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Top Destinations in Nicaragua

Nicaragua is an enticing destination for glorious flora and fauna environment. It is one of the great sovereign states in Central America. With its irresistible collection of wondrous postcard sceneries, breathtaking river canyons, natural fortresses, and outstanding biodiversity, explorers will not have excuses to miss Nicaragua as the next fancy destination to discover.

Roaming around the magnificent country, travelers should pick a rental car and traverse the nation’s highways. To make it possible, possessing an International Driving Permit in Nicaragua must be a priority. The International Driver’s Association has precisely laid out the requirements for an International Driving Permit for Nicaragua. Applicants only need to supply their name, address, number, and zip code to have an International Driving License in Nicaragua.

Somoto Canyon

Somoto Canyon, commonly known as the Cañón de Somoto, is an impressive river gorge in northern Nicaragua. It proudly boasts its enthralling ancient rocks, which draws a lot of attention to tourists. The stellar panoramic landscapes in this canyon are worth capturing by the camera. Hardcore thrillers and arduous climbers will have the ultimate engagement over numerous extreme sports on this site.

Schedule the earnest attempt over the spectacular canyon during the dry season months, from late July to early September. Heading over during rainy seasons would mean heavy rains. Some trails will require a swim over the canyon to reach the other side. It’s quite a challenge to take on the rainfall period. It’s better to choose the vibrant time.

Massive Outdoor Activities

Passionate trekkers, ultimate rock climbers, and hardcore hikers, every thriller at heart, are free to test their endurance and adrenaline over the soaring rocks and pristine deep lagoons. This canyon is not for the adventurers with a faint heart. Better find another relaxing place to calm, instead. The arrow section on the gorge needs an extensive passing style—mounting over the rocks, letting self flow through the rapids, and a high jump from an elevated rock area.

Driving Directions:

  • If going from Madriz, drive through the Carr. Panamericana/CA-1/NIC-1.
  • In the Carr.Panamerica/Panamericana Nte./CA-1/NIC-1, turn right and follow the signs until the last street to make a right turn.

Non-Nicaraguan residents must have an International Driver’s Permit in Nicaragua. They should have a checklist of vital documents to have one. The International Drivers Association issues digital international driving permits in less than 2 hours. For guidance on the application, check out the pages on our website. It has a direct tracking link for obtaining an IDP for Nicaragua. The page also has complete requirements for an International Driver’s License in Nicaragua.

Playa Maderas

Playa Maderas is a prime spot for surfers. It has earned epic recognition as the “International Surfing Site” among passionate people who love surfing. Its alluring sandy beach, captivating waves, and gorgeous coastline are enough to attract tourists. Beginners and professional surfers have the advantage of enjoying the admirable water paradise.

Probably, the ideal time to indulge in numerous water activities in Playa Maderas is during weekdays. Getting on the weekend has a higher chance of crowd surge, and that’s stressful to think. It is way more comfortable and relaxing to go when only a few are around.

Other Options For Recreation

Travelers who are not fans of surfboarding, resting on a hammock while sipping a cool local beer and tasty tacos, can already relieve the cravings for a castaway trip. Playing frisbee, beach ball games, and even hiking are the other choices to pick for an ultimate blast of excitement.

Driving Directions:

If heading from Managua, the Panamericana Highway is the best pathway to take:

  • Drive through Carretera a Masaya/NIC-4 before proceeding to NIC-4 until Catarina.
  • Continue traversing the roadway until the roundabout zone. Take the second exit and keep on the NIC-4 route.
  • Stay on NIC-18 leading to Carr. Granada Nandaime/NIC-4, then one should follow the road marks and drive straight until Carr. Panamericana/CA-1/NIC-1/NIC-2.
  • Right from the Carr. Panamericana/CA-1/NIC-1/NIC-2, head over to NIC-72 towards El Plantel.
  • Switch slightly to the right when continuing the route on Carr. Granada Nandaime/NIC-4.
  • In 1ra Calle NE/NIC-62, make a left turn before heading straight to 6ta Av. NO.
  • Turn right upon approaching NIC-72.
  • Upon arriving at Hacia Marsella y Maderas, turn right and make a left turn ahead.

Foreign tourist drivers should know that an IDP is mandatory in this Central American state. To keep them guided and informed, check the International Driver’s Association. It has an exclusive link directing to the website of the International Driver’s License in Nicaragua. Applicants may navigate the requirements on the International Driver’s License for Nicaragua page. Right before submitting the details, double-check the address as it will reflect on the International Driver’s License in Nicaragua.

