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Botswana Driving Guide

Explore Botswana by driving with International Driving Permit

2021-08-06 · 9min read

Botswana is a country known for being the most stable nation in the land of Africa. It technically rests on the southern part of the continent. The said country diplomatically shares borders with Namibia, Zambia, and Zimbabwe. Botswana is a famous hotspot for diamonds, as it is the world’s largest source of that pristine gem. Exploring the country with a rental car is the best decision to make.

Listing the most important notes when having a travel planning session is a must. It is to avoid encountering troubles while in the middle of the trip. Now, as part of crafting the voyage, be sure that when choosing to drive in Botswana, securing an International Driving Permit for Botswana should be a priority. Check out the International Driver’s Association’s official website for more definite information.

How Can This Guide Help You?

Digging about treasures, Botswana can defeat most of the famous countries around the world. This African safari nation is well-known for being one of the wealthiest producers of sparkling diamonds. No one can refuse that shining, shimmering sparkle of the precious gem. Aside from diamonds, this country is a trendy and prime destination for wildlife. From iconic parks, safaris, and unspoiled nature hubs, this homeland is a magnificent paradise. It's no wonder that Botswana is one of the most exciting countries to be on a self-drive trip.

Through this guide, you will have the opportunity to discover the beauty of driving by car and visit the greatest safari locations. From the legal procedures on how to acquire a permit to different essential road rules, you can never go wrong with pushing through with a road trip abroad.

General Information

Picking among the most creative and thrilling ways to explore Africa’s incredible beauty, driving in Botswana is the best choice. Convenience will never leave your hands, and time won’t be your mutual enemy anymore. So, when thinking of going to this nation, choose to rent a car. It will help you save a lot of time. If you like to know more about the fascinating history, geographical location, government, land area, and tourism, continue reading below.

Geographical Location

The land of Botswana sits in the central region of South Africa. Observing its shape, it is roughly triangular. From north to south, it is around 600 miles away from one another. The eastern section of it entirely protrudes at a sharp point. Both east and south borders have marks of river courses and an old wagon. Botswana’s line has an abundant collection of wildlife species, including mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and many more.

Language Spoken

In Botswana, the African safari’s official language is English. But, their national language is Setswana. Foreigners can use international dialect mostly around urban areas and tourist spots. However, when heading to rural regions, Setswana reigns the most. Over 90% of the population in the country uses the national mother tongue every day. Though you can sigh in relief as you can converse in English, learning the native one will be advantageous.

Land Area

Botswana is a prosperous country in South Africa. Aside from the maritime country zone areas, this nation is also known for its unique wildlife jewels. The land area of Botswana spans over 582,000 square kilometers. The majority of the property of this sovereign state belongs to the Kalahari Desert. About 2.2 million locals reside in this homeland, according to their 2016 population data. Gaborone is the country’s central point of life.


Botswana is originally among the poorest and undeveloped sovereign states in the world. The nation is formerly part of a British protectorate, Bechuanaland. When the white miners and prospectors invaded Botswana in 1867, in-depth gold mining arises in Francistown. Though the gold rush didn’t last long, the Kimberley diamonds have become Southern Africa’s first progressive industrial sector. British colonization followed it, which resulted in more disaster.

As soon as Botswana gained its official independence in 1966, various political changes happened over the years. It now has a vital role in preserving the diplomat ruling in international politics. The state works together with Zambia, Tanzania, Mozambique, and Angola as the “Frontline States.” It primarily promotes unified development and advanced economies in each country.


According to its 1966 constitution, the official government system of Botswana is a multi-party republic. The president serves as the head and leader of the government with five years of service. It is also the same with its cabinet members of the National Assembly. For its legislation body, the “Ntlo ya Dikgosi” or House of Chiefs acts as the adviser on tribal law and custom.

For the local government, the local councils’ authorization powers will depend on the national government’s rights. Both rural and urban undergo the parliamentary election in appointing the leaders for each sector. It will be the basis of selecting a supervisory district commissioner to oversee the country’s provincial areas.


This South African sovereign state is a prime getaway spot for wildlife adventurers. Around 40% of its land area is a haven for the largest habitat of elephants in the world. It is also a prime destination for natural sanctuaries. Explorers can fully enjoy the eco-treats that this country offers.

Unveiling the eco-friendly hubs in this Africa safari is best when you go on driving in Botswana. Taking a new level of adventure is what makes one a certified thriller. Speaking of another step or style of wanderlust, hitting the highways is incredibly good. Rental cars are quite in demand right now as it is kind of safe due to the health crisis worldwide.

