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IDP is essential when driving abroad

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International Driving Permit (IDP), regulated by the United Nations, certifies that you are the holder of a valid driver's license in your country of origin.

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Your IDP is a valid form of identification in more than 150 countries worldwide and contains your name, photo and driver information in the 12 most widely spoken languages in the world.

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Do I Need an International Driving Licence in Sweden?

An International Driving Permit in Sweden is not necessarily required. As long as you have your local driver’s license, you are good to go driving in Sweden. But some rental companies might require an International Driver’s License to rent any motor vehicle from them.

So, if you are planning on driving in this foreign country, having an IDP is highly recommended. As for its validity, our IDP is recognized in the following foreign countries:

  • EEA Countries
  • Switzerland
  • Finland
  • Iceland
  • Japan
  • Liechtenstein
  • Norway
  • United Kingdom
  • Brazil
  • Denmark
  • Greece
  • Netherlands
  • and others.

How to Get an International Driving Permit in Sweden?

You can apply for your International Driver’s Permit in Sweden online. You only need to fill out the application form which can be found once you click on the “Start My Application” button, found in the upper right corner of the page. Once that is filled out, you can proceed to indicate your motorists’ driving class. After that, you can upload a copy of your driver’s license and a passport-sized photo, as these are the necessary documents.

However, it will be a different case if you plan on driving in the country for more than three years. You will need to obtain a swedish driver’s license by enrolling into a driving school and taking a driving test to legally drive in the country.

Can I drive with my US license in Sweden?

As mentioned, foreign drivers can drive for a period of time (three months) in the country without a Swedish driving license with the help of an International Driver’s Permit (IDP). However, if they exceed three months, a learner’s permit must be obtained and then Swedish driving licence, to drive in the country.

Top Destinations in Sweden

Sweden is packed with beautiful landscapes waiting for you to conquer. You’ll find over 90,000 lakes, various forests, and tons of coastline to walk through in this country in this country. All of the fantastic sceneries add up to a dream destination for any nature lover.

Stockholm Archipelago

Stockholm alone would be a reason enough to convince you to visit Sweden. The Stockholm Archipelago is a collection of over 30,000 islands, islets, and rocks, both inhabited and uninhabited. You can boat, hike, fish, sea kayak, bike, and swim in Stockholm Archipelago.

It is best to visit the Stockholm Archipelago from May to September to enjoy warm weather and sunshine. If you want snow, you can visit between late November and March. To see the midnight sun, visit in June and July.

Driving Directions

  • It will take about 1 hour and 4 minutes to travel from the Stockholm Arlanda Airport to Stockholm Archipelago via the E4 route.
  • Get on E4 in Rosersberg from Route 273
  • Continue on E4. Drive from Route 222 to Gustavsberg
  • Follow Route 222 to your destination
  • Your destination will be on your right

Gamla Stan

Gamla Stan is one of Europe’s largest and best-preserved medieval city centers in Europe. If you want to chill and enjoy your time, Gamla Stan is best for you. The pedestrian-friendly museum, filled with sights, restaurants, cafés, bars, and places to shop for souvenirs. It has a stunning, atmospheric part of the city, steeped in history, with narrow streets and grand buildings.

If you want to tour Gamla Stan with comfortable weather, it is advised to visit from March to August. Be mindful that a lot of tourists will also go to Gamla Stan this season. September to February is usually the month where tourists are low in number.

Driving Directions

  • From Stockholm Archipelago, it takes about 35 minutes to get to Gamla Stan via route 222.
  • Continue to Gustavsberg
  • At the roundabout, continue straight onto Route 222
  • Continue on Route 222. Take Folkungagatan to Slottsbacken in Gamla stan, Stockholm

The Royal Palace

This palace is the residence of the King of Sweden. It is one of Europe’s largest castles, boasting more than 600 rooms and several museums. The baroque-style palace houses rich history and many gems. You can see Queen Kristina's silver throne and visit the Museum of Antiquities, the Armoury, the Tre Kronor (Three Crowns) Museum, and the Treasury.

