and it was after these communities that the Caribbean Island group was named. The reason behind the gradual dominance of the Carib is due to their elusive nature that kept them safe from harm during the time of invasion by European settlers.

After the Caribbeans’ discovery by Columbus, European countries began claiming territories to create settlements and take advantage of the region’s resources. This tumultuous invasion consequently resulted in the death of many inhabitants of the Caribbean, especially by the introduction of diseases that were brought by the invaders to the non-immune populace of the region.


Although the Windward Islands are recognized to be autonomous from their stronger neighboring regions, they still share some common economic and political systems like that of the Westminster model. Moreover, the nation follows a parliamentary system of government with constitutional monarchies. Each island has a bicameral legislature consisting of a non-elective Senate and an elected House.

The majority of the House seats are under the supervision and leadership of the Prime Minister. The country’s gross domestic product is heavily influenced by the income brought upon by agriculture for many years. However, the case is not the same in some islands at present where tourism is now observed as the main contributing factor that affects the rise in the country’s gross domestic product.


As mentioned above, the country’s tourism is one of the factors that continually boost its economy. Cruise ship arrivals and all-inclusive hotels are the fastest and largest growing branches of the nation’s tourism sector. These segments also are very aggressive in terms of Increasing supply relationships with suppliers from western countries. Further, efforts to increase the supply of local produce to the tourism sector are continually being improved by the government to reduce its reliance on foreign nations.


Visiting a foreign country can be daunting if you're not prepared. Many travelers prioritize renting a car to make exploring easier. But before you drive in a different country, you need to check if you need an International Driver's Permit (IDP). In particular, an International Driving Permit in Windward Islands is a requirement for tourists wishing to drive there.

The IDP is as important as your driver’s license, allowing you to drive in various parts of the Windward Islands. Make the process easy by getting your IDP from the International Drivers Association (IDA). You can apply online and it only takes 2 days. Once you have your IDP, you're ready to drive from the airport and explore the beautiful Windward Islands.

Who Needs an IDP?

If you are a person who frequently travels abroad, then getting the IDP should be a must for you. It will allow you to go driving in different Windward Island locations. With the help of this document, your driver’s license can be interpreted into other languages, which is necessary for a foreign nation to know your capacity to drive on their roads. The Windward Islands require the acquisition of this permit when you decide to travel by car.

Aside from permitting you to drive in a foreign nation, the IDP can indirectly help you by making your trip more convenient and manageable. It is a useful document to carry as a tourist or as one who considers staying longer or permanently in a foreign country. When driving in the Windward Islands, a map should also be carried aside from your IDP and regular license to avoid the possibility of getting lost in its territories.

Is a Local Driver’s License Valid in the Windward Islands?

When you start driving in the Windward Islands, direct your attention to some important reminders to avoid getting into trouble with the local authorities. On this note, make sure to always remember that the IDP is just a supporting document and cannot stand alone without your driver’s license. Taking this into account, keep in mind that IDP is not a substitute for your driver’s license and the two would always be together when driving.

The IDP will allow you to go driving in Windward Island hotels and their many attractions. It will also give you the ability to still drive in the country should you decide to stay longer or permanently. While you are getting the nation’s native license, the IDP can let you go driving in Windward Island map spots until the permit expires and is no longer usable. Just make sure to get the country’s regular license before your IDP expires.

Do I Need an IDP in Cities and Districts of the Windward Islands?

Driving in Windward Island locations found on its map requires the acquisition of an IDP when you are a tourist. Aside from driving, the IDP will also allow you to work as a driver and be able to access a foreign country’s cities and districts. Before driving in the Westward Islands, try to get the zip code of the area you will enter to avoid being lost. As mentioned above, the IDP should be used as a substitute for your regular license.

The IDP and your driver’s license should always be together as the IDP is simply an interpretation of the latter. Bringing both documents should be applied as you start driving on the Windward Islands from the airport.

When Will I Use My IDP?

When you are operating a car on the roads of a foreign country, it is a fact that the IDP is a crucial document. Without this permit, you are not allowed to operate a vehicle as a tourist. One word of caution is to always carry the IDP with your driver’s license. Because of the IDP, local traffic enforcers of the country will gain the ability to understand the details written on your license to check if you are qualified to drive or not.

