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International Driver's License In Vanuatu: Travel And Rent A Car

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IDP is essential when driving abroad

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International Driving Permit (IDP), regulated by the United Nations, certifies that you are the holder of a valid driver's license in your country of origin.

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Your IDP is a valid form of identification in more than 150 countries worldwide and contains your name, photo and driver information in the 12 most widely spoken languages in the world.

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Do I need international driving license for Vanuatu?

There is no such thing as an international driver’s license or idl. The proper document that will allow you to drive in another foreign country as a supporting document for your home country driver’s license is called an International Driving Permit (IDP). This IDP translates your valid driver’s license into English and 12 of the widely used languages worldwide.

An IDP is widely used for multiple purposes, including the following:

  • At a car rental company to support your driver’s license when renting a motor vehicle
  • During checkpoints
  • When you get stopped by local authorities for breaking speeding laws or other traffic rules
  • If you get asked by some establishments to provide a valid ID and you use your valid driver’s licence

Our IDP is recognized in 165+ countries including Fiji, Papua New Guinea, Panama, Brazil.

How to get international driving license (IDL) for Vanuatu?

Getting an IDP from us is a rather straightforward process. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Click the button that says "Apply For IDP" anywhere on the page.
  2. Answer the next question honestly if you have a valid driver’s license.
  3. Please read the instructions on this page before beginning the process. It will take less than or exactly three minutes to complete this task.
  4. Prepare your valid driver's license, passport-sized photos, and credit card.
  5. Please ensure that all of the information you have provided in the application form is correct before moving on to the next step and clicking "Next."
  6. Fill out this form with every piece of information that is printed on your driver's license.
  7. Please fill in the information requested on the following page. Kindly double-check that the information is correct.
  8. Choose your license class. You will need to upload a photo of yourself in passport size along with a copy of your current driver's license. Please be aware that the photo you provide in passport size must be of you alone.
  9. After that, pay the IDP fee using your credit card. As soon as you have done, we will send you email updates detailing the current status of the shipment of your IDP.

Top Destinations in Vanuatu

The Melanesian sovereign state, Vanuatu, is an epic castaway destination for enthralling jewels. The country has remarkable resorts, legendary gems, and an iconic atmosphere that will find explorers challenging to resist. Touring around the nation’s spectacular wonders, be sure to be with the ideal travel buddy to create an ultimate journey that will mark a lifetime. Coasting a vehicle in the country will give you a unique wandering style in your life.

Before doing so, having an International Driving Permit in Vanuatu is a mandatory item to possess. To own one, visit the International Drivers Association. The application is very convenient. You only need your name, address, number, city/state, and zip code to claim your international driver’s license in Vanuatu. After accomplishing it, note down the tracking number for your international driver’s license in Vanuatu. It will let you know the processing status of your IDP.

Vanuatu National Museum

The Vanuatu National Museum in Port Vila is a complex exhibiting the ancient artifacts from the previous eras that occurred in the country. Under the Vanuatu Cultural Center’s supervision, the site is a cultural organization aiming to preserve the nation’s impressive history, tradition, and lifestyle. Besides the epic artifacts inside the museum, legendary fossils, shells, early pottery materials, and marks left by the first wild creatures that inhabit the state are what will welcome the tourists.

History enthusiasts and past story hunters will have the utmost fun exploring the museum. Going any day of the week except Sundays and Public Holidays is acceptable. There’s also an admission fee to pay before sneaking inside the complex. Adults have to pay VT 1,000 and VT 500 for the kids. Babies are free of charge.

Millennium Cave

Resting on the South Central Santo of Luganville, Millennium Cave is a sanctuary where darkness is the new adventurous light to see. Hardcore trekkers can enjoy the arduous trek trails passing through the lush forest, epic rock formations, and tempting river waters. Upon entering the extensive cavern, the local guides will lather a clay paste on the explorer’s face. It’s a traditional act to assure a safe and fun exploration inside the cave.

The rainy season is not an advisable period to head over to the Millennium Cave. The precipitation chances are relatively high from November to April. Try to save a date from May to September, as those are the ideal months to visit the cave. A trekking fee of VT 7,500 is mandatory before proceeding to the trail. Cashing out a relatively significant amount is worth it, especially for the eco-advocates and enthusiasts.

Champagne Beach

Situated in Espiritu Santo, Champagne Beach is a hotspot for pleasing white sand fans. The paradise is famously known for its natural green tropical vegetation, transparent waters, and breathtaking cliffs that conceal the bay. Grab the chance to snorkel and meet some of the marine animals living underwater. Explorers can also take a sightseeing adventure at Elephant Island for more stellar landscapes and views to capture by the naked eye.