The Cliff Carvings of El Tisey

Esteli is a popular hub for legendary and spectacular murals. It is also a central destination for cigar factories. For the epic highlight, inside the Tisey Natural Reserve is the mesmerizing cliff carvings by a local hermit named Alberto Gutiérrez Jirón. His unbelievable masterpiece and exceptional skill of sculpting historical figures make it a significant reason to discover Esteli.

Exploring the stunning cliff carvings in El Tisey is best during the winter months, around December to February. Summer is fine also, which is from June to August. Accommodation costs are low, and the climate is perfect.

Hidden Mystery About the Carvings

The impressive figurines on the cliff of El Tisey are from the vivid dream of Don Alberto. He focuses his thirty years of existence by making creative statues of wildlife creatures and biblical characters from the country’s legends. Through a single nail and a stone, he marvelously crafts impressive figures right on the cliff.

Driving Directions:

  • Pass through Valle Los Encuentros when heading from Madriz.
  • Turn left when approaching Carr. Panamericana/Panamericana Nte./CA-1/NIC-1.
  • At NIC-49, turn right before driving towards Calle 8 NE and Av. 1 NE.
  • On Calle 4 NE, turn right and make a left turn right on the second street of Av. 1 NO.
  • At the first cross street in Calle 3 NorOeste, turn right.
  • Follow the roadway signs until Calle 5 SO and Calle 5 SurOeste.
  • Drive ahead toward Carretera a La Tunosa.

Based on the 2020 update, an International Driver’s Permit in Nicaragua is compulsory. So, for those wondering about the most popular question, “Do I need an International Driver’s License in Nicaragua?” a non-resident of the country needs to have one. There is a form for obtaining an International Driver’s License for Nicaragua. Applicants may visit the International Driver’s Association for more definite information. With an IDP, you can drive on the roads legally like a Nicaraguan driver.

Reserva Natural Miraflor

Reconnecting with the environment is best in Reserva Natural Miraflor. It fabulously sits to the north of Esteli. The reserve is a natural habitat of over 300 species of birds. Among those is one of the most beautiful birds in the world, the quetzal. Aside from adorable little birds, tourists can encounter spiders and howler monkeys strolling around the Miraflor. For flower buffs, they may enjoy the bunch of orchids around and find Costa Rica’s national flower, Cattleya Skinneri.

Foreign explorers may save the date of visit around winter. It is the best time to schedule a tour of the natural reserve. Guests can even have an educational session as the tour guide will give them brief information about the stunning biodiversity and the site’s epic flora and fauna.

Engagements to Try Out

Birdwatching is a popular activity in this reserve. Since it houses several bird species, there’s no wonder why the main catch is the adorable little ones. There are also farm areas in Miraflor, which will let the visitors experience the massive difference between a city and a town. To make things legal, be sure that the International Driver’s Permit has complete information, including the zip code. The IDA lets you apply for international driving permits online.

Driving Directions:

  • From Madriz, drive through Valle Los Encuentros before turning left at the Carr. Panamericana/Panamericana Nte./CA-1/NIC-1.
  • Traverse the route heading to NIC-35B until the last corner to make a right turn towards Miraflor.

An International Driver’s License in Nicaragua is required if you're not a Nicaraguan driver. There are checkpoints within the city, so having an update on International Driver’s License for Nicaragua should be a top priority. With this, tourist drivers will avoid the hassles along the way. Any lacking requirements for an International Driver’s Permit for Nicaragua will end up settling fines and charges.

Cerro Mogotón

Cerro Mogotón is the nation’s wettest and has the highest peak among the volcanic gems in Nicaragua. It defeats the iconic Masaya Volcano despite being a famous destination among travelers. The summit is over 2,107 meters high of this natural gem. Novices in mountaineering should find another spot to climb as Cerro Mogotón is only for professionals.

Before preparing for a strenuous hike, be sure to score a date during Green Season. It is usually around the end of May until late October onwards to mid-November. Traveling during winter can be useful, but slippery routes await. It’s better to go when nature is dry than wet.

Driving Directions:

  • Tourists from Madriz may drive through Valle Los Encuentros.
  • Make a right turn at Carr. Panamericana/Panamericana Nte./CA-1/NIC-1.
  • Another right turn at CA-6/NIC-15. Switch slightly to the right lane when reaching Av Wiesbaden.
  • At the first cross street, make a left turn and shift to the right side, heading to NIC-29.

Taking an exam for an International Driver’s License for Nicaragua is not mandatory. After accomplishing an application through the International Driver’s Association, monitor your International Driver’s License online in Nicaragua shipping progress. It will be a big help if you take the tracking number on the International Driver’s Permit for Nicaragua.

