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IDP is essential when driving abroad

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International Driving Permit (IDP), regulated by the United Nations, certifies that you are the holder of a valid driver's license in your country of origin.

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Your IDP is a valid form of identification in more than 150 countries worldwide and contains your name, photo and driver information in the 12 most widely spoken languages in the world.

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How do I get an international driver's license in Zimbabwe? 

There is no such thing as an International Driver’s License (IDL); the official document used for this is an International Driving Permit (IDP). It translates your valid If you are driving in the country for only three months, you can get your IDP form us by clicking the “Start My Application” button on the upper right corner of the page. You also need to fulfill all the requirements as indicated such as a valid National driving licence, passport size photo, your type of motor vehicle as you rent a car in the country.

On another note, if you intend to stay in the country beyond three months, you need to have a valid driving license for your country, and then visit the Zimbabwe Driving Licence Authority (ZDLA) for a test. You will have to pass all parts of the test - a theory test, practical driving test, and eye tests.

The ZDLA process is different from other countries because it is not possible for you to take your own car on the road. You will be provided with a car and you will be accompanied by an instructor while taking your tests.

How much is international drivers Licence in Zimbabwe?

Our price for an IDL/IDP in Zimbabwe is only $69. And the entire process can be done easily in three easy steps as indicated in the previous question.

Can foreigners drive in Zimbabwe?

Foreigners can certainly drive in Zimbabwe as long as they have their International Driving Permit accompanying their valid National Driving Licence. You will be using this when driving on the road, during checkpoints, violations, and even a car rental. The IDP translates your home country driver’s license into English or other widely spoken languages worldwide.

The following are the foreign countries which recognizes our IDP:

  • Afghanistan
  • Botswana
  • Congo
  • Ireland
  • Japan (1949 IDP Type: Valid for 1 year)
  • Madagascar
  • Malawi
  • Nigeria
  • Liechtenstein
  • Portugal
  • Switzerland
  • and more!

How to Renew an Expired IDP?

You can always renew your expired International Driving Licence in Zimbabwe from us. Just fill-up the application form and submit it. Within two hours after submission, you will receive an update from us regarding your application, whether it is approved or not. The IDPs that we offer have a validity of one to three years, and we also do international shipping.

An International Driver’s Permit in Zimbabwe in pdf form is available for you to see online. Double-check your country’s zip code in your International Driving Licence application to avoid delays in its shipment. If ever you have more questions about an International Driving Licence in the country, our contact number and customer service can be found on our website.

International driving license in Zimbabwe

Top Destinations in the Country

The huge number of tourist attractions, the country’s diverse culture and history, the abundance of wildlife, and its people are what attract tourists to visit and explore the country. As national parks are scattered across the country, you can experience the wildlife of the country in every corner that you are in. With that, you should not miss out on stopping by and discovering the hidden beauty of the country

Mukuvisi Woodlands

As this country is abundant in wildlife, the Mukuvisi Woodlands Environmental Center is one of the places in Harare, Zimbabwe, where you can witness the country’s natural beauty along with its rich wildlife. Some of the animals that roam around the 265-hectare woodland are giraffes and zebras.

The center is open all year long from 8 AM to 5 PM. The entrance fee for children and adults are $3 and $4, respectively. You can either go on a guided tour for $10 and go birdwatching for three hours that will cost $20. The best time to visit the center is during Sundays as you can possibly roam free in the center.

Harare Botanical Garden

This country is also not short in terms of relaxing natural beauty. The park mostly includes the 750 species of plant found here. There are also endangered local species and numerous exotic species from countries like India, South America, and Australia. It is the best place to unwind after a tiring tour around the city of Harare.

The botanical garden is open every day from 9 AM to 5 PM. The entrance fee is $2 for every adult or child. There are also parking spaces in the area that cost about $3. You can go strolling around the park. If you ever get hungry, there is also a restaurant where you can enjoy a meal.

Chapungu Sculpture Park

The Chapungu Sculpture Park in Harare is a perfect place for artists and all tourists, and locals who love the arts. The creation of this center came to life with the purpose of helping stone-budding artists get exposure. Some artists’ works are sold abroad, and some of them are displayed in the park.

The park is open every day from 9 AM to 5 PM. The best time to visit the park is in the months of May up until September. These months are perfect for a getaway in the park as the climate is not that hot. If you love strolling in the park and witnessing different sculpture designs, then you should stop by the Chapungu Sculpture Park.

