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Top Road Trip Destinations in Uruguay

Uruguay has a temperate climate. That means you can enjoy the lovely white beaches, but you might want to bring some extra clothing if you travel during the winter from June to September. Tourists and travelers visit Uruguay’s coastlines’ beaches because they are clean and the salty sea breeze that you need to experience for yourself. Here are some sought-out destinations to help you decide which one to go to first.

You don’t need to bother about the requirements for an international driver’s license in Uruguay as you can obtain and apply online. An international driver’s license form is available at the International Driver’s Association’s website, and you can have yours for only 20 minutes.

La Paloma

La Paloma is a popular beach area located on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. If you’re someone who falls in love with the refreshing sea breeze and the sounds of gushing waves, then you don’t want to miss this spot in Uruguay. Tourists and travelers go to La Paloma because of the secluded ambiance it gives off, especially if you plan to go there during the low season. It is also a right surfing area and a place to unfurl and meditate.

The best time to visit La Paloma is from February to May as well as September to December. This beach is where tourists and travelers take a dip in its calm waters and sunbathe to enjoy such good weather. You can do water activities, like surfing and diving. Furthermore, there are restaurants and stalls to choose from if you ever get hungry.

Driving Directions:

  • Get on Cap. Juan Antonio Artigas/IB/Route 101 from Acceso a Partidas and Accesos Aeropuerto.
  • Follow IB and Route 9 to Route 15 in Rocha.
  • Follow Route 15 to De María in La Paloma.
  • At the roundabout, take the 1st exit and stay on Route 15.
  • Turn right at Av Del Navío.
  • Turn right onto De María.

Getting an International Driving Permit in Uruguay, requirements are not necessary as you can apply online, and within 20 minutes, your IDP is good to go. Verifications for your international driving permit can be checked at the International Driver’s Association’s webpage, and if you need anything, they are there to accommodate your concern.

Punta del Este

If you haven’t been to Punta del Este, then you should stop by at least once if you’re already in the region. Everything you need is Punta del Este: fine beaches, enchanting nightlife, and authentic Uruguayan cuisine served with perfection. The place is known as one of the most expensive districts where people can play casinos, drink in different pubs, and enjoy the fireworks during the high season from late December to February.

There are plenty of things to do here. Aside from the beach, you can enjoy parasailing, windsurfing, water-skiing, and more: shopping malls, restaurants, and disco nights are just some activities you have to try. It is advisable to avoid the heavy season when going to this beautiful place, while the best time to visit is from October to December. Drivers tend to misplace their international driving license in Uruguay. They’re numbered, so if you lost it, it could be tracked in the IDA’s system and send you a free replacement.

Driving Directions:

  • Get on Cap. Juan Antonio Artigas/IB/Route 101 from Acceso a Partidas and Accesos Aeropuerto.
  • Continue on IB to Punta del Este.
  • Continue on Av Brasil to your destination.
  • Turn left onto Av Brasil.
  • Turn right onto Av. Franklin Delano Roosevelt.
  • Enter the roundabout.

The IDA issues international driving permits in less than 2 hours. If you’re worried about an IDP in the Uruguay test, then put your mind at ease as you can apply without taking any examination. All you need is to fill out the application form and submit the required documents. Your IDP can be English, Spanish, Korean, and Japanese as it is translated into your preferred language. Hurry up and get yours now!

Colonia del Sacramento

Colonia del Sacramento is a historical spot and a must-visit destination in Uruguay. Old, colorful houses and cobbled stone streets make this place more appealing to tourists who like to stroll around ancient sites. This picturesque town is part of the UNESCO heritage sites; that’s why the area is preserved as more and more visitors come back to relish the beauty and ambiance of Colonia del Sacramento.

The best time to visit this historical spot is between December and February. It is much more pleasant to take a tour at this historic site in good weather rather than in rainy and cold seasons. Fun things to do here include wine tasting, bike rentals, and an educational tour in the area. If you drive to the place, always bring your International Driver's Permit in Uruguay. The International Driver's Association issues international driving permits, as well as provides the status and update of your international driver’s license.

