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International Driving Permit (IDP), regulated by the United Nations, certifies that you are the holder of a valid driver's license in your country of origin.

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Your IDP is a valid form of identification in more than 150 countries worldwide and contains your name, photo and driver information in the 12 most widely spoken languages in the world.

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Do You Need an International Driver’s License in Jordan?

An International Driver’s License is a legal requirement you need to have if you want to drive or rent a car in a foreign country. It translates your driver’s license information into 12 languages to help authorities overcome language barriers. An IDP is not needed if you want to drive in Jordan.

Having an IDP has its advantages, especially for travelers who want to drive in foreign countries. An IDL is regulated by the United Nations, and it is recognized in over 150 countries in the world. 

How to get an International Driving Licence for Jordan?

The most convenient way is to get it online from our website. All you need to do is select an International Driving Permit for Jordan plan, fill out the application form, upload your photos, pay for the application fee, and wait for your approval. You can get your IDP in just 2 hours.

Also, You can get your international driving license in the country. The Royal Automobile Club of Jordan has a branch in this city located at 26 Princess Tharwat Street, Amman.

How Much Does an IDL Cost?

An IDP costs $49 if it’s valid for a year. If you want a two-year or three-year validity, you need to pay $55 and $59, respectively. Once approved, you can get your license in just two hours.

Although your IDP contains relevant and personal information, it does not replace your local driver’s license. It is not a stand-alone document or a substitute for your local driver’s license, but it is only a translation of it. You can only use it for driving identification. International travelers with a local driver’s license and an International Driving License are allowed to go to the country for a short-term visit of up to six months. 

Can I Drive in Jordan With a UK License?

Driving in Jordan with an English / UK License is permitted as long as you intend to stay for at least 12 months. Although an IDL is not required in Jordan, it is highly recommended as it is an official travel document that can serve as your identification.

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Renting A Car in Jordan

Public transportation in Jordan usually connects only the major cities. Driving in Jordan is truly an advantage to freely go to many destinations in the country. To save you from the stress of commuting, you can take the fun of driving around the cities and meeting the locals. Take the challenge to freely explore historical sites and tourist spots with car rentals. Renting a car is definitely an excellent choice to explore the ancient cities and vast desert.

Car Rental Companies

According to the driver’s license requirement in Jordan, you must be at least 18 years old, and you already have your driver’s license valid in your home country to drive and rent a car in Jordan. But it is highly recommended to have an IDL as some of the car rental companies require it before you can rent a car.

Many car rental companies offer convenient pick-up locations, including capital city, Amman. Whether you are looking for a car rental on a budget or you want to rent a luxury car, you will never be short of choice. Do some research on the car rental companies to find the right fit for you and your budget. Here are some of the rental companies:

  • Alamo
  • Avis
  • Budget
  • Dollar
  • Enterprise
  • Europcar
  • Global Rent-A-Car
  • Hertz
  • Sixth
  • Thrifty Car Rental
  • Easy Rental
  • NU Car Rental

There are different well-known international rental car companies and Jordanian companies that provide car rental services in the country. Local agencies offer cheap car rentals than internationally known car rental companies. These car rental companies offer different pick-up and drop-off locations from which you can choose. You can also find a wide range of car models available for short- and long-term car hire options.

The top 5 places in which you can rent a car are:

  • Amman Airport
  • Amman Al Bayader
  • Amman Kempinski Hotel
  • Aqaba Al Qudess Street
  • Aqaba King Hussein Inter Airport

Documents Required

The two documents required to rent a car in Jordan are just your passport and your valid driver's license. You can also bring your International Driving License (IDL) for additional identification. A credit card is also needed so you can pay for the car deposit.

Vehicle Types

You'll find several car rental options, so it's up to you to choose a rental car suited to your travel needs. The most popular rental vehicle is the economy size, but you can also rent a full-size SUV and a luxury car, depending on your budget. Here are the types of vehicle you can rent:

  • Economy Car - This type of car is the most popular since foreign travelers can get in at a lower price and a good deal. This excellent fuel economy car is fit for one driver and four passengers, with two luggage spaces available.
  • SUV Car - If you are traveling with your family, then this spacious car is for you. An SUV can accommodate seven passengers and two luggage spaces. You can also use this for your outdoor adventure since it has smooth drivability that matches your trip to mountains and hills. Those who want to go off the desert will certainly need a car with an excellent navigation system.
  • Van - If you are traveling by a large group and both the economy car and the SUV car is not too packed for you, you can rent a van. It can accommodate nine to twelve passengers that are perfect for your group adventure.
  • Luxury Car - If you have the budget to rent high-valued and high-priced cars, you can definitely rent luxury cars such as the Mercedes Jaguar, BMW Series, or Audi. 

Car Rental Cost

The cost of a car rental depends on the car company and the type of car you choose. On average, a rental car costs 25-30 JD ($35-40) per day for a new model with insurance and air conditioning. Car rental from International companies is much more expensive than those which are locally based options. You can find the cheapest rental car prices outside the major cities. Arrange car hire ahead of time to have everything organized and to have a high chance to get a good deal and lower prices.

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Most Important Driving Rules In Jordan

Make sure you know the Jordan driving rules to avoid any trouble with the local authorities who uphold peace and order in the country. Below are the important Jordan driving rules you need to adhere to strictly.