With the help of the IDP, your driver’s license can be translated into twelve languages, which is necessary if you will visit a country that does not understand your native tongue. When traffic enforcers see this document, they can rapidly assess your capacity to drive a vehicle. As such, when driving in the Windward Islands, relying on a map is important as a tourist but never forget to always carry your IDP.

Does an IDP Replace Your Native Driver’s License?

As repeatedly mentioned above, the IDP should not be used as a replacement for your regular driver’s license. The two documents go hand in hand and one is deemed useless without the other. You should also be mindful that the IDP has an expiration date, and once it expires, you cannot drive anymore in a foreign country. Should you start to go driving in the Windward Islands to visit resorts or any attraction, make sure to bring your IDP together with your license.

If you get your IDP from the International Drivers Association, you will be granted access to 200 other nations aside from the Windward Islands for you to drive on their roads. This will also give you the ability to enter country borders to visit neighboring nations. The permit will translate your driver’s license for the traffic enforcers to understand the details of your driver’s license. Hence, when driving in the Windward Islands, direct yourself to get your IDP from IDA.

Renting a Car in the Windward Islands

Planning before driving on the roads of a foreign nation is possibly the best strategy to ensure a smooth trip abroad. Should you decide to rent a car in the country you are about to visit, make sure to check the notable rental providers in the country before leasing one. Try to also check if the rental organization has other accommodations for you to make your driving more convenient. Read further to learn more about the Windward Islands car rental.

Car Rental Companies

Two of the most efficient methods of a car rental when visiting a foreign country are through visiting a car rental company in the country or by going online and leasing a car via the internet rental providers. Between the two renting a car from the internet can easily be done with a computer and internet access in the comfort of your own home. Further, online car rentals are now affordable and less effort needs to be exerted for you to lease a car.

Two of the most notable car rental organizations in the Windward Islands are Kayak and Orbitz. You can easily visit their webpage on the internet and find what cars are available for you to rent before driving. These companies have a community of staff that are very accommodating and will answer your queries when you correspond with them. Simply get the contact number or email address from their website to start questioning about the services that they can provide.

Documents Required

Always carrying your IDP is crucial if you want to avoid getting into trouble with the local authorities of a foreign nation. You should be prudent enough to always carry it with your regular license. As such, even thorough car rental companies do not check the presence of this permit, you should be cautious enough to bring it with you anywhere.

Not everyone is qualified to rent a car in the Windward Islands. You should prepare all of the needed requirements and be at the appropriate age as the islands have a driving age requirement. You will regularly be requested the following before you're qualified for vehicle rental:

  • An official Identity Card and valid passport
  • Payment of rental fees with a valid credit card
  • A valid driver’s (driving) license
  • A minimum age limit where the drivers should at least be 21 years old and above. Many agencies set an age limit for car rentals at ages 70 to 75 years old.

Vehicle Types

Getting a car that will fit your preference as a driver is crucial in determining your travel experience in a foreign country. In this regard, make sure to always check the available vehicles that you can lease from car rental companies. Make sure that you're comfortable with the car that you are going to rent because you do not want to compromise a wonderful journey as a tourist.

The aforementioned rental organizations have a slew of car options for you to choose from. The vehicles that you can rent from them range from sedans, vans, and even luxury cars for those who have a higher budget and want to splurge for their driving experience. Some companies even provide the service of a personal driver if you don't want to drive when exploring.

Age Requirements

The minimum age requirement for all the territories in the Windward Islands is 18 years old. If you are at this age, then you are eligible to drive and can apply for a driver’s license in the country. In the case of rental companies in the islands, some of them require their clients to be at least 21 years old before they are allowed for a car lease. Some companies even require an age requirement of 25 years old before they can lease their cars.

Car Rental Cost

To make the most out of your future travels abroad, renting a car is something that you should consider, especially if you are looking for comfort and convenience. Car rental cost in the Windward Islands is 27 USD per day on average. This price can of course change if you are going to avail extra accommodations that rental organizations provide to their customers such as asking for a driver.

Car Insurance Cost

Driving in a foreign nation can be intimidating for first-time travelers. Choosing a car rental organization that can provide insurance in their service package can offer a sense of security for foreign drivers. Many of these companies have services where insurance is inclusive in their fees and make sure to look for that before renting a car and driving.

