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It translates your identification information into 12 languages — so it speaks the language even if you don’t. Botswana highly recommends an International Driving Permit.

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Top Destinations in Botswana

It is a sovereign state that earns recognition as one of the safest and most stable nations in the African region. The country is a famous spot for legendary wildlife adventures, safari discoveries, and even game reserves. Taking a wanderlust voyage in this nation would be great if you choose to drive with a rental car. The ultimate freedom to touch every single gem around is the best thing ever.

For a reliable application site, check out the International Driver’s Association official page. It has detailed information and a guide on how to process an IDP.

Kgale Hill

Despite having a smooth surface, the country is fortunate enough to have fantasizing nature gems. This hill is a popular destination for hardcore rock climbers, passionate joggers, and even a picnic grove for families. It proudly boasts stellar panoramic landscapes, including the central business parks like Commerce Park, Finance Park, and the Game City shopping center.

It is perfect for a summit trip on the hill during warmer seasons. The skies are all clear, and the routes are passable. Do not forget to bring any maps and download any GPS applications for better navigation on the trails.

Wilderness Encounter

Some of the animals that are mostly running around are a group of baboons and monkeys. There are instances that both groups are merely doing a random stroll on the hill.

Driving Directions:

  • Begin driving through Nelson Mandela Dr and New Lobatse Rd towards A1 highway.
  • Upon approaching the roundabout zone, proceed to the second exit leading to A1.
  • Continue traversing the A1 until reaching the last corner to turn left.

Better ready your complete travel requirements, including the International Driver’s License in Botswana, original domestic driver’s card, valid passport, and rental car registration documents. Bringing this at all times on the highway can lessen the hassle of rumbling on your bag.

Mokolodi Nature Reserve

The creation of the reserve was in 1994, serving as one of the country’s non-profit charity organizations. Aside from being a natural home of animals, there are also exotic plants around the reserve. Those natural treasures are on the list of endangered jewels of the planet.

Though any time of year is practically acceptable, considering the weather condition in the nature reserve, it is best if visitors head during clear periods. Attempting to go from October to April can be challenging as the precipitation percentage is relatively high.

The Charity Works of the Mokolodi Environmental Education Program

Among their inspiring works is the Mokolodi Environmental Education Program. The program’s objective is to make children head to school for proper education. On the last run of the program, the reserve takes over 9,000 school children in a year.

Because of this, the site exceptionally offers its visitors some engaging recreational activities, like rhino tracking, impressive game drivers, and campsite accommodation in a chalet.

Driving Directions:

  • Start the driving trip by heading northeast of Steenbok Cl towards Vervet Rd.
  • When arriving at the Vervet Rd, make a left turn.
  • In Setlhong/Noko, turn right to reach A1 road.
  • Upon approaching Nelson Mandela Dr/Molepole Rd, make a right turn.
  • In New/Lobatse Rd, turn left.
  • At the roundabout section, hit the second exit to access A1.
  • Follow the signs until the first cross street at Leselesele Rd.

It has precise details about acquiring an International Driver’s Permit in Botswana online. You can download the digital copy of your international driver’s permit in Botswana once you receive it from your email.

The Three ‘Dikgosi’ or Chiefs Monument

The legendary statues come from the hands of North Korea. Its official launch to the public is back in 2005, the 39th year of Botswana’s independence. Those chief’s epic names are Chief Khama III of Bangwato, Chief Sebele I of the Bakwena, and Chief Bathoen I of the Bangwaketse.

Back in the 1800s, the African sovereign state struggled under the British industrialist’s horrific threat, named Cecil Rhodes. With this, the three chiefs head to Britain and humbly request security from the Queen. History enthusiasts must schedule their visit on any day of the week except Mondays.

A Track on the Past

Luckily, they successfully grab protection from Britain leading to Botswana’s freedom from suffering under the force domination of Cecil Rhodes.

Driving Directions:

  • Take the Noko highway towards Nelson Mandela Dr.
  • Continue passing through Nelson Mandela Dr before turning right to Willie Seboni and making a left at New Lobatse Road.
  • Follow the signs leading to the 4th Commercial street until you reach the monument zone.

