Driving Guide Samoa

Samoa Driving Guide

Samoa is a unique beautiful country. Explore all of it by driving when you get your International Driving Permit.

2023-04-09 · 9min read

Samoa is a new country surrounded by the breathtaking vast blue sea, exquisiteness of glistening coastline and natural beauty, fascinating culture, and a fantastic destination to spend your holiday. Aside from scenic views, the country is filled with adventure that you'll enjoy, want to experience, and look forward to when visiting Samoa.

It is a perfect getaway destination to chill and enjoy strolling beside the sea's glistening water and bath under the sun. Samoa is more than its beautiful beaches that attract tourists worldwide to come and visit the country's exciting heritage and tradition that will make your visit more unique and unforgettable.

How Can This Guide Help You?

Traveling to a foreign country without proper knowledge about its background like Samoa's history, customs, rules, and regulations, and other essential guidelines is a disaster waiting to happen. Before you ready your suitcase, passport, important documents, and other essentials, you need to be equipped with knowledge about the country you will travel to avoid disrespecting locals and ruining your dream vacation in Samoa.

To fill your mind with Samoa's vital information, you need a guideline. It is a great help in understanding all the essential information you need to know before your feet land at Samoa's wonderful land. This guide contains Samoa's current border status, requirements to travel in the country, and top tourist destinations you don't want to miss.

As for driving in Samoa, the guidelines also cover the driving rules and regulations, International Driver's License in Samoa, road situations and conditions, car rental information, the driving etiquette, and more valuable information's to learn from this guideline.

General Information

Samoa is a country located in the central South Pacific Ocean. According to a legend, the country is known as the "Cradle of Polynesia" Savai'i's island is believed to be Hawaiki, the home and Polynesians' home. Samoa is one of the beautiful countries blessed with spectacular beaches and natural wonders, earning the name of "The Jewel of the South Pacific."

Geographic Location

Samoa is a Polynesian group of volcanic islands located in the central part of the South Pacific Ocean. It is a country in the middle between Hawaii and New Zealand; Samoa consists of two main islands, Upolu and Savai'i, and its seven smaller atolls.

Languages Spoken

The national language in Samoa is Samoan. It is the commonly used language in Samoa, and English, widely spoken in the country. As your feet touch the land of Samoa, you will see signages from the airport and to the top tourist spots in the country; they use Samoan and English languages that make your travel more comfortable.

Land Area

Samoa is an archipelago of the Polynesian group of Islands located on the south of the equator, midway between Hawaii and New Zealand. The nation of Samoa is a part of the Polynesian region on the South Pacific Ocean.

The archipelago's combined land area is 2,831 km² that makes the country of Samoa somewhat more significant than the country of Luxembourg and slightly smaller than the state of Rohde Island.


It is about 1000 B.C., the first settlement on the Samoan islands where Polynesians possibly came from Tonga. The island of Samoa was later discovered and explored in the 18th century by the French and Dutch traders.

The conflicting interest of the countries U.S., Britain, and Germany at the end of the 19th century caused the creation of the 1899 treaty. The agreement stipulated and documented U.S. interest in the western islands of 171°W American Samoa today. On the other hand, Germany's rights on the other islands are Western Samoa or Samoa today.

In 1914 Western Samoa was seized by New Zealand from Germany, and it became a U.N. trust territory in 1946 by New Zealand. The islands attained their independence on Jan 1, 1962, because the resistance movement group is known as Mau "strongly held view" against German and New Zealand. In 1990, a referendum gave women the right to vote, and the nation's new constitutional amendment changed the country's name from Western Samoa to Samoa.


Samoa is a country that has a parliament government that handles Samoan traditions making it a parliamentary republic. The constitution of Samoa initially provided for a constitutional monarchy where there should be two coheads governing the state. When one of the leaders dies, the remaining will continue a sole monarch head for the nation.

Today, it is a parliamentary government whose power for governance is from the executive and legislative branches. The country's Legislative assembly now elects Samoa's head of the state or O le Ao o le Malo.

Samoa has a total population of 193,414 habitats. The count is equivalent to 0% of the world's entire population, and Samoa rank as number 188 in the list of the countries population count. The recorded population density on the island is 70 people per kilometer square.


In Samoa, tourism increases each year, where from 2017, the country's international tourism receipts have gained increases by 12.31% from 2016. There are over 146,000 numbers of international tourism arrivals in Samoa in 2017, wherein from 2017, the international tourism receipts in the country increased up to 14.55% in 2018.


Driving in Samoa is one of the best and memorable adventure experiences not to miss. Witness the fantastic road trip and scenic view because Samoa has it all, but before you're able to drive, you need to have all the required documents the country needed to let you drive on their delightful roads hassle-free. An International Driver's Permit is one of the essential documents you need to drive with inconvenience in Samoa.