Cathedral-Basilica of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Sacred voyage is a fantastic healing addition to the itinerary in Nicaragua. After rewarding discoveries and thrilling hunts, making time to visit the largest cathedral in entire Central America, the Cathedral-Basilica of the Blessed Virgin Mary’s Assumption, is a beautiful way to mark the trip. It is mesmerizingly sitting in the central plaza area of Leon. The landscapes are phenomenal. It is a remarkable image to remember forever.

Explorers wanting to exercise or practice their religious rituals may plan to visit the cathedral on any day of the week. From 8 AM to 12 PM on Mondays to Saturdays, and 2 PM to 4 PM on Sundays. A fee of $2 will let one climb at the top of the basilica. Of course, bringing vital documents for an International Driver’s License in Nicaragua is tourist drivers’ responsibility.

Driving Directions:

  • If coming from Granada, start heading to the west on Calle Miguel Angel Ortez heading to Calle 14 de Septiembre.
  • Turn right at the Circunvalacion a Masaya/NIC-4B and Caller Elena Arellano/NIC-4.
  • At the roundabout zones, take the first exit towards Circunvalacion a Masaya/NIC-4B and Carr a Masaya/NIC-4.
  • Continue driving to Av Jerusalen until reaching the second exit in roundabout towards Pista Suburbana.
  • Stay on the right to head over to Carr. Panamericana/Carr Sur Via Panamericana/CA-1/CA-3/NIC-1/NIC-2. Follow the signs on this route.
  • In Carr. Nueva Leon/NIC-28, take the second exit off the roundabout.
  • Make a right turn in Route 12/CA-3 and proceed to 11a Calle Sur.
  • In 1ra Av. SE, turn right. Have two left turns upon arriving at 1ra Calle NE and Av. Central Nte.

Non-residents of this sovereign state must have a clear answer to this top question, “do I need an International Driver’s License in Nicaragua?.” An IDP is an essential item to have when having a highway-bound trip abroad. To keep everything formal and guided, visiting the International Driver’s Association page will give the information and website link for an International Driver’s License for Nicaragua. An exam is not a mandatory requirement to apply.

Telica Volcano

Telica Volcano is among the active volcanoes located in Leon. Its last eruption happened in 1948. Over the years, it is continuously releasing smokes and grumble sounds. It elevates over 1,061 meters and a 120 meters depth on its crater with 700 meters in its diameter. Hikers should begin at the San Jacinto Hot Springs. The hot springs are not sitting at the foot of Telica, but it’s the starting point of the hike.

Setting a hiking trip date is excellent during the dry season. Frequent hikers mostly advise bringing sunblock lotion and enough food to boost energy on following the hike. Hiring a tour guide will be better for newbies on the site. It’s way faster than navigating at your own pace.

Driving Directions:

  • From the central town of Leon, drive to the south area in 2da Av. SO to 2da Calle SO.
  • At the 1st cross street, turn left, leading to 2da Calle SO and 1ra AV. SE.
  • Make a right turn to 6ta Calle NE before turning left to Av. Pedro Arauz/Av. Pedro Arauz Palacios.
  • Go straight ahead to Route 12/CA-3.

Only a few details are compulsory in completing the form for an International Driver’s License in Nicaragua. When the applicant finishes applying for an IDP, do not forget to check the International Driver’s License tracking number in Nicaragua through the International Driver’s Association website. Approval of international driving permits usually takes within the day or even in two hours. Shipping of physical copy will depend on the address on the international driver’s license in Nicaragua.

Most Important Driving Rules in Nicaragua

The essence of crafting and implementing traffic laws on the road is to lessen the casualties and accidents that may occur at any time of the day. Its strict enforcement is for the safety and protection of all citizens and non-residents of a country. In Nicaragua, despite the growing negative image on remote areas, hitting the main roads is still in good condition. Extra caution and security are what a tourist driver needs to have when touring alone.

A Nicaraguan driver is required to have a driver's license. On the other hand, tourist drivers should get an International Driving Permit in Nicaragua aside from their local driver's license. Access to the application for one is through the International Driver’s Association online page. It is easier and hassle-free to apply as one does not have to wait up to several weeks to have one. Foreigners only have to give a few details like name, address, contact number, and zip code to get an International Driver’s License in Nicaragua.

Keep the Local Driver’s License and International Driver’s Permit Inside a Safety Bag

Taking a rental car is the best style to hunt the beautiful jewels hiding among the cities and towns in this nation. But, one should have sufficient documents to drive legally in Nicaragua. Forgetting any of the essential items is not an excuse. Responsibility should be a top trait to practice at all times.

