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International Driving Permit (IDP), regulated by the United Nations, certifies that you are the holder of a valid driver's license in your country of origin.

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Your IDP is a valid form of identification in more than 150 countries worldwide and contains your name, photo and driver information in the 12 most widely spoken languages in the world.

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Do I need international driving license in Seychelles?

If you plan to drive in Seychelles as a tourist, you will need an international driving permit (IDP) in addition to your valid driver's license from your home country. The IDP is a document that translates your existing driver's license into multiple languages, including English and French, which are the official languages of Seychelles. The IDP serves as proof that you hold a valid driver's license in your home country and can be used in conjunction with your driver's license to drive legally in Seychelles.

It's important to note that driving in Seychelles can be challenging due to narrow and winding roads, lack of street lighting, and a relatively high incidence of traffic accidents. If you plan to drive in Seychelles, make sure you are comfortable with these conditions and exercise caution at all times. Also, remember to drive on the left side of the road, as Seychelles follows the British system of driving.

What countries accept international driver’s license?

Many countries accept an International Driving Permit (IDP) as a valid document for driving. The IDP is an official translation of your existing driver's license into multiple languages, which makes it easier for foreign authorities to understand and verify your driving credentials.

Here are some of the countries that accept the International Driving Permit:












United Kingdom

United States


It's important to note that the specific requirements for driving in a foreign country can vary, and it's always a good idea to check with the local authorities or your rental car company before driving. In some cases, you may need to obtain additional permits or comply with specific regulations to legally drive in a foreign country.

How do I get a driving licence in Seychelles?

To obtain a driving license in Seychelles, you must be at least 18 years old and meet the following requirements:

Hold a provisional driving license for at least six months

Complete a government-approved driving course

Pass a practical driving test

Here are the steps to follow to obtain a driving license in Seychelles:

Apply for a provisional driving license at the Seychelles Licensing Authority (SLA) by submitting the application form and paying the fee.

Enroll in a driving course at a government-approved driving school. The course includes both theory and practical driving lessons.

After completing the driving course, you must take a practical driving test at the SLA. The test involves driving a vehicle in different traffic situations and demonstrating your knowledge of traffic rules and regulations.

If you pass the practical driving test, you will be issued with a driving license.

It's important to note that driving tests are conducted in English and Creole, so if you don't speak these languages fluently, you may need to hire a translator. Also, if you hold a foreign driving license, you may be able to exchange it for a Seychelles driving license without taking a driving test, depending on your country of origin.

Top Destinations in Seychelles

Located on the eastern coast of Africa, Seychelles is an archipelago comprising 116 islands. The country is filled with beautiful white sand beaches, lush greenery, and rich local culture and history.

Morne Seychelles National Park

Morne Seychelles National Park is one of the top tourist destinations in Seychelles. This national park is found in Mahé and encompasses 20% of the island’s land area, offering various activities like hiking, birdwatching, surfing, and diving. There are many different trails in Morne Seychelles that vary in difficulty and distance.

You can follow the Anse Major trail that would take you on a 45-minute trek to Anse Major beach, one of the many famous and beautiful beaches found in Seychelles. You can swim for free in Anse Major, but there are little shops in the area that offers gear rentals for snorkeling. You can also visit the Mission Ruins inside the national park. Mission Ruins served as a school for Seychellois children in the 1870s and is now considered an important cultural site for Seychelles.

Beau Vallon

Beau Vallon is often heralded as Seychelles’ most famous beach, boasting long coastlines, clear and shallow waters, and beautiful white sand. You can do various things on Beau Vallon, like diving, riding a jet ski, fishing, windsurfing, swimming, or just simply relaxing by the sands. This beach is also safe for children, as the waters are calm and shallow, with lifeguards always on the lookout. Despite this, you should still exercise caution and keep an eye on the children playing.

Beau Vallon is also one of the best places to eat fresh fish, as there are night markets near the beach every Wednesday. There are also little vendors at the ends of the beach selling fresh coconuts and fruits for everyone. This beach is also a typical honeymoon destination because of the hotels surrounding the area.

