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International Driving Permit (IDP), regulated by the United Nations, certifies that you are the holder of a valid driver's license in your country of origin.

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Your IDP is a valid form of identification in more than 150 countries worldwide and contains your name, photo and driver information in the 12 most widely spoken languages in the world.

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Found in the east-central Pacific Ocean is where the Polynesian Islands sit. It consists of 1000 islands and six independent nations. Polynesia is a beautiful collection of islands where people and animals co-exist. Driving around the islands in Polynesia is a whirlwind! You will meet the warmest of people and the most breath-taking view of what the islands provide. Be like Magellan and explore the islands of Polynesia!

Bora Bora

The most sought-after romantic destination, Bora Bora, is the perfect place to be. Dubbed as the “beauty queen of the South Pacific,” its white sand beaches and the lagoons are its gowns. From afar, you will see the beautiful peaks of Mount Otemanu and Mount Pahia stick out from the sea, resembling a crown.

This beautiful island offers both land and sea adventures. You can explore the islets within Bora Bora’s lagoons! If you are brave enough, you can snorkel with the sharks and rays! You can go hiking up the hillsides on the land to take a gander at the beauty of this unique land. The best time to travel there in April and November. If you are thinking of where to take your bride-to-be, look no further! Here’s how to get there

Driving Directions:

  • You can reach Bora Bora by taking a plane from Faa’a International airport going to Motu Mute Airport.
  • From Bora Bora Airport, you can take a ferry or a motorboat to take you to the different destinations in Bora Bora.
  • You can reach Mount Otemanu Cave by heading northwest via unnamed roads. Turn left when you reach 160 m, keep on driving for about a 4.8 km ride and then turn right, and you will get to your destination.

Apply for an International Driving Permit Polynesia today for a hassle-free journey in Bora Bora. You have to fill up the application form and include your international drivers license Polynesia address to fast-ship your documents. Always ensure that all your pieces of information are correct. The International Driving Permit Polynesia requirements are only your details, a 2x2 photo, and a processing fee.


With its Volcanic origin, Moorea holds a promising landscape. It is one of the most visited islands of Polynesia. With its white sandy beaches and a vast number of valleys, this place is unique. If you are looking for an adventure with marine life everywhere you go, Moorea is the place to be. It is surrounded by barrier reefs, which attracts many tourists. Here is how to get there;

Driving directions:

  • You can go to Moorea by taking a ferry ride from Papeete.
  • To take you to Moorea Beach Lodge, from Moorea Ferry Service, head west while driving on PK 31.
  • If you wish to go to Belvedere Lookout, you have to drive east from the Moorea Ferry terminal. Turn left when you reach Paopao, then turn right when you get Papetō'ai. Turn left to take Route du Belvédère.

Driving in your car is the most convenient way to explore the beauty of these islands. Always carry your IDP and your local driver’s license. Secure your International Driving Permit Polynesia requirements and apply for an International Driving Permit Polynesia today. Look for the available International Driving Permit Polynesia website to help you choose the best IDP provider.

Easter Island, Chile

Rapa Nui National Park is well known because it has been featured in many movies, so it’s not surprising to learn that tourists love to visit this place. When you go there, you will feel honored to face the actual stone head. Many say that they feel some sort of ancient feeling when they visit the park. Here’s how to get there:

Driving Directions:

  • From Wellington, New Zealand, you can go to Easter Island via airplane.
  • From Airport Mataveri, you can take a four-minute ride going to Easter Island Eco Lodge.
  • Head north on Estacionamiento Aeropuerto toward Acceso Aeropuerto
  • Turn left onto Hotu Matu'a.
  • Turn right onto Avareipua.
  • Turn left onto Tuki Haka He Vari
  • Turn right at the 1st cross street onto Avareipua.
  • From the Eco Lodge, you can start your journey exploring the beauty of the Island.

Please note that driving in Chile will require an International Driving Permit. So do bring it along with you if you plan on visiting Chile’s other sites. If you still don’t have an IDP, search for a trusted provider on the International Driver's Permit Polynesia website. You have to provide your International Driver's Permit Polynesia zip code to fast-track your application. You can also visit any international drivers license Polynesia office to help you with your application.