You can apply for an international driver’s permit for Botswana online. You only need to submit the international driver’s permit for Botswana requirements and set a schedule to get an international driver’s permit schedule. You can check the International Driver’s Association website for an international driver’s permit in Botswana update.

Gaborone Game Reserve

It is only a 5-square-kilometer land, which is strange as this kind of paradise is typically found in the middle of the wild. This game reserve site is a fantastic habitat of the African state’s spectacular species, including impala, warthog, zebra, gemsbok, eland, kudu, steenbok, vervet monkeys, red hartebeest, and blue wildebeest. Another mesmerizing highlight of this haven is the impressive group of birds.

It is generally the ideal time to meet the animals around the wild. For those who want to try viewing the game reserve from November to March, there might be muddy roads, and lodging at the campsites is not possible.

Driving Directions:

  • Begin passing through the Noko, heading to Nelson Mandela Dr.
  • Upon arriving at Nelson Mandela Dr, make a right turn before hitting a left turn towards Broadhurst Dr.
  • At the roundabout section, proceed to the third exit leading to Metsemasewa.
  • In the Game Reserve Rd, turn right.

You can also check for international driver’s permit in Botswana update there. When applying for an international driver’s license, provide your address and zip code. Your international driver's license for Botswana contact number must be on the card. There’s no need to secure a schedule for an international driver’s permit for Botswana.

Tachila Nature Reserve

Tachila Nature Reserve is a paradise covering 8,000 hectares. It is a majestic spot for tourists who are taking self-driving adventures. The term ‘Tachila’ is from the Kalanga language, which means ‘savior of all living things.’ Talking about wildlife encounters, visitors may have the moment to catch warthog, impala, leopard, bushbuck, hyena, steenbok, kudu, and klipspringer.

They also need to consider saving a date in August as the climate is engaging during that period.

Innovation at the Reserve

Part of the proposal is building splendid lodging areas, campsite grounds, an extravagant conference hub, and a fancy restaurant inside the wild. The site also aims to transform it into a real eco-friendly haven. They are crafting ideas to establish environmental and historic crosswalks, workshops, and exciting game drives for recreational activities.

Driving Directions:

  • If coming from the central city, Francistown, head to the north section of Feitelberg St. heading to Francis Ave.
  • In Francis Ave, turn right at the first cross street.
  • Another right turn on the second cross street when approaching Rutherford St.
  • When arriving in Guy St., make a left turn. In Ntshe St, turn right before following the route toward Bolpuso Rd.
  • Turn right when reaching the Philip Matante Dr, then make a left towards Marang Rd.
  • Continue driving through Marang Rd.

You can still apply for an IDP from the International Driver’s Association website if you haven’t secured one before your flight. You need to provide your address and contact number to get an international driver's license in Botswana. Get your international driver’s permit for Botswana today!

Supa Ngwao Museum

It gorgeously rests on the New Maun Road of Francisco City. The museum highlights its classic display of Kalanga’s unique culture and history, including its early times. In addition to the mesmerizing masterpieces inside, you’ll also find an incredible collection of crafts like musical instruments, pottery, and wood carvings.

Do also consider traveling around August onwards. It’s the most temperate weather in the city.

Driving Directions:

  • If driving from the Francistown International Airport, take a left turn before shifting slightly to Gemmel Dr/A3.
  • Upon approaching Gemmel Dr/A3, turn right to reach New Bridge Rd.
  • In New Bridge Rd, make a left turn before taking the u-turn slot.

An IDP is often known as an English translation of the International Driver’s License of non-residents of Botswana.

Domboshaba Hill and Ruins

Alongside it is the ruins that draw a lot of eyes from the tourists. With the extraordinary stonework, the unusual architectural style of the Banyai-Bakalanga Empire, and the epic civilization that resembles the Khami Ruins near the Bulawayo in Zimbabwe, Domboshaba ruins are living proof of the past's breathtaking traces.