Water engagements on the site are best from May to October. Be sure to plan a date from those months to ensure a safe and sound water splashing adventure. Avoid heading on the rainy season, high tides are possible to happen, so it can be dangerous to do some water sports.

Warwick Le Lagon Resort & Spa

Settled in the magnificent 75-hectare land, Warwick Le Lagon Resort & Spa is a kind of paradise that brings an elegant and classy vibe for its charming Bungalows and Villas. This sanctuary is specifically sitting at the Erakor Lagoon’s shoreline. Its impressive amenities, facilities, and panoramic views are already a luxury treatment to experience.

For explorers wanting to spend a vacation in Vanuatu with a perfect climate, May to September are the periods matching their preferences. For couples desiring to have an unforgettable honeymoon time, May, June, and September are ideal for them.

Ramada Resort Port Vila

Innovative structure, modernized designs, and intriguing architectural style are the true definition of elegance surrounding the Ramada Resort Port Vila. Built-in 2016, the resort indeed executes the astonishing beauty and world-class quality of lodging. Its glamorous suites, tropical garden, phenomenal lagoon sights, and unbeatable wooden furnishings empower the resort to exhibit a luxurious atmosphere.

Sightseeing, lodging, playing, and exploring any of those enthralling activities are possible in Ramada Resort Port Vila. Make sure to save any dates from June to September, as those periods are the excellent time to wanderlust and inhale the freshest air around.

Most Important Driving Rules in Vanuatu

Driving in a foreign country, like Vanuatu, requires extra care. As a visitor, it's important you act sensibly and responsibly all the time. Avoid any reckless behaviors or breaking any driving rules in Vanuatu. Such actions won't do you any good. Also, remember that you're responsible for the lives of your passengers. If anything goes wrong on the road, the fault lies with you, as you're the one controlling the vehicle.

Before leaving your lodging area, always double-check if you already have an International Driving Permit in Vanuatu. It is to assure that the operating of a foreign vehicle is legal. If you don’t have one, search for the requirements for applying for an International Driving Licence in Vanuatu at the International Drivers Association. Monitor the progress of your International Driving Permit in Vanuatu through its tracking number. Don't forget to bring your driving licence valid in Vanuatu and the car registration documents of your rental car.

Sustain the Designated Speed Limit

Maintaining the standard velocity limit in Vanuatu is a crucial road policy to avoid a road accident. Do note that 50 km/h is the maximum speed on city roads, while 80 km/h on rural highways. Exceeding the acceleration level will only cause a road accident. Injuries, property damage, hassle, and time-consuming will be the consequence of being an imprudent driver. Of course, prepare to see a lousy record number on your international driver’s license in Vanuatu.

Operators who will ignore the assigned speed mark expect to have the international driver’s license in Vanuatu to claim back at a nearby police office station.

Refrain from any alcoholic beverage intake

Intoxicated driving will always be an illegal activity. If you still remember the significant road laws, you learn that even if you shot a small amount of beer, it can make you exceed the legal BAC limit in Vanuatu, which is -0.99%. That only signifies that you do not dare to hold the steering wheel if you are not in condition. Horrible penalties are waving at you.

Never dare to drive at night

Potholes and undeveloped road sections will be most likely greet you when you attempt to drive in the dark. Another hazardous factor to encounter is the stray animals roaming around the streets. No one can predict when those wild creatures will surprise drivers at night. That’s why hitting the highway after sunset is dangerous. Losing control and unable to manage the situation will highly bother your entire journey in Vanuatu.

Accelerate on the Right, Go ahead on the left

The designated driving side in Vanuatu is on the right while overtaking is on the left. Jot down this information as many outlanders still get confused about the rule. When going through the highway, keep on the right side at all times. If you feel that there’s a need to overtake, shift to the left. Remember that going ahead to another vehicle will only be legal if there is leeway, proper warning signals, and permission from the road user letting you move forward.

As you get in your car, ensure that you have the legal requirements, including the International Driver’s Permit in Vanuatu, native driver’s license, passport with visa, and car registration documents. Review the details on your International Driver’s Permit, like the name, address, contact number, city/state, and zip code. Look at the International Driver’s Permit in Vanuatu website link indicated at the International Drivers Association for other guidelines.

Be vigilant on the people asking for a hitch ride

If a person is asking for a lift, generally raising a hand is the right gesture. However, in Vanuatu, it may mean that a person only sends you a wave and warm smile. Some foreign drivers get confused about the difference between the two. To spot the distinct traits when a local needs a ride, observe the facial expression. If it is in a hurry, it needs a lift, but if not, it only wants to greet you.

Ready to check if an IDP is accepted in your destination?

Use the form and find out in seconds whether you need an international permit. Documents vary, based on the United Nations Convention on Road Traffic.

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