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International Driving Permit (IDP), regulated by the United Nations, certifies that you are the holder of a valid driver's license in your country of origin.

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Top Destinations in Tanzania

Located on the eastern coast of Africa, Tanzania is a beautiful sanctuary where people and animals can peacefully coexist. Driving in Tanzania is a wild safari adventure that you never thought you need in your life. From natural parks, reserves, and mountains, Tanzania will quench your thirst for a wildlife adventure. Explore the wilderness and be one with nature in Tanzania.

Mount Kilimanjaro

As the most iconic image of Tanzania, Mount Kilimanjaro attracts several tourists every year, especially during the dry season. Standing at 5895 meters, Mount Kilimanjaro is the highest peak in Africa, formed 1 million years ago from volcanic activity. Mount Kilimanjaro is a famous climbing spot among hikers considered the most accessible summit to climb among the world’s seven summits. Mount Kilimanjaro is also known as the world’s tallest free-standing mountain.

Although it’s known as a hiking destination, Mount Kilimanjaro is part of the Mount Kilimanjaro National Park, where you can visit the wildlife. You’ll find buffaloes, leopards, monkeys, elephants, and eland at the slopes of the rainforest. As you climb further, the alpine meadow is the perfect spot for birdwatching, where you’ll find different species of birds. The best time to visit the site is during the dry season, between June and October.

Driving Directions:

  • From Kilimanjaro International Airport, Head north on Kilimanjaro Airport Rd.
  • Turn right onto Arusha - Himo Rd/A23.
  • Continue to follow A23.
  • At the roundabout, take the 3rd exit onto Taifa Rd/A23.
  • At the roundabout, take the 2nd exit onto A23.
  • Then make a left turn.
  • Turn left until you reach the national park. It takes approximately an hour and a half to reach Mount Kilimanjaro National Park.

An International Driving Permit is required in Tanzania. You can go straight to Kilimanjaro from Nairobi, Kenya. Bring your International Driving Permits for Kenya and Tanzania while driving to the spot in case authorities need to check your documents. The International Drivers Association offers worldwide express shipping. All you need is to provide your name, address, city, state, country, and zip code to receive an International Driving Permit for Tanzania.

Serengeti National Park

Serengeti National Park is the second-largest national park in Tanzania, where you’ll find millions of animals grazing the grasslands. The national park is famous for the annual wildebeest migration, attracting tens of thousands of tourists every year. The annual migration is a sight to behold where you’ll see 1.5 million wildebeest and hundreds of thousands of zebras and gazelles following a 1,000-kilometers long circular trek.

The annual migration is one of the spectacular natural events that leave you in awe. Besides the yearly migration, tourists visit this famous wildlife sanctuary for wildlife viewing, where you’ll spot the Big Five (lions, elephants, leopards, buffalos, and rhinoceros) and nearly 500 species of birds. The best time to visit the park is between December and June. If you don’t want to miss the migration, visit the park around May or early June.

Driving Directions:

  • From Kilimanjaro International Airport, head north on Kilimanjaro Airport Rd.
  • Turn left onto Arusha - Himo Rd/A23.
  • Continue onto A104.
  • Turn left onto Nairobi Rd.
  • Turn right onto A104.
  • Turn left onto Mbauda Rd.

Always bring your International Driving Permit in Tanzania, so you don’t get in trouble with the authorities. You can easily apply for International Driving Permits online. Head to the International Drivers Association’s website to get an International Driving Permit for Tanzania and get your IDP in twenty minutes. The International Drivers Association only needs a few required documents for International Driving Licences in Tanzania. Plus, they offer excellent customer service.

Ngorongoro Conservation Area

As one of Tanzania’s most popular wildlife viewing areas, the Ngorongoro Conservation Area attracts thousands of visitors each year. The conservation area is the home of Ngorongoro Crater and Olduvai Gorge. Ngorongoro Crater is the largest intact caldera in the world and the home of thousands of animals. If you’re into birdwatching, Lake Magadi is the best spot for it where the main attraction is the flocks of flamingos.

Although birdwatching and wildlife viewing are the most popular activities in the area, Olduvai Gorge is another exciting sight you should check out. Olduvai Gorge is an archaeological site where you’ll find ancient skull and bone fragments, fossils, footprints, and other early humankind remnants. The best time to visit the area is between June to December. The place is most visited from July to March.