Car Insurance Policy

Your travel insurance as a visiting foreigner will not cover potential theft and damage on your leased vehicle when driving in the Windward Islands. Fortunately, insurance services can be availed when you rent a car to drive on the islands. Two of the important insurances that you must get before renting a car are fire insurance and third-party liability services. To know the prices of these services, you can check on the website of the car rental company.

Road Rules in the Windward Islands

As a responsible driver, checking the laws and rules about driving of a foreign nation is imperative to ensure a safe and wonderful excursion inside a car. This will not only prevent local enforcers from calling you out but will also significantly decrease the chance of introducing yourself to harmful traffic-related accidents. To know more about the traffic rules of the Windward Islands, continue reading this driving guide.

Important Regulations

Carrying all the pertinent driving documents when driving in the Windward Islands is very important. In this light, make sure to always bring your driver’s license, IDP, and passport when driving on their roads. Your regular license and IDP are two inseparable documents and you cannot drive if you fail to bring one of them. Make sure to also check on the internet other prerequisites that you should bring when driving on the islands.

Besides important travel documents, make sure to also be mindful of the road rules and regulations of the island. Make sure that you are of legal driving age and you are not under the influence of anything that can compromise your driving and cause potential road-related accidents. Further, always follow and respect the traffic rules that are set by the country to avoid getting into trouble with the local authorities.


The Windward Islands have strict driving rules when it comes to drinking and driving. The country allows a blood alcohol limit of 80mg per ml of blood in the system of drivers. Severe punishments are imposed if you are caught going beyond the aforementioned limit. Although drinking and driving is not a criminal offense in the territories of the Windward Islands, the activity is highly discouraged as it can potentially cause traffic-related accidents.

Before Driving

Before you start your journey of driving in the Windward Islands try to be knowledgeable of the excellent driving standards that are expected from its drivers. What is allowed and restricted varies from one nation to the other, and it's essential to have an understanding of the thing you can and can’t do before taking the driver’s seat. It is necessary to know the driving principles in the country to guarantee safe driving in the islands.

Turning Signals at an Intersection

When you are driving in the Windward Islands, learning about its roads’ courtesy rules should be a priority to prevent confusion or possible road-related accidents. About this, you should remember that priority is given to cars who are entering intersections and roundabouts first. When you are at a traffic crossing, the right of way is given to the vehicle that is on the right side of the road


Upon arriving at your destination, leave your vehicle just on the allowable spots of the territory. Park your car in bright areas if the area is dim. Be aware of the nation’s parking rates, so you'll not get shocked with possible expenses. Remember always to lock the entryways of your vehicle and never leave your assets inside your vehicle.

Ensure You and Your Vehicle are in Good Condition Before Driving

As a responsible driver, you should always be in perfect condition to ensure a wonderful excursion in the country you are visiting. In this regard, make sure that you are well-rested, don’t have any alcohol in your system, and wear the appropriate gear to ensure your safety while driving. Make sure to also check important engine parts of your car for it to be in its best driving condition. Further, always have enough fuel in your car to avoid the hassle of taking trips to many fuel stations.

General Standards of Driving

When driving in the Windward Islands, always be respectful of its different driving rules to ensure your safety when operating a car. Try to remove or ignore anything that can distract you from your driving such as loud music or communicating through your phone. Do not answer calls or text and always focus your attention on the road. If it is an emergency, stop your car and park it in an allowable spot before you check your phone.

Make sure to always wear your safety belt and do not go beyond the road’s speed limit. When driving in the Windward Islands, having the zip code of the area you’re going to visit can help you easily navigate the area.

Speed Limits

Speed limits are being imposed on the roads of the Windward Islands. As a driving tourist, it is imperative to follow these speed caps to avoid possible accidents or getting into trouble with the traffic enforcers. Different speed limits can be observed at different territories of the islands and a driver should remember them before hitting the road. A speed cap of 50 kph is expected to be imposed in urban areas while 80 kph is the observed speed limit in rural areas.

Maintaining a lower speed than the aforementioned caps is perhaps the best way to prevent any form of traffic-related accidents while driving. You are always encouraged to bring your driving documents as a precautionary measure on the off chance that you’ll get into trouble. Drivers of the Caribbean, in general, are well-disciplined and they are very compliant with the traffic rules. Nevertheless, it is still crucial to be a defensive driver to ensure your safety.

