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International Driving Permit (IDP), regulated by the United Nations, certifies that you are the holder of a valid driver's license in your country of origin.

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Your IDP is a valid form of identification in more than 150 countries worldwide and contains your name, photo and driver information in the 12 most widely spoken languages in the world.

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Is international driver's license accepted in Libya?

It is unclear whether an International Driving Permit (IDP) is accepted in Libya. This is because the U.S. Department of State has issued a Level 4 Travel Advisory ("Do Not Travel") for Libya due to crime, terrorism, and armed conflict, and as a result, the ability to travel and conduct certain activities within the country may be severely restricted or not possible at all.

It is important to note that the situation in Libya is very unstable, and the country is currently experiencing a high level of political and social unrest. Therefore, it is not recommended for foreign travelers to visit or drive in Libya until the situation stabilizes.

International Driving License is regulated by United Nations and is a valid form of identification in more than 150 countries worldwide. Some of them are:











Hong Kong
















Sri Lanka


Trinidad and Tobago

United Arab Emirates


The Top Destinations of Libya

The country of Libya offers tourists an amazing adventure, so grabbing the opportunity to visit this African country is a must for travelers who are searching for a worthwhile experience. Libya will not only make you crave more of its attractions but will surely leave you breathless after your visit. Driving your own car is possibly the best way to explore the country. This guide will provide you a list of the best driving destinations you can visit to make your trip a more exciting and amazing encounter.

The Best and Worst Time to Go to Libya

Two seasons are annually experienced in the country of Libya. The dry, hot season is mainly influenced by the hot deserts surrounding the country and is normally felt during July to September. Temperatures decline from November to February, and it is during these months when you should visit Libya for its pleasant climate. The fairly moderate temperature normally experienced during these months is the main thing that attracts travelers from around the globe to visit the country. The average yearly rainfall in Libya is 148 mm.

Tripoli City

As a tourist, Libya’s capital of Tripoli should be the first location in the country you have to visit. The city is famous for the beautiful landmarks that you can explore alone or with your friends and family. Some of the activities that you could do here include dining, visiting museums, water sports, boat tours, and amazing nightlife adventures. When driving around this city, make sure to always carry your International Driver’s License for Libya. The requirements for getting this permit are easy if you get yours at IDA.

Benghazi City

After your trip to Tripoli, visiting the city of Benghazi should be your next priority. Benghazi is best enjoyed together with your family and friends as it houses Libya’s best zoos, aquariums, and theme parks. It is also a perfect place for nature lovers to do some outdoor activities like swimming and hiking in the famous Jabel Akhdar. Always carry your International Driver’s Permit for Libya for enforcers to test your capacity to drive while on Libyan roads.

Dirj Libya

Visiting Dirj, Libya, is one way for you to know more about the country’s rich culture and history. This beautiful place in Libya is famous for the Festival for Arts that is usually celebrated in September, every year. The place is also packed with souvenir shops, which is perfect for tourists who love to bring home trinkets to commemorate their wonderful stay in the country. When driving in this area, remember to bring your International Driver’s Permit for Libya, with the zip code of your destination.


If you’re a tourist who has a penchant for observing the architecture of a beautiful country, then the city of Ghadames is the perfect place for you. Not only is it famous for its unique and interesting houses, but this area is also known to contain the most picturesque mosques in the country. Always carry your International Driver’s Permit for Libya for enforcers to test your capacity to drive while in this area of Libya.

Old Port Sabratha

The Old Port of Sabratha is recognized as one of Libya’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites. This location in the country always piques the interest of people who have an inclination to learn about a country’s history. It has many archeological sites for you to feast your eyes upon, like the Temple of Isis and the world-renowned Roman Theater, where many shows and performances are being produced.

Most Important Driving Rules

When you go on a trip to a different country, it's really important to follow their traffic rules. This way, you won't get fines or penalties. Plus, if you understand their driving rules, it will be easier for you to drive there. A lot of tourists like to study the driving rules before they go. If you're thinking of visiting Libya, make sure you understand the Libya driving rules. You can look at the International Driver’s Permit for Libya on the IDA website to see if your regular driving license is good enough to drive there.

Driving Eligibility in Libya

If you plan on traveling via a vehicle, there is a great deal of driving necessities that you should take into account. Your license, for instance, can direct whether you have the consent to drive in Libya or if an International Driver’s License is necessary. The requirements for its application include an easy-to-fill-out International Driver’s Permit for Libya form, which you can get from the International Driver’s Permit for Libya from our website. Obtaining the permit is very simple, especially if you get yours from us, as we guarantee fast approval and easy checkout.

Speed Limit in Libya

The crucial fact that you need to know about Libya’s speed limits is that they are normally estimated in kilometers every hour, so ensure that you don't go above it and break as far as possible unintentionally. Different areas in the country of Libya have varying speed limits. A speed tolerance of 50 km/hr is evident in major cities, such as driving in the country’s capital city. A 90 km/hr speed tolerance is observed in rural areas and a 100 km/hr restriction in the country’s motorways.

Besides avoiding punishments, it is essential to remain beneath the previously mentioned speed cutoff points to observe the driving signs on Libya’s streets. This will help you avoid possible mishaps, particularly when driving in metropolitan territories where streets are tighter due to the higher number of individuals. While driving, always carry the International Driver’s Permit for Libya and remember the address of your destination to ensure a faster journey.

Seat Belt Laws in Libya

Seat belt laws in the country of Libya are extremely strict. For one, you are expected to always wear your seatbelt when operating a car in the country. This will reduce the possibility of being introduced to potential injuries if you are subjected to a traffic accident. If a body condition prevents you from wearing a seatbelt, Libyan traffic enforcers expect these drivers to carry medical consent that will prove their inability to wear one.

Stricter standards are implemented should you decide to drive with a child on Libya roads. A child that is below the age of 13 should be protected by a comfortable and appropriate child seat. As per Libya’s laws about seat belts, a child who weighs below 9 kg should have his head facing the back windows and be positioned in a security seat at the rear of the vehicle.

Right of Way in Libya

In almost all African nations, the left-hand side of the road is considered the correct lane for driving. This detail is very important as it will give you an idea of what to expect about the country’s vehicles and roads. When driving across pedestrians, remember that the right of way is given to people who walk, and you are expected to slow down. When traffic lights are absent, you should drive slowly and be careful with the presence of pedestrians and people who are crossing them.

Also, roundabouts in the country are often well-lit, at least in urban areas. When driving into these traffic circles, remember that those vehicles that are entering them are always given priority, and you should not force your way in. When you are driving in cycle tracks or asphalts in this nation, walkers and cyclists are the ones that are given the option to proceed, and you should wait for the road to clear up before you continue driving.

Legal Driving Age in Libya

The legal driving age in the country of Libya is 18 years old. When you reach this age, you are qualified to take their driving examinations for you to get your own Libya driving license. However, car rental companies usually do not follow this age requirement. They want their clients to at least be 21 years of age before they will lend them one of their cars. Other organizations require being 25 years old for you to drive one of their vehicles, especially when you want to rent a luxury car.

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