Driving Directions:

  • From Kilimanjaro International Airport, head north on Kilimanjaro Airport Rd.
  • Follow Arusha - Himo Rd/A23 and continue onto A104.
  • Turn right onto A104.
  • At the roundabout, take the 2nd exit and continue onto A104.
  • Turn right onto B144 until you reach the Ngorongoro Conservation Area.

Don’t forget to bring your International Driving Permit in Tanzania in case the police conduct a random checkpoint. Apply for an International Driving Permit for Tanzania from the International Drivers Association's website in a few easy steps. The International Drivers Association can send the physical copy of your International Driving Permit to Tanzania. All you need is to provide the address, city, country, and zip code to receive your International Driving Permit. Note that to make your IDP valid, you also have to bring your national driving license with you whenever you're driving.

Zanzibar Beaches

Although Tanzania is famous for wildlife sanctuaries, you’ll also find beautiful beaches in the Zanzibar archipelago. Zanzibar Island, also known as Unguja, is a major holiday destination with soft white sand and pristine waters. You’ll find several beaches on this narrow island where you can enjoy water activities such as scuba diving, kite surfing, and snorkeling. Aside from beach activities, the island is the perfect destination to eat fresh seafood.

If you’re into trekking, check out the small forest called Jozani, where you’ll spot indigenous red colobus monkeys. In the 19th century, Zanzibar Island was famous for its spices and the slave trade. Zanzibar became the most important hub for trading as it served as the access to the East African mainland. The best time to visit the island is during the dry season in April and May.

Driving Directions:

  • From Zanzibar airport, head south toward Nyerere Rd, then turn left onto Nyerere Road.
  • At the roundabout, continue straight.
  • Then make a right turn.
  • Turn left and continue until you reach Zanzibar Island. It only takes about thirty minutes to get to the island.

You don’t need to present your visa to get an International Driver’s License from the International Drivers Association. All you need is to fill out the application form, upload passport-sized photos, submit a copy of your driving license as requirements for an International Driver’s License for Tanzania or any other foreign countries.

Mafia Island

Mafia Island is a famous snorkeling and diving destination in Tanzania that gathers thousands of tourists around the world yearly. As part of Mafia Island Marine Park, the island is a protected site to preserve the area’s marine ecosystem. The island is also famous for being the breeding site of endangered green turtles. Here you can swim with over 400 species of fish and enjoy the fascinating view of coral gardens under the sea.

For tourists who are not into diving and snorkeling, you can also enjoy peaceful deep-sea fishing in the area where you’ll likely catch big fishes such as tuna, sailfishes, and marlin. The island was discovered between the 8th and 9th centuries but only became an important trading route during the 12th and 14th centuries for East African trade. The best time to visit the island is from May to October. The island experiences heavy rains around March and April.

Driving Directions:

  • From Kilindoni, Head south
  • Just a little ahead of Kinasi Lodge, turn left.
  • Turn left
  • Slight right
  • Turn right

It’s essential to bring your International Driver’s Permit in Tanzania, whether driving a car on the mainland or offshore islands. According to the 2020 update, an International Driver’s License is still required to rent a car in the country. The International Drivers Association offers same-day shipping service for physical copies of IDPs. You can track your International Driver’s License once you receive a confirmation that it’s been shipped.

Arusha National Park

Located in the northeastern of Tanzania, Arusha National Park is a popular day-trip destination famous for wildlife viewing and mountain climbing. Although it’s smaller than other national parks in Tanzania, the park offers many habitats for animals, including Mount Meru, Ngurdoto Crater, and Momella Lakes. In the forests of Mount Meru, you’ll find the black and white colobus monkeys. Meanwhile, you’ll see herds of buffalo, warthog, and zebra on the floor of the crater.

The Momella Lakes, composed of seven crater lakes, is the home of resident and migrant waterbirds. Aside from wildlife viewing, you can climb the peak of Mount Meru through a narrow ridge. The summit offers a marvelous view of the volcanic cone lying thousands of feet below inside the crater. The best time to visit the park is during the dry season from June to October, when animals graze the grasslands to find water and rainfall is minimal.