Seatbelt Laws

Being secure on the roads of the Windward Islands while driving should be first and foremost. In this light, the region requires all drivers to always wear their seatbelts and the same rule applies to their passengers. Aside from wearing the safety belt, devices that are helpful in times of danger are required to be placed in the car. A medical bag, warning triangle, and fire extinguisher are some of the materials that are advised to be present in your vehicle.

Stricter rules are being applied to a car with a child or baby passenger. In this light, restriction seats are highly encouraged in the cars for children to be comfortably positioned. This is applied to all children between ages 3 and 11 years old. For infants, an appropriate security seat is required and the baby should be positioned in a manner where its head is facing the rear window of the vehicle.

Driving Directions

Easy navigation of the area you want to explore is something that tourist drivers are always aiming for when touring. This can easily be done by searching a map of the area you want to visit on the internet. Moreover, asking the locals of the nation is likewise an effective strategy to gain access to the spots that you want to explore. Further, asking the country’s transport vehicle drivers is another method to know about the area you are trying to be familiar with.

Traffic Road Signs

Traffic signs are usually scattered all over the roads of many nations. The purpose of these signs is to keep road travelers aware of the road rules and keep drivers safe. The Windward Islands share traffic signs that are similar to other countries. They also have some traffic signs that are exclusive to them and as preparation before your visit, it is wise to look for them online and understand what they mean.

Below is a list of road signs that you can encounter while driving in the Windward Islands. This guide also provided their meaning for you to know what to do when you encounter them:

  • Mandatory road signs - are not suggestions but are mainly used when required to carry out a specific task. They are sometimes called information or advisory signs, and they must be strictly followed and, as such, are possibly the most important road signs on the islands that you should know.
  • Prohibitory road signs - are generally used on all road types of the country. They are designed to restrict certain types of vehicles and certain maneuvers, such as setting speed limits or prohibiting u-turns.
  • Warning signs - are often red or yellow to advise drivers of possible danger. They are mainly designed to alert drivers of potential hazards ahead.
  • Information signs - are the most frequently used road signs in the islands and generally provide information about the road a traveler is driving on.
  • Priority Road Signs - are designed to clarify who has priority on the road or junction ahead.

Right of Way

As part of the Caribbean, the traffic rules present in the Windward Islands are similar to the rules present in the regions of America. As such when driving on the roads of the islands, people follow left-hand traffic whenever they operate a car. The same rule is applied to people who are walking or using bicycles when they are on the streets. When you arrive at pedestrians, intersections, or roundabouts, always show courtesy by allowing people or cars that arrive before you to cross.

Residents of the territories found in the Windward Islands are expected to be at least 18 years old before they are given the right to operate a car. In the case of car rental organizations, many are requiring their customers to be at least 21 years old before they are allowed to be leased a car. Some companies even want their clients to be 25 years of age and should possess a driver’s license for at least one year before they permit them to rent a car.

For a resident of the islands to be eligible for a driver’s license, the person should first learn how to operate a car and pass the theoretical and practical driving exam of the country. If you are a tourist who is trying to get the license of one of the islands, you can enroll in one of their driving schools or learn about their traffic conditions on the internet for you to pass these exams and know what to expect on their roads.

Laws on Overtaking

Overtaking is a driving activity that should be performed with caution to avoid being harmed while on the road. In most nations, there’s a set of traffic rules of strategies that drivers should be mindful of before overtaking. You can explore more about them by reading the following statements about overtaking.

  • It is disallowed to overtake at street humps, on twists, bottlenecks, at intersections, and passerby intersections
  • When driving, check the left and right lanes of the road before if overtaking
  • Overtaking in dreary zones where there is deficient visibility on the road is highly discouraged
  • Moving to another lane and overtaking at a bus stop is additionally restricted in the nation
  • It is critical to be alert when overtaking interurban and metropolitan territories. If possible, do so when turnpikes are available

Driving Side

As part of the Caribbean, traffic rules are pretty much the same in the Windward Islands as that in the regions in America. All islands of this region follow left-hand side traffic. As such, all vehicles of the islands have a driver seat that is positioned on the right side of the vehicle. This kind of vehicle can be confusing to those people who are used to driving on right-hand side traffic and therefore should practice the aforementioned vehicle first before driving on the roads of the Windward Islands.