Renting A Car in Botswana

Public transport is good, but renting a car is the best pick. Goofing around this sovereign state’s epic wilderness, choosing a bound highway voyage will give a full flavor of excitement. Your worries and anxieties about catching up a transport will no longer exist in your mind. With a single click on your car key, you can quickly head back and forth to your lodge from anywhere. Plus, you can completely understand the real definition of convenience.

In Botswana, there is a minimum age requirement to rent, which is 22 years old. But it will vary on the existing regulations of a car rental agency. Of course, a renter should be a legal holder of a valid driver’s license. Another vital thing is IDP. Though foreign nationals with an English driver’s license can drive, they might find it difficult to score a vehicle. So, travelers should possess the International Driver’s Permit from the International Driver’s Association.

Car Rental Companies

In crafting a road trip plan, the next to search up is the affordable and cheap rental car agencies. You can score a low price of the rental fee and get a good package deal with this. There are two top-notch ways to book a car abroad. It can be online or a walk-in reservation at the airport. To keep you guided about the different rental car shops you can spot in Botswana, below are the popular agencies you can look up.

  • Avis
  • Bidvest
  • Europcar
  • Hertz
  • Keddy

A quick reminder when doing transactions online, be sure to check the reliability of a website you are checking out. It is to prevent you from any forms of fraud and scam. Do not confidently encode your personal information if you seem to find the site suspicious. If you think making online reservations won’t work for you, you can book yours right at the airport.

Documents Required

Rental car hires abroad mainly require customers to show documentary requirements upon booking. It is valid proof that a renter is fit for driving a vehicle. Be sure to possess the following papers with you when you pick up your car. The rental provider agent will mostly request it for validation. Additional charges will apply depending on the renter’s age. Take note that in Botswana, it may cost you a high price.

  • Original Driver’s License
  • Valid Passport
  • International Driver’s Permit (IDP)
  • Credit or Debit Card

Make sure to ask for a contact number in case of a road emergency. It will be a big help to you as you know who to tap right away. Do not hesitate to raise any driving-related concerns as you can.

Vehicle Types

Choosing the right rental car for self-drive road trips is important. For outlanders looking for a perfect rental vehicle in Botswana, the car rental agencies in Gaborone city have many car types to offer. The famous type of car is the Supplier choice or a class car. It’s a five-seater vehicle ideal for a family with at least two kids. It can also carry medium-heavy baggage. So, bringing extra bags won’t be a problem using a Supplier choice.

Here are the great choices to pick upon booking online for other options and ideas on what to rent. Take note that these are only the typical and the usual rental car types in Botswana.

  • Class Mini Car
  • Economy
  • Compact
  • Minivan
  • Luxury Van

Car Rental Cost

On the average basis of costing a rental car, you can grab one for as low as $29/day. Dealing with the scope of rental car prices, most of the packages offered by the rental car stores include driving kits, equipment, road assistance, gas mileage, pick-up service, and even third-party liability insurance.

The rental car agencies generally mark up their price depending on the demand in the market. If they see relatively high requests and orders for a particular car, they mostly set the cost more elevated than usual. Another factor is the maintenance value of a vehicle. Some cars seem to have a rare part, so the agency tends to increase the price. But, there are famous brands of vehicles which have standard features and the supplies are endless.

Age Requirements

In Botswana, the legal driving age is 18 years old. So, upon hitting the said age, you may now apply for a driving license. However, you cannot rent a car unless you reach the minimum standard age of 22 years old. You should also expect a costly additional surcharge depending on the age bracket.

Car Insurance Cost

Rental car companies tend to separate insurance from their packages, and then their agent will offer it at a higher price than usual. Availing it from them will rip off your bank. To save you from it, try contacting your bank first and see if they have such insurance covering a foreign rental vehicle. If you are a private car owner, ask your provider if they can extend insurance over a rental car abroad.

Doing any of the suggested options will help you not fall on the car rental store’s offer entirely. It can also guide you on how to save up your hard-earned money for your trip.

Car Insurance Policy

Assurance in road protection from any damage that may occur while on a road trip is an to plan when driving abroad. Having the third-liability coverage is usually enough to move forward. However, take note that the said policy only covers medical expenses and basic damages. Furthermore, it cannot extend any severe scratches. If you are uncomfortable with that, getting Comprehensive Car Insurance may solve your dilemma. The CCI can pay for your unexpected accidents. It includes fire, theft, windshield, and glass repairs.

