Belgium’s Best Hotels 2024: Where to Stay for Luxury and Comfort

Belgium’s Best Hotels 2024: Where to Stay for Luxury and Comfort

Explore Belgium’s Finest: Best Hotels for Your Next Stay

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Belgium invites you to medieval towns and stunning Renaissance architecture. Imagine settling into a historic building that’s been thoughtfully modernized. And experience the blending of today’s comforts with the allure of the past.

Choosing the perfect hotel can make your trip enjoyable and special. Belgium offers a variety of places to stay to suit what every visitor is looking for.

Let’s dive in to help you choose the perfect home base in Belgium:

Boutique Hotel Charm

Personalized Service

Imagine walking into a hotel where the staff knows your name and favorite morning drink. Boutique properties in Belgium offer this kind of personalized service. They create lasting memories with curated experiences tailored for you. From the moment you check in, they work to make every aspect of your stay special.

You can also join in on local events and activities that show what Belgian culture is like. The hotel staff can give you special tips to find the best places in town. This way, you get to experience more than the usual tourist spots.

Unique Design

Each room at these hotels is part of your travel story. When you arrive, enjoy tailor-made room settings that reflect comfort and luxury. Imagine entering your suite to find it set up with personal touches that cater to your tastes. This sets boutique hotels apart.

The staff at the hotel is quite good at knowing what you need before you even ask. They can help with things like putting away your clothes or getting a bath ready. Plus, they make special travel plans for you, mixing fun and relaxation in the best way.

Local Flair

When you stay in a boutique hotel in Belgium, you’re stepping into a place full of history and unique style. These hotels can be anything from old castles to buildings with cool, new designs.

As you explore these hotels, you’ll see they have special designs that share stories about Belgium’s history or modern art. This makes each visit special because there’s always something new to discover about the place you’re staying in.

1. Hotel Julien in Antwerp – Nestled in the heart of Antwerp, Hotel Julien is a haven of contemporary design and tranquility. Inside the hotel, you’ll find a mix of new and old furniture. There are also areas with plants and rooftops where you can see amazing views of the city. The design’s use of natural light and open spaces create a serene atmosphere, making it a stylish urban retreat.

2. Pillows Grand Boutique Hotel Reylof Ghent in Ghent – This hotel is a mix of old and new. It looks like a fancy house from the 1700s but has modern touches, making it feel cozy and special. It has a pretty garden, a place to relax and get spa treatments, and a fancy restaurant. All these make you feel the beauty and fancy side of Ghent.

3. The Dominican in Brussels – Located near the Grand Place, The Dominican boasts a design inspired by the site’s history as a Dominican Abbey. This hotel mixes modern with different styles inside. It has cool lights, lots of textures, and art everywhere. There’s a courtyard, a bar to relax in, and even a gym for boxing. All of this makes it a fun place to stay in Brussels, full of life.

4. Hotel de Orangerie in Bruges – It sits by a beautiful canal and has rooms filled with old, fancy things. Each room looks different and shows off Bruges’ exciting history and culture. There’s also a cozy tea room where guests can relax.

5. La Maison Haute in Brussels – Located in the cool Sablon area, is a small hotel that shows off what Belgium is all about. Inside, you’ll find rooms filled with unique furniture and art made by people from the area. It feels warm and real because of all the special touches and the kind way they treat guests. This place stands out as a special spot in the middle of Brussels.

Wellness and Spa Retreats

Relaxation Essentials

After savoring the gourmet menus in our dining rooms, you may seek a space to unwind. Here, relaxation is an art form. You can dress up for an evening of elegance in exquisite dining settings. The culinary delights continue with wine pairings chosen by expert sommeliers. These selections complement your meal perfectly.

Celebrate with style for those special moments, whether a birthday or anniversary. Our chefs present dishes that are not only delicious but visually stunning, too. Each plate is crafted to enhance your celebration.

Spa Services

Imagine stepping into an oasis of calm where stress melts away. This is what awaits you in our tranquil spa environments. As you relax, soft tunes fill the air and you smell the sweet fragrances of essential oils in an aromatherapy session. It’s designed to soothe your senses and relax your mind.

