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Bangladesh Driving Guide

Bangladesh is a unique beautiful country. Explore all of it by driving when you get your International Driving Permit.

2021-08-04 · 9min read

Bangladesh, also often dubbed as “The Land of Rivers,” is a country in Asia that is hard to pass on when traveling from country to country in Asia. It is a country that is home to multiple top destinations. From its natural elegance, a long coastline, to the country’s architectural heritage, it is very hard not to be attracted by what Bangladesh has to offer. Aside from that, the locals are also very friendly towards tourists, and they will make you feel like one of them too.

Touring around the mesmerizing sceneries in Bangladesh will be a very memorable one if you travel at your own convenience. And nothing is more convenient than driving your own car while touring the country. First things first, before you can go driving to Bangladesh, you need to secure an International Driver’s Permit. As you read along below, you can find important details that you need for your trip to Bangladesh.

How Can This Guide Help You

Touring and traveling in an unfamiliar place will be hard. But this guide will help you get to learn the important details there is to know when you are driving in Bangladesh. This guide contains information about Bangladesh, its driving rules, and their driving road conditions.

General Information

The country, Bangladesh, has always been known for its natural beauty. Mixed with a wide diversity in terms of culinary heritage, Bangladesh never disappoints. The beautiful scenery will shock the traveler spirit in you. Wildlife is also abundant in Bangladesh. You can even see wildlife animals while driving in Bangladesh.

Geographic Location

Bangladesh is a country in South Asia. It is bordered by Burma or Myanmar on the South East, by India on North, East, and West, and the Bay of Bengal on the South. The country’s capital city is Dhaka. Dhaka is also the city where most of the locals of Bangladesh lived. Other than that, Dhaka is considered one of the largest metropolises in South Asia.

Languages Spoken

A total of 39 languages are spoken in Bangladesh, but their official language is Bengali or Bangla. Bengali is widely spoken in the country, having 98% of the total population using it as a way of communication. Many indigenous languages, such as Chittagonian, Rangpuri, Sylheti, etc., are also used in Bangladesh.

The English language is also widely spoken in Bangladesh. It is frequently used in educational institutions, courts, media in the country, business, and government administration. The demand for understanding and knowing how to speak English is high in Bangladesh as it paves more employment opportunities for the youth.

Land Area

Bangladesh globally ranks 92nd in terms of landmass having a 148,460 km² land area. With that, it is one of the most overcrowded countries in the world. The country’s land area is divided into six administrative divisions, namely Dhaka, Chittagong, Khulna, Barisal, Rajshahi, and Sylhet, and four major municipal corporations, namely Dhaka, Chittagong, Khulna, and Rajshahi.

As Bangladesh is a country with rich biological diversity, 17% of the country’s total land area is covered with forests. It has an estimated number of 2,600,000 forests. Most of the forest lands are owned by the Bangladesh Forest Department (BFD). Some are under the jurisdiction of the executive chief of the district and the rest is owned by the community.


Bangladesh was a part of the historic region of Bengal in India for centuries. Bengal was ruled by the Mauryan Empire in the 3rd and 2nd centuries BCE. They advocated for Buddhism Jainism. Towards the 17th century, the Nawabs of Bengal (Grand Duke in European title) were defeated at the Battle of Plassey by the British colonizers. During British rule, they divided Bengal in two, making Dhaka the capital of the East and Calcutta in the West.

In 1947, British colonizers finally withdrew from ruling Bengal. Bengal was then integrated into Pakistan and was known as East Bengal. East Pakistan (now Bangladesh) sought freedom from the West (Pakistan). Thus, resulting in a nine-month Bangladesh Liberation war against the Pakistan Army. The war ended when a Pakistani military surrendered to the Bangladesh-India Allied Forces on 16th December 1971 that made Bangladesh an independent country.


The government of Bangladesh practices the parliamentary system of government under a president and a prime minister who is elected during the national assembly. Jatiya Sangsad, or the House of the Nation, is the name of the parliament of Bangladesh. It consists of 350 seats, where most seats are filled through a direct election, and the rest are reserved for women.

The parliament gets the right to elect the president, who will serve a five-year term and a limit of two terms. The prime minister is the leader of the legislative majority party that the president will appoint.


Bangladesh is a not-so-visited country for tourists. But it did attract over 300,000 tourists in the year 2019. It garnered a slight increase compared to the recorded tourists that have visited in 2018, which is 267,707. With that, a lot of tourists are yet to explore Bangladesh. But a lot of tourists are slowly drawn to the hidden beauty of Bangladesh as time goes by.

Beautiful landscapes, people, and places will surely be one of the reasons why you should visit Bangladesh. This country offers tourists a fresh and vibrant atmosphere with their top-notch tourist destinations. One that you shouldn’t pass on. Visiting Bangladesh will surely be worth your time and energy as it is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered.

International Driver’s Permit in Bangladesh

An International Driver’s License or officially known as International Driver’s Permit (IDP), is your key to driving in foreign countries. It is a legal document that translates your local driver’s license into 12 UN-recognized languages. Driving in Bangladesh without an IDP can cause you trouble on roads. That is why you must secure an IDP first, as it is one of the requirements when driving in Bangladesh. More details about an IDP are discussed below to further assist you.

