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International Driver's License in Bangladesh: Drive Like a Local

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IDP is essential when driving abroad

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International Driving Permit (IDP), regulated by the United Nations, certifies that you are the holder of a valid driver's license in your country of origin.

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Your IDP is a valid form of identification in more than 150 countries worldwide and contains your name, photo and driver information in the 12 most widely spoken languages in the world.

How to get your IDP


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How to Renew your International Driving Permit in Bangladesh?

You can renew your International Driver's License at IDA’s official website. Follow the same procedure as your first application. The same rates are also offered by the IDA. You can choose from one to three years for the validity of your IDP. Their offer starts at $49 for an IDP valid for one year.

Double-check the details, especially the contact number you entered in the application form to issue International Driver's License, to avoid delay in your application. Tracking the shipment of your International Driving License can be done after our customer service informed you that the physical copy is shipped already.

Is a Local Driving Licence Valid in Bangladesh?

Tourists, such as U.S. citizens, need an IDP to drive legally in the country. When you are driving to this country, your national driving license can be used, but it would not be enough to present as a legal document. You need to support it with an International Driver’s Permit for this country. You do need to always bring with you your IDP and your local driver’s license so as to avoid any fine for driving without a license in the country.

Does an IDP Replace a Local Driving Licence?

Your International Driving Permit does not replace your local driver’s license. An IDP is just a supplementary document to your local driver’s license. Authorities will look for it while you are driving through the country. 

Who Can Apply for an IDP?

Anyone who wishes to be driving through Bangladesh with a valid local driving license can apply for an IDP. You also must be at least 18 years of age. Applying for an IDP is very easy as you can just do it on our website’s homepage. By browsing through our website, you will know the steps on how to get an International License in Bangladesh.

You can apply for an International Driver’s Permit in Bangladesh anytime you want. Within 2 hours after the submission of your application, it will be processed by our team. If your application is approved, the physical copy of your IDP will be shipped to you immediately. Just make sure to enter the correct details in the application form, provided two passport size photographs, input your credit card information, and you're good to go. 

What Do I Do When I Lose My IDP?

Driving in Bangladesh without an IDP is illegal. Thus, if you did lose your IDP, you have to request a replacement immediately. Issuance of IDP for the purpose of replacement is free. You will just spend your money on the physical copy’s shipping cost to your address. Do not forget to double-check the shipping details, especially the zip code of Bangladesh, to avoid delaying the shipment that will result in a further postponement of your driving in the country.

When I Visit Another Foreign Country After Bangladesh, Can I Still Use My IDP?

Yes, you can. An IDP issued by us is valid for over 150 countries. Just make sure that it is far from its expiration date for you to be able to use it in other countries. Aside from that, see to it that your local driving license is still not expired as an IDP is not enough for you to be legally driving in foreign countries. You can visit for additional details on how to get an International Driving Permit in Bangladesh. 

Which Countries Recognize the Use of an IDP?

Over 150+ countries worldwide recognize the use of an IDP. And these are the following:

  • USA
  • Australia
  • Canada
  • Japan
  • Armenia
  • Ireland
  • Finland
  • Singapore
  • Thailand
  • Pakistan
  • and more.

Most Important Driving Rules

Before embarking on your trip, it is important to make sure that you have your legal documents that are needed for you to be legally driving in the country. For tourists driving in the country the Bangladeshi authorities will require you an International Driving Permit.

Securing legal documents is one thing. Another thing you should make sure of is that you are familiar enough with the Bangladeshi road rules and regulations. Following the country’s policies will prevent you from getting into trouble with the country's road authorities that can spoil your trip to the country.

Don’t forget to carry required documents

As road checkpoints can happen at any given time and at any given place, it is a must to bring your legal documents with you so as to not violate any law in the county. Your local driving license, your International Driving Permit, your passport, and other car-related documents must be in your car all the time.

Drunk driving and the use of illegal drugs is prohibited

The country imposes zero tolerance on alcohol when driving. Also, alcohol is banned in the country. However, you can still obtain a permit to drink alcohol here. But it is not an excuse for you to drive under the influence. It can lead you road accidents, and we all know that no one wants that to happen.

