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Top Destinations in Montserrat

Known as modern-day Pompeii of the Caribbean, Montserrat is a true symbol of resilience. Several destructive volcanic eruptions have scarred it, but the island found a way to showcase its beauty uniquely. Montserrat offers long black-sand beaches, picture-perfect rainforests, mountainous terrains, and rich wildlife. If you are up to discover the untouched sceneries of a tranquil island, Montserrat is a must-visit place for you.

Soufrière Hills Volcano

Soufrière Hills Volcano is both the symbol of destruction and survival in Montserrat. The stratovolcano is filled with many lava domes causing the eruption in 1995 to be catastrophic. The eruption left Montserrat's southern half uninhabitable and buried Plymouth's former capital city. Today, Soufrière Hills is one of the island's star attractions for tourists. No matter how tragic the eruption it caused Montserrat, it's still a factor in how strong and resilient this island is now.

The volcano is located under the exclusion zone. For a long time, the government prohibited any local or tourist from going there. They now allow group tours, given professional guides, and local authorities. Visiting parts of Plymouth's buried city and seeing the 3,440 feet volcano up close are must-tries. The guides will also impart to you stories behind the catastrophic event. The best time to visit it is during the dry season between June and December.

Driving Directions:

  • From John A. Osborne Airport, head north and book a flight to reach Tuitt.
  • Head southwest of Tuitt. It will take roughly 15 minutes to come to Soufrière Hills on foot.

Do not forget to get your International Driver's Permit for Montserrat online on our website because you will need it when driving in Montserrat. Click on 'Start My Application' on our website to get an International Driving Permit for Montserrat. International Driving Permits in Montserrat will translate your identity into English and other languages, so it can help you when local authorities ask for it together with your local driver's license and valid car registration license.

Woodlands Beach

Montserrat is famous for its long coastline with glimmering black-sand beaches. Woodlands beach is located in front of Lake St. Lawrence, so you will have a peaceful time to chill surrounded by magnificent bodies of water. Tourists can use its spacious campgrounds and picnic area for large events and parties because up to 2000 people can occupy it. The place is perfect for hosting group retreats and family outings.

The Caribbean Sea is also ideal for adventurous tourists who want to dive and ride the big waves. Besides that, Woodlands Beach is also a nesting ground for turtles, so you can even witness cute hatchlings emerging in their eggs. Sunsets are also glorious in this part of the island, so if you are looking for a quiet place to chill in, this place is also a great choice. The best time to hit the waves in Woodlands beach is between June and August.

Driving Directions:

  • From John A. Osborn Airport, head west
  • Turn right after 450 meters.
  • Turn a slight right onto Sweeneys Rd.
  • Turn left onto St. Peters Rd.
  • Turn right onto Woodlands Beach Rd.
  • Turn left at Mango Fall Ln. You can reach Woodlands Beach approximately within 17 minutes.

Always bring your driver's license, IDP, and valid car registration license issued in Montserrat if you're driving a rental car. Random checkpoints are common to Montserrat, so don't forget to check out our pages to know more. It will take about 20 minutes for you to process and download your Montserrat's IDP. It is also convenient because they offer worldwide shipping. Give your name, address, city/state, country, and zip code to get your international driver's license for Montserrat.

Montserrat Volcano Observatory

If you cannot handle the strain of hiking to the exclusion zone to see Soufriere Hills, visiting Montserrat Volcano Observatory will be advantageous to you. Group tours will be more enjoyable because you can organize them with your friends and family. You can hire a local guide with you as you visit the observatory. Taking in the full view of the exclusion zone and the volcano from afar is also safer than going to Plymouth.

The main highlight of visiting the observatory is the 20-minute informative video that shows how the whole island and its people were affected because of the catastrophic eruption. Besides that, you can also meet the scientists who monitor the island's seismic activities. A team of scientists is also giving free lectures about Montserrat's volcanoes. You can come any time of the year, but remember that they are closed on the weekends.