Driving Etiquette in the Windward Islands

Following and respecting the road rules of a nation is something that will keep you safe when driving on foreign roads. As a responsible driver, you should also try to exercise caution and be defensive when it comes to driving. Many drivers on the islands are disciplined but that shouldn’t keep you from exercising caution when hitting their roads. You always have to remember that your safety is a top priority when you are driving.

Car Breakdown

Car-related accidents are activities that all drivers are trying to avoid on the road. However, when you are introduced to this type of situation, it is important to be mindful of some instructions that you have to demonstrate to prevent the problem from worsening. Firstly, try to keep calm and try to handle the situation prudently. A detailed list of things to do is below should you encounter this type of problem while in the Windward Islands.

  • Make your vehicle as noticeable as possible.

To do this, you can turn on your emergency lights to tell individuals that you are encountering a driving issue. When left in a protected and suitable spot, use obvious warning signals, such as notice lights, flares, or a caution triangle to alarm anybody of your vehicle's presence. It is more common sense to situate your notice device a long-distance away behind your car to get the consideration of drivers or nearby traffic enforcers.

  • Get off the street.

    Attempt to pull your vehicle away from the road with an alert. If you are trapped in rush hour gridlock, escape your vehicle and cautiously stroll to another area. If you are driving on a bustling road or your car is left on the shoulder, exit on the traveler side. Whether you own the car or not, lock it and leave a note containing your telephone number on the windshield if traffic enforcers stop by your car. Otherwise, if you are renting, try to contact your car rental supplier before leaving and resting in a protected spot.
  • Keep the entryways locked.

    If you are in a protected area where individuals can see you, attempt to stand by inside your vehicle. Never open your doors and keep your safety belt attached and attempt to contact somebody you know or your vehicle rental supplier.
  • Exercise alertness.

    It is necessary to be cautious and exercise decision-making ability before asking for help from outsiders. If you doubt nearby inhabitants who are attempting to help, remain inside the vehicle and lower your window enough, so they could hear your voice. If help is on the way, you can politely decline assistance from others and thank them.

Police Stops

It is sometimes unavoidable to be stopped by the local traffic enforcers of the nation you are visiting. This is normally experienced by tourists who drive on their roads and are unfamiliar with their traffic rules and regulations. When this kind of scenario happens, make sure to always stay calm and not be intimidated by the presence of the traffic enforcers. Remember that you have rights as a driver and make sure to exercise them responsibly.

In the event that you are stopped by traffic officers, turn your hazard lights on and park slowly in an allowable spot of the area. Wait for the authorities to state your traffic violation and prepare your travel documents in case they ask for them. Always be polite and do not be afraid to ask questions if you are confused about what is happening. Further, make sure to obey the instructions of the officers and expect the possible punishments that you will have to face.

Asking Directions

If you are a tourist who is visiting a foreign nation for the first time, it can be quite intimidating to explore the country in a car. The residents of the Windward Islands are fortunately very warm and accommodating to tourists. The locals are also capable of holding a conversation in English, which is a good way for English-speaking people to know more about them or easily ask about directions in case they are looking for a specific place in the region.


Although the Windward Islands are separated by bodies of water, due to the numerous territories present in this group of islands, you can expect to encounter a lot of checkpoints. This is especially true when you are trying to get from one island to another. The checkpoints are guarded by officers whose job is to check individuals who are trying to cross borders. In this regard, make sure to bring all important documents for them to check and know your purpose.

As a tourist and visiting individual, make sure to demonstrate proper decorum when you are being scrutinized by the local authorities. Immediately show them your documents when they ask for them and make sure to state your purpose. Try to also install a translation application on your phone if the country you are visiting doesn’t speak English. Further, let the officers check your vehicle when they ask for your consent.

Other Tips

Driving on the roads of foreign nations is not for everyone. However, your trip can be more manageable with the help of a car. To do this successfully, you can either ask locals or seek the help of the internet for information that can help you navigate the area that you are going to explore.

Is It Possible to Ask Locals for Directions?

When you are trying to navigate the area, try to ask locals for directions as they are the most reliable people to ask for such details. If you are in a foreign nation that doesn’t speak English, try to search for phrases that can help you communicate with them and for you to easily ask for directions.

Can You Navigate Through the Country Using the Internet?