Seek out holistic wellness treatments that promise rejuvenation for body and spirit alike. Embrace therapies that use gentle hands and natural products to restore balance within you.

Fitness Facilities

If you’re looking for more active ways to de-stress, explore the hotel’s fitness facilities. You might start with a signature massage using ingredients from Belgium’s bountiful nature. For those wanting to cleanse their bodies, there are saunas and steam rooms available for use.

And if it suits your fancy, consider one of the many spa packages. These hotels offer special treats such as relaxing massages, face treatments, and alone time with things like a sauna or a bubble bath. These packages ensure every aspect of relaxation is catered to according to personal preferences.

1. Grand Hotel Casselbergh Bruges – In the heart of Bruges, a historic city, there’s a hotel with a luxury spa in old 16th-century cellars. It offers a sauna, a Turkish bath, and a relaxing area, combining old charm with modern relaxation.

2. Hotel La Butte aux Bois in Lanaken – La Butte aux Bois, tucked away in Hoge Kempen National Park, is a fancy house with Spa Retreat La Forêt. This spa has lots of treatments, an indoor pool, saunas, and places to relax. It offers special wellness experiences in a peaceful nature setting.

3. Thermae Boetfort Spa and Hotel in Melsbroek – this hotel is located in an ancient castle that’s over 400 years old. This spa hotel offers a special spot for relaxation. It has many spa features like saunas, steam rooms, whirlpools, and places to chill out inside and outside. Guests can choose from different spa deals, making it an ideal spot for a relaxing break.

4. Manoir de Lébioles in Spa – This castle hotel, known as the “Versailles of the Ardennes,” sits in the peaceful Ardennes forest. It has a fancy spa and wellness center with a sauna, steam room, and hot tub. They offer many treatments to help relax and refresh you.

5. Dolce by Wyndham La Hulpe Brussels – Located in the heart of the Sonian Forest, this hotel offers a peaceful retreat with its Cinq Mondes Spa. Guests can enjoy a range of treatments, an indoor swimming pool, a sauna, and a hammam. This hotel is in a great spot for outdoor fun like bike riding and walking trails, which adds to the relaxing stay.

Scenic Views and Prime Locations

City Skylines

After indulging in the wellness and spa amenities, you might seek a change of scenery. Many hotels provide fully equipped gyms where you can maintain your fitness routines. You’ll find state-of-the-art equipment ready for use.

Some hotels offer fitness classes led by professional instructors. Whether it’s yoga or high-intensity interval training, these sessions are designed to energize you. For a more tailored experience, consider utilizing personal training services during your stay.

1. Warwick Brussels – is a luxury hotel in the center of Brussels, close to the Grand Place. It offers stunning views of the city from its rooms and a rooftop terrace. This makes it an ideal choice for anyone wanting to see Brussels’ beauty from a high point.

2. The Hotel Brussels – The Hotel Brussels is on Boulevard de Waterloo and is quite tall, so you can see all of Brussels from the top floors. It has big rooms with huge windows that go from the floor to the ceiling, so you can look out and see cool places like the Grand Place and Bois de la Cambre.

3. Radisson Blu Royal Hotel, Brussels – Located in the heart of the city, the Radisson Blu Royal Hotel offers a trendy and modern place to stay. Some rooms and suites even let you see the beautiful skyline of Brussels. A special feature of this hotel is its glass dome, which covers the Sea Grill restaurant. Here, guests can have dinner under a starry sky while looking at the city lights.

4. MAS Residence – Just a short walk from the European Quarter in Brussels, MAS Residence offers spacious suites in a boutique setting. Some rooms come with balconies or outdoor spaces where guests can enjoy beautiful views of Brussels. This makes it a great option for visitors who want both coziness and to see the city sights.

5. Hilton Antwerp Old Town – is a great place to stay if you want to see Antwerp’s beautiful skyline and the Cathedral of Our Lady. It’s right in the heart of the old city. From the executive lounge high up in the hotel, you can see all around Antwerp. You get to enjoy the old buildings and the lively city center all at once.