Driving Directions:

  • From John A. Osborne Airport, head west
  • Turn right after 450 meters.
  • Turn a slight right onto Sweeneys Rd.
  • Turn left onto St. Peters Rd.
  • Turn left onto Hope Dr. It takes approximately 22 minutes to reach the observatory.

Although Montserrat locals speak English, you should still bring an International Driver's Permit with you because they sometimes use the Montserrat Creole dialect. The IDA issues international driving permits in less than 2 hours. After your successful application to our website, you have to download your International Driver's Permit for Montserrat. Print the pdf file of your International Driver's Permit for Montserrat so that you can use it when you visit Montserrat Volcano Observatory.

Jack Boy Hill Viewing Facility

Jack Boy Hill Viewing Facility offers visitors a private space and excellent vantage point to view the Caribbean Sea and the whole island. The picnic area is open for all. You can sit for a while and appreciate the burst of color in the garden brought by various flowers. Telescopes and fixed-binoculars are also available in the facility to see the stunning view of Plymouth's ruins, Soufriere Hills Volcano, and the Caribbean Sea.

Are you hungry after your escapade around Montserrat? Worry not, because Jack Boy Hill Viewing Facility has an accessible barbeque pit. Bring your cooking tools and ingredients and munch on some treats while basking in the mesmerizing views around you. After eating, you might want to burn some extra calories. Hike in the mini trail located in the area to explore more and see the lush and colorful rainforest. Visit the facility between June and December.

Driving Directions:

  • From John A. Osborne Airport, head west
  • Turn left after 450 meters. In approximately 20 minutes, you can reach the Jack Boy Hill Facility.

Always bring your international driver's license to Montserrat, so you don't face any conflict when a police officer stops you. Visit our homepage online to apply for Montserrat's international driver's license. After your application's review, you can have your international driver's license for Montserrat. Download the pdf of your Montserrat's international driving license. You will have lesser things to worry about when driving with quick and easy steps.

Rendezvous Bay

If you have visited Montserrat's black-sand beaches, take a change of sceneries and visit the island's only white sand beach. To get to Rendezvous bay, you can choose to go there by hiking the steep 1.13-kilometer trail from Little Bay. For those people who cannot endure the hiking trail, you can go there by renting kayaks in Little Bay.

The bay is surrounded by towering cliffs where several migratory and tropical birds fly around. You can be at peace with nature as you relax and lay down on Rendezvous bay's white sandy beach. Sunbathe, swim, and snorkel all you want because you don't have to pay any entrance fee in the area. Ready some food and drinks because there are no nearby facilities. Avoid coming between July and November because it's hurricane season.

Driving Directions:

  • From John A. Osborne Airport, head west
  • Turn right after 450 meters. In just seven minutes, you can reach Rendezvous Bay.

International driving permits are essential, especially if your international driver's license is not in English. Our website has easy steps to get an IDL and International Driver's Permit for Montserrat. Don't worry if you lost your IDP or IDL because the International Driver's Association offers a free replacement service. Provide your name, address, city/state, country, and zip code to get your international driver's license and permit for Montserrat.

Runaway Ghauts

Do you ever wonder how rainwater pours down in the mountains? At Runaway Ghauts, you can witness one of the many wonders of nature. Ghauts are the steep ravines that send rainwater pouring down from the mountains into the sea. Runaway Ghauts is named after a story of the confrontation between the English and French. The French are believed to be the one who runs away. The site is located in the north of Salem.

Tourists can drink from the spring water because the legend says that those who drink from the ghauts will return to Montserrat again. To reach the site, you will have to take a 10-minute hike at Runaway Ghaut Trail. Tourists enjoy the hike because there are beautiful tropical trees and lush vegetation in the perfect area for those who want nature-tripping. It would be best to tour between June and December.

Driving Directions:

  • From John A. Osborne Airport, head west
  • Turn right after 400 meters.
  • Turn a slight right onto Sweeneys Rd.
  • Turn left onto St Peters Rd.
  • Turn right onto Olveston Estate Rd.
  • Turn right onto Mayfield gate.
  • Turn right onto Mayfield Valley View Rd. In 20 minutes, you can reach Runaway Ghaut.