Now, availing of insurance is optional. However, it is better to have one in case of a road emergency. It’s a useful tip to take as it can prevent you from having another expensive expense.

Road Rules in Botswana

Going on a self-drive road trip requires travelers to abide by the rules and regulations imposed in the country of their destination. When choosing to hire a vehicle, there is a proper process on how an individual can legally drive on a foreign road. Failure to comply with the designated driving protocols will be subject to punishment and charges. Comprehending and strictly observing Botswana’s driving rules is highly needed to ensure people’s safety and security.

Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol

As per the alcoholic drinking and driving laws in Botswana, the blood alcohol content limit is relatively high. Drivers should not go beyond the 0.08 milligrams of every 100 ml of blood. With this, hitting the road under the influence of alcohol is a severe offense in the country. Violators who will get caught intoxicated on the highways may face a maximum fine of P10,000 Botswana Pula and an imprisonment sentence.

Self Condition before driving

Begin your day in complete senses. Have a morning meal and drink a hot coffee to boost your system. Your focus and attention are vital. Skip driving through Botswana if you are not in excellent condition. It is way better to call over a substitute driver instead.

Another essential factor is the vehicle’s condition. Check if your car has a complete set of driving kits and equipment. You might also need to keep essential food items if you'll be driving for long hours. Also, consider installing a car seat when traveling with children. Ensure the safety of all passengers first to prevent troubles along the way. Make sure your car has enough fuel if you're heading for a long drive. There are a lot of petrol stations across the country.

Mobile Phone Usage

You are now in the actual driving area. Do not let any unnecessary things disrupt your attention. Break off first from the use of mobile phones when you don’t have to contact one. It will only harm you and your occupants inside the vehicle. If you have to tap a person in an emergency or use your device as a navigator, ask your car rental agent to install a hand-free system.

When you need to send a message to someone, pull over the side of the road to do it. Do not attempt to do it while traversing the highway. There are speed cameras around.

After Driving and Parking Rules

As you finally landed at your destination, make sure to find dedicated car parks. Though you can simply rest your car at the side of the street, you can never be confident enough about the safety. It’s better to pay a parking fee rather than taking risks of parking your car somewhere and incur parking fines.

Before you hop out of your vehicle, be sure to see your belongings first. Check if you have your wallet, IDs, passport, IDP, and domestic license. Do not leave any valuable things inside your car.

General Standards of Driving

Discovering the general driving standards in Botswana is vital. It will show how much you can adapt to the resident driver’s character on the highway. For the vehicles, many still use an automatic type. So, when encountering one, be sure to keep caution. However, regardless of its system, everyone must be wary of other road users. Make sure that when renting a vehicle, you will score what type you are comfortable operating.

Speed Limits

Travel planners who wish to try innovative manner of exploration should also learn the basics of driving. Choosing to pass through the road by car has a lot of responsibilities to handle. Among those accountabilities that should take part in the guide is following the speed limit marks along the way. It is one of the implemented driving rules in Botswana.

The African safari state strictly enforces obedience in speed limit signages in every road area. All licensed drivers must comply with the rule. Otherwise, charges are waiting for stubborn violators.

  • Freeways - 120 km/h
  • Town and villages - 30 km/h
  • Rural/Main Roads - 60 - 100 km/h

Seatbelt Laws

Wearing of respective seatbelts is compulsory in the country. All passengers must fasten their belts whenever they head for a drive. Toddlers under 12 years of age should not occupy the front seat and be in a child restraint seat. Attempting to disobey the law will result in higher possibilities of punishment.

Driving Directions

Discovering the fabulous wildlife hubs and the tantalizing eco-retreats in Botswana are best when driving through a vehicle. You can ensure freedom in viewing the enthralling landscapes that you may sight along your highway-bound journey. Facing roundabout zones is frequent when entering the primary cities. Remember that when approaching one, giving way or yielding for another vehicle ahead is essential.

Overtaking is acceptable only if there is a safe area or space to do it. Going ahead from another car must be done on the left. Of course, giving a proper signal is compulsory. Moving forward without sending any alerts is a violation. Do not dare to disobey the rule as severe punishment is waiting for violators.

Traffic Road Signs

The road markings in Botswana are excellent. Drivers won’t have difficulties navigating their way to their destinations. Unlike in any other foreign country, this sovereign nation only has two types of road signs: the Regulatory and Warning Signs. The Regulatory signages signal the road users to halt, prohibit, and give way. The warning markings are to alert the drivers on what to expect ahead of their way.

