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International Driving Permit (IDP), regulated by the United Nations, certifies that you are the holder of a valid driver's license in your country of origin.

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Your IDP is a valid form of identification in more than 150 countries worldwide and contains your name, photo and driver information in the 12 most widely spoken languages in the world.

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Does Macedonia require international drivers license?

If your license is not in English or in Latin alphabet, you need to provide an English translation of your driver’s license. Thus, you need an international driver’s license to drive in North Macedonia. Car rental companies would also ask for your IDP to allow you to rent a car from them.

Can I drive with US license in Macedonia?

You can drive in Macedonia with a US license for a year. You are not required to have an international driving permit with a US license, but if you’ll be driving cross-country, it’s best to get one to avoid trouble.

Where can I get an international driving permit in Macedonia?

You can get an international driving permit online from organizations like the International Drivers Association. All you need to do is fill out the online application form, upload your photos and a digital copy of your valid driver’s license, and pay the fees with a credit card or other payment options.

Top Destinations in North Macedonia

Macedonia was a part of a big country - Yugoslavia until 1991, along with the other Balkan countries: Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia. Despite being a relatively unknown Balkan country, North Macedonia boasts tourist destinations that are as diverse, rich, and cultural. Allow this guide to give you a brief walkthrough of North Macedonia's beauty, from its capital to some town markets, along with other activities you can do. A Macedonian adventure is guaranteed to be a new and remarkable one!


Skopje is the capital of North Macedonia. It is where the majority of the population nestled in. When in Skopje, one can go on a historical journey to the Skopje Fortress that houses archaeological finds about ancient Macedonian living and served as Ottoman barracks. Go for a scenic stroll on the Stone Bridge that connects Plostad Makedonija to the Old Bazaar, populated by merchants from nations far and wide. These are testaments to Skopje's diversity.

If museums are your cup of tea, visit the Museum of Illusions for mind-bending optical illusions and the National Archaeological Museum, where one can find relics relevant to North Macedonia's beginnings as a nation. Visit the Mother Theresa Memorial House, where famous nun Mother Theresa was baptized to get a fulfilling capital journey. October and November are the most excellent times to visit Skopje due to the fair autumn weather that changes the leaves' color.

The Old Bazaar

Shopping becomes a cultural adventure at the Old Bazaar in North Macedonia. Wares and handicrafts for sale brought by Romans and Ottomans are evidence of diversity in the nation. Buying souvenirs isn't all one can do at the Old Bazaar. Visitors can head on over to cafés and restaurants where they can sample classic Macedonian dishes.

The Old Bazaar in itself is a visual attraction to behold, with cobblestone grounds and old structures. Walking here can feel like a trip back in time. To experience old-world hospitality, visit the Old Bazaar's teahouses that serve their beverages on metal trays. This Byzantine bazaar is Macedonia's most famous and historic shop, and for a good reason. Visit the Old Bazaar in spring or summer for the best strolling experience!


Vodno is the place to be if you're an outdoor person. Go hiking on the Vodno mountains and have a cup of coffee to celebrate your victory at the peak. Take stellar pictures of the beautiful scenery below or on the Millenium Cross. Have a nice picnic on the luscious greenery while enjoying the fresh air and gorgeous view.

Get on a cable car for an enjoyable way of viewing Vodno's natural beauty from above. Cycling and hiking trails are available for the active and adventurous. Vodno is the ideal Macedonian getaway if you're looking for a calm natural experience far away from the busy lifestyle and ambiance of modern cities. May and September are excellent times to visit Vodno due to pleasant weather and minimal precipitation chances. Travel now through rental car and explore this top destination.

Mavrovo National Park

Another popular outdoor destination in Macedonia for nature lovers is the Mavrovo National Park. Mavrovo National Park is Macedonia's most extensive park! The park has snowy peaks, expansive grasslands, and ski resorts. If you're more into fishing and water adventures, Lake Mavrovo offers it for you! Those looking for a bit of a retreat from the city can find tranquility in Mavrovo National Park.