Try to also research the area you are going to visit on the internet before you start driving. Maps are easy to discover on the internet and some websites even provide directions for you to follow so that you won’t get lost when exploring the area. Further, learn about the nation’s traffic conditions for you to know what to expect and not be shocked by what you are about to experience while driving.

Driving Conditions in the Windward Islands

Highway road conditions in the territories of the Windward Islands are always in good condition. The government spends a hefty budget on the maintenance of its roads to give its residents a comfortable driving experience. This is also one way for them to entice tourists who love exploring a nation using cars. The urban regions of these islands are where you can expect to see the best roads for driving.

The same cannot be said on the roads of rural areas in the Windward Islands. Many of these rural roads are in poor condition where most of them are unpaved, narrow, no traffic signs, and have a lot of blind spots that can cause serious accidents to drivers. It is also dangerous to drive at nighttime on these roads. There is usually poor light in these rural areas and potholes are difficult to see at night.

Accident Statistics

The rate of accident mortalities in the territories of the Caribbean has remained very high in the past few years. As reported by the Economic Commission of Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) and the World Health Organization, the recent road fatalities in the region have reached 15.9 deaths per 100000 population in the year 2013. In response to this, the ECLAC is trying to improve ways on how to promote road safety management in the regions.

Common Vehicles

The common vehicles that are present on the roads of the Windward Islands are usually in the form of sedans, vans, and even motorcycles. Sedans are utilized by the islands’ locals for both personal and sometimes business use. They are driven as taxis in the country for local transportation. Buses are also prominent in the country, especially in highly populated areas like cities.

Road Situation

As mentioned above, the road conditions in the Windward Islands vary from region to region. Expect that the islands’ best roads are located in the major cities. These roads are well-maintained by the governments as they are utilized by a large number of vehicles for transportation. On the other hand, the roads found in rural areas are not well-maintained. They often have potholes and traffic signs are limited in these areas.

Driving Culture

Drivers in the islands of the Caribbean are known to be very disciplined and respectful of traffic rules. Despite this, the islands still record very traffic-related death rates as reported by the World Health Organization. The high mortality rates are often attributed to the poor quality of cars in the islands, poor post-crash response, and low promotion of road safety management by the government.

Other Tips

Other important traffic-related details about driving in the Windward Islands are crucial should you want to ensure your safety on the islands’ roads. Speed units and limits are important details that you have to keep in mind before you start hitting the road. Read more about them with the information written below.

Kph to Display Speed Limits

Kilometers per hour are the unit of speed being used by vehicles of the Windward Islands. Speed limits are being imposed on the roads of the Windward Islands. Different speed limits can be observed at different territories of the islands and a driver should remember them before hitting the road. A speed cap of 50 kph is expected to be imposed in urban areas while 80 kph is the observed speed limit in rural areas.

Things To Do in the Windward islands

The beauty of the Windward Islands is truly a magnificent sight to behold. Many tourists who visit the islands are surely enamored by the attractions present in the region. Some are even enticed by the idea of living permanently in the islands due to their beauty. This guide will provide you with information on what you can do as a citizen of the islands. Also, it will provide important details about driving jobs that you can apply for.

Drive as a Tourist

As long as you are of the right age and possess all of the pertinent driving documents, then you can operate a vehicle in the Windward Islands. Your driver’s license and IDP are two important prerequisites for driving on the islands. Make sure to always bring your passport to avoid getting into trouble with the local traffic officers. You can get your IDP from IDA and in just two days, your permit is ready for you to use.

Work as a Driver

A business permit is a document that you should possess if you decide to be a driver in the Windward Islands. Besides, since your IDP has an expiration date, you are required to also apply for the country’s regular driver’s license for you to earn money as a driver. While the application for your new driver’s license is ongoing, you may continue to drive on the roads of the islands as long as you carry your IDP and native license.

Apply for Residency

Most of the territories in the Windward Islands are offering citizenship to foreign nationals of the islands via investment programs. Individuals who have lived in the nations of the Caribbean for five years straight can apply for citizenship and are also eligible to apply for the region’s passport. A residence permit is another legal document that you need to apply for if you want to become a resident of the islands.