Since this is quite a new style, researching to study their definitions will be advantageous. Remember that if you do not have an idea about a particular road sign, do not hesitate to look it up online. There’s no harm in learning a unique traffic law.

Right of Way

Road users in Botswana typically hit the left side of the road for driving. Talking about the right of way, everyone must yield when approaching a roundabout section and pedestrian crossing. All vehicles should halt and give way to the cars passing first. When arriving at any of those points, do not forget to stop and let the moving four-wheels pass.

This road rule is one of the specific traffic laws taught in a driving school in Botswana. Understanding the essence of this regulation is a requirement for every aspiring driver around.

Based on the requirements for a driving license in Botswana, an individual must be at least 18 years old. Do not hesitate to check out the updated regulations online for reference. Another critical factor is a certificate of completion from any driving school in Botswana. Having these, you may somehow meet the qualifications to drive.

Non-citizens of this country should apply for an IDP. Getting one is easier if you visit the International Driver’s Association website. Simply tick the application button, fill-up the personal details, like name, address, contact number, and zip code, as it will reflect on the international driving license in Botswana.

Law on Overtaking

Heading over another vehicle can be done if there is a freeway to do so. Do not rush things, as you might end up in a road accident. Be vigilant on your sides, and be careful when patrol officers are present. When you happen to overtake illegally, prepare to settle appropriate sanctions.

Do find time to read and understand the different traffic rules abroad. Recall what you have learned from a driving school in Botswana. A refresher can exercise your brain from essential things.

Driving Side

In Botswana, the driving lane is on the right side. Drivers should follow the designated way to hit the road. Bear in mind that compliance is mandatory in this country. Brush off those stubborn drivers who choose to violate rules. Never let a driver operate a vehicle after drinking a lot of alcohol and driving in Botswana intoxicated. The severe offense is the consequence of that action.

If you desire to try out the driving galore through Botswana, make sure you find time to obtain a valid driver’s license and an International Driver’s Permit. Make it more comfortable and convenient by visiting the International Driver’s Association for more accurate information.

Driving Etiquette in Botswana

Showcasing professionalism is a plus point, especially if you are in international territory. It reflects your well-mannered identity to the people you encounter. As you take the challenge to drive the roads in Botswana, displaying proper mannerism is a must. By doing so, you can think of an efficient and effective way to resolve problems and issues you might face along your trip. It can also leave a fascinating impression on the authorities around the country.

Humility is an essential value to practice in whatever situation you stand in. It is also a key to exercise your ethics and exemplify your educated posture in fulfilling the responsibilities of being a good role model explorer abroad.

Car Breakdown

Most of the hardcore travelers across the world tend to go beyond miles when wandering. However, a few of them tend to forget to list down what to do in case of an emergency. They usually panic and get anxious about the consequences of not considering planning for this kind of situation, which is a big no. If you happen to experience road troubles, do not think of panicking. It would not bring any good outcome for you.

Read below the useful guidelines on what action you can take if you face a car break down in the middle of the road.

1. Maneuver your vehicle in the safe zone.

If your instinct tells you that something weird is going on in your vehicle, do not hesitate to check it out. However, before doing so, set your car first in a safe area. Prioritize your passenger’s safety first. Kindly flash your hazard lights right away to alert the upcoming drivers that you are having problems with your four-wheels.

2. Bring out the warning triangles and kindly wear the reflective jacket.

Once you completely coast your car at the secured area, take the reflective jacket and warning triangles. Be sure to check with your car rental provider that your rental vehicle has complete driving kits and equipment. Now, as soon as you settle yourself with gears, you may head out of your car. Place the warning triangles around 50 yards away from your vehicle. It is sufficient to signal the drivers around.

3. Do not permit any of your passengers to leave the car.

Do not risk the safety of your occupants. Remember that you are in a foreign country. You can never be sure enough that your environment is free from danger. Do not let any of your passengers go out unless it’s an emergency. Keep your toddlers and older people inside at all times.

4. Tap your designated car rental company for immediate road help.

When you seem to have struggled with fixing your car, you think you need a professional’s hand, grab your smartphone, and dial your car rental agent’s number. It is essential to ask for the contact details of the person-in-charge in your rental. It will save you from worries and stress.

