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International Driving Permit (IDP), regulated by the United Nations, certifies that you are the holder of a valid driver's license in your country of origin.

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Top Destinations in Lesotho

Lesotho is one of the best countries to explore by car, and it is also home to many tourist attractions. Guests can revel in the stunning national parks or immerse themselves in the heritage sites’ rich culture. If you want a place with many unique spots and endless activities to do, don’t hesitate to visit Lesotho for a fun and educational experience.

Ha Kome Cave Village

Take a trip to the Ha Kome Cave Village and visit its dwellers, who are the descendants of the first settlers in the area. The caves are considered a National Heritage as they are home to the original Basotho tribe.

There’s a wide array of activities that you can do on-site. You can have a picnic by the Information Center or even share a meal with the locals and witness their culture. You can also go pony trekking if you want to explore the area.

Although you can visit any time of the year, the best times to drop by the caves would be from March and April or September and October when the weather is pleasant. You might want to avoid winter (from June to August), as it can get pretty cold and the road traffic would be difficult.

Driving Directions:

  • From Moshoeshoe I International Airport, head north, then turn left.
  • Turn right onto Main South 1 Rd/A2.
  • Take a left and then a right turn.
  • Make a slight left, then turn left.
  • Keep left, then turn left.
  • Turn right.
  • Make a slight right, then turn right.
  • Turn right twice.
  • Make a sharp right. This entire trip would take around one hour and fifteen minutes.

Applying for an international driver’s license for Lesotho is easy, as you only need a few requirements to obtain an IDP. Having an IDP is helpful since you need to present it to rental companies before renting a vehicle and immigration officials at border crossings. So make sure to get an International Driving Permit for Lesotho. Remember, your zip code must also be added to your address for quick shipment.

If you’re too busy and your schedule is hectic, you don’t have to worry as there’s no need to apply for an IDP in person. Instead, you can get your International Driving Permit for Lesotho online from us. You also don’t have to worry as the requirements are minimal. If you want to get an international driving licence for your trip to Lesotho, visit our website’s FAQs page at to learn more about IDPs.

Given that you lose the physical copy of your international driving licence in Lesotho, you can still use your PDF or digital copy if you ordered one. Suppose you want a new IDP. We offer free replacements so that you can get a new international driving licence for Lesotho. Provide your name and IDP number to customer service, and only pay for your shipping costs to receive your brand new IDP.

Sani Pass

The Sani Pass is one of the most scenic yet difficult passes to cross in Africa. It lies between Lesotho and South Africa and is the only route that crosses the Drakensberg Mountain summit. The pass attracts travelers and thrill-seekers worldwide, as the activities there aren’t only limited to off-roading or hiking. Guests can also birdwatch or stop by Sani Mountain Lodge, “The Highest Pub in the World.”

The ideal time to cross the Sani Pass would be during summer, from November to March. Since the weather is dry and rainfall is low. The worst time to visit the terrains would be in winter, from June to August, as the driving conditions become poor and the path becomes prone to accidents.

Driving Directions:

  • From Mokhotlong, head southeast on the A14 route via the Black Mountain Pass (Kotisephola Pass).
  • Drive for around 60 km to reach the western end and summit point of Sani Pass.

Ordering an International Driver's Permit for Lesotho requires no tests and can be done completely online. You can get your IDP from us; Not only do we provide free replacements, but they also ship worldwide. Just make sure to provide your complete address to get your international driver’s license for Lesotho.

Applying for an IDP from us is very simple and easy. All you have to do is provide the requirements and fill up the application form to get your international driving licence for Lesotho. If you have any questions, you can visit our website’s FAQs page to know more about the international driving licence you will need to drive in Lesotho.

Suppose your IDP has expired. You can simply order a new one, and if your IDP was from us, just follow the same steps as your initial application process. Getting an International Driving Permit for Lesotho has few requirements and will take little of your time. If you need to have your international driving licence shipped to Lesotho, just make sure to provide your complete address with a zip code for accurate shipment.

Sehlabathebe National Park

Sehlabathebe National Park is the oldest nature reserve in Lesotho. It remains unscathed after all these years, making it the perfect place for visitors to unwind. The park is a gorgeous wilderness, with majestic rock formations, rivers, and stunning landscapes that also attract different animals.

Guests can go hiking, horseback riding, camping, and fishing. If they wish to do so, they can also go up to the caves that are home to some of the oldest rock paintings. Make sure to visit Sehlabathebe National Park from May to October, but note that the winter months overlap (June to August), so it might get chilly if you decide to camp in the park.

Driving Directions:

  • From Maseru, head southeast on A5 via Semonkong to Qacha’s Nek.
  • Head northeast to a fair unsurfaced road that runs close to the South African border as it approaches the national park gate.