Driving Directions:

  • From Kilimanjaro Airport, head north on Kilimanjaro Airport Rd
  • Turn left onto Arusha - Himo Rd/A23
  • Turn right onto Momela Rd
  • Turn left until you reach the park. It takes an hour and a half to reach Arusha National Park from the airport.

If you’re coming from Nairobi, bring your International Driver’s License for Kenya and Tanzania at all times. You don’t need to show your visa to apply for an International Driver’s License for Tanzania. If you lost your International Driving Licences, you could get a free replacement service from the International Drivers Association. Once you provide your International Driver's Permit details to customer service, they’ll ship your physical copy within 24 hours.

Stone Town

Aside from wildlife sanctuaries and beaches, Tanzania also has a cultural hub in the heart of Zanzibar. Stone Town is a charming town that shows the Arabian influence in the early centuries from houses and other landmarks. As you stroll around the town, you’ll find beautiful Arabian homes lining the streets and alleys. Known as the world’s oldest functioning Swahili city, Stone Town is the home of historical museums, churches, and tourist attractions.

Tourists enjoy walking along the Creek Road leading to the Darajani Market, Anglican Cathedral, and the City Hall. With the Arabian influence around the town, you should check out the Beit el-Sahel (the former home of Sultans), Hamamni Persian Baths, and the Old Fort. The best time to visit the town is between July and September when the weather is most pleasing. The wettest months in the area are from March to May.

Driving Directions:

  • From Zanzibar airport, Head south toward Nyerere Rd.
  • Turn left onto Nyerere Rd.
  • Turn right onto Benjamin Mkapa Rd.
  • Turn left onto New Mkunazini Rd.
  • Turn right until you reach Stone Town. The trip will only take 15 minutes from the airport.

Getting an International Driver’s License for Tanzania from the International Drivers Association’s site is simple and easy, with only a few required documents. Also, note that aside from having your International Driver's Permit, you also need to bring your local driver's license with you as well when driving in Tanzania.

Most Important Rules of Driving in Tanzania

Driving to the top destinations can be easy trouble-free if you follow the driving tips and road rules fervently. For hassle-free driving, tourists should adhere to the driving regulations in Tanzania. Most of the driving rules imposed by the authorities are similar to other countries, so there’s no excuse for you to violate the rules. Below are the most important driving rules in Tanzania that you need to follow strictly.

Carry your driver’s license and International Driver's Permit at all times

Before driving, always ensure that you have the needed requirements for driving in Tanzania: driver’s license, passport, insurance documents of the car, and your International Driver’s License in Tanzania. If you’re caught without a driving license, you can be charged with unlicensed driving. Your International Driver's License in Tanzania is valid for six months upon arrival.

Apply to the International Driver’s Association’s site and get an International Driver’s License for Tanzania in 20 minutes. Keep in mind that your International Driver's License in Tanzania is not a valid replacement for your local driving license. You still need to bring your local driving license to rent a car in Tanzania.

Drunk driving is against the law

Like in other countries, Tanzania also prohibits driving under the influence of alcohol to prevent road accidents. Drunk driving has been one of the leading causes of road fatalities around the world. Tanzania imposes a 0.08% blood alcohol limit to ordinary drivers and a zero alcohol limit for professional and commercial drivers. Anyone caught violating this rule can face a fine of 500,000 Tanzanian shillings (Sh) or imprisonment.

Don’t drive at night

It’s highly recommended to avoid driving at night in Tanzania because of inadequate lighting on the roads, especially on roads outside the urban areas. Animals also roam freely at night, so it’s dangerous to drive without enough streetlights on the road. Moreover, some trucks and cars usually turn off their headlights, so it’s hard for you to see them ahead. As much as possible, don’t drive at night unless necessary.

Drive below the speed limit

Excessive speeding has been a major cause of road fatalities in Tanzania. It’s not advisable to drive over the speed limit as the country has plenty of slopes and sharp bends that could cause accidents. The speed limit in urban areas is 50 Kph, while the speed limit outside the cities is 80 KpH. For vehicles of more than 3,500-kilogram maximum permissible weight, the speed should not exceed 80 KpH. Driving below the speed limit keeps everyone, including the animals, safe from road accidents.

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