Obey the Speed Limits of the Bangladesh Roads

Speed limits are mandated on every road to guide you. They are usually printed on road signs. Remember that your motor vehicle's speed must not be above 80 km/h on motorways, 30 km/h in urban areas, and 25 km/h in rural areas. Violating speed limits can get you fined starting from TK10000, which is roughly $120.

Always wear your seatbelt

You are obliged to wear your seatbelt all the time. The front and back passengers are also required to wear one. Seat belts lessen the impact if ever you are involved in a road accident.

Observe Road Signs While Driving in Bangladesh

Road signs are put on roads in order to guide you on your trip. Those signs may not be noticeable; that is why you always have to pay attention to them. They give you information that will help you decide on what to do about the road ahead.

Do Not Use Your Mobile Phone While Driving

Using your phone while driving can get you distracted. The supposed attention you are to give to the road ahead of you will be redirected to the phone if you are to use it. And that can lead to accidents on roads. Pull to the side of the road first before using your phone if you really need to.

Do Not Drive With an Expired License

It is illegal to drive with both an expired local driving license and International Driving License. Even if one of the two documents is still valid, you can not still drive with it as it is against the law. Both the International Driving Permit and your local driving license must still be valid for you to drive legally.

Top Destinations in Bangladesh

Top-notch tourist destinations that are included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site list can be seen in the country. Every tourist attraction will give you a refreshing and vibrant atmosphere that will make you want more. That is enough reason to visit, explore, and discover the beauty this lovely country has prepared for you.

Shat Gombuj Masjid

A UNESCO World Heritage Site and a religious architecture are what defined the Shat Gombuj Masjid. This mosque was constructed in 1459 by the Muslim Saint Khan Jahan Ali. Its unique architecture is what attracted several tourists to the mosque. It has eighty domes supported by sixty pillars. Inside the mosque, a small museum showing artifacts around the world can also be found.

Spending the day strolling around and discovering more about Bangladesh inside the mosque is very worth it. When entering the mosque, you are required to take off your shoes. The admission fee is TK200 or roughly $3. As people come and go to the mosque every day, it is best to visit during the months of November to March for nice and clear weather.

Liberation War Museum

One of the things you should do while visiting the country is to try and get to know its history. With that, visiting the Liberation War Museum will help you know and understand the country’s history and what it had gone through. The museum exhibits the history through displays of military weapons, portraits, and human remains.

The Museum is open from 10 AM to 5 PM every day except on Sundays. You can roam around and see the exhibit in six galleries inside the museum. The entrance fee is around TK100, which is a little over $1.

Paharpur Bihar

Also known as Sompur Mahabihar, the Paharfur Bihar is considered to be one of the most popular tourist destinations in Bangladesh. It is the ruins of the Buddhist Monastery famous for its architectural design. The well-known Buddhist Bihar is located at Paharpur village in Naogaon District. Considered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1985, it is believed that monks from all over the world used to come there for higher education.

The best time to visit Paharpur Bihar is in the months of October to March, when the climate is clear and a slight possibility of rain. You have to go there early in the morning if you like to visit Paharpur Bihar with fewer people. An entrance fee of TK200 is needed for you to roam around the ruins.

Cox’s Bazar

The Cox’s Bazar is considered to be the world’s longest unbroken beach with a stretch of over 120 kilometers. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country as it offers a relaxing view and atmosphere for tourists. Another thing that attracts tourists to explore this beach is its golden sand. It is a perfect place to stay after a long drive touring around the country.

Sunbathing, swimming, or even simply taking a stroll on the beach will give you a relaxing atmosphere. Surfing waves can also be experienced on the beach. The perfect time to visit the beach is in the months of March, November, and December, as the temperature in here at these months is perfect.

The Sundarbans

Like the word, “Sundarbans” means beauty; the word itself reflects the captivating scenery that the Sundarbans in the country offer. The Sundarbans is the world’s largest mangrove forest and is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The forest is very famous amongst tourists as it is the place where you can find the Royal Bengal Tiger. Not just that, a lot of different animal species can be found in the forest.

It is best to visit the Sundarbans in the months of September to March as the temperature is not so high during those months. You are not advised to visit in the summer months as the atmosphere can be very hot. The entrance fee is TK200, which is an estimated $2 for foreigners.

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