Driving Directions:

  • Get on Cap. Juan Antonio Artigas/IB/Route 101 from Acceso a Partidas and Accesos Aeropuerto.
  • Merge onto Cap. Juan Antonio Artigas/IB/Route 101.
  • Get on Perimetral Wilson Ferreira Aldunate/Ruta 8 Brigadier Gral Juan Antonio Lavalleja/Route 102 in Montevideo from Cap. Juan Antonio Artigas/Route 101.
  • Continue on Perimetral Wilson Ferreira Aldunate/Route 102. Take Cno. Los Camalotes to Brigadier Gral. Manuel Oribe/Route 1.
  • Follow Brigadier Gral. Manuel Oribe/Route 1 to Dr Emilio Frugoni in Colonia Del Sacramento.
  • Continue on Dr Emilio Frugoni. Drive to Calle Exodo.
  • At the roundabout, take the 1st exit onto Dr. Emilio Frugoni.
  • Turn left onto Calle Exodo.

The International Driver’s Association offers express shipping worldwide for International Driving Permits in Uruguay. Address and contact number are essential to track where the parcel is. When sending an international driver’s license in Uruguay, the zip code should be typed correctly to prevent possible delays due to incorrect information.

Santa Teresa National Park

Santa Teresa National Park is located on the coastlines of the Atlantic Ocean in Rocha. The park is 3,000 hectares with more than 2 million species of trees inhabiting it. Travelers and campers often go to Santa Teresa because of the hiking trails and the wilderness experience nature enthusiasts should get. There are also gardens and greenhouses in the area that you can check out if you still have time to walk around.

The month of November and December are the loveliest months to travel and visit Santa Teresa National Park. Though you can see all year round, winter may be challenging for you. As a national park, it has diverse outdoor activities for active souls out there. You can camp in the area and take a stroll in the lush garden, forest, and beaches! Drive there along with your International Driver's Permit in Uruguay. Tests won’t be needed, and your international driver’s license requirements are paperless, so head online and apply now.

Driving Directions:

  • Get on Cap. Juan Antonio Artigas/IB/Route 101 from Acceso a Partidas and Accesos Aeropuerto.
  • Follow Route 6 to Ruta 43 in Departamento de Durazno.
  • Take the Ruta 43 ferry to San Gregorio de Polanco.
  • Drive to Carmen.
  • Turn right.
  • Continue onto Calle Carmen.
  • Continue onto Carmen.

International Driver's Permits in Uruguay forms are available online at the IDA website. The company ships your permit worldwide, so you need to input the correct zip code for your international driver’s license. You can indicate in the form that you need a Finnish, Guatemalan, or English International Driver's Permit. In Uruguay, Spanish, for example, to use for your next trip.


Uruguay’s capital - Montevideo, is a place you don’t want to miss more than anything in the region. Just like Punta del Este, the capital boasts high-rise buildings, busy streets, and restaurants; you should try to experience their local cuisine. While there is a nearby beach, people love to walk around and check out theaters and other establishments lined behind the sidewalks. Montevideo should be your first destination once you reach Uruguay.

The best time to visit the capital is during its peak and climate season, October to March. Montevideo has many attractions for tourists and travelers to try, such as walking around the Rambla, the nightlife, and the delicacies to eat and bring. You don’t need to send physical documents for your International Driver's Permit in Uruguay to be approved. The International Driver's Permit qualification is you have a local driving license. Forms for international drivers’ permits can be accessed online for your convenience.

Driving Directions:

  • Take Accesos Aeropuerto to Route 101.
  • Head southwest on Acceso a Partidas toward Accesos Aeropuerto.
  • Merge onto Accesos Aeropuerto.
  • Take Av de las Américas and Av Italia to Bulevar General Artigas in Montevideo.
  • At the roundabout, take the 1st exit onto Route 101, heading to Montevideo.
  • Take the ramp onto Cap. Juan Antonio Artigas/IB/Route 101.
  • Turn left onto Bulevar General Artigas.
  • Keep right to stay on Bulevar General Artigas.

When acquiring an International Driver's Permit in Uruguay, your address is essential when shipping it to you. For updates, your international driver’s license is accessible on the IDA website. International Driver's Permit manuals can also be checked there.

Cabo Polonio

Cabo Polonio is a protected area in Uruguay since 2009. It can be reached through Barra de Valizas, where you can hike a 12 km walk to the beach or experience what camping is in Uruguay. The place is right for relaxation and sight-seeing; you can spot a colony of sea lions while walking - and don’t forget to bring extra water to keep you hydrated should there be a hike ahead.

