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The Top Destinations in Macao

Macau’s economy heavily relies on its tourism and gaming industry. Specifically, casinos are its main bread and butter, even bringing in more revenues than the West’s Las Vegas. Even so, the wonders of Macau don’t just stop there. The country has a lot of UNESCO World Heritage Sites that are perfect for you if you prefer to go on a cultural trip.

Ruins of St. Paul’s

Once known as the “Vatican of the Far East,” this 17th-century church was the epitome of the east’s Roman Catholic ministry. It was destroyed by fire in 1835, leaving behind the 27-meter-tall facade. Later on, the original granite facade was reinforced with steel to preserve the entire structure. The ruins now serve as an altar and a museum that you can visit daily at free costs.

Some activities that you can do in the ruins are:

  • Take a picture by the 68-stone grand staircase
  • Climb up the steel stairway at the back of the ruins to see the carvings up close and get a stunning view of the city
  • Visit the Museum of Sacred Art and Crypt at the bottom of the ruins
  • Learn about the history of Macau through the lenses of the Roman Catholic faith (because the college was also used as barracks in the 19th century)


The Ruins of St. Paul is about 10 km from the Macau International Airport. You’ll have to drive over the harbor via Pte. da Amizade, and it should take you less than 20 minutes to reach the area.

Before driving to the ruins, make sure that you bring your native valid driver's license and your International Driving Permit for the Macao zip code. You don't have to apply for a local Macao driving license if you want to drive in Macao. The International Driver's License - Macao requirements are straightforward. You just need to be at least 18 years old and have a full, valid driver's license from your country of residence. Though you don't need to get a local Macau driver's license, having International Driving Permits is essential for tourists planning to drive in Macao.

If you apply for an IDP through the International Drivers Association, you can find the International Driving Permits - Macao form on the website, where you’ll undergo an online application process. You can choose to ship your International Driving License to a Macao address or receive it elsewhere. Just make sure to provide your correct International Driving License - Macao contact number in your application, and save a copy of your International Driving License - Macao number. The reference number is provided to you upon acceptance of application). There's no need for you to take a driving test as well.

A-Ma Temple

This 15th-century temple was built in honor of the great sea goddess, Mazu. An annual festival is held here every 23rd day of the third moon in the Chinese Calendar.

Things To Do

A-Ma Temple is one (1) of Macau’s many UNESCO World Heritage Sites. It is open between 9:00 am - 5:00 pm daily. When you visit the temple, make sure to visit and take a moment in the following parts:

  • The Gate Pavilion
  • Hongren Hall (The Prayer Hall)
  • Hall of Avalokitesvara (The Hall of Benevolence)
  • Zhenghiao Chanlin Hall
  • The Memorial Arch
  • The Hall of Guanyin

The A-Ma Temple is about 9.5km from the Macau International Airport, and the fastest route is via Av. dos Jogos da Asia Oriental.

Macau Tower

Built in 1998, the Macau Tower Convention & Entertainment Centre was constructed to provide an out-of-this-world experience for its guests. The tower has a total of 63 floors, and daredevils can even climb up to the topmost tip of the tower!

Things To Do

You may have to spend half a day in the Macau Tower (or more) because there are just so many things to see. Some areas are even worth visiting at night because of the spectacular views of the Macau Skyline. The different entertainment zones have varying operating hours. Here are some activities that you can do in the tower:

  • Experience walking in glass floors, 223 m above-ground
  • Experience a 360° view of the entire Macau
  • Climb up the tower’s antennae mast through the building’s exteriors
  • Experience the world’s tallest bungee jump and sky jump
  • Watch blockbuster films at Macau’s largest 3D movie theatre
  • Go on a shopping spree at ISA and Macau Creations
  • Dine at the 360° Cafe
  • Taste the Feijoada at the Tromba Rija restaurant
  • Savor the rich Mikado Coffee overlooking the city at Singing Bean Express


Macau Tower sits along the harbor. On a good day, it will only take you about 12 minutes or less to drive from the Macau International Airport if you take Av. dos Jogos da Asia Oriental.

You might be asked to present identification documents before entering the Macau Tower. International Driving Permits Macao I.D. will not only allow you to drive legally in the country, but it will also serve as a valid I.D. that you can use in establishments. The bottom line is, Do not forget your International Driving License in all Macao districts.

When applying online for an International Driver’s Permit - Macao, websites that say they issue an IDP can sometimes be fraudulent. You need to make sure that the agency you are applying to is legitimate. Not only is our website an authorized entity to issue IDPs, but you also get a hassle-free application experience because the IDA streamlined the entire process online. You don’t need to go physically to an International Driver’s Permit Macao office just to file your application.

Giant Panda Pavilion

The Giant Panda Pavilion is a 930m2 park that houses the Macau Giant Pandas. Here, visitors get to learn about their behavior, the issues threatening their survival, and the different protection initiatives that you can actually take part in.

Things To Do

The entire pavilion was designed to mimic the natural environment for the Pandas. As such, all visitors are advised to keep the place clean and reserve all unnecessary noises away from the animals. You can learn about the Giant Panda at the exhibition hall and buy souvenirs at the gift shop. Lastly, if you still have time, you can also visit the Pavilion of Rare Animals nearby.

The pavilion is open from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm, Tuesdays to Sundays. Children ages 12 and below are free of charge, while adults have an admission fee of MOP10.00.


The pavilion is situated in the Seac Pai Van Park. From the airport, it will take you less than 10 minutes to reach the area via Est. do Istmo. If you’re driving straight from the airport, you can secure an International Driving Permit in Macao upon arrival. With us, you can get your digital IDP in as fast as 20 minutes!