Countryside Escapes

Picture this: waking up to stunning views of urban landscapes right from your room window. Belgium’s countryside offers a blend of comfort and scenic beauty. In the evening, enjoy cocktails at sky bars overlooking city lights.

Choosing rooms with great views is important. Some hotels offer special rooms for the best views. When it gets dark, these places look magical with lights and stars shining.

1. Château d’Hassonville in Marche-en-Famenne – This beautiful castle hotel sits in a big 55-hectare park and provides a calm and fancy stay. The rooms look lovely with old-style decorations. And, the on-site restaurant serves tasty food made from local ingredients. It’s great for people who want to relax in nature.

2. Manoir de Lébioles in Spa – Often called the “Versailles of the Ardennes,” Manoir de Lébioles offers luxury accommodation in a stunning castle setting. Visitors will find rooms that are big and nicely decorated, along with an excellent spa and wellness center and great places to eat. The Ardennes forest around the hotel is a beautiful place for outdoor fun and relaxing.

3. La Butte aux Bois in Lanaken – La Butte aux Bois is a fancy house in the Hoge Kempen National Park. It’s a quiet place in the countryside. The hotel has a famous spa, two great places to eat, and pretty gardens. People staying here can check out the nature area close by, ride bikes, or simply enjoy being in a nice, comfy place.

4. Château de la Poste in Maillen – This charming castle hotel blends historical elegance and modern comfort. Located in the stunning Belgian Ardennes, Château de la Poste is on a big property with amazing views. It offers fun outdoor stuff like tennis, biking, and mini-golf. The rooms are stylishly decorated, and the hotel offers treehouses and lofts for a unique stay.

5. Relais & Châteaux Hotel Heritage in Bruges – is a special place in the middle of Bruges. It is a city known for its old-world charm and recognized by UNESCO. Even though it’s right in the city, it feels peaceful like the countryside. The hotel is inside a building from the 1800s and has fancy rooms, a place to relax and get pampered, and a restaurant that has earned a Michelin star. It’s great for visiting the historical spots in the city and seeing the beautiful countryside of Flanders.

Waterfront Vistas

If tranquility is what you’re after, retreat to serene settings among rolling hills and vineyards in rural Belgium. From your balcony or terrace, bask in peaceful mornings as nature awakens around you.

If you enjoy relaxing but also like going on adventures, pick hotels that are near pretty paths for walking or biking.

Business Meets Pleasure

Conference Facilities

If you’re traveling for work, the best hotels in Belgium blend business with relaxation seamlessly. Imagine finishing a meeting and then stepping out onto a waterside terrace. You can breathe in the fresh air and enjoy stunning views. Many accommodations offer rooms with views of rivers or canals. These settings are perfect for winding down after a busy day.

Hotels with waterfront dining bring an extra touch of romance to your evenings. Picture having dinner as boats glide by on the water below. It’s not just about the view; these hotels also serve delicious food that could impress any client or partner.

Connectivity Features

Every professional knows that reliable connectivity is key during business trips. The top Belgian hotels understand this need well. They provide state-of-the-art meeting rooms and auditoriums designed for productivity and impact.

Expect high-speed internet and advanced presentation tools at these venues. If you’re planning something big, like a corporate retreat or conference, there’s expert support available, too. Professional teams are ready to help make your event memorable and successful.

Work-Life Balance

Connecting is easy at Belgium’s finest hotels thanks to complimentary Wi-Fi across their premises. You’ll find business centers with everything needed for work on the go. For an even smoother stay, some places have smart-room technology. This means controlling room settings right from your phone!

Staying at these places makes it easier to handle work stuff and have fun exploring the area.

1. Radisson Collection Hotel, Grand Place Brussels in Brussels – this hotel is perfect for people traveling for work. It’s both fancy and handy. It has rooms for meetings that have everything you need, special areas made for getting work done, and really fast internet. Plus, it’s super close to where a lot of businesses and government buildings are.