You don't need to submit a copy of your visa to get an International Driver's Permit for Montserrat online. After your application to our website, wait for a few minutes and you'll get a pdf file of your Montserrat's International Driver's Permit. In just 20 minutes, you can download the International Driver's Permit for Montserrat and use it when renting a car in Montserrat. Also, make sure your car rental supplier provides a valid car registration license issued in the country so you don't get into trouble with the road traffic authorities.

Centre Hills

In contrast to Montserrat's tragic exclusion zone on the southern part, Centre Hills is covered by the vibrant tropical rainforest and rich biological diversity. The 34 gorgeous species of land birds and migrant songbirds inhabit Center Hills's area. You can also find the national bird of Montserrat, Oriole, here, together with other beauties such as the rare forest thrush, bridled quail dove, and mangrove cuckoo.

This place is considered the most diverse birding area in the Caribbean. Besides the tropical birds, it is also home to various reptiles, amphibians, and bats. It is 700 meters above sea level, and around, there will be magnificent views of dwarf forests and evergreen valleys for you to appreciate. Visiting Centre Hills is best between June and August. If you're planning to drive here, don't go beyond the speed limit to avoid accidents.

Driving Directions:

  • From John A. Osborne Airport, head west
  • Turn left after 1.2 kilometers.
  • Turn right after 800 meters.
  • Turn left after 1.8 kilometers. In 11 minutes, you can reach Centre Hills.

If you forgot to apply for an international driver's license before your flight, the International Driver's Association got you covered. Your application's review for an international driver's license in Montserrat will just take a few minutes. Please print a copy of your Montserrat's international driver's license pdf so that you can bring it with you whenever you drive. If the police ask for your identity and can't speak English, your international license for Montserrat will speak for you.

Most Important Rules of Driving in Montserrat

The excitement and thrill of visiting a dream destination should not cloud your judgment in following that country's vital road rules. Responsible tourists must know the general driving standards and unique policies of the country they are visiting. The road traffic rules you should always remember is to drive on the left hand side of the road and follow the speed limit. These regulations ensure you and the people you encounter will be safe from road accidents. Montserrat's road traffic rules are almost the same in other countries, so remember to follow them to have a stress-free and enjoyable stay.

Always bring your driver's license and IDP.

Note that you are in a foreign country, so you must ensure that you have your important documents with you at all times. Bring your driver's license, passport, car insurance documents, and international driving permit in Montserrat. There are random checkpoints local authorities conduct, and if they caught you without a valid driving license, you could be charged with unlicensed driving and have to report to the police station.

Visit International Drivers Association online to apply for your international driver's license for Montserrat. Download your international driver's license for Montserrat for you to have a copy of the document. Note that even if you have your international driving permit in Montserrat with you, it is not a replacement for your local driving license. You get a temporary driving license in the police station and remember it is only valid for no longer than three months.

Drunk-driving is strictly prohibited.

Montserrat prohibits blood alcohol levels higher than 0.8% for locals and tourists. Due to Montserrat's rugged landscapes, drunk-driving is strictly prohibited. If you're caught in an accident, you will have to go to the police station. Once you are caught and convicted, you will have a criminal record. You may face a minimum mandatory driving qualification of 12 months. Moreover, you will also pay for fines, community order, and compensation, depending on the offense's severity.

Temporary Montserrat Driver License

You can get your temporary Montserrat driver license from the immigration section or the Royal Montserrat Police Service. When you apply, you may or may not take the driving exam. Bring your existing driver's license together with the payment. The temporary Montserrat driver license will be legal for not more than three months.

Maximum Speed limit

Montserrat's maximum speed limit is slower than in urban states because overspeeding in its roads can lead to fatalities. Narrow and winding roads are all around Montserrat. On the main roads of Montserrat, the speed limit is 64 KpH. If you are within Plymouth town, the speed limit is 32 KpH. Following the designated speed limit will give you the time to deal with slippery slopes and sharp bends.

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