The required documents for the island’s residence permit are the following:

  • Application form
  • Biometric photographs
  • Passport
  • Notarized copy of a travel document such as a passport
  • Evidence of Health Insurance

Other Things to Do

Should you decide to prolong your stay in any of the territories of the Windward Islands, remember that you can do plenty of other things during your stay. Due to its undeniable beauty, people often fall in love with the idea of staying on the islands.

Should You Convert Your Driver’s License in Windward Islands?

When you fully decide to stay in the Windward Islands, you should prioritize getting the nation’s driver’s license to continually drive a car on its roads. This is the most convenient process to still get behind the wheels of a car as your IDP will eventually expire. When you apply for the native driver’s license of the islands, make sure to bring your regular driver’s license, IDP, and passport. You must then pass the exam that accompanies the approval of your driver’s license.

The Top Destinations in the Windward Islands

There will be no shortage of attractions to explore in the numerous territories of the Windward Islands. Swimming on beaches, doing water sports, and enjoying the beautiful scenery of the islands are just some of the exciting activities that you could do once you step foot on its land. Driving in the Windward Islands, expect to see hotels and other establishments that will accommodate the need of visiting tourists. Below is a list of wonderful destinations and activities that you could do when you arrive at the islands.


Dominica is known for its diverse landscape that allows tourists to perform all sorts of activities. It is adorned with majestic geysers, calm lakes, wonderful volcanic peaks, and lush forests. The island itself is still recognized as a virgin island that is untouched by mass tourism, which has kept its beauty well-preserved for those who get the opportunity to visit it to enjoy.

Driving Directions:

  1. Head north toward Edward Oliver Leblanc Hwy/Goodwill Rd.
  2. Turn left onto Edward Oliver Leblanc Hwy/Goodwill Rd.
  3. Make a left turn to stay on Edward Oliver Leblanc Hwy/Goodwill Rd.
  4. Edward Oliver Leblanc Hwy/Goodwill Rd turns slightly right and becomes Ross Blvd.
  5. Ross Blvd turns right and becomes Michael Douglas Blvd.
  6. Keep right, and you will eventually arrive at your destination.

Things to Do

If you wish to make your stay in this area worthwhile, here’s a list of the most enjoyable activities to do in Dominica.

  • Hiking is the Island’s Lush Forests

Dominica is a perfect place for outdoor people who love to spend their leisure time trying to be one with nature. With a slew of forests to hike from, Domina will surely tickle the interests of tourists who love to seek a place to satisfy their cravings for nature.

  • Swim at the Magnificent Black Beaches of Pointe Baptiste

Pointe Baptiste is one of the most famous attractions of Dominica, and it is well-known for its beautiful black sand beaches, which is a perfect spot for you to swim or do water sports. The area also has the best hotels that you can visit on the island.

  • Diving and Coral Reef Viewing

Hiding in the crystal clear waters of Dominica’s black beaches are amazing coral reefs that house wonderful sea creatures for you to see. Tour guides and diving equipment can be rented for a reasonable price to perform this activity that is truly worth it.

St. Lucia

St. Lucia boasts one of the world’s most fascinating sea life. It is also a perfect diving spot to view some incredible coral reefs and other marine organisms. The island also houses one of the world’s best windsurfing spots, which is perfect for those who love to do some physical activities besides swimming. Driving in this part of the Windward Islands, you can also visit resorts that are considered the best in the Caribbean.

Driving Directions:

  1. From the Grand Calle Point, head northwest on Bridge St.
  2. Keep right and simply drive the street and within 11 minutes, you’ll arrive at your destination.

Things to Do

Fall in love with this amazing tourist spot by doing the recommended activities below.

  • Do Windsurfing

The island of St. Lucia is well-known for the windsurfing activity that it showcases to attract outgoing and adventurous tourists. Aside from windsurfing, other water sports activities like diving, motorboat, and beach volleyball are popular in the area.

  • Diving and Snorkeling

For a reasonable price, you can rent some snorkeling equipment on this island to see some of its amazing underwater life. The island is a famous diving spot to see populations of sea turtles and sharks.

  • Hiking and Ziplining

The island of St. Lucia is also famous for the lush forests that cover most of its terrain. Tourists go to these forests to enjoy some outdoor activities such as hiking and ziplining. This is a fun way for you to enjoy the island on land with your family and friends.