This Royal Palace is open all year-round from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM every day of the week. But the best time to visit it is during summer. A good 1-hour tour of the palace is enough for you to see and explore the palace.

Driving Directions

  • It will take about 34 minutes to travel from the Stockholm Arlanda Airport to the Royal Palace via route 222.
  • Continue to Gustavsberg
  • At the roundabout, take the 2nd exit onto Skärgårdsvägen/Route 222
  • Go through 1 roundabout.
  • Keep right at the fork to stay on Route 222, follow signs for Stockholm C/Hamn Stadsgården/Sickla (Toll Road)
  • Continue on Route 222. Take Centralbron to Skeppsbron in Gamla stan, Stockholm

SkyView: The Globe

Named after its sponsor, Ericsson Globe, The Globe is one of the most famous landmarks in Stockholm, Sweden. Sometimes Swedish call it Globen. The Globe was opened in the year 1898 and can hold up to over 15,000 tourists. It is also considered the largest spherical building in the world.

The Globe has had the SkyView that attracts millions of tourists a year. The SkyView is an elevator that takes you to the top of the Globe. It is the best way to see the city of Stockholm completely. Every tourist in Sweden must visit the Globe to experience a unique sightseeing experience.

It is open during summer, winter, and autumn, Monday to Friday from 9 am to 6 pm and on Saturdays and Sundays from 9.30 am to 5 pm. You can visit anytime you want as tourists do not flock to the said place.

Driving Directions

  • From Gamla Stan, it takes about 10 minutes to get to the Skyview: The Globe via Söderledstunneln.
  • Get on Centralbron in Norrmalm from Slottsbacken, Skeppsbron, Slottskajen, Norrbro and Vattugatan
  • Continue on Centralbron. Take Söderledstunneln and Johanneshovsbron to Enskedevägen in Johanneshov. Take the exit toward Enskede/Globen/Slakthusområdet from Nynäsvägen/Route 73
  • Take Arenavägen to Arenaslingan

Skansen Open Air Museum

This was opened in 1891, making it to be the oldest open-air museum in the world. It is over 75 acres and boasts historic buildings, including a Sami village from Lapland, huge gardens, and a zoo, which is home to many Nordic animals, including elk, reindeer, bears, and many more.

You can visit Skansen any day of the year as it is open all year long, except Christmas Eve. But the best time to visit the place is from May up to September when most historic houses are open. At least half a day would be enough for you to explore the Skansen Open Air Museum thoroughly.

Driving Directions

  • From the Skyview: The Globe, it will take you about 18 minutes to reach Skansen via Söderledstunneln.
  • Take Arenaslingan to Enskedevägen
  • Take Nynäsvägen/Route 73, Johanneshovsbron, Söderledstunneln, Centralbron, and Djurgårdsvägen to Sollidsbacken in Djurgården
  • Follow Sollidsbacken to Sollidenbacken

Drottningholm Palace

This palace is the most well-preserved royal castle built in the 1600s in Sweden. There is a lot to see, and the grounds of this palace are breathtaking. Being a UNESCO World Heritage site and a private residence of Sweden’s royal family, visiting the said place will let you experience a historical milieu of the highest international standards.

The palace is open all year round, but it is best to visit the palace from March through August. During this spring to the summer season, you can stroll around the different landscapes in comfortable weather.

Driving Directions

  • It will take you about 31 minutes to get to the Drottningholm Palace from Skansen via route 275.
  • Follow Sollidsbacken to Djurgårdsvägen
  • Drive along Strandvägen, Norr Mälarstrand, Drottningholmsvägen/Route 275 and Route 261
  • Drive to your destination

Kalmar Castle

Explore and conquer a 16-century palace built in Renaissance-style architecture. Explore and enjoy the history and culture of the castle through the rooms in the governor's apartments, with each representing a different event. You can wander across the tower bridge and through the courtyard to witness historical sites such as the castle’s dungeons, chapel, cannons, and hidden rooms.