Drunk Driving is Prohibited

The government strictly prohibited drunk driving. As a predominantly Islamic country, there is a zero-tolerance policy on drunk-driving. There should be no amount of alcohol found in the blood. Authorities used a breathalyzer to measure the blood alcohol content from a breath sample. If you are found guilty of drunk driving, you should pay a fine or face a driving ban.

Always wear seat belts

Ensure you are wearing a seat belt for your added protection while driving and reducing the severe risk of fatality in car crashes. All front-seat passengers need to wear seat belts. If you violate this, you need to pay the spot fine of 15 JD. Also, children under the age of 10 must sit in the back seats. 

Meet the minimum age requirement

You must be 18 years old to be a legal driver in Jordan. Driving licenses are issued only to those people under legal age. 

Drive below the Speed Limit

It can be tempting to drive fast when there’s less traffic on roads, especially in rural areas and highways, but make sure you prioritize your safety. Take note that there are different speed limits:

  • Urban speed limit - 60 kilometers/hour
  • Rural speed limit - 80 kilometers/hour
  • Motorway and highway speed limit - 120 kilometers/hour

Drive on the right side of the road

Driving in Jordan is on the right side, just like in most European countries and the United States of America.

Bring essential documents with you

Always have your passport, your driver’s license, and your international driving license for identification. There are times that authorities will stop you because of checkpoints, so be prepared to present these essential documents for security reasons. 

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Top Destinations in Jordan

Welcome to the Middle East’s Kingdom with rich history and culture that will guide you on your magical ride. As a haven and a home to the World’s Heritage Sites, you have many places to go. You can sleep under the stars in Wadi Rum, chill and float in the Dead Sea, discover a lost city in Petra, or get a view of Byzantine mosaics in Madaba. 


It’s a great idea to start your road trip to the capital city of Jordan. As a commercial, cultural, and political place in the country, many people want to go to the heart of this modern metropolis. There is an ancient citadel that dated back to the Neolithic period.


This city is diverse, and it has a very inspiring history of peace between its Muslim and Christian communities. Madaba is famous for its impressive mosaics and artistic Byzantine masterpieces. You can find the most renowned mosaic on St George’s Church’s floors, which is said to be the Holy Land’s oldest map. Madaba is easily accessible. You can spend your time exploring its markets and holy sites.

Mount Nebo

Just on the northwest side of Madaba lies this beautiful rugged landscape. Mount Nebo reaches a height of around 820 meters, and if you get to the mountain’s summit, you’ll see the panoramic views of the Dead Sea and Jordan River. It is one of the important religious places in the country due to its biblical association. Mountain Nebo is said to be the mountain where Moses got a sight of the Promised Land. It has been a site for pilgrimage for Christians.

The Dead Sea

It’s called the Dead Sea as nothing can live in it. There are no corals, seaweeds, or fish. The only thing you can see on the shores are the white salt crystals in extreme concentrations. There are therapeutic qualities and curative powers in the water. As the lowest point on Earth’s surface, you will float in this sea. This place is a great spot to chill and relax.


Jerash is one of the preserved member cities of the 10 Graeco-Roman Cities. It is home to the 2,000-year-old ruins. This place boasts an old sports field that can accommodate 15,000 spectators and a beautiful theater with high amplification abilities. There are figures carved in stones, such as chariots and temples.


Jerash’s short journey through the olive groves and pine-forest will bring you to the town of Ajloun. Here you will find a 600-year-old mosque with a minaret and the Castle of Ajloun or Qalaat Errabadh (Arabic for “Hilltop Castle”). The castle’s hilltop position protected the communication routes between Syria and Jordan and served as a buffer to protect the region from invading forces.


Kerak is one of the main settlements of the ancient Kingdom of Moab in 9th century B.C. The famous Crusader stronghold Karak or also called “Kerak,” is an extraordinary example of architectural military genius. It is built on top of a ridge and separated by a deep moat. You can also find a gigantic crusader here called the Kerak Castle. The castle has stone-vaulted halls and endless passageways of the maze. You can enter the preserved underground via a massive door.


Your trip to Jordan is not complete without going to the secluded valley of Petra. It was only rediscovered in the 1800s and is one of the New Seven Wonders of the World. You can reach this “red rose-red city half as old as time” by walking in the narrow 1.2 km gorge known as Siq. After that, you’ll get the facade of Al Kazneh, a royal tomb. Past the Al Kaneh or the Treasury, you’ll see the rock-carved street lined with temples, ancient tombs, and monuments.

Wadi Rum

If you want to see the stunning rock formations and the long stretches of the sandy desert, you must go to the fantastic landscape of Wadi Rum. Situated in the south of Jordan, you can drive through the heart of this desert. Spend your night watching the sunset, going to a remote desert camp, looking for the twinkling stars, or just enjoying a traditional Jordanian meal.


Situated on the tip of the Red Sea, Aqaba is known as the only gateway to the sea. You will see the pristine beaches and colorful reefs. It’s also an ideal spot for water skiing and parasailing. You can also find the oldest church here in Aqaba dated back from the 3rd century AD. The remains of Mamluk Fort and Ayla’s walled city can be found here in the place.

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