5. Call out for a local’s hand for a quick response.

Waiting for the authorities’ help may take some time to arrive. However, if you get stranded in the central city, you are fortunate enough to receive a direct response right away. But, if you are in a remote area, you have to be quick and call out for a resident’s help. Batswana is kind and respectful, so it won’t be hard to talk to them. English is the country’s official language, but learning Setswana can be a plus point to locals.

Police Stops

Foreign drivers will likely pass through police stops when they cross the state borders in Namibia and Zimbabwe to head to Botswana. All nationals entering the country must follow the protocols of the nation. There are rare occasions when an officer will call out your attention. Coast your vehicle right away to avoid suspicion.

When you encounter a police stop, or a traffic enforcer hails you, give them a pleasant greeting. Allow them to explain their reason for calling you out. Upon their request, present your travel documents, including your driver’s license, IDP, and passport. If they invite you to talk in prison, ask them for a warrant unless you are caught-in-the-act.

Asking Directions

Botswana has two major languages. The universal speech, which is English, is the state’s official language. Setswana is the country’s national language. Though the foreign tongue is typical in the African safari’s famous destinations, the native mother tongue is what the majority speaks, especially in rural communities. Exerting effort to learn the national dialect can leave a fascinating impression on the locals.

As you navigate your direction with a map while driving in Botswana, some routes seem to be isolated. It means that there are roads that a navigation app doesn’t recognize. In this case, asking for a bona fide citizen’s help is the quickest solution. Below are the common Setswana phrases that you may learn when you want to ask for direction.

  • Hello!
  • Good Morning! (to one person)
  • Excuse me
  • Do you speak English?
    -O bua Sekhowa?
  • Yes/No
  • Where are you from?
    -Ko gae ke kae?
  • Please speak more slowly.
    -Bua ka bonya
  • Do you speak Tswana?
    -A o bua Setswana?
  • Please help me.
    -Ke kopa thuso
  • How do I get to the airport?
    -Ke goroga jang koo maemelo a difofance?


The foundation of checkpoints is to watch and monitor the nationals heading inside the country strictly. It is also to ensure the security of the people in Botswana. Authorities want to maintain the danger-free image of the African sovereign state. To guide you about the standard documents you must show to the officers upon checkpoints, below are the details.

  • Foreign Passport
  • Itinerary
  • National Identification Card (if applicable)
  • Domestic Driver’s License
  • International Driver Permit (IDP)
  • Registration of Rental Car

Be wary also of the Foot-and-Mouth Disease checkpoints in this country. Generally, you must head out from your car and undergo screening on the medical stall. If you want to have a smooth transaction in the checkpoints, all nationals should apply for an international driver’s license in Botswana or known as IDP. Check the International Driver’s Association page to assist you in your application.

What If You Get Involved in an Accident?

Calling the emergency rescue hotline is the best resolution to take if you are in a road accident. Do not hesitate to tap them up as professional help is mandatory. Attempting to settle it down without any uniformed authorities can make things harder to end. Have patience for road enforcers, police, and medical rescues to assist you. Abide with what they will instruct you, and do not be stubborn enough to argue with them if it is not necessary.

On the other hand, if you don’t have any injury and just want to lend a hand to those involved, calling a medical rescue is enough. As much as possible, do not head off from the car if it is not needed. Suppose you think that it might take too long for an authority to arrive, give warning signals to all the other drivers by going slowly.

Driving Conditions in Botswana

Traversing the roads in Botswana is a creative idea. Access to major highways is completely fine and excellent. When driving in this sovereign nation, you should be careful when approaching roundabout areas and pedestrian crosswalks. This African country has a roadway leading to other countries like Namibia and Zimbabwe.

Drivers should be vigilant in potholes as there are frequent of them in particular areas. Careful and meticulous planning is a must when making a long drive voyage. The rest stations are quite far from one another, and tires might blow out of a sudden. Be sure to check it once in a while to prevent huge problems along the way.

Accident Statistics

The World Health Organization’s (WHO) report on Road Safety of Botswana states that back in 2018, road traffic crashes have risen to 3.16% or equivalent to 470 deaths compared to 2017. However, it continuously decreases in 2019 as there are only less than 400 on the record. The leading cause of accidents is human negligence in traffic rules.

Despite the statistical record of fatalities in Botswana, it is still safe to hit the state’s road. Batswana, the collective name of the people in Botswana, mostly comply with the designated road markings. All drivers should tolerate an excellent example of the locals.