Samoa is included in the countries that participate in the signing of the United Nations Convention (1949). It allows explorers from different countries to legally drive their country roads to obtain an International Driver's Permit (IDP). International Driver's Permit in Samoa and national driving permit are the documents you always need to bring when driving in Samoa.

Is a Local Driver’s License Valid in Samoa?

Yes, your local national driver's license is valid in Samoa as long as you accompanied it with an international driver's permit in Samoa. Otherwise, it will be invalid and unacceptable. An International Driving Permit is an essential document to always bring and use with your national driver's license when driving in Samoa and other countries that require an IDP's primary use.

Just like your driver's license, an international driver's license in Samoa cannot also be used solely, and it needs to be used hand in hand with your valid driver's license. Both documents were invalid and nothing if not used together; if you don't have an IDP, it is better to get one now and experience driving around Samoa.

Do I Need an IDP in Cities and Districts of Samoa?

Yes, if you're a traveler who loves to drive a car in a foreign country and wants to experience how delightful it is driving in Samoa today, you need an IDP! Samoa is one of the countries that signed the 1949 United Nations Convention that requires travelers that plan to drive on their roads. With an IDP, you'll get to experience driving in Samoa district and its cities.

You'll miss half of your life if you don't take the chance to experience driving around Samoa. But before you went ahead and planned to drive in the beautiful country of Samoa, you need to get an International Driver's Permit to turn your plan into an achieved goal. Don't miss the chance and apply for your IDP; it includes driving in Samoa zip code and your other motorist information at International Drivers Association!

Does an IDP Replace Your Native Driver’s License?

No, an International Driver's Permit in Samoa does not replace your national driver's license. Even if the IDP contains your name and motorist information, just like what is written on your national driver's permit, it is written in different languages. An IDP is a convenient document that translates your national driver's license as a helpful identification and assistance when driving in Samoa island.

The replacement of your national driver's license will only happen if you intend to stay in Samoa for a long time or when you're going to apply for residency. If that's the case, you need to change your national; driver's license to a driving license Samoa requires, the Samoan local driver's license.

Renting a Car in Samoa

Are you dreaming of driving in the Samoa district and reach the top tourist destinations in Samoa? Make that dream into dream come true by renting a car in Samoa. If it's your first time traveling in Samoa and renting a car outside your national country, you will find that renting a vehicle may be confusing.

Samoa's abundance of breathtaking stunning sceneries to feed the eyes capture every traveler's interest. Some public transportation can't reach some of these sceneries; the only way is to rent a car and self-drive.

To be confused and a little bit anxious about renting a car is given because you're in a foreign country. Renting a car in Samoa is easy; you need to know the essential information about renting a car. Some of this essential information is the renting requirements, the cars to rent, inclusions, etc.

Car Rental Companies

Samoa is a country that has an ample number of car rental companies to scan and select which one to sign a contract with and rent a car. Samoana Rental, Bleu Pacific, and Holiday Cars are the top Car rental companies in Samoa. You can rent a car in Samoa online in advance or on the spot once you have landed in Samoa's airport by using a car rental locator map, whatever you prefer.

Renting a car in advance and online is beneficial because you have enough time to compare a local company to another, select a company policy thoroughly, and rent costs that suit you and your budget the best. Booking in advance also saves you time, and you won't be looking for a car to rent or a car rental company on the spot and just that time to start exploring the country.

Documents Required

Renting a car in Samoa is easy and fast; after choosing the best car rental company to contract with, you need to give the required documents to rent a car. Most car rental companies in Samoa require an Identification card, a valid national driving license, and an International driver's license; there's no need to get a driving license in Samoa.

An international driver's license is an essential document you need to drive in Samoa and rent a car. You need to own an IDP to make your dream of taking driving in Samoa videos while driving in Apia Samoa and any part of the country to keep any memories.

Apply at the best and trusted website to get an IDP in Samoa and other countries, the International Drivers Association. All you need is to pass all the required documents and fill-up the form. In as fast as 20 minutes, your IDP is ready. Awesome!

Vehicle Types

There are many different cars that car rental companies offer to those who like to travel in Samoa via self-driving. The vehicle depends and varies from company to company; there are the economy, intermediate, SUV's, Compact SUV, and more. The standard car brands to rent are Hyundai, Subaru, Ford, Toyota, and Jeep Wrangler, the most rented car in Samoa.

There are many types of car to rent in Samoa that has different price range and policies applied. Choosing the right vehicle to rent is very important from the number of people it can accommodate to the mileage policy, the right vehicle type for short and long travel distances. The vehicle type will depend on your preferences to make your travel comfortable and rental deals that suit you.