Observing its meticulous designs, one will think that it’s an undefeatable masterpiece of a man. The ideal time of wanderlust on this site is from May to September. Dry periods are incredibly lovely to check out this place.

Driving Directions:

  • From the Francistown city, head to the north of Feitelberg St towards Francis Ave.
  • Make a right turn at the first cross street leading to Francis Ave.
  • At the second cross street, turn to the left, heading to Rutherford St.
  • When arriving at Guy St., turn left, then continue driving until New Bridge Rd.
  • After the New Bridge Rd, pass through the right to head straight in Gemmel Dr/A3.
  • Follow the markings around A3 before making two right turns until Domboshaba.

You can also check for an international driver's license for Botswana update on the website. In case of loss, contact the customer service of IDA and provide your name and international driver’s license for Botswana number. You must also provide the zip code of your location for the shipment of your new international driver’s license.

Most Important Driving Rules

However, they should know the most significant driving rules implemented in their chosen place. Just like in Botswana, all drivers should strictly comply with the law. Exemptions are impossible. But, before doing so, one must obtain an English International Driver’s License in Botswana.

Visit the International Driver’s Association page, then look for the link directing to the application website of an International Driver’s License in Botswana.

Never Drive Without a Driving License and an International Driver’s Permit

Without it, an individual does not have the right to operate a four-wheel vehicle. Having a road trip to any international country, tourists should have the two most vital requirements. Failure to comply with the regulation, severe fines, and charges are waving for negligent drivers.

However, if not, completing the requirements for an International Driver’s License in Botswana is necessary. Everyone can grab an International Driver’s License or Permit for Botswana online, as long as they are at the legal age to drive.

Zero Tolerance in Drink Driving

The legal BAC level in this African country is 0.08% per a hundred milligrams of blood. Exceeding the limit has a higher possibility of settling a sanction or even spending the day in prison.

Rejecting the test will automatically mean that the driver is guilty. The enforcer will also request the physical and online copy of an International Driver’s License in Botswana, domestic driving license, passport, and car rental documents.

Beware of Wildlife Creatures Crossing the Highways

However, those who are driving at night have the chance of encountering them. In Botswana, authorities do not advise everyone to hit the road in the dark. It is dangerous and prone to accidents. That’s why it’s strictly not allowed. If it is inevitable, be careful when you catch one. Please give them the way to cross before you move forward.

Tracking of their International Driver’s License in Botswana will be part of the process to invalidate it.

Fastening of Seatbelts Is Compulsory to All Passengers

Front passengers should automatically wear them at all times. Rear passengers can also have it for security but not required.

It has legitimate details about how you will need one, how you will download it, and see your International Driver’s License’s tracking status for Botswana.

Maintain the Speed Limit Allowance on the Road

Competent drivers must abide by the law. Going beyond the rule is not a good idea. The legal speed limit mark in urban roadways is 30 kph. For rural highways, it ranges from 60 to 100 kph. The motorway speed sign is 120 kph.

It can clarify your queries in mind like the frequently asked question of everyone, ‘do you need an International Driver’s License in Botswana?.’

Handling Handheld Devices While on the Road Is Prohibited

Undivided attention is what a driver needs on the highway. Disrupting it with unnecessary things can harm the lives of the passengers. Using any handheld phones while traversing the expressways is dangerous. Do not test it. If it is inevitable, make use of the hands-free system.

As you make bookings for your rental car online, you may provide the downloaded copy of your International Driver’s License in Botswana. Do make sure that your IDP is issued from credible websites of organizations such as the website of the International Driver’s Association.

Stay on the Left Lane to Drive

Ensure that you won’t stick out from the lane unless you are heading off somewhere that needs to exit the left side. Drivers who are new to drive on the left can take a few practices ahead before they hit the road in this country.

In accomplishing the vital documents in obtaining an IDP, applicants must supply personal details and their state’s zip code to reflect on the International Driver’s License in Botswana.

Always Secure Your Valuable Things With You

Have them inside your bag at all times. Though Botswana is a safe nation, it is still better to protect your belongings as you don’t know your environment at all times. You don’t want to lose your private things in a foreign land.

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