Is a Local Driver’s License Valid in Bangladesh?

Tourists, such as U.S. citizens, need an IDP to drive legally in Bangladesh. When you are driving to Bangladesh, your local driver’s license can be used, but it would not be enough to present as a legal document. You need to support it with an International Driver’s Permit in Bangladesh. You do need to always bring with you your IDP and your local driver’s license so as to avoid any fine for driving without a license in Bangladesh.

Does an IDP Replace a Local Driver’s License?

Your International Driving Permit does not replace your local driver’s license. An IDP is just a supplementary document to your local driver’s license. Authorities in Bangladesh will look for it while you are driving through Bangladesh. Requirements for an International Driving License in Bangladesh can be accessed at

Remember that when driving in Bangladesh, you need an IDP. You have to secure first an IDP before driving in Bangladesh. Do not forget to bring your local driver’s license and your IDP, as you could be at risk of a fine for driving without a license in Bangladesh.

Who Can Apply for an IDP?

Anyone who wishes to be driving through Bangladesh with a valid local driving license can apply for an IDP. You also must be at least 18 years of age. Applying for an IDP is very easy as you can just access the International Driver’s Association’s website, By browsing through the website, you will know the steps on how to get an International Driver’s Permit in Bangladesh.

You can apply for an International Driver’s Permit in Bangladesh anytime you want. The fact that you can access it online makes it much easier and convenient for you. After submitting your application, the International Driver’s Association team will process and review it. And after 2 hours, if your application is approved, you will receive a digital copy of your IDP. As for the physical copy, it will be shipped to you immediately.

Just make sure to enter the correct details in the application form, especially if you’re driving in Bangladesh, zip codes accurately noted also avoids delays to your trip. More details on how to apply for an International Driving License in Bangladesh can be found online.

What Do I Do When I Lose My IDP?

Driving in Bangladesh without an IDP is illegal. Thus, if you did lose your IDP, you have to request a replacement immediately. The IDPs issued by the International Driver’s Association can be replaced for free. You will just spend your money on the physical copy’s shipping cost to your address. Do not forget to double-check the shipping details, especially when you want to go driving in Bangladesh, zip code included in your address, accurately avoids delays in the shipment that will result in a further postponement of your driving in the country.

When I Visit Another Foreign Country After Bangladesh, Can I Still Use My IDP?

Yes, you can. An IDP issued by the International Driver’s Association is valid for over 150 countries. Just make sure that it is far from its expiration date for you to be able to use it in other countries. Aside from that, see to it that your local driving license is still not expired as an IDP is not enough for you to be legally driving in foreign countries. You can visit for additional details on how to get an International Driving Permit in Bangladesh.

Renting a Car in Bangladesh

Touring around the beautiful places in Bangladesh is more comfortable by driving your own car. It will give you the comfort that you want on your trip. Aside from that, driving your car in Bangladesh gives you the convenience of deciding when to take a break and when to continue. You do not have to worry if you do not have your own car as you can rent one in Bangladesh. Continue reading below for tips about renting a car in Bangladesh.

Car Rental Companies

You can rent a car online or through car rental booths found in airports. It is highly advised to rent a car through online car rental companies. Renting a car online can let you choose from a wide variety of car rental offers that would be suitable for your designated budget. Listed below are some car rental companies you browse online.

  • Hotwire
  • Avis
  • Hertz
  • Kayak
  • Europcar
  • Sheba

Another way of renting a car in Bangladesh is to rent car rental booths when you land in Bangladesh. The booths are mostly located inside the airport. The downside of renting car rental booths is that their offers can be much more expensive compared to renting online. Another downside is that you will have limited offers to choose from. Thus, you won’t have the variety of choosing the best offer for you.

Documents Required

You will need your local driver’s license, your International Driver’s Permit, and your passport when renting a car. Make sure that the two mentioned documents are still valid and have not expired yet. Also, prepare an additional ID of you as some car rental companies will require it. Bring these necessary documents to have a smooth process of renting a motor vehicle.

Vehicle Types

You can rent different types of cars that the different car rental companies will offer. Different car rental companies offer a wide variety of car rental offers that you can choose from depending on your own personal preferences. They can offer you vehicles that have manual to automatic transmissions, small to large cars, and lastly compact to standard types of car.

Car Rental Cost

There are several things that a car rental fee can be based on. Car rental fees can also be different from one company to another company. What you find to be the most expensive car rental offer in Bangladesh can be the cheapest one in another country. Listed below are some of the things that a car rental fee can possibly be based on.

  • Type of car
  • Season/Time of the year
  • Additional insurance (aside from the required insurances)
  • Add-ons (Wi-fi access, GPS, car seats)
  • Additional drivers

Do not forget to consider additional expenses like toll, fuel, and parking fees in budgeting for your trip to Bangladesh.

Age Requirements

Generally, Bangladesh requires drivers to be at least 18 years of age for them to rent a car. But it can change as different car rental companies have different age requirements. Another thing is the age requirement can also differ in the type of car that you are about to rent. There are rental companies that would require additional fees for young and senior drivers.