Rarotonga, Cook Islands

This Island is another romantic destination for you and your loved one. It is a secluded spot in the Cook Islands that promises the most breath-taking view. Its beaches, like the Muri Beach, are well known, and they offer beachfront amenities. Getting around the island is easy as there are buses for transport and bike rentals around the island. You do have to have your IDP with you at all times if you are going to rent a motorbike. Here is how to get there:

Driving Directions:

  • From Rarotonga Airport, head east on Ara Tapu toward Airport Rd.
  • Continue onto Te Ara Maire Nui, turns slightly left to take Ara Tapu.
  • At the roundabout, take the 2nd exit onto Takuvaine Rd.
  • Turn right onto Ara Metua.
  • Turn left onto Happy Valley Rd until you reach your destination.

Cook Island does not require you to bring an International Driver’s permit but would require that you have a valid license from your country of origin. You can still carry an IDP with you to travel to different adjoining islands in the Polynesians. Search the international driver's license Polynesia website to know more about the area’s driving rules and regulations.

You also need to carry your international driver's license Polynesia and visa for worry-free travel. You can’t process your international driver’s license in Polynesia office. You need to apply from your home country or third-party organizations.


The smallest self-governing island off New Zealand, Niue is known for its extensively raised coral atolls globally. The meaning of Niue, quite literally, is “behold the coconut.” Niue is home to a subcategory of a Polynesian culture whose language is dissolved by western culture. They hold a holiday called Peniamina Day or The Gospel Day in October.

If you love marine animals, you can also snorkel on the beaches, where it is home to many humpback whales between July and September—excited yet? Intrigued? Here’s how you can get there!

Driving Directions:

  • From Hanan Niue International Airport, you can drive your car to explore Niue island.
  • You can take Tapeu-Porritt Rd to go to Tautu Beach.
  • Turn left to take the road to Alofi.
  • Continue until you reach an intersection and turn right onto Alofi-Liku Rd.
  • Continue driving until you reach Tautu Beach.

For renting, you would have to have an international driver’s permit with you. New Zealand has it plasticized, which makes it a great souvenir from Niue as well. Book for an International Driver's Permit Polynesia schedule to get your IDP. You can go to the International Driver's Permit Polynesia office near you or from the International Driver’s Association to apply for an IDP. You don’t have to take an International Driver’s Permit Polynesia entrance exam. You can contact customer service if you want to know more about the application process for an IDP.


Hawaii has a lot of scenic routes in the country. It is well known for its beaches and surfers as well. But what if you just want to enjoy a long drive with your hubby and breathe in the view that Hawaii offers. Here are just a few places you can drive to.

Before that, please note that driving in Hawaii requires an International Driver’s permit, and you must have it with you in all of your long drives. You can check the website of the International Driver’s Association to apply for an IDP. Now here are two of the most scenic drives you will ever take in your life.

You can visit the international driver’s license Polynesia branches to help you secure a local driving license. But the most convenient way to apply is online. All you need is to submit the requirements and fill up the application form. Your address is needed when you fill up your application form for your IDP. You can contact IDA's customer service if you want to follow up on the status of your IDP application.

Mauna Loa Road Scenic Drive

Mauna Loa road takes you to Mauna Loa’s slopes above the Kilauea Volcano, taking you through old lava flows. This place leads you to a trailhead of the multi-day hike up Mauna Kea. This then leads up to a beautiful view of the Big Island. A blogger recommends that you hike the 1-mile scenic trail at Bird Park and stop halfway to look at the Kilauea Volcano. Mauna Loa takes your breath away as you reach the top and see what the island beholds.

Driving Direction:

  • From Molokai Airport, head northeast toward Airport Loop/Keonelele Ave.
  • Turn left, then take a slight left drive on the route of HI-465.
  • Turn right to take HI-460 road.
  • Keep on going until you reach Mauna Loa road.
  • Turn left, and you are at your destination.

It is recommended that you visit the trail when the skies are clear. This means you would have to plan and check out the calendar for celestial events that will occur. All of the events recorded in the calendar will be important and would help you prepare for this trip.

When visiting this place, always carry your IDP and your driver’s license to avoid local enforcers’ problems. If you have your International Driver's Permit Polynesia, Polynesian authorities will not question your identity. You can pay for the International Driver's Permit Polynesia fee through debit or credit card. Ensure that your International Driver's Permit Polynesia contact number is properly filled up for your application’s fast processing. The IDA also offers free replacement in case you lost your IDP. Just contact customer service and provide them your name and IDP number.

