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Do you want to spend your out-of-the-country trip to a tropical paradise? If so, you should visit the Marshall Islands, where you can see the best natural landscapes that will give you fresh air to breathe. The Marshall Islands’ location is perfect for providing you the best atmosphere. According to history, the beautiful tourist destinations in the Marshall Islands were developed after the nuclear explosion happened in World War II.

Top Destinations in the Marshall Islands

The Marshall Islands is a well-known paradise for those who are fond of underwater activities. The place has several islands filled with crystal-clear water, great for diving and snorkeling adventures.

Whether you plan for a solo or a family trip, the Marshall Islands is the right choice. The Islands have a fantastic view of the dozens of planes and ships used in World War II. You can also take a picture of the world’s only diveable aircraft that features the Japanese World War II symbol.

Arno Atoll

You can find the Arno Atoll in the North Pacific area of the beautiful Marshall Islands. It is a beach that covers 13.0 kilometers square-wide. This destination results from the combination of more than 130 islands in the Pacific Ocean. The destination features blue, crystal clear seawater that houses unique sea creatures. If you are a certified nature lover, then Arno Atoll is perfect for you.

Arno Atoll is located near the Marshall Islands Majuro Atoll. Three water bodies cover the area, two in the east and north part and one in the site’s middle portion. Enjoy the beauty of coral drops, reef pillars, and streams while diving.

Driving Directions

  • From marshall Islands International Airport, drive to the east via Lagoon Road.
  • Turn left to bring you to Delap Dock.
  • You can take a boat there every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.
  • The boat leaves the dock at 10 am and transports passengers and cargo between the islands.
  • You can stay at Arno Beachcomber Lodge.
  • Head southeast to go to the Arno Grocery.

Getting an International Driving Permit in the Marshall Islands from the International Driver’s Association’s site is easy, with only a few documents. You have to get an IDP before driving in this country. You have to completely fill up the application form, most especially the address where you wish to receive the physical copy of your IDP. Do not forget to write down the zip code of your address to ensure a fast-track shipping of your documents. An IDP is essential whether you're from the US or one of the EU countries who will be driving in this country.

Ebeye Island

If you decide to take your vacation in Kwajalein Atoll of the Marshall Islands, one of the top islands you must visit is Ebeye. This island covers more than 30 hectares. There are loads of fantastic Marshallese cultures you can find in the area.

Another good thing about the area, you can capture a perfect picture of the sunset – this is one of the sweetest moments you could experience with your loved one in the Marshall Islands. Furthermore, Ebeye Island has the smallest population in the Marshall Islands, consisting of only 15,000 individuals under 18 years old.

Driving Directions

  • You can go to the Kwajalein Atoll by boat.
  • From Ebeye Dock, head east.
  • Turn right on the first crossing you meet.
  • Then turn right and then turn left to reach Ebeye Beach Park.
  • From Ebeye Beach Park you can visit different churches.
  • Head south if you want to go to The United Church of Christ.
  • Then head north if you want to go to the Church of the Queen of Peace.

Before going on a trip and applying for an International Driving Permit in Marshall Islands, secure a driver’s license at your local land transportation office. Your international drivers license Marshall Islands address must be indicated at your IDP to track you if you lost these essential documents. Look for an International Driving Permit Marshall Islands corporation on the web you can trust.

Likiep Atoll

This atoll is a must-see destination in the Marshall Islands. Here, you can experience memorable and stunning coastal walks with your family, friends, and loved ones. Aside from that, the area also promotes cruise rides and boat sailing.

Enjoy sunbathing on this awesome beachside in the Marshall Islands. Likiep Atoll is one of the most popular destinations in the Marshalls. It has a rich historical event when two traders from Europe obtain the atoll way back to the 19th Century.

Driving Directions

  • From Likiep Holy Rosary Church, head northeast to see the Adolf Capelle Store.
  • Continue driving via unnamed roads to take you to the shorelines.
  • You can also head southwest to explore lagoons in the south.

Whether driving on the mainland or offshore islands, it is crucial to carry your International Driving Permit Marshall Islands. An international driver’s license is still required to rent a car in the country. The International Driver’s Association offers a one-day fast shipping service of hard copies of IDPs. You can track your International Driving Permit Marshall Islands online once you receive a confirmation that it’s been shipped out at your address.

Laura Beach

One of the fascinating places to go in the Marshall Islands is Laura Beach. This beach has a magnificent scene that captivates the tourist’s heart worldwide. Laura Beach is located on the western tip of the island of Majuro. It is around 40 kilometers from the focal point of the town.

As taxis to Laura Beach are expensive, a rental car pars’ added value with the expense. Appreciate a day out on the seashore encompassed by a peaceful scene.

Driving Directions

  • From Majuro capital, head in a western direction via Lagoon Road.
  • Continue driving and stay right at Lagoon Road for about 40km.
  • When you reach an intersection, turn right and Laura Beach is on the right.

When you want to drive going to Laura Beach, ensure that you have your International Driving Permit in Marshall Islands. Get an IDP at any International Drivers Association online. You can search for an International Driving Permit Marshall Islands corporation on the web to help you choose the trusted and reliable platform for your IDP needs.