Common Vehicle

Stepping the beauty of the highway-bound journey is the perfect choice to pick in Botswana. Wandering around the country’s fascinating attractions is best when you have mesmerizing comfort in your hands. Though this state has a unique transportation system, many still prefer to rent a vehicle as there are routes that only a four-wheel car can access. For the in-demand rental car type, the Supplier choice is the trend.

For travelers who want to experience self-driving in Botswana, make sure to score the appropriate 4x4 vehicle as there are road conditions that are quite complex to pass through via a two-wheel car.

Toll Roads

Alternate routes are in-demand whenever congestion is present on a particular highway. Among the effective pathways that most of the countries are continuously developing is the Toll Road. Passing through one requires one to pay a separate fee for its maintenance purposes. Botswana shares borderlines with Namibia and Zimbabwe. So, country crossing borders is possible. If you wonder if it is possible to reach the state by driving through Namibia or Zimbabwe to Botswana, expect to lend a lot of time to travel.

From Namibia, take the A2 road for a faster route. Though it’s still quite long and can consume plenty of hours, hitting this highway will somehow ensure your safety in going to Botswana. You’ll need to exert around ten hours when driving from Zimbabwe through Botswana’s African safari state. To start the adventure, take the A1 road as it is the advisable path to drive, going to Botswana’s epic wonders.

Road Situations

The occurrence of traffic congestion happens typically in the central hub of the country, which is Gaborone. But, rest assured that the minor roads are passable and great. Major roads are generally in good condition. Be mindful of pedestrians. Give them the leeway to pass by. You may let go of your dilemmas and doubts about the traffic jams in this country. It is also a good point when you are searching for driving opportunities in Botswana. You know what things you will need to adjust and watch when hitting the roads of the country.

Driving Culture

Since Botswana’s land is one of the safest countries in the South African region, there’s no doubt that Botswana residents are known to be obedient to the traffic rules. This is why Botswana is a perfect self-drive country for tourists. Regardless of nationality, all drivers must display proper demeanor in driving. Do not think twice if you cannot hold a steering wheel on your own. Call a backup right away. Never let yourself violate the alcoholic drinking and driving rule in Botswana.

Are They Using Kph or Mph?

According to the speed limit law in Botswana, the speed unit is in Kph. International residents who are not familiar with the said speed measurement may try to look it up online. With this, they can quickly abide by the rule. Exceeding the designated speed mark will result in settling and facing charges.

Is Driving at Night Possible in Botswana?

For tourists who are curious about self-driving in Botswana in the evening, it is hazardous to do so. Potholes won’t be visible to their eyesight. Animals are often crossing the roads in the dark. Tires have a higher chance to blow out.

Things to Do in Botswana

Eco-rewards are engaging in this sovereign state—visitors who find the enthralling country end up thinking of another step of adventure and chapter to take. Leveling up your experience in the vast wilderness of this African Safari nation, it is now time to explore Botswana’s countless driving-related opportunities. But, you have to process work permits and visas for legalities.

In Botswana, the process of getting a work permit is quite tricky. Immigration officers may require applicants additional requirements depending on the professional work in the country. However, the experience is worth trying. Non-residents of this African region should grab a job offer from numerous driving vacancies in Botswana before applying for a work permit before they render service in the state.

Drive as a Tourist

A foreign citizen who dreams of passing the state’s highways should secure requirements for driving in Botswana. A driver should be a holder of a valid driver’s license and capable enough to operate a four-wheel car. UK nationals, who have a working driving license, are useful in the country. However, the African Safari community encourages all non-residents to have an International Driver’s Permit. Grab an IDP from the International Driver’s Association. It’s easy.

Being a responsible visitor of the country, non-citizens of this nation should follow the alcohol drinking and driving laws in Botswana. Do not attempt to go against the rule as a violator may face maximum penalties for it. Do note that authorities are watching around.

Work as a Driver

Aspiring workers of this African community, need to brace themselves with blocks of requirements to possess. Scoring employment in Botswana is not that light as you think. Most countries worldwide only require an applicant proof of hiring contract under a local company within their jurisdiction. However, in processing work like driving jobs in Botswana for non-residents, they need to show job posting evidence and why a local does not fit.

Another vital qualification for driving jobs in Botswana, an applicant should at least be of legal age to operate a moving car. Also, a holder of a valid foreign driver’s license. Conversion into a driving license in Botswana is possible. There are specific procedures to do ahead.