In unfortunate circumstances that your IDP was lost or stolen, you can contact customer service to have a replacement shipped to you. Remember that to get your new International Driver's Permit in Lesotho, your zip code must be added to your address for quick shipment. In case you need to get a new International Driver's Permit for Lesotho, complete the application form and pass the same requirements to apply for a new IDP.

If you don’t want a physical copy, you can purchase a digital one from us. Just make sure to download your international driver’s license for Lesotho before you rent a car. Rental agencies will look for your IDP, and you might have a hard time saving the file if there’s no Wi-Fi. You can even use the digital copy for the meantime if your international driver’s license is still being shipped to your address in Lesotho.

To know more about us before buying an International Driving Permit for Lesotho, visit the website’s About Us page at You can also read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) or even the driving guides of other countries if you’re curious. If you are applying for an IDP, do note that you can save time and money by getting your International Driving Permit for Lesotho online.


Located in Thaba Putsoa, Semonkong, which translates to “Place of Smoke,” is a small highland town. It gets its name from the nearby Maletsunyane Falls, wherein the plummeting water creates a spray of mist, thereby birthing the town’s name. Semonkong offers various activities to its guests, including abseiling, horseback riding, cultural tours, and more.

Visitors can room in the rustic Semonkong Lodge, which also hosts many outdoor adventures within the area. Visit Semonkong during the dry months of March and April; not only can you enjoy the warm weather, but you can also avoid any rainfall that can ruin your plans.

Driving Directions:

  • From Semonkong Airport Lesotho, head west toward A5.
  • Turn right onto A5. After that, make a left turn.
  • Make a right turn and then a left turn.
  • Make a left turn.
  • Then, you make a right turn. These directions would lead to Semonkong Lodge, a lodge that hosts activities within the area. And this entire drive will take you ten minutes to get there.

Don’t think twice about applying for an IDP from us. You can get your International Driving Permit for Lesotho by providing your name, contact number, and other driver’s details, as well as a copy of your valid driver's license and a photo. Remember that one of the benefits of ordering an international driver’s license for Lesotho from us is that it’s completely online. So you won’t be stressed about traveling and applying for an IDP in person.

If you lost your International Driver's Permit in Lesotho, make sure to update your address, so your new IDP will be shipped to your exact location. Remember that we ship replacements with zero costs, so you only have to pay for your shipping fees. In the meantime, you can use your International Driver's Permit for Lesotho that’s in PDF, given that you purchased a digital copy.

Visiting and driving in Lesotho can help boost its economy by providing jobs in the tourism industry. Note that the country is currently in an economic crisis; many Basotho staying in SA needed to find a way to reside in the country legally, thus the government created exemption permits. So make sure to bring your international driver’s license and other important documents and be a responsible tourist if you’ll be traveling to the country.

Thaba Bosiu

Thaba Bosiu (“Mountain at Night”) is a National Monument located in the Phuthiatsana Valley. The plateau is found 23 km from Maseru and was named as such during the occupation of King Moshoeshoe I. Guests can visit the historical region and do different kinds of things. They can visit the museum and the Royal graves, tour around the cultural village, go pony trekking, and take in the view of the majestic Mount Qiloane.

If you want to avoid any rain, you might not want to go during summer, where the probability of precipitation is high. So the ideal time to visit Thaba Bosiu would be during the dry months of March and April, as well as September and October.

Driving Directions:

  • From Moshoeshoe I International Airport, head north, then turn left.
  • Turn right onto Main South 1 Rd/A2.
  • Turn right.
  • Make a left turn.
  • Make a slight right.
  • Turn right.
  • Then turn left twice. It will take you roughly half an hour to reach your destination.

Applying for an IDP is quick and easy. If you want to check out the prices before ordering an International Driving Permit for Lesotho, visit the website’s pricing page at The International Drivers Association issue permits that are accepted in over 150 countries so that you won’t be using your IDP in Lesotho alone. Also, note that ordering an International Driving Permit in Lesotho won’t require a test since an IDP is not a driver’s license.

Obtaining an IDP from us has many perks. If you want to obtain an International Driving Permit for Lesotho, the requirements you’ll be needing are found on the FAQs page. Additionally, you also have the option to apply for a digital copy alone. Just make sure to save your International Driving Permit in Lesotho as a PDF, so that you can carry it with you anywhere on your device.

With the ongoing economic crisis in Lesotho, visiting the country can boost its tourism revenues. And if you are driving, don’t forget your International Driver's Permit. In 2019, exemption permits for Lesotho nationals were implemented to replace Lesotho Special Permits. These permits allow the immigrants to have a regularized stay in South Africa since many of them flock to SA due to the lack of job opportunities in Lesotho.