Coffee Country (South Kona) Scenic Drive

Coffee Country is a place where you can find numerous coffee farms being taken care of by dry lava fields that have already turned green. Not only that, but Coffee Country also offers snorkeling and diving spots along its coasts, and it connects two of the favored snorkeling spots called Kealakekua Bay and Two Step. This scenic drive will take you back in time as it radiates history with Pu’uhonua o Honaunau national park as the highlight of the drive.

Driving Directions:

  • From South Kona, follow Highway 11 south until Highway 160, just south of Captain Cook.
  • Follow the road until you enter Napo’opo’o Village.
  • Here, you can choose to loop the scenic drive by going to Kealakekua bay state historical park first or by turning left to go to the painted church and then to Pu’uhonua O Honaunau National Park.

It is recommended that you visit the Coffee Country in February and March when the coffee plant blooms into small, white flowers that fill the air with the most beautiful aroma. Add to the smell of blossoming coffee flowers are the coffee shops, cafés, and the colorfully painted church all along the 20-mile scenic drive. Leave your car windows open when you pass by! You’ll surely stop for a cup of coffee! The coffee farms host a coffee tour around Coffee Country, and you can watch coffee beans being roasted and have a time of the plantation. How exciting!

You can drive in the Polynesian Islands if you have an IDP together with your valid driver’s license. Ensure that your international driver's license Polynesia zip code is written correctly for your documents’ fast shipping. Have your international driver's license Polynesia telephone number to contact you directly for your IDP’s approval. If you have your international driver's license in Polynesia, Polynesian officers will not impose your penalty.

Most Important Rules in Driving in the Polynesian Islands

Driving in these top destinations will be hassle-free if you follow the road traffic rules laid out by each country and Island. To have fewer or no problems while driving, you have to obey the Polynesian Islands road traffic rules. Most of these rules are similar to that of other countries. So, you have no excuse to do the total opposite of what the rules imply. Here are the essential road traffic rules in The Polynesian Islands, particularly in Hawaii and Tahiti, that you strictly follow.

Bring your driver’s license and IDP everywhere you go.

Though Polynesia doesn’t specify if they require an IDP, still bring it along. The rules state that they would ask for your license. If it is not in English or French, they would need it translated. In Hawaii, they do indicate that IDPs must accompany your valid driver’s license. To that effect, before leaving for the Polynesian Islands, do secure the needed documents like your passport, valid driver’s license, International Driver's Permit Polynesia, Polynesian languages.

Your international driver's license Polynesia, Polynesian language, will last for a year from the day of your arrival. You can apply for an IDP in the International Driver’s Association and get the international driver's license Polynesia fee. You may also find the International Driver's License Polynesia contact number there if you need help. The IDA has all of the information one needs to fill out.

Do not follow too closely on a vehicle in front of you.

One mustn’t drive too close to the vehicle before them. Allow a safe distance when driving in bad weather, when possibilities for collisions are high. If towing another car, allow some headroom for you and the other vehicles to avoid possible road accidents.

Don’t drive across a divided road.

You must not drive across a divided road except when there is an opening on the street where signs do not prohibit it. A split road means that there is ongoing construction ahead of the roads. This might also indicate that the road is broken or damaged. There are warning signs for routes that you must not enter. Always follow the rules to prevent accidents.

Always use driving signals to communicate with other drivers.

You must always signal to the other drivers what you intend to do when you're slowing down, turning, or changing lanes. You must do this every time, even when there is no vehicle behind you. The signals must be given at least 100 feet before you change lanes, stop or slow down. You have to signal from a distance if you travel at high speed to avoid possible road accidents.

Follow the minimum and maximum speed restrictions.

The fundamental law that they have is that you must not drive at a speed that is greater than a reasonable rate. They state that you must operate at a rate that does not exceed the posted maximum speed. You must also not drive slower than the minimum speed limit. Don’t go too slowly that you’d cause a strain in the traffic. If you can not keep up with the traffic, move to a safe place and let the other drivers pass by. You must also never engage in any race or speed contest on the highway to avoid any type of collision.

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