2. Sofitel Brussels Europe in Brussels – Sofitel Brussels Europe is in the European Quarter, making it a great spot for visitors going to EU institutions or nearby businesses. It has big meeting rooms, a business center, and rooms with lots of space to work for those on business trips. After working all day, guests can relax in the hotel’s fancy rooms and enjoy some delicious food.

3. Crowne Plaza Antwerp in Antwerp – This hotel is great for business meetings and events. It has many rooms for meetings and a special person to help plan them. It also has a business center that’s open all the time, fast internet, and rooms with places to work. Being near the Antwerp Expo and the city center makes it even better for people traveling for work.

4. Hilton Antwerp Old Town in Antwerp – is in the old part of Antwerp. It is a great place for both work and fun. It has a modern place for business, different rooms for meetings, and special rooms that give you access to the Executive Lounge. It’s also close to where they sell a lot of diamonds and the business area, making it handy for people who are there for work.

5. Sheraton Brussels Airport Hotel in Zaventem – If you need a place to stay right by the airport, check out the Sheraton Brussels Airport Hotel. It’s super close to the Brussels Airport terminal, so it’s easy to catch your flight or go to international meetings. The rooms are quiet because they’re soundproof, and there’s a business center with everything you need, plus 23 rooms for meetings.

Romantic Getaways

Couples’ Comforts

You can mix work with pleasure in Belgium’s romantic hotels. They offer quiet spaces to focus on your tasks. After meetings, you relax with leisure activities just steps away.

You might enjoy a swim or visit the spa without leaving the hotel grounds. In the evening, mingle at exclusive events. These are perfect for making new friends or business contacts.

1. Relais Bourgondisch Cruyce in Bruges – is known as a very romantic hotel in Bruges. It’s a fancy boutique hotel located where two canals meet, giving guests beautiful views of the water. The hotel has lovely decorations and great service. It is right in the center of the city, making it a perfect place for couples looking for a special and charming stay.

2. Hotel Amigo in Brussels – is located steps away from the Grand Place. Hotel Amigo seamlessly blends luxury with the historic charm of Brussels. The hotel’s elegant rooms, fine dining options, and impeccable service make it ideal for couples looking for a romantic city break. The hotel’s art and design reflect the rich culture of Brussels, adding to its allure.

3. Château de la Poste in Maillen – For couples dreaming of a romantic escape in the countryside, Château de la Poste offers the perfect retreat. This beautiful castle hotel is set in a vast parkland, providing stunning views and a peaceful atmosphere. Its blend of historical architecture and modern comforts makes it an idyllic setting for a romantic getaway.

4. La Butte aux Bois in Lanaken – Nestled in the Hoge Kempen National Park, La Butte aux Bois is a luxurious manor house offering a serene and romantic escape. The hotel features spa facilities, gourmet dining, and beautifully appointed rooms overlooking the lush forest. It’s a haven for couples seeking relaxation and rejuvenation in nature.

5. Hotel Heritage in Bruges – Nestled in the center of Bruges, Hotel Heritage is part of the Relais & Châteaux group and is famous for its loving feel and old-world charm. This hotel has fancy rooms, a warm bar, and a restaurant with a Michelin star. It’s the perfect place for couples wanting to enjoy a special food experience and a romantic stay.

Intimate Settings

Your room can be a love nest with special touches like rose petals and bubbly champagne waiting for you. Imagine walking into such romance! It makes your stay unforgettable.

For extra pampering, book a couples’ massage. Or have dinner for two in a private setting. Adults-only areas also offer peace and quality time together without interruptions.

Special Packages

Some of the best hotels to check out in Belgium hide secret spots within their walls. Find garden patios surrounded by flowers or cozy library nooks. This is perfect for two people seeking tranquility together.

Small boutique hotels often provide these unique experiences and privacy not found elsewhere. For something special, look for live music nights or cultural shows that only guests can enjoy.

Family-Friendly Stays

Kid Amenities

Belgium offers many hotels that are great for families. They understand you might want to celebrate a special day with your kids. Some hotels have themed weekend getaways. These can make a birthday or anniversary fun for everyone.