Responsible backpacking and camping is the main attraction in Cabo Polonio. If you and your colleague are into this experience, then it’s worth the travel. The best time to go to the Cabo Polonio from December to February is based on the travel sequence. It is where you can also catch locals camping in the area. If you drive there, always bring your international driver’s license in Uruguay. Tests are unnecessary, while you can check out the international driver’s license manual and qualifications online.

Driving Directions:

  • Get on Cap. Juan Antonio Artigas/IB/Route 101 from Acceso a Partidas and Accesos Aeropuerto.
  • Follow IB and Route 9 to Departamento de Rocha.
  • Take Route 10 to Camino al Cabo.
  • Slight left toward Route 10.
  • Turn right twice then head straight onto Camino al Cabo.

International driver’s licenses in Uruguay are numbered for ordering purposes. One of the international driver’s license qualifications is at least 18 years old and a holder of a local driver’s license. Some people ask if there are examinations needed to acquire an international driver’s license. Applying for an IDP doesn't require examinations. Submitting the required documents and application form is enough to get one. Tests are only for those foreign drivers who wish to exchange their licenses for Uruguayan.

Most Important Rules of Driving in Uruguay

Driving in the region is similar to the country of your origin. There are a set of road traffic rules to follow, and as a foreign driver, you shouldn’t be the one breaking them. Bring the necessary documents such as your passport, local driving licence, International Driver's Permit, and car insurance papers. The international driving permit in Uruguay is as necessary as bringing your local license, and it should go hand in hand while you are in the streets.

General Standards of Driving

There are some points to keep in mind before you hit the road and go to your next destination. Uruguay’s road rules are easy to follow though some of them might be new to you. Adhering to these laws will save you from possible trouble and guarantees a smooth road trip experience with your family and colleagues. Check out these pieces of information first before anything else.

Intersection roads and one-way streets are commonly seen when driving in Uruguay. It might be confusing at first, but once you experience it firsthand, you’ll get the hang of it. Headlights must be turned on no matter what time you’re driving. The right of way is the vehicle on the right and those inside the roundabouts. Seatbelts are mandatory for passengers sitting at and front and back of the car.

For your International Driver's Permit in Uruguay, a website can be accessed online at the International Driver’s Association. With just a few clicks, you can obtain your IDP in no time. Drop all the physical documents; your International Driver's Permit in Uruguay application is paperless. All you need is to fill out the application form on our website.

Do I Need an International Driver’s License in Uruguay?

An international driver’s license is often interchanged with IDP. The government is only requiring an IDP to support your local driver’s license. Qualifications for an International Driver's Permit in Uruguay must have a local driver’s license to acquire an IDP. Before you get an International Driver's Permit in Uruguay, the zip code must be double-checked to be shipped without delay.

Drink-Driving Is Prohibited in Uruguay

Before, the alcohol blood level limit was 0.03% or 30 mg/ltr blood. Drink-driving is one of the causes of rampant car collisions and accidents, and since 2015, the government imposed a zero-tolerance policy to mitigate these circumstances from recurring. Drink-driving is a severe offense in Uruguay, and if proven, you will be arrested, pay a huge fine, and put in jail depending on the authorities’ decision. As much as possible, if you need to drink, ask someone who will drive you home or not drink at all if you still need to drive someone home.

Parking Rule in Uruguay

You can park anywhere in Uruguay on Sundays. Montevideo is teeming with locals and tourists, making it hard for you to get a decent parking space. If you’re in the city, you can use paid parking, or if you’re out to check those secluded spots, parking attendants will look after your vehicle for you.

Details such as your contact number for your International Driver's Permit in Uruguay are essential to put when applying. You can also check your International Driver's Permit as updates can be done on the IDA’s website.

Regulate Your Speed Limit

The traffic authorities have installed speed cars since 2017 to help catch those recurring road offenders who abuse the road rules. Speed limits maintain the drivers’ and motorists’ way of driving to avert unwanted accidents to happen. The urban road limit is 45/60/75 km/h, while highway and open roads are 90/110 km/h. Over speeding is frowned upon by locals, so you need to blend in and follow this limit for every road type you take.

Before you start driving, check the status of your international driver’s license in Uruguay, the website of the International Driver’s Association is a one-stop site for you to apply and get updates. An International Driver's Permit is your ticket if you plan to drive in the region’s streets.

Uruguay is a place for all sorts of travelers. The next time you look at the map, check out those tiny land sizes because they might have something that you need to be in your next destination. Along with it, don’t forget to obtain an International Driver's Permit in Uruguay for a smooth road trip experience.

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