You have to fill up the form with your complete information. Your address’s contact numbers and postal zip code are essential to ensure a fast track of your IDP. Ensure that you carefully write the needed personal details. This will facilitate the fast processing of your international driving permit in the Marshall Islands. It might take less than 30 days to receive your physical IDP if you live in one of the EU countries or outside the US.

Bikini Atoll

Another atoll that you can find in the Marshall Islands. It features mesmerizing sights and scenic beauty. So, if you are fond of cruise rides or any other adventurous underwater sports, then this is a must-see place for you.

The Bikini Atoll is where the nuclear weapons are being examined. Shipwrecks are all over the island because of atomic tests conducted in 1946 and 1958. So, if you want to dig more information about nuclear information while feeding your eyes with beautiful views, then the Bikini Atoll is a great place to visit with your friends and family.

Driving Directions

  • From Bikini Atoll Airport, head northeast.
  • Turn left slightly when you reach an intersection.
  • Keep on driving to get you to the dock facility.
  • From there, you can rent a boat to explore various islands.

If you want to rent a yacht, you need permission from Bikini Atoll Local Government. The private ships cost more than $5,000. To do a diving adventure on wrecks, a Bikini council member must be present. To ensure worry-free travel, always bring your IDP together with your local driving license with you. There are lots of websites offering fast shipping for IDP.

You can read the international driver's license Marshall Islands review to help you select where you can find reliable services. Look for a website that has good reviews and a highest rating. The IDA offers free replacement of international driving licences/permits. All you have to do is contact customer service and provide your IDP number and name.

Kalalin Pass

Steep coral walls surround the Kalalin Pass. It boasts of different variants of coral and fish. This destination is one of the nearest locations in Majuro. Aside from fishes, you can find dozens of World War II ships and planes. There lies the diveable warplane in the whole world. The aircraft bears a memoir, the Japanese World War II armada symbol. This is, by any means, not drive-able.

Driving Directions

  • You can take a three-minute ride on a boat from Bikendrik Island.
  • If you are at the Marshall Islands Airport, head southeast to go to Kalalin Pass.

To drive towards the spot, you’ll need the right documents, and you may get that through our International Drivers Permit Marshall Islands website. Always bring your International Driving Permit in Marshall Islands together with your driver’s license while touring the area to avoid hassle when checkpoints occur. Your car rental supplier may also require an IDP before they let you drive their car.

The International Driver’s Association offers worldwide fast shipping services. All you need is to provide your complete name, residence address, city/state, country, and postal zip code to receive an International Driving Permit in Marshall Islands. Always bring your national driving license along with your IDP.

Most Important Rules of Driving in the Marshall Islands

Your trip to the top destinations can be a worry-free adventure if you follow the driving rules and regulations fervently. The driving laws are similar to most countries, so you have no reasons for not following the rules. If you wish to travel to the Marshall Islands, you must be familiar with the significant road rules they have to follow. The Marshall Islands impose some important driving rules you must strictly follow to ensure everyone’s safety.

Carry your national driver’s license and IDP at all times.

Before driving, check the essential documents with you. Ensure that you have your international driver’s license Marshall Islands address, and the IDP. International driving licences/permits are essential to avoid trouble with the traffic authorities. Always check the documents’ validity to avoid penalties when unavoidable circumstances happen.

You can apply to the International Driver’s Association’s site and get an International Driver's Permit as fast as 20 minutes. You can read the international drivers license Marshall Islands review to help you select where you can find reliable services. Bear in mind that your IDP is not a replacement for your local driving license. You have to carry your local driving license and your IDP to drive a car in the Marshall Islands.

Drunk driving is against the law.

Although Marshall Island does not have a blood alcohol concentration limit, they also have dangerous driving laws like in other countries. According to the statistics, drunk driving is one of the primary causes of road accidents worldwide. Although the governments have sometimes loosened their regulations about drunk driving, always follow this rule for your safety. Driving under liquor’s influence is most common during weekends when people enjoy after workdays.

If you are a woman, you must abide by the drunk driving rule if you don’t want to sleep along with men in jail. There was an incident in the Marshall Islands when women were held with men in the prison for not more than forty-eight hours because they cannot process the house arrest. There are no prison facilities for female prisoners at the jail in Majuro, so it is better to abide by the government’s rules and regulations.

Don’t drive at night.

Majuro atoll has only one main road, so you will not get lost in this place. The road has concrete pavement, but there are few road signs and no traffic lights installed along the streets. Animals like pigs, chickens, and dogs roam freely along with pedestrians.

Driving at night is dangerous since limited streetlights are installed on the road. If it is not necessary, avoid driving at night to prevent unwanted accidents.

Drive below the speed limit.

There is a national speed limit law implemented on the Marshall Islands. Marshallese driving law states that you must maintain a maximum speed limit of 40 kilometers per hour in urban areas. You must maintain a speed of 40 kilometers per hour when driving in this country. Keep your speed low since animals stroll freely on the Marshall Islands roads.

Some roads have no limit law on speed but always do a slow drive because of the lack of proper roadways. Most of the speed enforcement type in these islands comes in manual detection from police officers.

Now that you know the different top destinations of the Marshall Islands, you may consider having a trip to this place. If you plan to drive in this area, the first thing you need to do is visit the International Drivers Permit Marshall Islands website. Always keep in mind that you need your International Driver's Permit. Check the International Drivers Association’s website to get your IDP for worry-free travel.

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