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Top Destinations in Turkey

A reasonable amount of information should have been gathered before your plan of driving in Turkey. This kind of approach is to make the most out of your travel and have an enjoyable experience when touring a foreign country. Via the collection of ideas regarding the country, it will be easier for you to explore its different tourist spots, thus saving a lot of time and preventing mishaps during your journey. This guide will give important information about Turkey’s fantastic tourist spots and the different do’s and don'ts when driving on its roads.

Before enumerating the different destinations you can visit, you may need to know details such as your International Driver’s License in Turkey, the zip code of the location you want to visit, and the essential driving rules of the country. You can easily obtain the International Driver’s Permit for Turkey online.

Important Reminders Before Driving in Turkey

When driving to a foreign country, make sure to keep in mind the following information or queries to make your travel experience more manageable. The first question to consider is, “do I need an International Drivers License in Turkey? If yes, other questions that may cross your mind are: how to get an International Driving License in Turkey?; What are the potential consequences of driving without an International Driving License for Turkey?; and what are the different International Driving License Turkey requirements?

These questions that you can think of can be answered by reading the following details of this travel guide. It will provide the different benefits of an International Driving License in Turkey. Moreover, it will provide information on how to get the International Driving License in Turkey online. So, let us now determine together the top tourist destinations that you can visit in Turkey.

The Aegean Coastline

The Aegean Coastline probably one of the most beautiful road trip destinations in Turkey. It is a tourist attraction that is observed to be beautiful every season, especially in the summer when you can stop at the many coves and take a dip in its pleasantly cold sea. When in this location, you can explore the historic ruins, small villages, and beaches that dot the entirety of the Turkish coast. You can start in Izmir and continue driving in southern Turkey to visit all the former Greek islands, including Bozcaada, Cunda, and the wonderful Gökçeada.

When driving in this coastal region of Turkey, a good tip to find your way around the area is to carry the International Driver’s License Turkey, zip code of the area, and your regular license. Make sure to check if an International Driving Permit is required in this area. You can go to the International Drivers Association website or contact their administrators by searching for their email address to get an International Driving Permit for Turkey. You can also correspond and ask about the International Driving Permit for Turkey with the contact number of IDA.


You cannot visit the country of Turkey without stepping foot in its largest city. Istanbul is like a melting pot of different cultures and is considered the most diverse in all respects. Enjoy the fact that you can explore the only city in the world positioned on two large continents. If you want to get a fantastic view of the former Constantinople, you can stay in Sultanahmet, or if you have this affinity for the fun and bustle, you can visit Taksim.

To explore this large city more manageable for you, you can install an interactive map on your phone and navigate your way into its different locations. A perfect tip is to always carry with you and know the International Driving Permit for Turkey and the zip code of this area for shipment in case of loss. Input the zip code in the interactive map, and the application will simply provide a route for you to follow.


From Istanbul, you can take an 8- hour drive to Cappadocia. There are not many stops as you make your journey in this wonderful location, but you will cross Turkey’s capital, Ankara, and you will reach Lake Tuz, one of the largest salt lakes in the world. The lake is so salty that the water was completely absorbed in the area where it is located and what you could only see is salt. Cappadocia has a slew of magnificent hotels with an authentic and luxurious decor style.

Before driving in this part of Greece, you might find yourself asking, “do I need an International Driver’s License in Turkey?”. You need an IDL for a car rental. You can apply for an International Driver’s License for Turkey on our website or correspond with the company’s administrators by using their contact number. Make sure to also check for any updates about an International Driver’s License for Turkey from the website of the IDA.


Another popular spot of the country is the mighty ruin of Ephesus. The historic ruin is a city of colossal monuments and marble-columned roads. Suppose you want to travel to a place where you could experience life like it was during the golden age of the Roman Empire. In that case, the Ephesus will surely provide that experience as it is the most complete, still-standing Roman city in the Mediterranean region. A sightseeing trip here will take at least half a day to cover the major highlights and longer, so make sure you plan your visit, so you don't feel rushed.

When driving around this area as a foreign driver, it can help to know whether an International Driver’s Permit is required. Know more about the International Driver’s Permit for Turkey and to inquire from our administrators on our website. Make sure to check for any International Driver’s Permit in Turkey updates when browsing their website. Always remember that the International Driver’s License is not a valid license replacement in Turkey.

Topkapi Palace

One top-rated tourist destination that is sumptuous beyond belief is the Topkapi Palace in Fatih, Turkey. This majestic location can take you into the fantastical, opulent world of the sultans. Established by the Ottoman empire’s sultans, the interiors of this opulent palace are embellished by decadently exuberant tiling and lavish jewel decor. The surrounding public gardens provide a tranquil, green view respite being positioned from the city streets. The place was once the sole domain of the Royal Court but is now open to the public.

An International Driver’s Permit is one of the required documents when driving in Turkey and in other foreign countries. To gain more knowledge about International Driver’s License for Turkey, make sure to check our pages. Make sure to visit our website for any updates about the International Driver’s Permit for Turkey before applying for the document.