Vallée de Mai National Park

Vallée de Mai National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site found in Praslin. This national park is teeming with life as you can find over 4,000 giant Coco de Mer fruit palms, rare birds, and indigenous reptiles inside. Because of the park’s natural beauty, it has been nicknamed the “Garden of Eden,” and it is said that Vallée de Mai’s beauty is incomparable.

Inside, you can go on a tour where you can learn about the importance of Coco de Mer to Seychelles while you explore the national park. Depending on the route you choose and the time it would take to explore Vallée de Mai, there are different tours offered. You can also go birdwatching and try to spot the endangered black parrot and the endemic Seychelles bulbul.

Curieuse Island

Curieuse Island is an exotic island found near Praslin. The whole island is considered a national park and hosts a tortoise nursery that lets you witness the growth and release of these hatchlings. You can also find more than 300 giant Aldabra tortoises roaming the island, and some are even 180 years old. When you go on a guided tour, they will let you feed the tortoises and even touch them.

Curieuse Island is also home to a national museum called “The Doctor’s House.” Here you can learn about the sad history of the island, as it once served as a place for quarantine for the people who were struck with leprosy; the Doctor’s House is now an essential part of Seychelle’s history. You can also visit the ruins of the leprosarium in the area where you can also learn more about the island’s history.

Domaine de Val des Prés

Domaine de Val des Prés, or more commonly known as Craft Village, was once a plantation house during the days of slavery. Today, Craft Village proudly displays traditional Creole arts, crafts, and cultural items in all 12 craft huts on the property. You can also enjoy a hearty meal at the famous Pomme Cannelle restaurant, enjoy the architecture, and buy beautiful and rare souvenirs.

Domaine de Val des Prés is a powerful and significant landmark in Seychelles as it was once a place of hardship for the Seychellois. Still, they managed to transform the property into a place that celebrates Seychelles’ culture. Although the buildings were renovated, they still show the traditional dwelling style and lives of the early Seychellois during slavery.

Most Important Rules of Driving in Seychelles

When you’re driving in Seychelles, remember always to follow the road rules and regulations to avoid accidents and run-ins with the authorities. This will ensure that your trip will be more relaxing. Listed below are some of the most important driving rules in Seychelles for you to learn before you go on your trip.

Drunk Driving

It is illegal to drink and drive in Seychelles, like most of the countries in the world. Seychelles imposes a 0.08% blood alcohol limit on both locals and tourists. The local authorities are rigorous in implementing, with random inspections and checkpoints performed throughout the country. If you are caught disobeying the law, you will be fined up to RS 10,000 and penalized.

Stopping on Roads

In Seychelles, you are not allowed to stop your car in the middle of the road. The roads in the country are narrow and winding, so stopping on the road will cause traffic. Keep in mind that you cannot stop your car, especially when you are 9 meters within any turns and corners. If you really need to do a full stop, you must ensure that your vehicle is within 0.9 meters from the side of the road.

During major car breakdowns, you have to make sure your car is not causing any obstructions on the road. Try to move your vehicle to the side of the road and place a reflective triangle to warn other drivers. Contact your car rental company immediately and ask for assistance. Depending on your rental plan, they may also assist you for free during minor breakdowns.

Using Your Headlights

There are certain areas in Seychelles that do not have any streetlights. Because of this, you are required to turn your headlights on from 6:30 PM to 5:45 AM. There are also prescribed intensities for your headlights. Local authorities are also rigorous in implementing this, as it is hazardous to drive in Seychelles at night. If you are caught violating this law, you will be fined and penalized.

For motor vehicles, your headlights should be intense enough to be seen from 45 meters ahead when you are driving. If you are stationary, your headlights should be turned on to white light. It should also be intense enough to be seen by oncoming traffic from 9 meters ahead. To refrain from dazzling the other drivers, your headlights should be equipped with stickers, converters, or any other means that could eliminate its dazzling effect.

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