If you want to visit Kalmar castle with fewer tourists around you, do not visit in June to July. These months are the high season in Sweden. So it's better to avoid visiting the castle in the said months.

Driving Directions

  • From Drottningholm, Sweden, the routes E4 and E22 will take you to Kalmar Castle the fastest.
  • Get on E20/E4 in Fredhäll, Stockholm from Route 261 and Drottningholmsvägen/Route 275
  • Follow E4 and E22 to Erik Dahlbergs väg in Kalmar. Take exit Trafikplats Kalmar C from E22
  • Follow Erik Dahlbergs väg and Norra Vägen to Jenny Nyströms gränd

Abisko National Park

Every tourist dreams of seeing the famous Aurora borealis or the Northern lights. The Abisko National Park in Swedish Lapland is one of the best places in the entire world to witness the well-known astronomical phenomena. This park is also famous for its natural beauty and Nordic wildlife.

You should visit in both the winter and summer seasons. In summer, you get to experience the midnight summer where the sun never sets in the summer. In winter, you get to see the astonishing Northern Lights.

Driving Directions

  • From Kiruna, Sweden, via the E10 route, it takes about 1 hour and 11 minutes to reach the Abisko National Park.
  • Head west on Vänortstorget toward Lars Janssonsgatan
  • Turn right onto Lars Janssonsgatan
  • Turn left at the 1st cross street onto Hjalmar Lundbohmsvägen.
  • Turn right onto Stationsvägen
  • Turn right onto Lombololeden/E10
  • Continue to follow E10


Sweden’s Icehotel was the world’s first hotel built of ice. It was built in the year 1990. This unique hotel is built up of over 4,000 tons of ice harvested from the Torne River. The walls, floors, and ceilings are made up of ice. The hotel has more than 50 rooms, a chapel for weddings, and an ice bar.

The best time to visit the unique hotel in Sweden is in March and April, where it is the spring season. Harvest season at Icehotel is when thousands of tons of ice are extracted in big blocks from the Torne River during the spring season.

Driving Directions

  • It will take about 13 minutes to reach the Icehotel from Kiruna Airport via E10 and Marknadsvägen.
  • Head northeast on Flygfältsvägen
  • Turn right onto E10
  • Turn left
  • Continue onto Marknadsvägen
  • Your destination will be on the right.

Most Important Driving Rules

If you are planning to tour around Sweden with a rental car, it is essential to know and be familiar with the road rules and regulations of the country you are about to visit. There may be Swedish road rules that might not be familiar to you; that‘s why familiarize yourself and obey the road regulations in Sweden.

Always Bring The Required Documents

Road checkpoints can happen at any given time and place. That’s why it is always encouraged to bring legal documents such as your local driving license, your IDL, your passport when driving in Sweden.

Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol or Drugs Is Strictly Prohibited

Sweden is very strict when it comes to drunk driving. As little as a glass of beer can get you in trouble when driving. A single beer can send you over the Sweden blood alcohol limit of 0.02, one of the lowest in the western world. If you are caught violating this, you will get a high fine or a jail sentence.

Obey Road’s Speed Limit

Overspeeding is one of the reasons why severe accidents happen on the roads. Thus, you need to be attentive and obey the speed limits that are imposed in Sweden. The punishment for exceeding a posted speed limit is paying fines, and a person caught speeding also risk the withdrawal of their driving license for up to 36 months.

Always Wear Your Seatbelt

When driving in Sweden, you always have to wear your seatbelt. Sweden has a national seat-belt law. Front and rear seaters shall always wear the seatbelt to lessen the risk of getting killed or injured in a road accident.

Refrain From Using Your Phone While Driving

A lot can happen when your attention is directed away from the road when driving—using your phone while driving can cause your attention to be diverted from the road. So if you really need to use your phone, pull to the side of the road before using it.

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