Car Rental Cost

The car rental fee covers not only the type and brand of car you will rent in Samoa but also the deals, such as the vehicle's capacity, off-road assistance, and the fuel policy. On average, a rental car in Samoa costs $65 per day. The insurance policy is also included in the fee and rental agreement. All of this will depend on which car rental company you will choose.

The fuel policy is also included where the car is ready already full tank and prepared to drive on Samoan roads. The type of car you will rent, its capacity to hold a certain number of passengers, and the child restraint adds to the rental fee. The insurance most car rental companies apply on their vehicles and add to their policy is the theft protection waiver, collision damage waiver.

The fee coverage on the car rental free in Samoa will depend on the rental company you choose. You need to select the best car rental company in renting a car that offers the best cars to rent, the deal, and explain the rental car fee's coverage fee.

Age Requirements

The legal driving age in Samoa is at least 18 years, but the minimum age requirement to rent a car is you must be at least 25 years old. With a valid national driver's license held and used for over a year and an international driver's license on hand.

You can drive a rental car if you are at least 18 years old, but you need to have an older family member or a friend to deal with the car rental company in renting transactions. Still, some rental companies' age requirements might vary; this will depend on the car rental company you choose.

Car Insurance Cost

Choosing a car rental that provides insurance into their rental packages is a must; most of the agencies already included the car insurance in their fees, but some add an extra cost when availing insurance. The car rental cost varies from the type of car insurance they offer and how many insurances you will use.

Car Insurance Policy

Yes, insurance applies to renting a car in Samoa, and it is covered on the rental fee. It is used and offered by car rental companies to keep you covered and protected when you happen to get into an accident while driving in Samoa. Most car rental companies provide theft protection waiver insurance and collision damage waiver included on your rent bill.

If you want to make sure that you are all covered, you can also use your insurance covering rental cars. To travel to Samoa's top destination by driving a car is a beautiful experience; you are free to explore every corner of Samoa and travel at your pace, where you'll be able to explore the country on your own.

There are other means of transportation to explore Samoa, but renting a car is having the freedom to drive, which is a real treat in Samoa. Renting a car is the ideal and best means to travel and explore the beautiful country of Samoa.

Road Rules in Samoa

To drive in Samoa's road to reach the country's countless top destinations is an exciting adventure. Before you start to explore Samoa, you need to be aware and learn the Samoan government's implemented driving rules. These driving rules in Samoa are pretty similar to other countries' driving rules and easy to follow, but some laws may also differ.

Yes, driving in Samoa is thrilling because of the scenic drive and beautiful top destinations the country has, but you are not excepted to the driving rules in Samoa. To ensure your safety during your stay, you need to follow the road rules and avoid breaking them.

Important Regulations

In Samoa, they have implemented many driving rules and traffic laws, but as a traveler, what you need the most is the essential road rules you must know and rigorously follow for everyone's safety.

Here are some of the essential road rules and regulations you need to follow:

National Driver's License and IDP

One of the essential road rules for travelers is to always carry your national driver's license and IDP together with your registration documents and insurance documents at all times. It is one of the road rules you need to follow and remember when driving around the splendid country of Samoa.

Bringing your national driver's license alone will not be accepted and not valid for renting a car and driving in Samoa. It would be best if you stuck it together with your IDP at all times because your IDP will be your national driver's license translator when Samoan authorities ask you to present your documents.

Failure to follow this rule and commit to the driving rule of not showing or obtaining a valid drivers' license and IDP might make you face a criminal offense or other charges, for it is required in Samoa.


Driving under the influence and intoxication of and the effect of alcohol is prohibited. The allowable blood alcohol level in Samoa is 0.08%. Getting into an accident due to drinking and driving in Samoa will ruin your holiday trip and compromise your health and life and passenger's life.

Avoid drink and driving in Samoa at all costs to ensure your safety while you're driving in a foreign country and to avoid breaking the mandated laws of the Samoan government or, worst, get involved in an accident and get hurt.

Using a phone while driving

Using a mobile phone while driving in Apia Samoa or Samoa, in general, is not permitted; it is only allowed is using the phone hands-free. Using a phone while driving can get all of your attention on the phone instead and not the road. Following this rule will help you avoid getting into an accident.

You must avoid driving and using a phone at the same time to ensure your safety, your passenger, and the local's safety as well. It is terrific to drive, focusing your eyes on the roads, and appreciate Samoa's beauty.

Driving at night

Samoa is a pretty secluded area; you must avoid driving in Samoa at night because there's a lack of street lightings, especially in its rural location and coastline. Driving at night in Samoa is dangerous; there might be animals that might suddenly jump on the roads at night and bump into you, so be careful driving in Samoa at night.

