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Top Destinations of Taiwan

Taiwan Photo by Dave Weatherall

Taiwan is traditionally considered more for its exports than just a destination to invest, despite having an enormously rich spiritual and cultural heritage, delicious cuisine, world-class hot springs, and incredible views. But there are more reasons for you to fall in love with Taiwan.

Photographers were mostly fascinated every day because the peak of Yushan is the ideal spot, wherein you can take a photo of the "sea of clouds" which rises at dawn from over mountains. The beaches of Taiwan are splendid and feature some of the windsurfing and best surfing spots in East Asia. There is one big upside to being placed on top of the geologically volatile "ring of fire." Wherever you go on the island, you are guaranteed to be under the screaming distance of amazingly beautiful hot springs.

About Taiwan

Taiwan is known for its Sunrise Spring on Green Island, one of the world's only accessible ocean water hot springs. Before that, let us answer the question, does Taiwan require an International Drivers License? Yes! It is a must to have for you to drive around the country if you have an international license.

Remember, before going on your trip, keep in mind that there is no way to rent a car in Taiwan. Simultaneously, one has arrived without having a document International Driving Permit in Taiwan that can only be issued back in the USA together with your International Driving Permit Taiwan zip code. It means that driving any car without the IDP is illegal in Dubai. Learn more about the beautiful spots you can visit during your trip with our list of the top attractions in Taiwan.

Taipei Photo by Jeffrey W


Taiwan's capital is a beautiful place to explore, with many activities you could see and experience. Since there are cultural scenes and lively arts, it is the island's economic and political center and the cultural one.

It is a perfect place to visit, with an irresistible blend of modern and old to be enjoyed in their delicious dishes and great architecture. Amidst the high rise buildings, ancient temples are situated, including the towering Taipei 101, which is the world's tallest structure.

In this booming city, great restaurants, markets, and bars exist, and there are more than enough attractions to offer, such as Hsing Tian Kong's wonderful temple, Botanical Garden, and Taipei Zoo. But do you need an International Drivers License in Taiwan or not? A big yes! Before planning your trip, ready your International Drivers License for Taiwan.

For an authentic look into their local culture, you go for some awesome food and entertainment in the lively and friendly Raohe Street Night Market. Several museums, including the National Palace Museum, are pleased to guide you to delve deeper into Taiwan's rich cultural heritage. You'll come away exhausted but satisfied after spending time in Taipei with all the awesome stuff you've experienced and achieved. If you're wondering if you need an International Driving Permit in Taiwan, definitely yes! The information on your local license is translated on your international driving permit.

You can visit and experience Taiwan's rich culture right after going to the nearest International Driving License Taiwan office to apply and have your International Drivers License Taiwan zip code for you to drive around and have fun during your trip!

Sun Moon Lake Photo by Lisanto 李奕良

Sun Moon Lake

The wonderfully named Sun Moon Lake is the country's biggest water source and is a famous tourist attraction among foreigners and locals. Even so, there are many resorts and hotels along the shores of the lake. Along with it are several bars, stores, and restaurants, which can satisfy your every need in your visit.

You can drive to the location, but you must go to the nearest International Driving Permit Taiwan location and get your International Driving Permit in Taiwan first. You don't need to undergo a driving test to get one.

You can go cruising on the lake, go for a fun bike ride or walk in the hills around it or chill on a cruise trip along its quiet waters and experience the beautiful scenery with many recreational activities to offer. There are many impressive temples for you to enjoy. Besides the breathtaking views, there is also a cable car ride, which provides spectacular views of the lake beneath.

Tourists are allowed to use their homeland driver's licenses or International Drivers License in Taiwan within six months from entry to Taiwan stamped on the passport. Or you might consider getting an International Driving License in Taiwan.

Taroko National Park Photo by Keoleakhena Puch

Taroko National Park

This national park, full of awe-inspiring nature and impressive scenery, takes its name from the fantastic gorge that accordingly runs through it. When you visit Taiwan, it is best to check it out. Crafted out by winding Liwu River over millennia and centuries, Taroko Gorge is the area's undeniable highlight, along with more features in the park, cliffs, and steep valleys.

You can experience river rafting for a couple of minutes, climb through the canyons, and bathe in the Baiyang Waterfalls afterward on the day with many great recreational activities which you can enjoy. You can try taking a road trip after you get an International Drivers License in Taiwan. For convenient transactions, you can go to the International Driving License Taiwan website.

Anywhere you go, the scene you see is beautiful, and some of the stunning spots are from the gorgeous Swallow Grotto and Everlasting Spring Shrine. A perfect time to visit is to explore and learn about the communities' traditions and culture and people who live in the region during the Taroko Music Festival.

When you want to drive around Taiwan, make sure to bring your International Driving Permit Taiwan zip code when applying for an International Driving License for Taiwan.

Tainan Photo by YEH CHE WEI


The ancient city, the former capital of Imperial Taiwan, is worth visiting, and you can enjoy far too many cultural landmarks and fascinating sights. The Anping District is the historic hub of Tainan and is one of the most prominent parts of the town to visit.

The area has lots of amazing old temples scattered around it - and Fort Zeelandia. There are also plenty of amazing museums, such as the Museums of Koxinga and Chimei. Plenty of good shopping to go round. For some of the local cuisines, drop by at the night markets.

With lots of beautiful nature around Tainan, you can easily take a day trip to Hutoupi Reservoirs or Nanhua, or even head off to Taijiang National Park. You can drive your family to the place after getting an International Driving License in Taiwan.