Car Insurance Cost

You need to protect your car or the car you rented as unfortunate events such as road accidents can happen anytime that you are driving in Bangladesh. Car rental fees when renting a car include different types of car insurance. In Bangladesh, it is mandatory for every car to have Third-Party Liability Insurance. Aside from that, there is also other car insurance that you can avail of. Having different car insurance covers a lot for your car, but remember that it could also cost you a lot.

Car Insurance Policy

Collision Damage Waiver (CDW), Theft Protection Insurance, and Third-Party Liability Insurance are some of the insurances that you can include when renting a car. The CDW covers the car’s exterior damages when, unfortunately, you are involved in an accident. The Theft Protection Insurance covers the costs if the car you rented was damaged due to someone attempting to steal it, or worse, the car is stolen.

Third-Party Liability Insurance covers the damages if you somehow damaged someone’s car while driving your rented car. Road Assistance Insurance can be very important as it will become helpful when your rented car breaks down on roads.

Other Tips

It is also important for you to know additional information in regards to renting a car in Bangladesh. As you want your trip to Bangladesh to be an unforgettable and affordable one, knowing other tips will be beneficial on your part.

How Can I Get a Budget-Friendly Car Deal?

The first thing you should do is to plan and think about your budget for renting a car. Think about how much you are willing to spend on renting a car in Bangladesh. Observe and compare different car rental offers from different car rental companies. Then from there, you can choose offers that are suitable for you and your budget. Always remember to include additional car expenses when budgeting.

It is better to rent a car online as the variety of car rental offers is abundant. When you rent a car online, you can not just save your time and energy, but you can also find budget-friendly offers compared to the car rental offers found in airports.

The Road Rules in Bangladesh

Driving on roads requires you to know basic road rules and regulations in order to assure your safety. Road rules and regulations are taught in every driving school in Bangladesh. Knowing and understanding it thoroughly will greatly benefit your driving in Bangladesh. It will also keep you away from road troubles with Bangladeshi road authorities.

Important Regulations

Driving in your own car in Bangladesh will get you to many places, especially the ones that are not accessible by public transportation. Bangladeshi authorities are very strict when it comes to their road rules and regulations. That is why it is very important to know and understand it, as most of it is taught in driving schools in Bangladesh. Their driving rules do apply to locals and foreign drivers in the country.

Bangladesh imposes zero tolerance for driving after drinking alcohol. It is because alcohol is prohibited in the country. The authorities will have the right to arrest you if somehow you are found to have alcohol in your blood while driving. Even if alcohol is prohibited in the country, you can still obtain a permit to drink alcohol in Bangladesh. Drinks that are above the 0.5% ABV (alcohol by volume) are considered an alcoholic drink in the country.

Turning Signals at an Intersection

You need to pay close attention when turning at an intersection. This is why it's important to use the turning signals properly. When you are approaching an intersection, and you want to turn left, you have to be at the leftmost lane first. Turn on your left signal light 30m or 100 feet away from the intersection to inform other drivers that you are about to turn in an intersection. Before turning, make sure that there is no traffic. It is also advised to look at your side mirrors.


When you arrive at your destination or have decided to take a break, park in the designated parking area. There are major inner city car parks in Bangladesh, but be sure to follow the parking provision. You can get fined TK100 for illegal street parking. Another thing is to park your car in a well-lit parking area. Before leaving your car unattended, secure your personal belongings, and do not forget to close and lock the car’s door.

Illegal parking is a huge problem in Dhaka, Bangladesh. With that, the government of Bangladesh is planning to implement a new parking provision and policy. The policy states that digital tools, such as smart cards for collecting parking fees and mobile applications for parking, will be implemented. As much as possible, park in designated parking bays.

Ensure you and your vehicle are in good condition before driving.

Before hitting the road, you have to make sure that you yourself are mentally and physically capable of driving. Do also check that your car is fully functional. Before you hit the road, make sure to check weather reports to make sure it's safe to drive. Aside from that, make sure that the car’s steering wheel, engine, mirrors, tires, breaks, and signal lights are completely working. Wear your seatbelt and make sure that your car’s door is closed and locked before driving. Do not forget to bring the legal documents and spare tires just in case.

While driving, do not divert your attention away from the road. One thing that can take away your attention from the road is your phone, so do not use it. The real danger is losing your focus on the road. Your attention must be solely on the road to avoid any future accidents on your trip. So always pay close attention to the road when driving. Take note of the road signs on the road as they are there to guide you on your trip.

General Standards of Driving

Touring around the places in Bangladesh is very memorable if you tour in your own comfort. And nothing is more convenient than touring while driving your car in the country. It is very important to drive while knowing and understanding the general standards of driving. It will be one of the aspects that will keep you away from road troubles in Bangladesh.

Speed Limits

Speed limits on every road are there to guide you while driving in Bangladesh. Obeying these imposed speed limits can prevent your involvement in future accidents on the road; in short, it will help you to be safe. Another reason is that obeying the speed limit can get you away from trouble with the Bangladeshi authorities. Listed below are the speed limits on Bangladeshi roads.

