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Top Destinations in Romania

Romania is viewed as heaven by each individual who had the chance to visit the nation. With an assorted scene that extends from the magnificent deserts to its never-ending dunes, Romania is really an incredible sight to visit and rest your eyes upon. The nation is ideal to be explored by a vehicle. This guide provided the absolute best vehicle destinations you can take to make your stay in this astounding nation fun and an advantageous encounter.

Important Reminders Before Driving in Romania

When driving to a foreign country, make sure to keep in mind the following details or questions to make your travel experience more manageable. One important question to ponder is, “do I need an International Driving Permit in Romania?. If yes, you might find yourself asking other questions such as: how to get an International Driving Permit; and what are the necessary requirements to obtain one? In the comfort of your home, you can gather all pertinent information about the International Driving Permit online.

As you continue reading, you will know the answer to the questions mentioned above. You will discover more about why an International Driving Permit in Romania is an essential document to have if you’re planning a road trip in the country. Make sure also to check the International Driving Permit Romania website for any information about its uses and acquisition. It is easy to see an International Driving Permit for Romania sample online by checking the homepage of our website.

The Best and Worst Time to Go to Romania

Romania normally manifests four distinct seasons, and you should take into account the climate that you want to experience before your visitation to the country. Winters in Romania, usually from December to January, are quite harsh, and the cold temperatures prevent people from going outside and performing outdoor activities. Spring and summer are considered the best times to travel around the country as it is during these seasons when the country is most beautiful.

Before enumerating the different destinations that you can travel to when in Romania, a word of advice to tourists who plan to explore the amazing country by car is that you may need to know information such as International Driving License for Romania, zip code of the location that you want to explore, and the important driving rules in the country. You can easily obtain the International Driving Permit for Romania online or by going to the application page of our website to apply for an International Driving Permit in Romania.


An excursion to Transylvania would not be finished without visiting the excellent city of Brasov. A top tourist attraction of this location is the Bran Castle, also known as Dracula's Castle. The area is also home to Mount Tampa, Parc Aventura Brașov, and the infamous Black Church (Biserica Neagra) that people love to visit. As for its outdoor areas, Brasov is known for the following by tourists: Zoo Brasov; Lake Noua; Lucado Chocolate; Superland Brasov.

A piece of good advice should you decide to drive around the area is to carry and know the International Driver’s License Romania, zip code of the area you want to visit, and your regular license. You can go to the application page of our website or contact their administrators by searching for their email address to know more about the International Driver’s License for Romania. You can also correspond and ask about the International Driver’s License for Romania with the telephone number of IDA.


Visiting Sighisoara provides a venture into a fantasy loaded up with the most splendid and colorful houses. Recognized today as one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Sighișoara's famous citadel is a joy, with roads of brightly painted houses viewed by nine famous towers. Furthermore, you can't go any further without referencing that Sighișoara is the origin of Vlad the Impaler, the notorious ruler who might turn into the motivation for Bram Stoker's Count Dracula.

From Brasov, you can proceed to Sighisoara, where you should take the DN13/E60 fundamental street, which passes on the edges of Crit and through Saschiz. To make your excursion via a car more manageable, make sure to always carry the International Driver’s Permit for Romania. To know more about this permit, visit the International Driver’s License for Romania address of IDA. You can also try to correspond to the IDA administrators by calling their telephone number about the International Driver’s License for Romania.

Corvin Castle

The Corvin castle boasts an impressive appearance in person, thus leaving many tourists in awe of its beauty. Corvin Castle has an uncanny resemblance to Hogwarts castle, thus making it a perfect spot for photo-ops. Although frequently visited by tourists with the help of tourist guides, you can freely explore the castle to let your imagination run wild. One can savor the magnificence of Romanian architecture by simply visiting this amazing tourist spot in Romania.

Before driving in this part of Romania, you might find yourself asking, “do I need an International Driver’s License in Romania?”. If you're a U.S. driver, you need to get an IDL/IDP. To gather important information for the application of this document, try to access the International Driver’s License for Romania’s website of IDA or call their administrators by using the International Driver’s License for Romania contact number. Make sure to also check for any International Driver’s License for Romania updates on our website.


Numerous individuals fly into Bucharest’s city and have the penchant for simply leasing a vehicle and taking off. Once acknowledged as the “Paris of the East,” Bucharest is a place covered by a slew of architecture and art nouveau palaces that are highly reminiscent of Paris. Bars and food stalls are found all over the streets of this city, which is perfect for night outs with friends or family. As the capital of the country, it also boasts a substantial number of bazaars that tourists would visit for gifts and souvenirs.

Tourists who want to drive vehicles around this area should bring an International Driver's Permit. Go to the International Driver’s Permit for the Romania website of IDA to know more about the document and to inquire from their administrators. Make sure to also check for any International Driver’s Permit in Romania updates when browsing our website. Always remember that the International Driver’s Permit for Romania is not a Romanian license equivalent.


Another city in Romania that merits a spot on your excursion plan is the city of Sibiu. Many vacationers suggest seeing its excellent market square if you have the opportunity in your timetable. The Big Square (Piata Mare), ASTRA Museum, Old Town, Turnul Sfatului (The Tower of the Council), and Orthodox Cathedral Holy Trinity are among its most popular spots for tourists to engage its culture or perform different outdoor activities.

“Is an International Driver’s License required in Romania?” is one of those questions that normally cross the minds of tourists when traveling in this area. To gain more knowledge about this permit, make sure to correspond with the administrators of IDA by messaging them via the International Driver’s License for Romania’s email address. Make sure to also ask for any update about International Driver’s License for Romania. Try to inquire about the International Driver’s Permit for Romania requirements to make your application as smooth as possible.