You can immediately take a drive on the road right after getting an International Drivers License in Taiwan. You can now rent a car to drive your family to the location. You don't have to worry if you don't know how to get an International Drivers License in Taiwan because you can easily apply it online.


A fascinating place to visit is the second oldest town on the island, and it is mostly known for its delicious local cuisine and breathtaking architecture. But only tourists with an International Driving License in Taiwan and International Drivers License in Taiwan zip code are allowed to drive around the town.

It was once a significant trade center and seaport, situated in the northwest of the country. However, its reputation has long since degraded. Fortunately, this has implied that historic buildings remain stable. You can visit more than two hundred temples, with Matzu and Longshan being among the most iconic.

The exhibit shows a great collection of architectural designs. Oyster pancakes and Ox tongue cakes, which are specialties in the area, are some of the dishes you must have to try.

When applying for your international drivers license, always check the International Driver's License Taiwan update on the website to keep updated.

Alishan National Scenic Area Photo by Jisun Han

Alishan National Scenic Area

The Alishan National Scenic Area, a wonderful and wild spot, is very mountainous and has twenty-five mountains rising to two thousand meters more. It's a magical sight to visit the hills, rivers, waterfalls, and trees, and the scenery, the trees, the waterfalls, the rivers, and the mountain is incredible to see.

To get a drive around the city immediately, look for the nearest International Driving License Taiwan location, or search on the internet, the International Drivers Permit Taiwan website. When you hold an international driving license, you don't have to apply for a Taiwanese local license to drive a motor vehicle.

A range of trails and paths will lead you to some of the best highlights. Seeing the Alishan Forest Railway, which loops its way through the forests over the mountainsides before reaching Fenqihu, a scenic village with a Shinto temple’s remains is a great way to see most of the reserve with one ride.

Home of Tsou people known for their tea production, Alishan is a beautiful place to live, and your trip will live much longer in your memories. If you want to rent a car to make a trip on your way to the location, make sure you have an International Driving License for Taiwan to drive a motor vehicle legally in Taiwan.

Kenting National Park Photo by Andrew Haimerl

Kenting National Park

Considered by many to be the eldest national park in the country, Kenting is located in the southern part of Taiwan on the Hengchun Peninsula and is a popular spot for travelers. Including more than enough stunning scenery to offer, you will come to love the tropical atmosphere and beautiful beaches that makes it so enticing.

Bathed in the brilliant light, Kenting is great to experience, and a lot of flora and fauna are to offer.

One of the must-see highlights is the enormous Eluanbi Lighthouse, which surrounds it and a great national park to enjoy. Kenting also hosted the widely known Spring Scream Festival, which draws thousands of music enthusiasts each year. Apply for an International Driving License to Taiwan and drive your car/motor vehicle to the park!

Most Important Driving Rules

Driving in Taiwan is a challenging experience for many tourists and alien residents. The driving laws are close to what you'd anticipate from other countries, but the rules are entirely ignored and sometimes bent by drivers in Taiwan.

For non-Taiwanese, it could cause a challenging experience and should be avoided by indecisive drivers and those with no driving experience outside of their own country. Observing the new laws could potentially save hundreds of lives each year.

When planning to visit and drive a motor vehicle in Taiwan, road laws and regulations must be followed strictly to prevent hefty fines or injuries. Foreigners are required mostly on the spot to pay fines. You need to make sure you get an International Driving License in Taiwan and are familiar with the road rules.

When applying for your driving permit, go to the nearest International Driving Permit Taiwan office and then provide them your International Driving Permit Taiwan contact number for an easier transaction. Once you already have an international driving permit with you, drive your motor vehicle with caution.

Road Rules

Generally speaking, road regulations are similar when observed in most other countries, although there are many exceptions. On the right-hand side of the lane is where the Taiwanese drive. It is not permitted in Taiwan, unlike in other countries where you must turn right at a red light. In all city highways, the maximum speed is 50mph.

If you wonder, do I need an International Driving Permit in Taiwan? Yes, to let yourself drive a motor vehicle legally in Taiwan, the driver must be aged eighteen or over and must get an International Driving License/Permit in Taiwan.

Right of Way

Motor vehicles should be on the right side of the lane in Taiwan. For those younger than 13 years of age, it is restricted to sit in the passenger seat. When driving with children, those between the ages of 4 and 8 are expected to sit in the booster seat. Seatbelts should always be used, and when conversing on your phone, drivers must use hands-free models.

Both motor vehicles must be roadworthy, licensed, and registered. A roadworthiness test is necessary yearly for cars over two years of age. If you desire to drive a private car in Taiwan, having an International Driving Permit for Taiwan is necessary. To do that, you must know how to get an International Driving Permit in Taiwan.

Road Conditions

Generally speaking, driving conditions in Taiwan are good and local roads are well maintained. Highways in northern and western Taiwan are also typically in good condition; however, repairs are often expected in eastern Taiwan. Road closures due to floods are not unusual during the Storm season.

For you to drive around in Taiwan, you must apply for an International Driving License in Taiwan. You'll also need to get international drivers license Taiwan extension if you plan to stay longer in Taiwan.


Your priority, in the unavoidable event of an incident, is to alert the proper authorities. Through 110 and emergency help 119, you can contact the police. All the important details, like the type of accident, descriptions of the vehicles involved, casualties or deaths, must be given to the police. Your insurance agency is the second call that you should take.

The police will investigate if a severe accident happens. Six months after the accident, any party involved in the collision will be requested for further investigation; when there is severe damage or casualties, the involved parties can demand compensation. In that case, you will need to apply for an International Driving Permit Taiwan extension to settle the incident.

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