An IDP comes in a passport-like form wherein the translations are contained on various pages. You can find samples of the International Driver’s License for Macau online by scanning through our website. If you’ve decided to apply, the first step is to prepare the International Driver’s License - Macao requirements. These include your native valid driver's license, passport-size photo, and a credit card / PayPal account for the payment.

Again, you don’t need to go physically to an International Driver’s License - Macao office to apply. Plus, there's no need to undergo a driving test. All you need is to navigate our website’s homepage and click on the shopping cart button on the page’s upper-right-hand corner. You don't also have to apply during office hours only as the International Drivers Association accepts applications 24/7.


Suppose you want to experience a more laid back Macau, head on over to Coloane. This area is where you’ll see the most number of colonial structures in the country, and it is a good area to go swimming.

Things To Do

The area is filled with numerous open-air cafes and artisan shops. A leisurely stroll / drive around the entire Coloane (not just Coloane Village) will already be one for the books. Some of the famous destinations unique to Coloane include:

  • The Hac Sa Black Sand Beach
  • Macau Golf and Country Club
  • Fernando’s Restuarant
  • The Original Lord Stow’s Bakery (serving the famous Portuguese Egg Tarts)


Coloane is located on Taipa Island. It is about 7.4 km south of the Macau International Airport, and it would only take 15 minutes to drive to the area. Since Coloane is a relatively large district in Macau, you’ll have to be careful when driving and bring your International Driving Permit - Macau with you at all times. You can apply for one (1) month or weeks before your scheduled travel and choose to ship your International Driver’s License to a Macao address.

Beware of counterfeit International Driving Permits. Our website can ensure in providing you a valid example of an International Driver’s License for Macao.

Nam Van Lake

Nam Van Lake is a man-made lake in Macau. This is where you’ll witness the infamous dragon boat race and the breathtaking fireworks festival. A portion of the lake is lined with a wide promenade where everyone can do a lot of activities.

Here are some activities to do when in Nam Van Lake:

  • Stroll along the spacious promenade in the afternoon
  • Jog, do yoga, and other healthy lifestyle exercises in the promenade
  • Tour the lake on a boat
  • Watch dragon boats race
  • See the laser music fountain
  • Watch the fireworks' festival from the lake
  • Explore the local pop-up booths along the promenade
  • See musical and art performances along the promenade


Nam Van Lake is right along the harbor, a couple of meters east of the Macau Tower. It is about 8.4km from the airport if you drive via Av. dos Jogos da Asia Oriental. Since you’ll be driving through a major road, make sure that you bring with you all your valid identification documents in case road traffic authorities request it. This includes your IDP along with your native driving license.

To obtain an International Driver’s License for Macao, website applications present a more convenient way to apply for one. If you apply from us, you can obtain a digital copy and download your International Driver’s License for Macao once it is approved. The digital IDP is equally valid with the printed IDP, and this is a very popular option among light or tech-savvy travelers. No need to take a driving test to get an IDP. Applications made through the International Drivers Association are also accepted, even beyond office hours.

Warner Brothers Fun Zone

The Warner Brothers Fun Zone is a 297m2 themed playground located inside Studio City. It is open from 10:30 am - 7:00 pm, daily, and you can fill the day’s itinerary with the following:

  • Experience different kid-friendly stunts at the DC Comics Super Hero Action Arena
  • Drive a car at the DC Comics Super Hero Raceway
  • Play the timeless arcade games at the Warner Bros. Hypercade
  • Watch your favorite Warner Bros. films at the cartoon cinema
  • Entertain your toddlers at the Tom & Jerry Picnic Playground


Studio City is a short 7-minute drive southwest of the Macau International Airport. You’ll find it in the corner of Estr. do Istmo and Estr. Flor de Lotus. Since you’ll drive through a busy road, again, make sure that you carry your identification documents with you in your vehicle.

If you haven’t secured an International Driver's Permit - Macau yet, getting one is fairly fast and straightforward. If you apply for weeks before you travel to Macau, you can have your IDP shipped to where you’ll be staying in Macau. Just make sure to indicate your correct International Driving License - Macao contact number in case your courier will not be able to locate you right away.

Most Important Road Rules in Macau

Did these destinations get you excited? Well, one (1) of the best ways to experience Macau is by driving to these destinations with your own vehicle. It saves a lot of time, money, and energy. But before starting your road trip adventure in Macau, here are a couple of rules that you must remember.

Do not drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs

Drinking and driving is never a good idea. Macau has a vast selection of unique drinks that you can try, but always remember to drink moderately. The government set a BAC limit of 0.5g. If you are caught driving beyond this, you will incur fines of up to 30,000 MOP, imprisonment, and a ban from driving in Macau for up to three(3) years, depending on the gravity of the violation.

Observe the right-of-way

In Macau, vehicles on the left have the right-of-way. However, specific instances also dictate the right-of-way. Vehicles in the following situations and conditions have the right-of-way:

  • Vehicles that are not making a turn
  • motorized vehicles
  • driving away from parking, fuel station, building, or residential area
  • priority vehicles, policy convoys, ambulances, and other emergency response vehicles
  • those already inside the roundabout

Do not drive 20 km/hr more than the maximum speed limit

There are a lot of streets in Macau. In fact, Macau is one of the top countries with the highest road density. To regulate road traffic more effectively, there isn’t a universal speed limit in the country even if all the areas are basically urbanized. With this, the speed limit in Macao is often specified in streets and roads.

Hence, you should keep an eye out for these speed limit signs and make sure not to go over the maximum speed limit unless it’s a valid emergency. You will incur corresponding fines, especially if you reach more than 20 km/hr or 30 km/hr from the speed limit.

If you want to know more about Macau’s driving rules, speed limit, and how to drive to the different destinations, read the “Driving Guide for Macau.” Likewise, for more information and updates about the International Driver’s License - Macau, contact the International Drivers Association.

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