General Standards of Driving

Observing and following the general standards of driving is essential to ensure your safety and everyone's safety, including the locals, once you hit and drive at the Samoan roads. General driving standards are a common procedure in every country. This standard is vital, especially to tourists who plan to take long driving distances in Samoa.

Before driving and heading straight into the roads, you need to check your car thoroughly and at all times. You need to confirm that the engine is working and in good condition. You need to have a spare tire, ensure that you have driving in Samoa map, adequate food and water, a full tank, extra gasoline, a first aid kit, and other essential documents to bring on your way.

Speed Limits

Over speeding is what you need to avoid when driving in Samoa; as a traveler, you're not expected to driving rules, and it is troublesome to break the rules. You need to ensure your safety to avoid getting into trouble or, worst, get into an accident and make your dream travel into a miserable none.

The average speed limit in Samoa's villages, towns, and Apia is 40 kilometers per hour (25 miles per hour). In motorways and open roads, the speed limit is 55 kilometers per hour. Outside Samboa Apian, the speed limit is at least 60 kilometers per hour. Strictly follow the restricted speed limit that the Samoan government has implemented.

Seatbelt Laws

To ensure the driver and the passenger's safety and to avoid getting into an accident. While enjoying the scenic road trip and taking driving in Samoa videos as your trip memorabilia's everyone needs to wear a seatbelt at all times while inside the vehicle.

There are no rules about requiring child restraints in Samoa when you're going to travel with a child and but the car rental companies offer these seat boosters from the car accessories you can get or add when renting a car, but it is included on your car rental fee.

Driving Directions

For the driving directions in Samoa, especially outside the city, it is advisable to use a map or GPS to help you navigate where to go. There are plenty of road signs in Samoa written in the Samoan language and have an English translation, but getting confused using a map is better.

It would be best to have a ready itinerary to know where you will go and what places to drive in. A planned trip with an itinerary can stud the driving directions to each spot in advance ahead of time. You can also ready yourself for the road infrastructure and situations you might encounter on your visit that will make your ride a hassle-free journey.

Traffic Road Signs

The traffic road signs in Samoa are pretty similar and the same as the other country's road signs, but some designated road signs may also differ. The road signs in Samoa are mostly written in pure Samoan language together with an in English translation in tow, which is very helpful to international travelers.

Samoa used regulatory signs, warning signs, and guidance signs on its roads. It's essential to be aware and follow each road sign to guarantee your safety while driving. Failing to do so can get you fined with an offense or, worse, get you involved in a tragic accident.

Regulatory signs include:

  • Stop sign
  • Give way sign
  • Speed limit sign
  • Turn Left sign
  • Turn Right sign
  • Keep Left sign
  • Keep Right sign
  • Roundabout sign
  • Yield sign
  • U-turn sign

Warning signs include:

  • Wrong-way sign
  • Slowdown sign
  • Pedestrian sign
  • Road work sign
  • Slippery road sign

Guidance Signs includes:

  • Distance sign

Right of Way

The right of way is the Samoan common courtesy whenever vehicles came across the streets, crossings, and the traffic light. If there are no oncoming vehicles at the red light, you can make a free left turn, but if there are oncoming vehicles, you must wait and let the oncoming traffic pass first, or else you may get into an accident that does not give the right of way.

Pedestrians also have the right of way, especially on the pedestrian lane in Samoa. Always be mindful when driving, especially on the right of way. Samoan's are well-mannered and very courteous people; they may let you take the right of way.

The minimum legal driving age in Samoa is 18 years old has essential documents such as a passport, a national driver's license used to handle for a year. Some were the international driver's license and had insurance covering damages and costs if you, unfortunately, got into an accident.

You need to apply and get the driving license Samoa requires if you plan to stay in the country for longer than 90 days. In converting your national driver's license to a Samoan license, you must attend driving school and take the driving test, but this only will happen if you're going to stay longer or get a residency in Samoa.

Laws on Overtaking

Overtaking is allowed in Samoa, providing no oncoming traffic from the other side of the road. In short, overtaking is permitted when it is safe to overtake. To avoid getting into an accident, you need to be mindful because an impulsive overtaking is dangerous; it can compromise your life and your passenger life at stake.

Driving Side

Driving in Samoa today is very different from the old driving side; in Samoa, in the old times, the driving side in Samoa is on the right-hand side of the road. Today as you enjoy and explore driving in Samoa district and other parts of the country's island, the driving side in Samoa is now on the left side of the road.

Traveler's from countries that drive on the right side of the road might find it confusing, but is easy to follow and get used to. You can practice driving on the left side before heading into the busy streets of Samoa and take long drives.

