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Top Destinations in Palau

Palau is one of the most remote archipelagos globally that lies in the western Pacific Ocean and home to more than 300 coral and volcanic islands. Thousands of diving enthusiasts worldwide visit Palau each year to experience the best diving sites and a glimpse of history. Below are thoroughly picked lists of the most visited tourist destinations in Palau. Process now your international driving license for Palau; application forms are available on our website.

Palau Escape

This destination is a true definition of “Escape,” the non-stop adventures, may it be on land or in the ocean, will surely take your soul away from the burdens of your entire year. Palau Escape has almost everything a traveler can ever wish for. Palau is also known to be a year-round tourist destination. Water activities in Palau best take place between November and April. Rough sea conditions occur between June and September.

Palau Escape is famous for its excellent services; aside from the usual scuba diving and snorkeling, Palau also offers a live-aboard experience in MV One Solitude. Since its location is not too far from the Palauan international airport, you can quickly drive to the spot. Do not forget to process your international driving license online since Palau has no IDA branch office.

Driving Directions:

  • From the airport entrance, drive south.
  • Follow the national road.
  • Upon reaching Shawarma Corner, turn left.
  • Follow the main street.
  • Upon reaching West Tropicana Apartments, a few blocks ahead, turn right.
  • Straight ahead until the second intersection and then turn left.
  • Drive straight until you reach Palau Escape, which is on the right side of the road.

Before you drive, make sure you have your International Driving Permit with you; Palau island authorities will seek it during checkpoints. If you don’t have one yet, International Driving Permit for Palau is available on our website; you can have yours in less than 30 minutes. Make sure to provide the required information for your international driving license Palau form.

German Channel

Make your dive an unforgettable experience and visit German Channel, a channel made by Germans during their colonization in Palau in 1899-1915. The Germans dug it under the reef barriers of Palau’s southwest lagoons connecting to the Pacific Ocean. It is one of Palau’s popular diving sites. Visiting German Channel will complete your diving experience, and we highly recommend you to.

Famous for its natural ocean resources, swim with manta rays and turtles, schooling crevalle jacks and grey reef sharks are also around to add colors during your dive. The best time to visit German Channel is from November to April, the sea is peaceful during this period, and the ocean is crystal clear. German Channel is accessible through boat. Just go to Sam’s Dive Tours, and they will cater to you.

Driving Directions:

  • From the airport, drive south and follow the main road.
  • Upon reaching Shawarma Corner, turn left.
  • Keep following the main road until you reach Hungry Marlin Restaurant and Bar.
  • Turn right.
  • Turn right again.
  • Lastly, turn left.
  • Sam’s Dive Tours is on the right side of the road.

Browsing into our International Drivers Association website is easy and straightforward; we prepared the list of your application requirements for an IDP. All you have to do is fill out the International Driving Permit Palau form. Processing your International Driving Permit online is advisable since we have no branch office in Palau. After applying for an international driving permit for Palau, we will update you later on regarding the shipment of your physical IDP.

Belau National Museum

Belau National Museum promotes and preserves national heritage and displays natural, cultural, art, social, and historical values. Perfect location for history lovers and culture curious individuals. This tourist site is accessible any time of the year; get your cameras ready and have the opportunity to meet several knowledgeable locals as part of the tour.

Belau National Museum contains several native artworks, coral, stone, and shell money used as jewelry. Tourist guides will exhibit personal story presentations that will help you connect the events during the war up to the present times. Ensure yourself an IDP before driving in Palau as it is required by a car rental company if you decide to rent a car. You can process your international driving permit for Palau here on our website.

Driving Directions:

  • From Palau International Airport’s exit, drive south and follow the main road.
  • Upon reaching Shawarma Corner, turn left.
  • Keep following the main road until you reach the Shopping Mall not far from Palau Hotel.
  • Keep driving until you reach IR Car Rental, then turn left.
  • Along your way, you will drive past the Seafood Aristocrat, keep straight.
  • Keep driving straight until you see The Barre, a 3-star hotel; you will turn left a few meters ahead.
  • Keep driving the circling road until you see the Belau National Museum on the right side of the road.
  • Also, ask the locals for necessary information.

Aside from driving on your own to Belau National Museum, there’s an option to take a tourist service or take a taxi with a fixed rate between the destinations. Always bring your International Driver's Permit for Palau as you drive in any region on your way to this historical site. If you don’t have an IDP yet, head to the pricing and requirement page on our International Driver's Permit Palau website, and you will have your IDP in less than 30 minutes.

Palau Aquarium

Take this place as an educational site because its primary goal is to give the tourists or even the locals the perception and knowledge of how Palau’s actual environment operates; it merely is the smaller version of almost every diving spot in Palau. It will enlighten you about the things you will encounter outside the Aquarium while enjoying the scenic views and lovely decors.

Since Palau Aquarium is not far away from Palau International Airport, making it your first destination is highly recommended. Tourists usually include this in their itinerary to warm themselves up. This aquarium is relatively small, and the tour will only last for less than an hour, but of course, you can stay as much as you want. The entrance fee costs $10 for adults and $5 for children age 11 and below.