While driving in southern Turkey, you will come across the town of Antalya, the jewel of Turkey’s Mediterranean coast. The location is naturally endowed with stunning beauty and a temperate climate that usually lasts the entire year. The usual succession of Arabs, Byzantines, Romans, Seljuks, and then Ottomans have carved their marks on the town, and these are the main spots if you want to indulge yourself with antique attractions. The town is also home to the Archaeological Museum, one of Turkey’s most beautifully laid-out showcases.

Before driving around this area, make sure to know if an International Driver’s License is required for you to have. Always remember that the International Driver’s Permit is not a Turkish license substitute. Try to check the International Driver’s License Turkey requirements before applying to get one before driving in the country. Try to correspond with the IDA administrators to apply for the International Driver’s License for Turkey, and use our email address to inquire about the permit.

Most Important Driving Rules

When visiting any foreign country, you should know the basic driving rules and regulations to avoid the possibility of fines and penalties. Most countries more or less share the same road rules and regulations. However, taking the time to learn about their driving laws can significantly make your travel more manageable. For this reason, when you are in this country, it is crucial to instill in your mind the basic living and driving laws of Turkey. For starters, check if an International Driver’s License in Turkey is enough to allow you to operate a car.

There are benefits of an International Driver’s License for Turkey for tourists who want to use their car when exploring the country. For comfortable driving, always carry your International Driver’s Permit for Turkey and the zip code of the area for easy navigation with an interactive map. To know more about the International Driver’s License for Turkey, get the contact number of IDA and correspond with their administrators. You can also check for any information regarding the International Driver’s Permit for Turkey from the website of IDA.

Driving Eligibility in Turkey

If you plan to drive a car, there are many rules and regulations that you should take into account. Your license, for example, can dictate whether you have permission to drive in Turkey. When driving as a tourist, an international driver’s permit is required with your regular driver’s license. When applying, the International Driver’s Permit Turkey requirements include your valid Government Issued Driver’s License, a passport size image of yourself, and a passport copy (if needed).

People below 18 years old are restricted from driving, and the country enforces a maximum age limit of 75 years old. So, what do you need an International Driver’s License in Turkey for? Always remember that the International Driver’s License for Turkey is not a license substitute. When applying for this permit, make sure to check for some important International Driver’s License for Turkey updates to make your application process smooth. You can easily do this online and get the International Driver’s Permit for Turkey via the website of IDA.

Speed limit in Turkey

Turkey enforces a speed limit of 50kph in built-up areas; 90kph on open roads (the equivalent of a dual carriageway in the UK); and a limit of 120kph is enforced on motorways. The fine for breaking these speed limits is dependent upon how much you have exceeded it. A 10% leeway is granted to motorists. If you exceed this by up to 30%, you will be asked to pay ₺115 (€34). If you have gone above that, you will be charged with a fine of ₺238 (€69.92).

Seat Belt Laws in Turkey

Wearing seatbelts is mandatory when driving in Turkey. It is also compulsory that all car seats have their seat belt to accommodate all possible passengers. If you can’t wear a seat belt due to medical grounds, you must retrieve from a medical doctor an exemption medical certificate that is accompanied by a Turkish translation. In case of emergencies, it is also required that you keep a fire extinguisher, two warning triangles, and a first-aid kit in the car at all times.

If you have a child as a passenger, there are stricter rules that you should follow in Turkey as a driver. An appropriate child restraint is utilized for children between 3 and 11 years old and measures less than 1.35 meters. As per the country’s laws, a 12-month-old child or weighing up to 9 kg should be positioned in the safety seat at the back of the car with the baby’s head facing the rear windows.

Right of Way in Turkey

When driving in Turkey, like most European countries, you have the right of way when you are driving on the right-hand side of Turkish roads. When people are crossing a pedestrian, priority belongs to them. In the absence of traffic lights at that specific point in time, pedestrians are always given priority. Road users who are entering roundabouts have the right of way. Right of way is given to pedestrians and cyclists when crossing cycle tracks or pavements in Turkey.

Border Checkpoints in Turkey

When driving a car in a foreign country, it is sometimes ineligible to pass checkpoints. This is especially true in Turkey as it contains thirty land borders that you might pass through when driving. So before driving, an important question to raise is, do you need an International Driver’s License in Turkey to cross borders? The answer is yes, as it is only normal for these borders to be guarded by local authorities. When passing these border patrols, it is imperative to exercise proper etiquette by immediately showing your International Driver’s Permit.

The International Driver’s Permit is not a Turkey license substitute, so it is essential to have it when crossing borders. You can quickly get the International Driver’s License for Turkey from the website of IDA. The IDA can process the application of the International Driver’s Permit for Turkey in their office for only 2 hours.

Legal Driving Age in Turkey

The legal age for driving a car in Turkey is 18 years old. However, this rule does not apply when renting a car. Car rental providers typically require an age limit of 21 years old for them to allow you to lease a car. These companies seek a higher age requirement when you are looking for a luxury vehicle to drive. Also, you must have your driver’s license for at least one year. When you are a foreign driver coming into this country, check if an International Driver’s License in Turkey is needed to allow you to drive on their roads.

The IDA site for International Driver’s License for Turkey contains all the necessary details that you need to know before applying. As repeatedly mentioned above, The International Driver’s License for Turkey is not a substitute for your regular license. Make sure to check the International Driver’s Permit Turkey requirements before applying in IDA and start with your driving.

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