As you drive on the right side of the road in Samoa, you need to be mindful of your surroundings and drive with caution. There might be pedestrians that will suddenly cross or vehicles that overtake as you drive on the right side of the Samoan roads.

Driving Etiquette in Samoa

There are always unexpected situations on every travel that can occur while driving in a foreign country and driving in Samoa city or Samoa in general. It is essential to stay calm and know the appropriate driving etiquette when you found yourself stuck in a particular situation. If not, you might sound and act rude to the Samoan locals and authorities.

To avoid these dire situations on your travel, knowing what to do in a situation that you may face on your visit to the pristine country of Samoa. Besides knowing the traffic road rules, road situations, and conditions, you need to drive etiquette before hitting the Samoan roads.

Car Breakdown

If your car breaks down in the middle of a foreign country is stressful, frustrating, and a big hassle. It is a situation that rarely occurs in travels, but it does happen. When your car breaks down on your way, you need to be at ease because car rental companies in Samoa offer road assistance.

All you need to do is to contact your car rental company, follow their instructions, and wait for them to reach you at the place where your car breaks down. You can avoid this situation by following the general driving standards of checking your car's overall condition before you.

Police Stops

The police in Samoa will stop you if either you break the law or for inspection purposes only. If you are caught breaking the traffic law in Samoa, the police will ticket you. They might also ask you for your identification card and ask you to pay a fine for breaking a driving law at the police station or online; the amount of penalty depending on what rule you break.

Police may stop you or ask you to pullover in Samoa for an inspection, stop your vehicle. You may turn your car to where the police ask you to pull over and comply with what documents they will ask if they asked for your important documents, driving in Samoa zip code. Especially your national driver's license and international driving permit, courteously greet and show them the documents.

Don't drive away, don't disrespect, and get into an argument with Samoan's authorities when they ask you to pullover and while inspecting your documents. You'll get in trouble if you do so, your wonderful stay in Samoa will be ruined.

Asking Directions

Asking for directions is common, especially when you're in a foreign country, and in Samoa, locals are more than happy to assist you. Driving in Samoa map and GPS is convenient, but there will be places, small places, that are not yet included or found in a map or GPS. Thus, asking for directions is what you need to reach a particular destination.

Most of the Samoans do not speak in English, but some can understand and speak in English. Learning a few Samoan words will be pretty convenient on your stay and useful when you're going to ask for directions.

Here are some of the useful Samoan words:

  • Left - Agavale
  • Right - Taumatau
  • Straight Ahead – Fa'asa'o I Luma
  • Opposite – Fa'afeagai
  • Road - Auala
  • Distance - I Le Va


If you're going to pass a checkpoint in Samoa, don't panic, checkpoints are common in other countries. When you're going to pass a checkpoint, be polite and courteous to the authorities, follow their directions such as showing documents and inspecting your vehicle. Always bring your National Driver's Licenses and your IDP; it is the documents you need to show to the authorities.

Other Tips

If you witness an accident or, worsts, get involved in a vehicular accident in Samoa, a good thing you need to do is to call Samoa's emergency numbers and wait for them to arrive where the accident happens.

Here are the emergency service numbers you can reach in Samoa:

  • Emergency - 999
  • Police - 995
  • Ambulance - 996
  • Fire - 994

Follow the driving rules and guidelines mandated by the Samoan government to avoid accidents or get involved in a traffic incident. You need to be always mindful when driving and rigorously follow the law to ensure your safety and make your travel to Samoa fun-filled and a memorable experience.

Driving Conditions in Samoa

Besides being aware of Samoa's driving rules and etiquette, you should also need to see Samoa's driving situation and road conditions. It is a great help and could prepare you for the possible difficulties and challenges you may encounter once you drive on the Samoan roads.

To ensure that Samoa is safe, you need to know the driving situations and conditions because you already know what to do and what to expect as you drive in Samoa. If you're knowledgeable enough about the driving situations and needs, you'll be at peace because you know what to do when facing a particular circumstance on the roads.

Accident Statistics

According to the World Health Organization's latest published data in 2018, vehicle accidents are frequent in Samoa, reaching over 3.43% of deaths the road traffic accident fatalities in Samoa. The country is ranked as 91 for the most traffic incidents out of 183 countries in the world were per 100,000 population, the age-adjusted death is rate is 17.64%.

Most of the road incidents were from overspeeding, not wearing a seatbelt, overtaking, drinking and driving, and not wearing a helmet for motorbikes. These traffic incidents are the reasons why you need to rigorously obey and follow the driving rules and take an extra preemptive measure to ensure your safety and your passengers' safety when traveling in Samoa.