  • Highway/Motorway - 80 km/h
  • Rural Areas - 30 km/h
  • Urban Areas - 25 km/h

One of the basic rules taught in driving training in Bangladesh is to not violate the road’s speed limit. Driving your car at a speed that is over the prescribed one can lead to accidents happening on the road. You should always pay attention to road signs while driving as they show the suggested speed limit on the road you are driving. When you are caught overspeeding in Bangladesh, you can be fined starting from TK10000.

Seatbelt Laws

Bangladesh does not have a national law on seat belts. However, it is a good habit to practice wearing a seatbelt while driving. Furthermore, you are advised to wear one for your own safety. Both the front and back passengers should wear a seat belt while riding or driving the car. Wearing a seatbelt will lessen the impact or the injury you will sustain if you ever get involved in an accident.

Driving Directions

The roads in Bangladesh are similar to most countries. There are numerous roundabouts, especially in the city proper. With that, it is important to know rules when entering a roundabout. Always be cautious as some of the local drivers are aggressive when it comes to driving. There are also intersections in Bangladesh. If you have been driving for quite some time, then you will most likely find driving in Bangladesh easy.

Traffic Road Signs

The traffic road signs serve its purpose of guiding and informing you while driving in Bangladesh. If you are used to driving on roads, then you won’t have any problem familiarizing road signs in Bangladesh as they are somehow the same as other countries.

  • Warning Signs - road works, roundabout, uneven road, pedestrian crossing, slippery road, junction
  • Prohibitory Signs - no entry, no trucks, no overtaking, no left turn, no U-turn, no horns, no parking, no stopping
  • Priority Signs - stop, priority road, give way, end of priority road
  • Mandatory Signs - pass left, pass right, pass either side, footpath
  • Information Signs - motorway, expressway, one-way traffic, toll road, low-speed road

Right of Way

Right-of-way rules are very important, especially on roundabouts and intersections. You must always yield to the traffic in the roundabout and make sure that there is no traffic on your left as you are about to enter it. You also have to lower your speed when you are in the traffic in the roundabout.

At intersections, the vehicle that arrives first has the right of way. In cases where two vehicles arrive simultaneously, the vehicle on the right has the right of way. By knowing these important right of way rules, possible car collisions are prevented.

The minimum driving age in Bangladesh is 18 years of age and the maximum is 65 years old to legally drive in Bangladesh. You also have to pass the driving test in Bangladesh to obtain a Bangladeshi driver’s license. If you are below 18 years old and already have a local driving license, you are still not allowed to drive in Bangladesh. You have to wait until you turn 18 years old. The same rule goes for if you plan to take on driving training in Bangladesh.

Law About Overtaking

Bangladesh does not have a national law about overtaking. Even so, you are not allowed to overtake anywhere you want. There is a designated side of the road to overtake in Bangladesh. You are required to overtake on the right side of the road. Violating this basic rule while driving in Bangladesh can lead to accidents on roads.

Driving Side

As you overtake on the right side, you are required to drive on the left side of the road in Bangladesh. It is different from other countries. If you come from a country where you drive on the right side of the road and overtake on the left, you have to keep in mind that in Bangladesh, it is different.

Other Tips

There are also other tips and driving rules in Bangladesh that you should know aside from the ones mentioned above. This information will greatly help you in having safe and sound driving in Bangladesh.

Are There Any Things that My Car Must Be Equipped With?

When driving in Bangladesh, your car must be equipped with a first-aid kit, a reflective jacket, and a warning triangle. These things can become a handful in cases when emergencies happen while you are driving. Most importantly, if your car breaks down, you cannot go out of your car unless you wear a reflective jacket, so do not forget to bring the above-mentioned things that will help you in the future.

What Are the Required Documents I Should be Bringing While Driving in Bangladesh?

Your local driving license and your IDP are the types of driving licenses that you should bring while driving in Bangladesh. Aside from that, you are also required to bring your passport and other car-related legal documents. Bangladeshi authorities will look for it during road checkpoints, and failure to present these documents can get you fined. Before hitting the road, make sure that the documents are with you in the car.

Am I Allowed to Use My Phone While Driving?

While driving, you are not to use your phone. It is very dangerous due to the fact that your attention can be attracted away from the road that may lead to an unfortunate accident on the road. Using your phone while driving in Bangladesh can get you fined starting from Bangladeshi Taka (TK) 500, or you could be jailed for one month or both.

In case you do really need to use your phone while driving, pull to the side of the road first. Do not forget to use signal lights. Once you have already pulled to the side of the road, you can now use your phone. In that way, accidents can be prevented.

Driving Etiquette in Bangladesh

Car problems can happen anytime you are on the road. From minor to major car problems, the possibility of it happening is not impossible. It can’t be predicted, but it can be prevented. Continue reading below for tips and information regarding car problems that can happen when you are driving in Bangladesh.

Car Breakdown

Even if your car is fully-functional, it is possible that it will break down while you are on the road. Most likely, you will panic if your car breaks down on expressways as the traffic there is heavy. However, you have to remain calm and follow the tips provided below.