If you are on a quest for an exotic island that you want to fall in love with, Martinique is the ideal place for you. The island is adorned by green rainforests, the most wonderful beaches, and majestic volcanic peaks.

Driving Directions:

  1. Take A1 and Rocade to Route des Religieuses in Fort-de-France. Exit from Rocade.
  2. Continue on Route des Religieuses to your destination and you will arrive at your destination in 10 minutes.

Things to Do

Martinique has a lot of amazing activities to offer to people who want to make their Caribbean experience more enjoyable. Read below some of the popular things that you could do while in this amazing attraction.

  • Diving and Snorkeling

For a reasonable price, you can rent some snorkeling equipment on this island to see some of its amazing underwater life. If you want to view amazing animals and plant life under the sea, then Martinique is the place to be.

  • Enjoy Traditional Caribbean Cuisine

You cannot visit the Windward Islands without trying some of the traditional dishes that influenced major cuisines in the world. The island of Martinique has a lot of amazing restaurants for you to try some amazing Caribbean dishes.

  • Visit the Musee Departemental

An unusual attraction on the island is the Musee Departemental, which is a museum that showcases artifacts that show the island’s past before its discovery by Christopher Columbus.


The island of Grenada is often mistaken for a paradise as it is adorned by towering volcanic peaks, calm crater lakes, breathtaking beaches, green rainforests, and amazing mangrove plantations. With these many attractions to see on the wonderful island, it is not surprising that there are a lot of activities that tourists can do while exploring the area.

Driving Directions:

  1. Head northeast on Calivigny.
  2. Drive along Richmond Hill.
  3. Follow Lower Lucas Street to Old Fort Rd in Saint George's.
  4. Take Cemetery Hill to River Rd.
  5. Drive along Western Main Rd (Cherry Hill), Western Main Rd (Grand Mal), and Western Main Rd (Moliniere).

Things to Do

Grenada is known for the interesting activities that it can offer to its visitors. Listed below are some of them for you to read.

  • Visit Grand Etang National Park

The Grand Etang National Park is a perfect place for those who want to enjoy nature and remove their minds from the stress of work or city life. The park is like a forest where its visitors can do hiking and breath the fresh air surrounding the area.

  • . Swimming and Diving at its Breathtaking Beaches

Beach hopping is an activity that can be done on the island of Grenada. There are a lot of resorts to visit in this area, most of which have amazing white-sand beaches for you to swim in and perform different water sports.

  • Eat traditional Caribbean Cuisines

The island of Grenada is famous for its numerous spice plantations. As such, it is expected that the island has some great food to offer to tourists, which can be offered in its amazing restaurants that are found everywhere.

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

The islands of Saint Vincent and Grenadines are scattered across the sea. Many tourists visit these islands to stay on the world’s wonderful beaches. The islands are also places to try Caribbean food and visit beautiful botanical gardens that will leave a nature or plant lover breathless. The territory is a perfect spot to do island hopping with your family and friends.

Driving Directions:

  1. Drive from A1 and Rocade to Fort-de-France. Exit from Rocade.
  2. At the roundabout, take the 2nd exit onto the A1 ramp.
  3. Take Route de Balata to Domaine de Bellevue.

Visiting Nyanza-Lac offers not only fun activities but also beautiful attractions to see as a tourist. Here’s a list of things you can do while in the area.

  • Swim at the White-Sand Beaches of the Islands

Diving and swimming are just some of the fun activities that you could do while you explore Saint Vincent and Grenadines. Prepare to be amazed by the amazing underwater world when you go diving and snorkeling around the islands.

  • Visit the Islands’ Botanical Gardens

Saint Vincent and Grenadines are the few islands in the Caribbean that have botanical gardens for tourists to visit. When you are in the area, make sure to enter them and at the wonderful flora that you can set your eyes upon.

  • Enjoy the Accommodation in the Best Hotels and Restaurants of the Area

As a famous tourist spot in the Windward Islands, it is highly expected that Saint Vincent and Grenadines have some of the best hotels and restaurants in the Caribbeans. This is a way for you to relax and try some of the amazing cuisines the island has to offer.

The Windward Islands are often recognized for their beauty and the Caribbean encourages tourists to visit them due to their amazing history and culture. With the help of the IDP, driving around this country can be a piece of cake. You can undoubtedly secure this grant online with guidance from the International Drivers Association.

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