Common Vehicles

When you travel to Samoa, you will see the different kinds of right-hand-drive vehicles on the streets. The standard cars used in Samoa are a mix of second-hand and brand-new cars, motorbikes, bus, and trucks are also commonly used and seen vehicles in Samoa that is often used as a transport vehicle.

The standard car brands in Samoa were Mazda, Honda, Subaru, Ford ranger, and Mitsubishi. These are the vehicles you will encounter on the Samoan roads as you drive in the countries where you might also rent to drive in the spectacular nation of Samoa.

Toll Roads

Samoa does not have a toll road but main roads for circumnavigating and often narrow roads outside Samoa Cities. The government of Samoa is currently working for road rehabilitation in the country that gives more convenience and safe travel.

Road Situation

You may encounter road situations and conditions that are far as you travel by driving in Samoa. You may experience road situations and conditions that are far different from your home country. The hazards when driving are what you need to look out for and avoid in Samoa if you're not aware of its road situation and condition.

Here are the road situation and conditions you need to know before you drive on Samoan's roads:

  • The primary and urban roads in Apia Samoa are in good condition; the bumps and potholes on these roads are everyday
  • Apia's outside roads are narrow, relatively steep, and have poor lightings.
  • Locals and livestock are pedestrians that are regularly seen on the streets.
  • Some roads in Samoa are not in good condition
  • The roads in Samoa often cross small streams
  • Some streets in Samoa have poor lighting
  • It is dangerous to drive at night in Samoa
  • Most of the major road was tar-sealed, and the secondary roads were gravel and dirt.

Driving Culture

Yes, Samoans are safe and friendly drivers. You should keep an eye on and be cautious, for there are also reckless Samoan drivers that might catch you on guard. It would be best if you kept in mind all the driving situations and road conditions in Samoa. It will guarantee your safety and your passengers' safety as you travel and enjoy your fun adventure in Samoa to the fullest.

Other Tips

It's also essential to know other information related to Samoa's driving conditions, such as the used metric unit in speed limit signs. Read below to learn more details about other tips when driving in Samoa.

Are They Using Kph or Mph?

Kph (kilometers per hour) and Mph (miles per hour) are the units used by different countries in the speed limit signage they put on the roads. Depending on the country you're driving in, what speed limit they use, Kph or Mph. Samoa is not one of 81% of the world countries that used kilometers per hour (Mph) as the metric system for the speed limit on signage.

Samoa is one of the countries like the U.S., U.K., and other dependencies are part of the 9% in the world that uses miles per hour (Mph) into their speed limit road signs. If you're from one of these nations, you won't have difficulty reading the required speed limits on Samoan's roads.

Follow the speed limit in the Mph metric measurement in Samoa and avoid getting in trouble with the authorities for speed restrictions, breaking the traffic laws. You must be a cautious driver, always avoid getting a ticket from the police and get in an argument with other traffic authorities, or worst, get involved in a traffic incident.

Things To Do in Samoa

Driving in Samoa is lovely and unforgettable with the breathtaking scenic view you'll see and, of course, the experience itself. Besides being an eager traveler in Samoa, the country is open to opportunities even to foreign nationals.

If you're looking for a job, want to apply for residency and other great opportunities in Samoa, you must get and pass essential documents on your stay in the stunning country of Samoa.

Drive as a Tourist

Foreign tourists who are at least 18 years old and have a valid full national driver's license held for at least a year can apply for an International Driver's Permit in Samoa. An IDP is best used and owned by a traveler who plans to rent a car to self-drive on their travel and adventure driving in Samoa city, driving in Samoa island, or generally driving around Samoa.

In applying for an IDP, you don't need to attend the driving schools, get a driving license in Samoa, and visit IDP resealing offices where you can apply online at the International Driver's Association website. The transaction is fast, smooth, easy, and hassle-free. Wonderful, right?

Work as a Driver

Yes, you can work as a driver in Samoa by getting a Foreign Employee Employment Permit (F.E.E.P.) that is only valid for two years. It is the employed permit that will allow you to work in Samoa, and to work as a driver is also included.

Applying as a driver in Samoa requires you to attend driving school, take a driving examination, and, lastly, get a Samoan driving license. The driving school is necessary because you will be driving in a foreign country where some rules are different from your home country and familiarize the traffic laws and Samoa's road situations and conditions.

Work as a Travel Guide

Yes, you can work as a travel guide in Samoa. Foreigners are allowed to work in Samoa, same as applying as a driver, and you must get a working permit or more known as Foreign Employee Employment Permit (F.E.E.P.) in Samoa, to work as a tourist guide.