When Your Car Breaks Down on an Expressway

  1. Immediately turn on your hazard lights if your car happens to break down on an expressway.
  2. If possible, pull your car away from traffic. Be extra careful as traffic on expressways is heavy.
  3. If you are not able to pull your car to the side of the road, go out from the car with caution wearing your reflective jacket.
  4. Set-up the warning triangle at the back of your car to signal other drivers that your car broke down.
  5. Immediately call for emergency rescue. You can call 999, the Bangladesh emergency number.

When Your Car Breaks Down on Quieter Roads

  1. Turn on your hazard lights and if possible, pull your car to the side of the road.
  2. Wear your reflective jacket and get out of the car on the passenger side.
  3. Put the warning triangle at the back of the car.
  4. Call for emergency road assistance right away. You can contact Bangladesh emergency number 999.

Police Stops

If you happen to notice that you are being followed by a police car, lower your speed and pull to the side of the road as they might pull you over. A list of things and tips on how to act and respond to police authority is listed below.

  • When you have already pulled to the side of the road, and the police officer approaches your car, do not open your window yet. Wait for them to knock before opening it
  • Talk to the police officer with a polite and kind tone. You have to show respect to them
  • Make your hands visible to them, preferably on the car’s steering wheel
  • If the police officer asks for your legal documents, do not hesitate to show the documents
  • Suppose you are asked to go with them, ask politely first why they have to bring you in
  • If their reason is valid, go with them. Do not escape!
  • If you’ve settled the situation already, say goodbye to the police officer and close your car’s window

Asking Directions

Bangladeshi locals are very friendly and very welcoming people. They are some of the most hospitable locals that you’ll ever meet. Thus, asking for driving directions from them won’t be a problem for you. They greatly respect tourists in their country. But how they treat you will also depend on how you treat them. That is why you have to treat and respect them well, so you can be treated nicely as well.

The language barrier would hardly be a problem. Most locals in Bangladesh know how to speak and understand English. You should ask them for driving directions politely to get a clear answer to your question.


As road checkpoints can happen on every road that you will be driving in Bangladesh at any given time, you have to be always prepared. Make sure that your required legal documents are with you. As you approach a road checkpoint, lower your speed. Open your car’s window when the officer knocks.

Most probably, they will ask for your local driver’s license, your IDP, and other car-related documents. Do not hesitate to show it to them. After the inspection is done, give thanks to the officer, close your window, and continue enjoying the beauty of Bangladesh.

Other Tips

Other circumstances can also happen to you while you are driving in Bangladesh. With that, it is to your advantage to know other tips about certain events and on how to handle them. You can read below to know more about it.

What If I Get Involved in an Accident?

Whether you are involved in an accident or just a witness, do not leave the accident area. Also, do not move anything in the scene. The best thing you should do is call for emergency rescue. You can call the Bangladesh emergency number, 999. It is toll-free, and it will connect you to ambulance, police, or fire services.

Wait for the emergency rescue as they will be asking you important questions related to the accident. Leaving the accident scene will make you look like a guilty person who escapes, so it is better not to leave the scene.

Driving Situations and Conditions

There are Bangladeshi drivers that are aggressive drivers. There are also ones that strictly follow their road rules and regulations. Most local drivers are well-disciplined and have great respect for the policies implemented on their roads. Knowing this, you should be too complacent when driving in Bangladesh. Even if they are well-disciplined on roads, if you are not, an accident can possibly happen.

Accident Statistics

In the year 2019, Bangladesh recorded a total casualty of 5227, which is a 788-increase from the year 2018’s total of 4439. This has raised the alarm to Bangladeshi authorities. However, the Bangladesh government assured the public that they would take necessary precautions immediately to lessen road accidents happening in the country.

Common Vehicles

Bangladesh has always loved imported brands of vehicles. Toyota is currently the most famous brand in the country. With over 500,000 registered vehicles, Bangladesh residents own luxury sport utility vehicles (SUVs) or small compact sedans. Numerous Bangladeshi have grown fond of the Toyota Corolla.

Toll Roads

There are currently four toll roads and five toll bridges in Bangladesh. None of them have an electronic collection system for collecting toll fees. After the government of Bangladesh finished constructing the roads and bridges, they let the Operation and Management (O&M) maintain it and collect the toll fees as well.

Road Situations

Most of the roads in Bangladesh are always busy. As it is one of the most overpopulated countries in the world, traffic jams are also often experienced. The best way to handle traffic jams is to have patience. Being irritated by traffic jams will surely disappoint you, but the beautiful scenery and tourist destinations in the country will make up for all of it.

Driving around the roads in Bangladesh can sometimes be hard. There are roads that always have traffic jams, and there are also roads that are traffic-free. Just drive with extra care when driving in the country. There may be locals who will violate speed limits, for example. That is why it is very important to be cautious enough when driving in Bangladesh. Also, drive with caution on roads with inadequate street lights.

Driving Culture

Some Bangladesh drivers are aggressive when it comes to driving and do not have a driving license in Bangladesh. They tend to violate the road rules and regulations. But there are also other drivers that have great respect when driving. Just make sure that you drive defensively and cautiously to avoid getting into a road accident.

Other Tips

Aside from the mentioned driving situations, conditions, and ways in Bangladesh, there is also additional information that you must know. These tips will further educate you about what to expect when driving in Bangladesh.