Located at the same park is the Church of St. Nicholas, a church untouched by floods and re-emerged as a beautiful landmark that tourists flock to. Whether it's hiking, skiing, or fishing, Mavrovo National Park has it for you. Enjoy Mavrovo in May, June, and September when the weather is fair and pleasant for outdoor activities.

Matka Canyon

Matka Canyon is another adventurer's ideal destination. Matka Canyon includes ten caves perfect for exploring Rock climbing at the canyons, and kayaking is popular tourist activity at Matka Canyon. Architectural ruins and ancient cathedrals in the area give you a glimpse of Macedonia's ancient history. Dine and stay in one of Matka Canyon's beautiful hotels and restaurants that give you a one-of-a-kind dining experience overlooking nature.

The best time to visit Matka Canyon is in spring or autumn when the weather is ideal for most outdoor activities.


Ohrid is a noted Macedonian UNESCO World Heritage Site in North Macedonia that has earned its title for its cultural and religious impact. If you're into visiting and taking pictures of churches and monasteries, then Ohrid is the destination for you. Ohrid's picturesque lakes can be traveled to and appreciated by boat or cruise. Dainty villages are also present in Ohrid that one can visit to get a glimpse of old Macedonian living.

Visit Ohrid in July-August as these are the ideal times for the summer festivals. In Ohrid, summer festivals are a great way to listen to live music, dance, and try the best Macedonian cuisine.


Krusevo is the highest city in North Macedonia, with an altitude of 1350 m over sea level. Architecture is this town's main attraction, with numerous houses, churches, and other infrastructures that showcase North Macedonia's neighboring nations' expansive influence. Krusevo's old villages are akin to old towns in Yugoslavia.

A slice of history is present in Krusevo in the form of the Ilinden Monument, commemorating the Ilinden Uprising when all nationalities united against the Ottomans resulting in the area's emancipation. Journey to Krusevo in May to September, where the warmth of the weather is pleasant for an outdoor stroll

Most Important Driving Rules in North Macedonia

Driving in North Macedonia offers a unique experience. Before you hit the road, it's essential to understand the North Macedonia driving rules. These rules are in place to ensure your safety and to help you avoid legal issues. Keep these North Macedonia driving rules in mind for a smooth Balkan adventure!

Carry Important Documents with You

Tourists venturing out in North Macedonia by rental car must always have their travel documents. Important documents such as your valid driving license, rental car insurance, an International Driver's Permit(IDP) should be with you at all times. Police stops occur randomly, so it's best to have them ready.

Macedonia is bordered by Bulgaria, Serbia, Kosovo, Greece, and Albania. If you wish to have a short road trip and visit these countries as well, it will be much easier with international driving licence. To drive in North Macedonia, you need to meet the minimum age requirement besides carrying important documents with you.

Don't Drink and Drive

The drunk driving laws in North Macedonia have a low tolerance for intoxicated drivers. The legal limit is at 0.5, which is relatively low, so having a bit of alcohol in you can put you above the limit quickly—those guilty of going above the limit risk license confiscation and possible imprisonment. If, as a tourist, you go above the legal number, your International Driver's Permit for North Macedonia comes in handy as an identity card, but you are still subject to their law.

Follow speed limits

When driving in North Macedonia, follow the speed limits to avoid getting penalized or, worse, getting into an accident. The speed limits in North Macedonia are as follows:

  • 50km/h on built-up areas
  • 110km/h on roads reserved for motor vehicles
  • 150km/h on highways
  • 90 km/h on other roads

Wear seatbelts when driving

You’re required to wear a seatbelt when driving in North Macedonia. The front seat passenger is also required to wear the seatbelt for safety. On the other hand, if you’re with young children, they need to be in a car seat.

Car Rental Rules

You’ll find several reputable car rental companies in North Macedonia like Sixt and Budget. To rent a car, you need to show your driver’s license and an IDP. Some car rental companies allow drivers to take their cars to other countries like Switzerland, Netherlands, and Portugal.

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