Work as a Travel Guide

While reading about driving vacancies in Botswana, you can also find job opportunities for travel guide staff under a country’s tourism agency. Aside from presenting an employment contract when applying for a work permit, you must show documents proving the job vacancy posting and a valid reason why a local does not qualify. Processing work permits in Botswana can be tiring, but it will pay off once you receive approval.

Consulate officers may ask for additional requirements depending on the professional work of an applicant. Like for truck driving jobs in Botswana, they usually ask for another permit for it. Do note that the documents stated below are still subject to change depending on the consul’s screening process.

  • Valid Foreign Passport
  • Authenticated copy of Foreign Passport (Bio page)
  • Two pieces of Passport-size photographs with white background
  • Copy of Job Advertising document (not later than six months)
  • Employment Contract
  • Work Application Letter (with original signature)
  • Appointment Letter
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Certified Copies of Credentials (written in English and authenticated by Botswana Qualification Authority)
  • Clearance Certificates

Additional Requirements For Truck Drivers:

  • Botswana Driver’s License
  • BA Permit

Take note that these documents will only apply to the applicants under truck driving jobs in Botswana. This kind of work is generally a heavy-duty one, so the immigration officers should know that the applicant is capable enough to handle a big vehicle.

Apply for Residency

Foreign workers who render services in this South African state automatically qualify for a temporary residence. However, if the target is for a permanent resident, they should undergo another legal process to obtain one. All professional individuals are eligible. It may be drivers involving the code 14 driving jobs in Botswana or travel guides. As long as the requirements are complete, it’s good to go.

For those who want to obtain a residence certificate, read further to learn about the application’s general requirements. Note that employees who scored a job from Botswana’s driving opportunities might have to bring additional documents.

  • Certified Copy of Birth Certificate
  • Two latest colored passport size photographs
  • Authenticated copy of Marriage Certificate (for married women)
  • Medical Certificate of Physical Exam
  • Work Permit
  • Support Letter
  • Certified copies of Credentials
  • Employment Contract
  • Appointment Letter
  • Residence Fee of BWP 1500

The Top Destinations in Botswana

Botswana is abundant in wildlife sanctuaries. That’s why many travelers go crazy for an environmentalist journey. This African nation is famously known as one of the safest states in the entire region of South Africa. So, going on a driving voyage won’t be hard to take.

This wonderful community proudly boasts its fantastic national parks, animal safari worlds, and alluring gems that never cease to amaze the tourists. Treating yourself to a relaxing trip makes you want to find a perfect driving quote in Botswana to inspire you more. If you’re going to hit the intriguing hunt for treasures, take now your driving license, IDP, passport, and car keys.

Chobe National Park

Chobe National Park is a famous game reserve of extraordinary animals in the entire region of Africa. It is also the third-largest of its kind in the state. This national park suits the search of explorers who are fond of tracking the wild’s unique creations. The origin of the park’s name came from the Chobe River. The said river serves as the support system for the ecosystem of the one-of-a-kind animals like baboons, lions, giraffes, birds, elephants, and buffalo.

Safari explorers may target their visit to this park around May to October. During this period, the river section is dry. So, sightseeing on the river is best during these times. Avoid heading to wildlife from August to September, as it is the hot season of the year.

  1. If you come from Kasane main road, take the Upper Rd/A33.
  2. Drive to the southeast section on Chilwero Rd, heading to Plateau Road.
  3. Upon approaching Upper Rd/A33, turn right.
  4. Another right turn to reach Chobe National Park, then spot for a parking area.

Before you get to hit the road of this country, applying for an IDP is a must. Remember that when getting the exclusive permit, you should provide your information details on the application form. It includes your complete name, address, contact number, and country’s zip code, as it is mandatory for an International Driving License in Botswana.

In having a full blast adventure in Chobe National Park, here are the great outdoor activities to do inside the site.

1. Game drive at Chobe

Outrageous explorers should not miss out on doing one epic game drive in Chobe National Park. It’s a phenomenal wanderlust style to see the stellar landscapes and mesmerizing ecosystems surrounding the site. Others can also have self-drive, but be sure to take extra caution when traversing the trails.

2. Join the Pangolin Photographic Safaris

Aspiring photographers may sign up on the Pangolin Photographic Safaris. Whether you are a newbie or an expert, you may freely involve yourself in experiencing a lifetime capturing of wildlife sceneries. All tourists who will join can have the chance to use a special camera with matching lenses. Of course, professional photographers will guide all explorers throughout the tour.