What Is the Unit to Measure Speed in Bangladesh?

When measuring the speed of a car, there are two units used around the world. Some countries use kilometers per hour (km/p), and some use miles per hour (m/h). Bangladesh is part of the 81% of the countries around the world that use the unit kilometers per hour when they measure a car’s speed.

Is Driving in Bangladesh Safe at Night?

Driving in Bangladesh may be a little bit hard. Though their road network is good, there are local drivers who violate speed limits on roads and always have their lights at full-beam during the night. There are also local drivers that follow road rules and regulations even at night. You have to be always careful when driving Bangladesh may it be at night or in broad daylight.

Is Driving in Bangladesh Hard?

Driving around the roads in Bangladesh can sometimes be hard. There are roads that always have traffic jams, and there are also roads that are traffic-free. Just drive with extra care when driving in the country. There may be locals who will violate speed limits, for example. That is why it is very important to be cautious enough when driving in Bangladesh.

Things to Do in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a country that has a lot of hidden tourist attractions that are yet to be discovered. Their architectural heritage and top-notch landscapes are ones that every tourist must witness. Aside from that, tourists that have been in Bangladesh always say that the locals are so welcoming to tourists that make them want to come back to the country.

If you are fond of outdoor activities, numerous beaches, rivers, and other natural scenery can be experienced in the country. Trekking and hiking are some activities tourists visiting Bangladesh always do. Plus, the country also has the longest beach in the world.

Drive as a Tourist

Yes, you can. Provided that you have an unexpired local driving license, International Driver’s Permit in Bangladesh, your passport, and the other necessary car-related documents, then you won’t have any problem driving in Bangladesh. Just always make sure to bring the required documents in case you happen to face road checkpoints.

Work as a Driver

If you’re a tourist that wants to apply for a driving job in Bangladesh, you can apply for one. But that does not guarantee that you will be hired. The decision will be on the company that you are applying for. Some companies will accept foreign applicants, and some will not. Just make sure to secure the necessary documents, such as a driving license for foreigners in Bangladesh. You have to take a written exam and thorough driving tests to get a local drivers license in Bangladesh. You need to be a successful candidate of the driving test before you're issued a Bangladesh driving licence.

A truck driver in Bangladesh typically earns around 8,000 BDT (approximately $95) per month. Driving wages usually range from 3,680 BDT (approximately $43) to 12,700 BDT (approximately $150). This is the average monthly salary, including housing, transport, and other benefits.

Work as a Travel Guide

You can also work as a travel guide in Bangladesh. Many tourists are now interested in visiting Bangladesh, that is why being a travel guide is a good choice of job. A travel guide in Bangladesh usually earns around 8,000 BDT (approximately $95) per month. Tips from the tourists are not yet included in the mentioned monthly salary.

Apply for Residency

If you wish to stay and live in Bangladesh, you can apply for a permanent residence permit. Take note that residency is different from citizenship. You have to qualify on the following requirements below in order for you to be able to apply for a residence permit in Bangladesh.

  • You must be residing in the country for at least five years (2 years for those who married a Bangladesh citizen);
  • You must have a good character;
  • You must be proficient in the Bengali language.

Other Things to Do

There are also other things that you can do when you decide to stay longer in Bangladesh. The country may not be that progressive compared to the other countries in Asia, but that does not limit you on the other things that you can do and experience in Bangladesh.

How to Apply for a Driving License Online in Bangladesh?

You can apply for a foreign driving license in Bangladesh online. You can also check the status of your foreign driving license in Bangladesh online. Just visit Bangladesh Road Transport Authority’s (BRTA) official website, for more information.

Another way to obtain a Bangladeshi driving license is to visit the Bangladesh Road Transport Authority office and exchange your local driving license for a Foreign Driving License in Bangladesh. You may be required to undergo a written driving test in Bangladesh for you to be able to obtain a foreign driving license. You do not have to worry if you still lack basic skills in driving, as driving training centers are also available in Bangladesh.

What Are the Types of Driving License in Bangladesh?

There are two types of a Bangladeshi Driving License; Non-Professional and Professional License. You cannot apply for a non-professional driving license if you are not 18 years or older. As for the Professional driving license, you have to be at least 20 years old to apply for it. Both driving licenses require a driving written test in Bangladesh. You can always take driving classes at driving training centers in Bangladesh.

Can I Renew my Driving License in Bangladesh?

If your Bangladesh driving license expired, you could renew it at Bangladesh Road Transport Authority (BRTA) office. Below is the list of a driving license in Bangladesh requirements when you perform a renewal of your driving license in Bangladesh.

  • Expired license
  • Application form
  • Medical Certificate
  • Proof of payment
  • Passport-size image of yourself
  • Birth certificate

Is a United Arab Emirate (UAE) Driving License Valid in Bangladesh?

Your UAE driving license is valid in Bangladesh. Just make sure that you support it with an International Driver’s Permit when you are driving in Bangladesh. You can secure an IDP at

Is a Bangladesh Driving License Valid in the United Kingdom (UK)?