Railway Museum

The railway museum in the city Bulawayo lets tourists and locals know and understand the railway system history of the country. The museum has exhibits of numerous different models and information panels that tell the development and improvement of the train and tracks of the country. It opened in 1972 and has old steam locomotives from 1897.

The Railway Museum is open all year round from 8 AM to 4 PM. There is an entrance fee that you should pay before you can enter and explore the museum. A 2-hour and 30-minute tour of the museum should be enough for you to learn and understand the country’s railway history.

National History Museum of Zimbabwe

The National History Museum of Zimbabwe sits in the second largest city of in this country, Bulawayo. The three-floored museum houses important research collections that narrate the history of Zimbabwe. It is circular in structure and has nine galleries and a lecture hall. The museum can house over 120 people. There is also a cafeteria if ever you get hungry after the museum tour.

The entrance fee to the museum will cost $10 for tourists and $5 for local residents. As it is open 8:30 AM up until 5 PM, you can stay in the museum for as long as you want. Visiting the National History Museum of Zimbabwe will give you an insight into the history of the country and how it became the country that it is in the present time.

Khami Ruins

The Khami Ruins is one of the six UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Zimbabwe. The site constitutes one of the greatest empires of South Africa, the Kalanga Kingdom of Butwa of the Torwa. The site was abandoned in the mid-17th century. It is terraced walls that are decorated with stones.

Khami Ruins is open all throughout the year from 8 AM to 5 PM. Visitors are required to pay $3 for adult residents, $1 child residents, $10 adult tourists, and $5 for child tourists. Parking spaces are also available near the area.

Victoria Falls

Another UNESCO World Heritage Site in this country, Victoria Falls, is famous for having the largest sheets of water that fall to the ground. The falls lie in the Victoria Falls National Park, where you can experience a lot of recreational activities and also the rich wildlife of Zimbabwe. The water makes a massive noise falling to the Zambezi River.

The national park is open from 6 AM to 6 PM. As there are a lot of things that you can do in the park, including witnessing Victoria Falls, a 4-hour tour is recommended. Tourists and locals are required to pay $20 and $2, respectively. You should visit the park during the months of February up to May to witness the water flowing at its greatest volume.

International driving permit in Zimbabwe

Most Important Driving Rules

It is important for a tourist or a local to know about the most important driving rules when driving in the country. By knowing and understanding the driving rules, you will be more aware of what to do and what to not do on Zimbabwean roads. 

Always Bring the Required Documents

Your local driver’s license, your IDP, your passport, and other car-related documents should be with you all the time when driving in Zimbabwe. The mentioned documents are what road traffic authorities will look for during checkpoints, and failure to present them might get you fined. The good thing is that you do not need a visa for your International Driver’s Permit application. You can find a sample of an International Driver’s Permit in PDF form online if you are ever curious about what it looks like.

Do Not Drive Under the Influence

Drunk-driving is strictly prohibited in the country. Driving after drinking alcoholic drinks is very dangerous as you will be driving having no right state of mind. That scenario can cause a road traffic collision between your car and the other driver’s car on the road. And worse of it all, it can lead to a fatal accident.

Obey Speed Limits

There is a purpose on why roads have speed limits, and that is to maintain order on the road. Overspeeding and violating the mandated road’s speed limit is never a good idea. Violating is one of the causes of why severe accidents happen on the road. So as much as you can, avoid violating the speed limit of the road you are driving in.

Take Note of Road Signs

Road traffic signs are put on the roads to guide you on your trip. And with that, you have to maximize its use. Do not forget to look for and follow what the road signs say whenever you see one. You might get lost on your trip if you do not notice the road signs.

Do Not Use Your Phone While Driving

The use of your phone while driving is not allowed in this country unless it has a hands-free system. The worst case that can happen when you drive while using your phone is that you can get into a road accident. As your attention that is supposed to be on the road ahead of you is directed to the phone you are using; you will not be aware of what is currently happening on the road you are driving.

Always wear your seatbelt

Wearing a seatbelt is also a vital part when driving in the country, including other countries in the world. Seatbelts can lessen the impact of your body towards the car if ever you are involved in a collision. In Zimbabwe, only the front seat passengers are required to wear seat belts, but it is also a good practice if the back passengers also wear one.

Do Not Drive With an Expired License

Driving in this country with an expired license is illegal. Both your local driving license and your International Driver’s Permit in Zimbabwe should be valid and not expired for you to use legally in the country. You could get fined by the authorities of Zimbabwe if you are caught driving with an expired license.

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