3. Visit the Cultural Heritage

Meeting locals is the best highlight to have in Botswana. Heading outside the capital can lead to other doors of seeing ethnic people living their rich culture and traditions. When in Chobe National Park, visiting a cultural heritage village is an epic adventure to check out. You will get to cross over the river by a wooden makoro canoe to reach the tribal towns in the Namibian zone.

Tsodilo Hills

The Tsodilo Hills is somewhere in the northwest region of the Kalahari. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site gem for preserving over 4,000 impressive paintings found in over 200 locations. Locals believe that the hills already stand on the ground over 30,00 years ago due to their stunning cave masterpieces collection. The marvelous rock formation of the mountain adds to the breathtaking view of the site.

Seekers of beautiful treasures should visit the site in the winter months. Checking paradise in summer can make you suffer in the extreme heat of the sun. Do not also forget to use appropriate tires on your car when traveling to this place.

  1. If heading from Sir Seretse Khama Aiport, prepare for a long drive by taking A2 road.
  2. Drive through the Airport Rd and Paul Rantao Rd before turning right to Molepole Rd/A12.
  3. Take the first exit in the roundabout zone in Molepole Rd/A12 to access the A3. Make a right turn when approaching A35.
  4. After passing the A35, proceed to the designated parking area.

Prepare for random checkpoints—ready your passport, IDP, and driving license ahead. Beware of the vehicles around, especially those who are with code 14 driving jobs in Botswana.

To know more about Tsodilo Hills, try to explore the site by doing any of these top activities.

1. Explore the Tree of True Knowledge

Otherworldly discovery is an intriguing twist to experience in Tsodillo Hills. When roaming the site, visit the Tree of True Knowledge. It’s an absurd tree resting near a small lagoon along the Rhino Trail. Its presence is mythical as the guide named San said that a mysterious spirit knelt beside the pool right on the creation day.

2. Hike at Tsodillo Hills

Planning a hiking adventure in Tsodillo Hills, hikers should choose what hill to climb. The said iconic site features four majestic peaks. The Male, Female, Child, and the unknown “kopje.” If you got the strength and power to the summit, trying the highest one, Male Hill, is a perfect match. It elevates for 410 meters, with bushes concealing the peak.

3. Visit the Local Bushmen

Engaging with bonafide locals residing in Tsodillo Hills is part of being a responsible traveler. After taking the summit, checking out the Bushmen living in the hills is an exciting thing to do. Upon meeting them, they will welcome you wholeheartedly. They will introduce and give you short briefings about their lifestyle, culture, and tradition.


Gabane is a wealthy village near the central city, Gaborone. Explorers who want to hike over the hills may simply visit this town for a hiking journey. Aside from the famous outdoor activity on the site, Gabane is astonishingly impressive, as it proudly highlights the small producers of glassworks, metal, and even pottery. For the best season to visit Gabane, schedule a date from mid-September to late March. Recreational engagements are the best thing to do in the town.

  1. From Sir Seretse Khama Airport, head to the northeast of Airport Rd before turning left on Paul Rantao Rd.
  2. In A10, make a right turn to reach the Gabane Rd.
  3. After passing Gabane Rd, look for the parking area near your destination.

Always note that when holding a steering wheel, using the proper lane for driving is a must. If you are quite confused about the rules, search for a famous driving quote in Botswana so that you won’t forget it.

In having an epic blast in Gabane, check out any of these activities that you can try out when heading to the site.

1. Visit the Pelegano Village Industry

To indulge tourists in craftworks like pottery, checking the Pelegano Village Industry is a beautiful addition to the list. It is a pottery factory in the town that mainly sells wares relative to crockery, vases, pots, and other decorative things.

2. Eat at Mokolodi Restaurant

For explorers who are into the vegan diet, the best restaurant to satisfy it is the Mokolodi Restaurant. It is an ideal dining place to fill-in the cravings for anything vegetarian. Also, if you are a fan of pizza, you can taste its iconic flavor. Do not even miss out on ordering the oxtail dish. It’s a bestseller.

3. Hike at Mogonye Gorge

Mogonye Gorge is among the most extensive gorges in Botswana. It’s an ideal spot to go on hiking and even rock climbing. Taking an arduous trek on this gorge, you must have a tour guide along so you can learn about its impressive preservation of flora and fauna. While on the trail, you may encounter various unique plants and trees that are indeed sophisticated. You may consider having a short picnic up the hill. It’s lovely on top.

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