All Non-Nicaraguan residents must obtain an International Driver’s Permit in Nicaragua. The International Driver’s Association offers services for acquiring an International Driver’s Permit in Nicaragua. Failure to comply with this step will not have the right to drive in the country. If you lost your IDL, the IDA has the replacement services for an International Driver’s Permit for Nicaragua. The exam is not an essential item for acquiring an international driver’s license in Nicaragua.

Drive on the Right Lane of the Road

Drivers should remain on the right side of the road to drive. It is the designated driving side in Nicaragua. Overtaking on the left should only be done when there is a freeway or enough space to do it. Do not attempt to overtake if there is traffic congestion. It will only add to the stressful jam on the highway. Tolerating stubborn drivers will end up spending 24 hours in detention.

To ensure the legality of hitting the nation’s roadways, acquiring an updated international driver’s license in Nicaragua is mandatory. Through the International Driver’s Association’s assistance, having an exclusive permit is more straightforward than anywhere. Fill-up the form with personal details, zip code, then after a few hours, the applicant now has the International Driver’s License or Permit in Nicaragua.

Watch the Speed Limits On Every Highway Area

As the authorities regulate the flow of moving vehicles on the road, it is vital to comply with the highway section’s designated speed limit mark. It is part of monitoring cars’ movement, especially those who will attempt to disobey the law. Exceeding the maximum speed mark is equivalent to a ticket, which the driver has to settle right away. Confiscation of an IDP and driver’s license is possible if there are several violations on the record.

Now, for a useful tip on how to avoid troubles, follow the traffic law. Of course, compliance with the documents for an International Driver’s Permit in Nicaragua is a must. An International Driver’s License for Nicaragua contains the contact number, name, address, photo, and zip code. If an unexpected case happens, check the office contact on your International Driver’s Permit in Nicaragua.

Do Not Use a Handheld Device, Ask for a Hands-Free System

The focus on the highway while driving is a crucial thing. Drivers have to refrain from any distractions that can easily divert their eyes away from the front view. Any handheld phones must be away from the driver’s side. If in case of an emergency, pull over at the side of the road. If it is inevitable to use one, inquire to the car rental provider about a car with a hands-free system feature.

Make sure that when wrapping up the agreements with the car rental agency, ask for the contact number and office staff’s name to call in case of road trouble before taking back your International Driver’s Permit in Nicaragua. That will be an excellent action to take. Do also review updates on the other functions of an International Driver’s Permit in Nicaragua. It’s better to have sufficient knowledge about its benefits.

Intoxicated Driving Is Against the Traffic Road Law

Sometimes, road conditions are not that hazardous. But, road users like drivers, cyclists, motorists can bring a higher possibility of danger. Among the hot issues in road accidents is operating a steering wheel under an alcoholic beverage’s influence. Doing this can harm the pedestrians, stray animals, and even other vehicles passing on the right lane. Do not drink if one must drive going back to the lodge.

Do take note that when a road enforcer catches a tipsy non-Nicaraguan, confiscation of the International Driver’s License in Nicaragua will immediately follow. BAC level tests will also take place on the site. Refusal will mean that the driver is admitting to the charges. For guidelines about claiming back the International Driver’s Permit in Nicaragua, visit the International Driver’s Association website.

Do not Dare to Drive At Night

Nightlife travelers who love partying in the dark should not attempt to operate a rental car afterward. It’s a hazardous move to push through. The crossing of stray animals is inevitable after sunset. Increasing the probability of involvement in a road accident is a frightening consequence to face. If it's necessary to drive at night, drive below the speed limit. Driving at the maximum speed limit at night is not advisable.

Police officers randomly conduct checkpoints at specific areas. If they hail a foreigner on the dark road, presenting a physical and an online copy of an International Driver’s License in Nicaragua is compulsory. Sanctions will apply following the rules and regulations written on the International Driver’s Permit website in Nicaragua.

Fasten the Seatbelts At All Times

In mitigating the risk of high fatalities in a vehicle accident, the state requires all passengers of a moving vehicle to wear their designated seatbelts. Toddlers should sit on a child booster seat. Do not dare to skip this rule. No one knows what will happen on the road even when driving below the maximum speed and how much damage will occur unless everyone’s safety and protection are ready. Following this road rule will help the authorities identify excellent drivers.

Every time the rental car is on a foreign road, the driver should have an IDP. It is an essential item to possess. If you already finish applying for one, do not forget to update the International Driver’s License tracking in Nicaragua on the International Driver’s Association’s official website. Contact number is essential when tracing an international driver’s license in Nicaragua.

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