Working as a travel guide in Samoa is required to undergo training because a travel guide needs to be knowledgeable about Samoa destinations and their heritage. You also have to manifest fast problem-solving skills when problems or incidents arise during the tour, preparing you well on the job.

Apply for Residency

Yes, you can apply for residency in Samoa. Foreigners are welcome to be a resident in the country as long as you're not of Samoan descent and provided that you've resided in Samoa for more than five years.

There are required documents and rules to follow when a foreigner is applying for residency in Samoa. You may use for a citizen to Samoa's Minister to be registered as a lawful citizen of Samoa by the permanent residence. You may also apply for residency by marrying a Samoan citizen. The Minister may approve and registered you as a Samoa citizen via marriage to a Samoan citizen.

Other Things to Do

You can do more things if you're planning a long-term stay in Samoa. The country may not be as progressive and modern as other countries, but its beauty and solitude way of living can convince you to live and work in Samoa.

Do I Need to Convert My License in Samoa?

Foreigners planning to stay in the country for work and residency need to secure a driving license to drive in Samoa legally. Converting a license only happens when you work in the country and apply for residency. You must be at least 18 years old to get a driver's license in Samoa. In converting your national driver's license, you must go to a Samoa driving school and pass the driving examinations.

Are There Other Work Opportunities in Samoa?

Aside from the driving and tourist guide jobs, you can also find other work opportunities in Samoa. You can apply and work as a Marketing specialist, a computer engineer, English teacher, and administration staff in Samoa.

The Top Destinations in Samoa

Samoa is known for its fascinating coastline, spectacular beaches, and blessed natural beauty that attract and beckons travelers around the world to come and discover its beauty. The country is considered one of the best travel destinations on the Pacific Ocean and an excellent travel destination.


Apia is a small city and a Pacific paradise for locals and international travelers. It is one of the most visited destinations in Samoa for tourists who want to enjoy idling on the beach or experience the fascinating Samoan paradise life.

Aside from the beautiful beaches, Apia is rich in heritage and historical attractions. The beaches and other attractions got the travelers' attention; even the island is small but has a full pack of surprises readied to every visitor.

Apia is a beautiful destination in Samoa that is famous for its spectacular natural beauty and beautiful surroundings. Samoa's distinctive and unique culture adds more popularity to Apia. Apia's place is surrounded by excellent diving and snorkeling spots that are the most popular Samoa attractions.

Things to Do

Aside from admiring the Pacific Ocean's beauty and the island's historic attractions, you can do many things on your visit to Apia. Here are some of the exciting activities you can do on your visit:

  1. Relax and Idle at the beach

    Apia is Samoa's stunning Pacific resort where you can experience lots of underwater adventure activities and witness many beautiful sights to fill your eyes. In Apia, you can relax, idle, and stroll along its white sand beach. A perfect holiday gets away to enjoy and admire the ocean's beauty away from the busy streets of the city.
  2. Experience scuba diving and snorkeling

    Are you into underwater activities? In Apia, scuba diving and snorkeling is an activity you need to experience. You'll see lots of beautiful corals, underwater swim with turtles and other marine life under the sun. It is a great way to maximize your visit to the city of Apia.
  3. Visit historical places

    Apia is not only known for its beautiful beaches but also rich in Samoa's history. You can visit places like Cultural villages that will teach you the tradition they have been practicing for years. Another place to explore is the Immaculate Conception of Mary Cathedral, Baha'i House of Worship, and Apia Town Clock tower.
  4. Watch the fire dance performance

    You can witness the fire dancing performance by the locals on the beach to the beat of local Samoan music at night. You can watch the performance as you take your dinner or as you drink by the shore.
  5. Visit Samoa Cultural Village

    Visiting Samoa cultural villages is one of the best things you should not miss in your stay in Apia. You'll get to see Samoans traditions and culture that are reenacted or presented live from their crafting, food practices, worships, and other traditions.


Lotofaga is another top destination in Samoa, and it is also a destination blessed with vast natural wonders and beautiful beaches that travelers are eager to see. If you're a traveler you want to unwind and relax under the sun, Lotofaga is the best destination for you.

Love is in the air in Lotofaga because weddings, honeymoon, and reunions take place in this beautiful place in Samoa. Lotofaga is a getaway destination where you can discover many delightful natural wonders kept and look like a secret place. What makes Lotaga wonderful is that when you go to its top tourist spots, it feels like you own the area because it is not crowded, and you feel one with nature.

Lotofaga is famous for being the home with its vast natural wonders and waterfalls to explore. It also becomes famous for being the home of the infamous To Sua Ocean Trench. Lotofaga attracts tourists who want to discover different natural wonders. It is also renowned to travelers who wish to take a dip at beaches with a spectacular panoramic view of the South Pacific Ocean.