You can find deals where you bundle things together. You might get a room, spa time, and tasty meals in one package. This is good because it saves money and makes planning easier.

Spacious Suites

When traveling with kids, space is important. They have suites with areas for playing so your children can have fun even indoors.

Some places offer babysitting if you need it. When you book or check-in, ask if they can watch the kids so you can have some alone time.

Family-friendly suites are designed well, too. They consider what families need to be comfortable and happy during their stay.

1. MEININGER Hotel Bruxelles Gare du Midi in Brussels – Situated near Brussels’ main train station, this hotel is a great base for exploring the city. It has special rooms for families, a kitchen everyone can use, and areas to play games, which is great for families with kids. The hotel’s modern design and casual atmosphere ensure a comfortable stay for guests of all ages.

2. Novotel Brugge Centrum in Bruges – Located in the heart of Bruges, this hotel is within walking distance of many of the city’s famous sights. Novotel Brugge Centrum features spacious family rooms, an outdoor pool, and a children’s play area. The hotel also offers a balanced children’s menu, making meal times stress-free and enjoyable for parents and kids alike.

3. Radisson Blu Astrid Hotel, Antwerp in Antwerp – The Radisson Blu Astrid Hotel, with a view of Central Park and near the Antwerp Zoo, is great for families. It has rooms and suites for families, a pool inside, and a place to relax and feel good. Since it’s in the middle of the city, it’s easy to walk to many fun places in Antwerp.

4. Hotel BLOOM! in Brussels – Known for its artistic flair and spacious rooms, Hotel BLOOM! offers a unique stay in Brussels. Each room features a large mural by a different artist, adding a touch of creativity to your stay. This hotel is great for families because it has special rooms for them and a place especially for kids. It’s also near many parks, so families who want to mix fun and learning will love it.

5. Park Inn by Radisson Leuven in Leuven – Just a short walk from Leuven’s historical center and directly connected to the central train station, Park Inn by Radisson Leuven is perfect for families exploring Belgium. The hotel offers family rooms, free high-speed internet, and a fitness center. Its location makes it easy to access public transport for day trips nationwide.

Key Driving Regulations in Belgium

Once you’ve settled into your hotel, are you ready to see the best places to visit in Belgium?

Driving in Belgium can help you explore this country at your own pace. This will also allow you to accomplish the best things to do in Belgium.

Here are some key driving rules to remember:

Drive on the Right: In Belgium, vehicles must be driven on the right-hand side of the road.

Speed Limits: Adhere to the speed limits, typically 50 km/h in urban areas, 90 km/h on open roads, and 120 km/h on highways, unless signs indicate otherwise.

Seat Belts: Seat belt usage is mandatory for all passengers in front and back seats.

Alcohol Limit: The legal blood alcohol limit is 0.5 grams per liter. Driving under the influence of alcohol is strictly prohibited and can lead to severe penalties.

Use of Mobile Phones: Using a handheld mobile phone while driving is illegal. Hands-free systems are allowed.

Child Safety: Children under 1.35 meters tall must use an appropriate child restraint system.

Headlights: Headlights are mandatory in tunnels and recommended during any conditions of reduced visibility.

Priority to the Right: Unless otherwise signed, drivers must give way to vehicles coming from the right at intersections.

Getting an International Driving Permit

An International Driving Permit serves as a translation of your national driver’s license. It is an internationally recognized document.

An IDP is recommended, especially if your license is not in English. Having an IDP can facilitate communication with car rental agencies and local authorities. It’s also a useful document to have in case of traffic stops or accidents.

You may apply for an International Driving Permit for your Belgium trip through:

  • National Mobile Associations
  • Third-party organizations, such as International Drivers Association

Have a Delightful Stay in Belgium

Ready to start your Belgian adventure? Planning the best time to visit Belgium ensures a delightful experience. Book your stay now and experience the heart of Europe in style. Don’t forget to consider renting a car and getting an International Driving Permit to venture beyond the hotel grounds and explore the country!

Get your International Driving Permit in 8 minutes

Instant approval

Valid for 1-3 years

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