Driving Directions:

  • From Palau International Airport’s exit, drive south and follow the main road/street.
  • Upon reaching Shawarma Corner, turn left.
  • Keep driving on the main road; make sure you drive past Palau Central Hotel and Palau Paradise Hotel.
  • Keep driving until you see Palau Community College, take note of the third intersection from PCG, and then turn left.
  • Along your way, after turning left at the third intersection, you will drive past Blai Beach Café, which means you are on the right track.
  • Drive straight until you reach Palau Aquarium.
  • Ask the locals for necessary information.

Having an IDP is essential and more convenient when driving in Palau. If at some point you lose your international driving license, or you want an extension for its validity, just apply on our International Drivers Association website. After applying for your new international driving license for Palau, we will update you within 24 hours for the shipping. Note that when applying for an International Driver's Permit for Palau, you need to provide your country’s zip code.

Ngardmau Waterfalls

Ngardmau Waterfalls of Mt. Ngerchelchuus is one of Palau’s pristine attractions in Babeldaob. It has a height of 217 m and is the tallest waterfall in Micronesia. Accessible through 20-30 minutes of hike, maybe challenging, but it indeed is rewarding. This adventure is best enjoyed with family and friends. Ensure you have every tool needed for the hike, such as a compass, hiking backpack, hiking boots, first aid kit, etc.

To have the best and hassle-free experience when going to Ngardmau Waterfalls, go to Palau’s most recommended tour company; Neco Marine will serve as your guide with the best itinerary that is worth your money. Neco Marine’s location is at the south-western part of Koror Island. Below are the directions you need to follow; note that this is only optional.

Driving Directions:

  • From Palau International Airport’s exit, drive south and follow the main road/street.
  • Keep driving and just follow the main road.
  • You will drive past Dari Drivers Palau and Palau Ocean divers; there will be a short bridge.
  • Keep driving until you drive past Palau vacation; you will turn slightly left past the bridge only a few meters ahead.
  • Straight ahead, about 150 meters on, then turn left.

Driving Directions for self travelers:

  • From Palau International Airport’s exit, drive south and follow the main road.
  • Drive past Shawarma Corner and do not take a turn.
  • Continue driving on the national road; it is a 36.1 Kilometer drive to the Ngardmau Waterfalls ticketing and parking lot.
  • You can also use google map to keep track of the locations.
  • Buy yourself a ticket, and then you’re good to go.

Before hitting the road, you need to have an IDP to avoid future problems along the road. With an IDP, you don't have to apply for a Palauan driver's license. When applying for an IDP, you have to fill out the international driver’s license Palau form and take a short read on our International Driver's Permit Palau page for further updates and information. To apply for an international driver’s license for Palau, pieces of information such as address, contact number, and zip code should be valid and genuine.

Most Important Driving Rules in Palau

Driving in another country is not easy, especially if you have little knowledge about the state’s road traffic rules and regulations. Failure to abide by these rules will result in problems. Equip yourself more with these rules as you drive to the destinations like a Palauan driver for a smooth and hassle-free trip. Here are the most important road traffic rules and regulations in Palau that you should never miss.

Always bring your IDP and driver’s license

Police checkpoints can be everywhere in Palau, especially Fridays and Saturdays, where occasional drinking takes place. So it is essential for you always to bring your legal documents to ensure your safety and smooth travel on the road. Also, a car rental company requires these documents if you want to rent a car instead. Note that your international driver’s license is not a valid replacement for your native driving license, so you should possess both. With an IDP, you don't need to get a Palauan driver's license.

To apply for an international driver’s license for Palau, visit our requirements page for our international driver’s license Palau website to learn what documents you need to prepare. Fill out the International Driver’s Permit Palau form and then wait for less than 30 minutes; then, we will send you your IDP electronically. Make sure to not lose your native driver’s license just in case you need to extend the validity of your International Driver's Permit for Palau; an extension for an IDP is much welcome.

Do not bring private firearms

Possession of a private firearm in Palau is prohibited and punishable by law with up to 12-15 years of imprisonment. In case you have one, make sure it is licensed and well documented, and you may surrender it to the local authorities for the duration of your visit to Palau. It is so much safer for you if you abide by the law in this country. Nothing is safer than being a responsible person who follows the order.

Drink-driving is a big no

Drink driving is the biggest road safety issue in Palau, and it is most rampant during Friday and Saturday nights. Keep in mind not to drive if you are under the influence of alcohol, especially Friday and Saturday, because the local authorities will impose strict security during those days. The permitted blood alcohol level in Palau is 0.10%, just a little higher than the blood alcohol level permitted in most countries. If you plan to drink, just keep it moderate to make sure you don't exceed the legal blood alcohol level.

Strictly no overtaking allowed

You must abide by the rule, do not overtake slow-moving vehicles unless they yield. Overtaking in Palau is strictly prohibited and rude, although it happens in remote areas out of surveillance from the authority. Just keep this rule in mind that if you drive in populated areas or on busy roads, do not overtake. If you feel the need to overtake, honk once to see if the car in front of you will let you overtake. Also, you have to drive on the right side in Palau. If you're not used to the right-hand drive, it takes a little practice to get used to it.

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