Your Bangladesh driving license is valid in the UK. Any driving license issued in the tourist’s home country is valid in the UK for 12 months. After that, you need to exchange your local driving license or your Bangladesh driving license for a UK driving license.

Is a Bangladesh Driving License Valid in the United States of America (USA)?

Your Bangladesh driving license will only be valid in the USA if you accompany it with an International Driver’s Permit. The International Driver’s Association offers IDPs that are valid for one to 3 years. You can get more details about it at

The Top Destinations in Bangladesh

Top destinations are abundant in Bangladesh. This country is filled with mesmerizing natural beauty and rich culture that every tourist would die for. Aside from that, numerous beaches and rivers are also found in the country. Historic archeological sites such as mosques are also found in the country as evidence of what the country had gone through in the years. If you love to do outdoor activities, you do not have to worry as Bangladesh will also cater to you in that.


The capital and also the largest city of Bangladesh is a great place to start your trip. Aside from that, it is also Bangladesh’s center for economic, political, and cultural aspects. The city has over 17 million people that makes it a crowded place that radiates bubbling energy.

Driving Directions:

  1. From Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport, head south.
  2. Turn left onto VVIP Terminal Rd.
  3. Turn right.
  4. Turn left toward Dhaka - Mymensingh Hwy/N3.
  5. Turn left onto Dhaka - Mymensingh Hwy/N3.
  6. Make a U-turn.
  7. Take the exit toward Khilkhet Flyover.
  8. Slight right onto Khilkhet Flyover.
  9. Turn left onto Kuril Flyover.
  10. Merge onto Tongi Diversion Rd/N3.
  11. Slight left onto Tongi Diversion Rd.
  12. Turn left onto DOHS Bypass.
  13. Sharp right.
  14. Turn right onto Road No 11.

Things to Do

You can experience a mix of people, culture, and religion in the city of Dhaka. Aside from that, mosques and museums are also abundant in the city that awaits every traveler. The city also offers delicious cuisine, busy markets, and serene parks for you to enjoy.

  1. Witness the Historic Dhakeshwari Temple
    The Dhakeshwari Temple is a place where modern architecture meets the ancient religion. It is a Hindu temple and is also state-owned. After the Ramna Kali Mandir (also a temple in Dhaka was destroyed in 1971, the Dhakeshwari Temple was assumed to be the most important place of worship for Hindus in Bangladesh/ Four temples of the same size stand from one another.
  2. Understand Bangladesh’s History at Liberation of War Museum
    A visit to the world-class Liberation War Museum located in Dhaka, the capital city of Bangladesh, will give the chance to know the past of Bangladesh. It was inaugurated in 1996. It narrates Bangladesh’s history through displays of portraits, military weapons, and even human remains. Almost all of the exhibits inside the museum are presented in English and Bengal, so you do not have to worry if you don’t know Bengal yet.
  3. Explore the Shat Gombuj Masjid
    The Shat Gombuj Masjid is a historic and famous mosque located in Bangladesh. The mosque was built by Muslim Saint Khan Jahan Ali. It has sixty pillars that support eighty superb curved domes. With its world-class structure and rich history, it is considered one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. There is also a small museum located in the mosque that shows artifacts from around Bangladesh, especially the ones collected during the Bagerhat region.
  4. Visit Lalbagh Fort
    The Lalbagh Fort is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Bangladesh. It is a great trademark art of the Mughal Empire as it was started by Prince Mohammad Azam, also known as Azam Shah, who ruled as a Mughal Emperor in the early 17th century. Azam Shah wasn’t able to finish the Fort due to the death of her daughter, and it was then handed to the governor at that time, Shaista Khan. The residence of the governor, the tomb of Azam Shah’s daughter, secret tunnels, and a mosque can be found in Lalbagh Fort.
  5. Relax at Ramna Park
    Ramna Park is a recreation area that sits in Dhaka. It is a forested park that has a pond near its center. It is a perfect place to relax and sit on the benches while inhaling the fresh air that the trees produce. Aside from that, it is also a great place for family gatherings or recreational activities.

Cox’s Bazar

If you love beaches, then the city of Cox’s Bazar is for you. It is located on the southeast coast of Bangladesh. The city is famous for its 120-kilometer long coastline that stretches from north to south alongside the Indian Ocean. Cox’s Bazar’s beach is the third-longest in the world, making it a famous tourist attraction.

Driving Directions:

  1. From Shah Amanat International Airport, Head northeast.
  2. Turn left, then turn right twice.
  3. Turn left.
  4. Turn left onto 14 No Colony Rd.
  5. Turn left onto Airport Rd/Potenga Rd.
  6. Turn right onto M. A Aziz Rd.
  7. Turn right onto Ali Monshi Rd.
  8. Turn right, then keep left.
  9. Turn right onto M. A Aziz Rd.
  10. At the roundabout, take the 2nd exit onto Mooring Rd.
  11. At the roundabout, take the 2nd exit onto Dhaka Trunk Rd.
  12. Turn right onto Strand Road.
  13. Strand Road turns slightly left and becomes Sadarghat Rd.
  14. Turn right onto Firingi Bazar Rd/Kabi Nazrul Islam Rd.
  15. Turn right to stay on Kabi Nazrul Islam Rd.
  16. Continue straight.
  17. Continue onto Mariner's Dr. Rd.
  18. At the roundabout, take the 4th exit onto N1. (Toll road)
  19. At the roundabout, take the 3rd exit and stay on N1.
  20. Turn right.
  21. Turn right onto Chittagong - Cox's Bazar Hwy/N1.
  22. Continue straight onto Chittagong - Cox's Bazar Hwy/Cox's Bazar - Teknaf Hwy/N110.