Things to Do

With the immense number of natural wonders surrounding Lotofaga, you can do many memorable things and exciting activities in your visit. Lotofaga serves beauty that feeds the eye and offers lots of family-friendly adventures to experience as you visit one of Samoa's famous tourist destinations.

  1. Explore the To Sua Ocean Trench

    To Sua Ocean trench is a word that means a Gian Swimming hole. It is the most popular destination for travelers who are staying in Lotofaga. The trench has over 30 meters deep, and it is only accessible by using a long ladder. As you explore, you can also take a dip in the To Sua Ocean trench and snap a wonderful photo of the trench.
  2. Unwind at Lotofaga’s beach resorts

    Lotofaga has many beach resorts to stay and spend your holiday with your family or friends. You can unwind at Sinalei Reef Resort & Spa, Coconuts Beach Club Resort and Spa, and Return to Paradise Resort. You can do many activities aside from unwinding on the beach, sunbathe stroll, swim, scuba dive, and other activities related to resorts.
  3. Check out Lotofaga’s waterfalls

    Lotofaga does not only have To-Sua Ocean trench but also stunning waterfalls. In Lotofaga village there are near waterfalls called Sopoaga waterfalls where you can have a picnic and watch Samoan traditional demonstrations. Fuipisia Falls is another waterfall in Lotofaga. It has a height of 55 meters where swimming at the top of the falls is allowed but needs to exercise extra safety measures.
  4. Check out the coastal lava cliff walk

    You can take a side trip via car to the coastal lava walk cliff in Upolu. It is a 3.5 km drive to the coastal lava walk, but the ride is worth it once you reach the destination. Please wear good footwear, so you won't slip on the dried lava's and bring an extra shirt because the seawater's spray might get you wet on your adventure.
  5. Watch Lotofaga’s cultural performance

    You'll get an up-close look at the Samoan tradition through their live cultural performances. The locals sing a traditional song, dance to the traditional Samoan beat that is fascinating. Samoan's cultural performances are one of the highlights of your travel to Lotofaga.


The largest island in Samoa is Savai'i, a pleasant destination to experience the scenic drive, discover natural wonders, and sightsee teeming birdlife. Experience why Savai'i is referred to as the island that offers the "real Samoa" where the locals enjoy the traditional and laidback way of life beside the beautiful glistening Pacific Ocean and under the blazing sun.

Savai'i is famous for its underwater volcanic activity, keeping many natural wonders, and the best destination for Scuba diving in Samoa. The reef takes every traveler around the world to discover and experience the incredible travel adventure in Savai'i.

Things to Do

With Savai'i's beautiful tourist spots, interesting tradition, and real Samoa life, travelers worldwide want to experience on their visit to Samoa. But there's more to the beauty Savai'i holds, and that are the adventures you can take. Here are some of the activities you can do on your Savai'i adventure trip:

  1. Visit Alofaaga Blowholes

    Visiting Alofaaga blowholes is an activity you should add to your Savai'i itinerary plan. You'll get to see locals throwing coconuts to the holes and watch the coconut get blown and blasted up in the air. You can also make a side trip to Pa Sapo'ia Cave as you visit the Alofaaga blowholes. The cave is believed to be an ancient pathway where Samoan's ancestor's spirit travel to reach Devil's Haden located at the Cape Mulinu'u.
  2. Take underwater activities

    Savai'i is not just the biggest island in the nation, but it is also an island that has different underwater activities to try. If you're into outdoor activities related to the sea, then you should try diving and snorkeling in Savai'i. There are varieties of marine life that will greet you as you dive into the ocean; this could be the turtles, manta rays, colorful reefs, and other marine life to see.
  3. Idle at Savai’I beaches and resorts

    If you're not up to do any outdoor activities or any activities and want to idle by the beach, you can do that in Savai'i. You can sunbathe, enjoy the fantastic view of the vast South Pacific Ocean, you can take a dip, drink cocktails or juice, and stroll along the coast.
  4. Explore the Paia Dwarfs Cave

    Paia Dwarfs Cave is one of Savai'i's exciting tourist spots to explore. The cave is believed that there are dwarfs that still inhabit the said cave. On tour, the tourist guide will tell you the urban legend about the cave. It would be best if you prepared before you head into the cave; it is advisable to wear good shoes, bring water and a torch to see Paia Dwarfs cave's insides.
  5. Join Cultural and theme tours

    Joining cultural and theme tours in Savai'i is a delightful experience. You'll get to know more about the culture and tradition but locals living in Savai'i Island and show you the real Samoa life. On tour, the locals serve a Savai'i food to demonstrate how it is prepared and cooked.

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