Most Important Rules of Driving in Lesotho

Driving in Lesotho can be quite risky, but it's still the best way to travel and learn more about the country. Here are some of the most important road traffic rules every driver must follow if they want to avoid mishaps and other road traffic problems. If they cannot follow these rules, it would result in getting penalized by the road traffic police or confiscation of their valid driver's license.

Don’t Forget Your Driver’s License

It’s very important to bring your driver’s license if you’ll be driving abroad. Your driver’s license is the only official document that will permit you to drive. If you’re entering Lesotho by car, you’ll also need to present your license to road traffic police at the border crossing. Remember that your valid driver’s license is different from an International Driver's Permit, which is merely a translation of your license.

Just like your driver’s license, you mustn’t lose your IDP as well. If you don’t have an international driver’s license for Lesotho yet, you can order one from us by completing a form and submitting other documents. All the other requirements and details for your international driver’s license in Lesotho can be found on our website’s FAQs and pricing page.

Always Bring Your International Driver's Permit

An International Driver's Permit (IDP), also known as an international driver’s license (IDL), is a translation of your valid driver’s license that comes in a booklet. An IDP is typically needed before renting vehicles or in border crossings. Remember that an IDP is not a replacement for your license, and it will not permit you to drive abroad. You can apply for an international driver’s license for Lesotho online from us by clicking “Start My Application.”

You have the option to choose what type of international driver’s license you’ll bring to Lesotho, and you can choose between a PDF (digital copy) or a physical and a digital copy. You can also choose the validity of your IDP. Now, in case you lose your international driver’s license in Lesotho, just contact customer service and give them your name and IDP number for a free replacement.

Remember that traveling to Lesotho won’t only benefit you but also the country and its people. If you’ll be driving in Lesotho and your license isn’t in English, don’t forget to bring an International Driver's Permit. Recently, exemption permits were needed by locals overstaying in SA. Their migration was caused by the high unemployment rate in Lesotho. And an influx of foreigners may help in raising the employment rate by causing a demand for workers in the tourism industry.

Drive Defensively

The Basotho are known to be unruly drivers. Additionally, there are many road traffic hazards like roaming livestock, rubble, and even pedestrians that can cause you to lose control of the wheel. That’s why it’s very important to stay alert and drive defensively in Lesotho to avoid crashes and other forms of road traffic accidents. Also, when you drive vehicles from rental car companies, don’t forget to always carry your important documents to avoid getting fined.

One of the documents you’ll need is an IDP. To get your International Driver's Permit for Lesotho, complete a form provided by our representative and submit the other requirements. The other documents you’ll need to upload will only be your driver’s license and a passport-sized photo of yourself. Additionally, if you’ll lose your international driver’s license in Lesotho, contact customer service and give your IDP number, name, and current address in the country.

Purchasing a digital copy of your international driver’s license in Lesotho would also be helpful since you can just download it to your device. This lessens your chances of losing or having it stolen. However, having a physical copy does have its benefits, too, especially if the road traffic police or personnel won’t accept your digital permit.

Avoid Driving at Night

Driving at night in Lesotho can get quite dangerous. The streets are mostly unlit, so you won’t see any hazards lying around. There are also high cases of carjacking and other petty crimes. Thus, it’s best to avoid experiencing the nightlife so that you won’t be preyed upon by criminals.

In case your IDP gets lost or stolen, don’t forget that you won’t be paying additional costs for its replacement. Furthermore, to quickly get your international driver’s license in Lesotho, your address and zip code in the country must be provided. You might accidentally give your home address in your country of origin, so it’s always important to have your International Driver's Permit for Lesotho mailed to an updated address.

If you need to apply again, follow the same steps you took when you applied for your previous International Driving Permit in Lesotho; complete a form provided by our customer service team and submit the requirements for a brand new IDL.

Keep Your Car Doors and Windows Locked at All Times

When mobile, make sure to keep your car doors and windows locked at all times. Carjacking and other forms of robbery are common in the country, so it’s better to be safe than sorry. Lesotho’s economy is relatively unstable, which leads to people resorting to crimes and violence.

Moreover, locals have also left the country to find work in South Africa. Many Basotho have stayed there illegally just to find work. Thus, the Lesotho government had to find a way to regularize their stay in SA, and this is how exemption permits were created. So remember to always be careful with your international driver’s license as well as other important documents if you’ll be driving in the country.

Suppose you’ve fallen victim to robbery and your IDP was stolen. Contact customer service through their email or contact number; details can be found on the customer service page. Once you’ve contacted them, you can now request a new international driver’s license in Lesotho. In case you’ll apply for a new one, just complete a form and submit your driver’s license and your photo to get a new international driver’s license in Lesotho.

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