Transfagarasan Highway

Last, however certainly not least, of the best places to visit Romania on your excursion is the Transfagarasan Highway, otherwise called one of the most lovely roads on the planet. The road is famous for drivers who love to introduce themselves to something exhilarating. The road is known for its sharp turns and curves, beautiful scenery strategically positioned over the feet of the amazing Fagaras mountains in Transylvania.

Before exploring this famous Romanian road, make sure to know if an International Driver’s License is required when you are driving. Always remember that the International Driver’s Permit for Romania is not a Romanian license substitute. You may go to the homepage of our website, or visit the International Driver’s License for Romania’s office address to know more about the permit. While browsing our website, check any update about the International Driver’s Permit for Romania to make your application process fast and smooth.

Most Important Driving Rules

When you are a tourist having your foreign country road trip, it is important to know the basic driving rules and regulations to avoid the possibility of fines and penalties. Moreover, taking the time to learn about their traffic laws can significantly make your travel more manageable. For this reason, when you are in this country, it is crucial to keep in mind the basic living and driving laws when driving on the Romanian road. For starters, check if an International Driving License in Romania is enough to allow you to operate a car.

The International Driving License in Romania enables tourists, like U.S. citizens, to use their own car when exploring the country. Hence, carrying the International Driver’s License for Romania is a must, especially when dealing with the traffic police. You can easily acquire the said license online on the IDA website. The administrators of this company are very friendly and explicitly know about the application procedures; it is best to call the International Driver’s License for Romania’s contact number of IDA. The International Driver’s Permit for Romania today can be given to you in just 2 hours, so apply now at IDA.

Driving Eligibility in Romania

If you plan on traveling via a vehicle, there is a great deal of driving necessities that you should take into account. Your license, for instance, can direct whether you have the consent to drive in Romania. “Is the International Driver’s License required in Romania?” is often a question that crosses the minds of traveling tourists. Since you're not a Romanian driver, you need an IDP to legally drive on any Romanian road. You can easily get the International Driver’s Permit for Romania online by merely visiting the application page on this website. Obtaining the International Driver’s Permit for Romania today is very simple, especially if you get yours at IDA.

Likewise, under 18 years of age, individuals are confined from driving, and the nation implements a most extreme age breaking point of 70 to 75 years of age to its drivers. Drink driving laws in Romania are additionally being interfered with as this can pose potential accidents when driving. As individuals from foreign countries, tourists have to regard these guidelines while driving on their streets and spare themselves the difficulty of being impeded by traffic implementers while on a road trip.

Speed Limit in Romania

Remembering speed limits in Romania is normally estimated in kilometers every hour, so ensure that you don't go above it and break as far as possible inadvertently. Speed limits change around various territories in Romania. A 50 km/hr speed cap is evident in towns and cities; 90 km/hr in open roads; and a restriction of 120km/hr is implemented on motorways. The fine for breaking these speed limits is by the amount you have surpassed the speed limit.

Besides avoiding punishments, it is essential to remain beneath the previously mentioned speed cutoff points to observe the driving signs on Romania’s streets. This will help you avoid possible mishaps, particularly when driving in metropolitan territories where streets are tighter due to the higher number of individuals. A slower speed is likewise fitting if you need to enjoy the excellent destinations you can pass on while driving or on areas with poor road conditions.

Seat Belt Laws in Romania

Wearing safety belts is required when driving in Romania. It is also obligatory that all vehicle seats have their own safety belt to oblige every imaginable passenger. On the off chance that an ailment keeps you from wearing a safety belt, you should recover from a medical doctor an exclusion declaration. In the event of crises, it is additionally necessitated that you keep a fire extinguisher, two warning triangles, and a medical aid pack in the vehicle consistently.

Concerning having a youngster as a passenger, there are stricter standards that you ought to obey in Romania as a driver. A suitable child restriction should be used for kids somewhere in the range of 3 and 11 years of age and measure under 1.35 meters. Moreover, children below the age of 13 are restricted to position on the front passenger seat. According to the nation's laws, a year-old child or lower weighing up to 9 kg should be situated in the security seat at the rear of the vehicle with the infant's head confronting the back windows.

Right of Way in Romania

When driving in Romania, realizing which roadside is the option to proceed is something that travelers should know about. Like most European nations, you have the right of way when you are driving on the right-hand side of Romanian streets. A U.S. driver will find it easy to navigate the roads in Romania. At the point when individuals are crossing a passerby, priority is with them. On the occasion that traffic signals are absent, priority is given to pedestrians.

You will experience numerous roundabouts at numerous cities, which are now and then constrained by traffic signals and, sometimes, not. Drivers who are entering traffic circles have the option to proceed. If you plan to turn left when driving, you should be in the left (or maybe center) path before you turn. On the off chance that you continue a straight way or plan to turn right, it is ideal for driving on the right-hand side of the road. Precedence is given to walkers and cyclists who are crossing cycle tracks or asphalts in Romania.

Legal Driving Age in Romania

A Romanian driver should be 18 years old to apply for a full driving license. The age limit should be observed by tourist drivers as well. Remember that vehicle rental suppliers regularly require an age prerequisite of 21 years old to drive one of their vehicles. These organizations look for a higher age necessity when you are searching for a luxury vehicle to drive. Furthermore, you should have a hold of your driver's license for at least one year before you are viewed as qualified for driving. If you are a tourist in this nation, an International Driving License from Romania should accompany your regular driving license.

The International Driving License from Romania can be obtained online from the IDA. Make sure to know about the different International Driver's Permit in Romania requirements before application to ensure smooth processing of the permit. You’ll find an International Driver’s License for Romania sample online so that people who will apply for this document will know what the permit is for. The application of the said license is straightforward and can be processed in just two hours.

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