Things to Do

With Cox’s Bazar’s long coastline, the best thing to do is explore it. You can also enjoy rock pools and crashing waves that are perfect for surfing. It is a place that is perfect for relaxation that produces refreshing air that will make you forget the city life.

  1. Visit a Hindu Temple
    The Adinath Temple is a temple situated at the summit of Mainak Hill. It is a place famous for the yearly event held in the month of Phalgun, according to the Bengali Calendar. The event takes place at the foot of Mainak Hill and lasts for 13 days. Thousands of Hindus come and participate here from all over Bangladesh. This temple was dedicated to the Hindu God, Shiva, who is worshiped as Adinath.
  2. Explore Different Kinds of Fishes at Radiant Fish World
    The Radiant Fish World is Bangladesh's first international standard fish aquarium. Visitors can see different types of fishes. While walking on the tunnel-like hallway, you can see fishes swimming at your side and above your head. A gaming zone is also provided for children to enjoy. If ever you get hungry, a restaurant is also available where you can choose a live fish to be cooked.
  3. Enjoy the Himchori Waterfall and Hill Track
    The Himchori Waterfall is the only cold water waterfall in Bangladesh. After exploring the waterfall, you can follow a hill track that leads to a scenic view of Bengal Bay. It is also a great place to witness the sunset.
  4. Relax at Cox’s Bazar Beach
    A 120-km long beach is located in a city named Cox’s Bazar in Bangladesh. The entire stretch of the beach is golden sandy. Surfing, sunbathing, swimming, and even just taking a walk in the seashore will surely relax your body and emotions. From the sound of the waves to the view of the sun setting is probably the highlight of every visit to the beach. The unique blend of the beach and the hills that provide a mesmerizing landscape is the scenery you do not want to miss.
  5. Be Amazed by a 100-Feet Buddha Structure
    The 100-feet, golden-colored lying Buddha is Bangladesh's largest lying statue. The statue itself, plus the calming surroundings in the place, is a famous tourist attraction in Cox’s Bazar. Many tourists and locals also visit the place for religious purposes.


Chittagong or officially known as Chattogram, is a large port city in Bangladesh. The city is the second-largest in Bangladesh and is famous for being noted as one of the largest Eastern ports. It may be a congested city, but the Chittagong Hill Tracts is one of the fascinating corners of Bangladesh.

Driving Directions:

  1. From Shah Amanat International Airport, head northeast.
  2. Then turn right.
  3. At the roundabout, take the 1st exit.
  4. Turn right onto Potenga Rd.
  5. Turn right onto VIP Rd.
  6. VIP Rd. turns right and becomes Kamal Ataturk Av./Naval Academy Rd.
  7. Drive along Chittagong Coastal Rd.
  8. Turn left at Port Connecting Rd.
  9. Continue onto Port Connecting Rd.
  10. Make a U-turn at Dhaka Trunk Rd.

Things to Do

There is a lot to do and experience at Chattogram. From visiting tribal villages to exploring a river by riding a boat, Chattogram is a city that is full of activities and an ideal place for photography. Amusement parks and historical places can also be found in the city.

  1. Explore a Man-made Lake
    Foy’s Lake is a man-made lake created in 1924. It was created for the purpose of providing water to the residents of the railway colony. At the present time, the lake offers picturesque trails for a better feeling of enjoying the surroundings.
  2. Have Fun at Foy’s Lake Amusement World
    After exploring the man-made lake, you can go and have fun at the amusement park in Foy’s Lake. Activities such as water slides and boat rides are available for you to experience. There is also a Ferris wheel that brings you up to the top and lets you witness the scenic view of the lake and the forests.
  3. Visit the Historical Chandanpura Masjid Mosque
    The Chandanpura Masjid is one of Bangladesh's oldest mosques. It is an ancient architectural beauty that consists of multiple domes and minarets that are painted in bright colors. Its view on the outside shows how stunning its architectural design is and is one of the reasons why this mosque has become a popular tourist attraction in Chattogram.
  4. Know the History of Bangladesh’s Tribal People
    Ethnological Museum in Bangladesh is the only one of its kind in the country. The museum exhibits displays that feature the past of Bangladesh’s Tribal People. Not just that, the museum also documented the present for future generations. It is a great place to learn more about the ethnic groups of Bangladesh.
  5. Wander Along the Shoreline of Parki Sea Beach
    Parki Sea Beach is becoming a popular tourist attraction in Bangladesh day by day. By visiting Parki Sea Beach, you will have the chance to witness a part of the Karnafuli River (the largest river in Chattogram). The gentle sea breeze will welcome you with joy. Plus, you can also witness the sunset at the beach.

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