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Top Destinations in Jersey

Jersey is a British Crown Dependency island and is located at the southernmost part of the Channel Islands, south of England and 12 miles west of Cotentin's French peninsula. Jersey is the largest of the Channel Islands. With St. Helier as its capital city, Jersey is the home of the most splendid decks with beautiful sunsets.

What are the things you need to know about having an IDP?

Locals of Jersey often speak English. Other languages include Portuguese, Polish, and Jèrriais. Jersey is the perfect place for a summer vacation as its climate is warmer than most British Isles. Familiarizing yourself with an International Driving Permit in Jersey sample is an excellent start to learning how an IDP works.

When discovering the hidden beauty of Jersey, be sure that you have your International Driving Permit with you. The International Driver's Permit Jersey guidelines may help you throughout the process of applying to have one. The International Drivers Association ensures a convenient way of providing driving permits to tourists wanting to drive in Jersey.

If you don't know how a genuine IDP looks like, the IDA can provide you with an International Drivers Permit in Jersey example. Comprehend and conform with the International Driver's License Jersey guidelines and always validate the legitimacy of your documents to avoid fraud.

Plemont Bay

Plemont Bay is a beautiful landscape with a variety of vast shallow pools. The tide leaves these pools for both adults and kids to enjoy and play with unusual sea creatures. The bay is suitable for young kids. Children will enjoy the bay because there is much to discover here, like several caves hidden by a waterfall explored while the sea is calm.

You can expect to stumble into several caves, waterfalls, and rock pools. Tourists enjoy most of their time in the bay because it has a lot of space. Plus, it's a secluded area with a great view that would be great for a vacation.

Driving Directions:

  • From Jersey Airport, drive, and head to the east.
  • Take A12 and Rte de Vinchelez to Route de Plemont in St. Ouen.
  • At the roundabout, use the first exit onto L'Avenue de la Reine Elizabeth II/B36.
  • Make a slight right onto Rue de la Pointe.
  • Slight right onto Rue Militaire.
  • Make a sharp left to Rue de la Croix.
  • Turn right to Rte de Vinchelez.
  • Continue on Route de Plemont. Then drive to Rue de Petit Plemont

You may bump into a few checkpoints, so you have to make sure that you have your domestic driver license and International Driver's Permit in Jersey whenever you're driving a motor vehicle. If you still don't have your IDP, check out the International Drivers Association IDP application processes to order an International Drivers Permit Jersey online.

Most people are concerned about spending on IDP application before their trip. However, having an International Driver License can lessen the probability of being fined during checkpoints. Also, bear in mind that most car rental companies require tourists to have their International Drivers License Jersey zip code. So, it's best to have your driver's permit or license issued before traveling.

To get an idea of what requirements you should prepare before ordering an IDP, the International Drivers Association can provide you with all the details you need, such as an International Drivers Permit Jersey example and International Drivers Permit Jersey template. Prepare an IDP before your trip so you can drive a motor vehicle around their scenic spots!

Elizabeth Castle

The best way to learn about Jersey's history is to take a trip to Elizabeth Castle. The Elizabeth Castle can be accessed on foot at low tide or by the Castle Ferry either at low or high tides. Ferries can carry you from across the bay to and from the Castle. Here, you can discover the towers, bunkers, fortifications, and find the Hermitage, wherein locals believe Saint Helier to have resided about 550 A.D. You can find many old military paintings here, as this place used to be a defensive structure.

Driving Directions:

  • Use the L'Avenue de la Reine Elizabeth II/B36 to La Route de Beaumont/A12, head south, then turn left from the Jersey Airport.
  • At the roundabout, go through the first exit onto L'Avenue de la Reine Elizabeth II/B36.
  • Continue on La Route de Beaumont/A12. Drive from Victoria Ave/A2 to Saint Helier.
  • At the roundabout, go through the second exit onto La Route de Beaumont/A12.
  • At the roundabout, use the first exit onto La Route de la Haule/A1.
  • La Route de la Haule/A1 turns slightly right and becomes Victoria Ave/A2.
  • Merge into Esplanade/A1.
  • Use the ramp to Elizabeth Harbour/Ferry Terminal.
  • At the roundabout, go to the third exit onto La Rte du Port Elizabeth.
  • Take freight Ln to your destination, turn right to freight Ln. Then, turn right to freight Ln, after that keep right.

Make sure that you have your International License issued when visiting Elizabeth castle. If you need an IDP, submit your International Driver's Permit Jersey requirements to the International Drivers Association for a faster transaction. If you're visiting Elizabeth Castle, you can drive a motor vehicle and have it transferred to a ferry. However, inspections may have to be done along the way. It would be better to have your documents prepared, such as your local drivers license and international license, before driving any motor vehicle.

If you want to drive a motor vehicle in Jersey, there's no need for you to get a local Jersey driver's license. However, you need an International Driver's License. The International Driver’s License Jersey application will not be complex as long as you adhere to IDA's requirements. To have your international license issues, it would be best to keep in mind that you will need an International Driver’s License Jersey zip code as well.

St. Brelade's Bay Beach

Arguably the most famous and legendary beach on Jersey is St. Brelade's Bay Beach. Tourists and locals often crowd the bay on warm days. In many areas along the bay, you can find beach loungers, parasols, and windbreaks. Tourists may rent these, including sea sports kayaks and paddleboards. You can also try an exhilarating trip on an inflatable towed behind a speed boat.

Tourists can also find the opportunity to attend the charming Winston Churchill Park and the iconic Fisherman's Chapel. The historic buildings of St. Brelade's Parish Church and Fisherman's Chapel decorate the northwestern area of the beach. Tourists may also visit the condos, spas, and cafés at the end area of the shore.

Driving Directions:

  • Starting from the Jersey Airport, head east to exit.
  • At the roundabout, use the second exit onto L'Avenue de la Commune/B36.
  • Continue onto La Marquanderie.
  • Proceed onto La Route de la Baie, then turn right.

It is crucial to follow the International License guidelines for Jersey to avoid any problems when staying on the island. Abide by what their law requires, and you will surely have an enjoyable trip in Jersey!

To drive a motor vehicle in Jersey, you need to comply with the International Drivers License Jersey requirements. To get your IDP, you need to enter your driver details, pay for your order, and have your identity verified. However, remember that having an International Drivers License issued will not replace your local driver's license. Keep in mind that you need to carry both documents at all times to ensure a smooth Jersey driving trip!

Jersey Museum & Art Gallery

At the Jersey Museum & Art Gallery, there is much more to experience. Learn about the history of Jersey from 250,000 years ago when the very first settlers arrived in Jersey and start exploring the influences that developed this unique island and the people living here over the ages.

In this tourist spot, you can experience the free exhibition they give out. You will discover the Lillie Langtry pieces on display and the stories of treasures in Jersey. They also found an island. Visit the country and learn more about their history!

Driving Directions:

  • From the Jersey Airport, follow L'Avenue de la Reine Elizabeth II/B36 to La Route de Beaumont/A12.
  • At the roundabout, turn east and use the first exit onto L'Avenue de la Reine Elizabeth II/B36.
  • Continue on La Route de Beaumont/A12. Take Victoria Ave/A2 to Esplanade in Saint Helier.
  • At the roundabout, utilize the second exit onto La Route de Beaumont/A12.
  • At the roundabout, use the first exit onto La Route de la Haule/A1.
  • La Route de la Haule/A1 turns slightly right and becomes Victoria Ave/A2.
  • Merge onto Esplanade/A1.
  • Keep right to continue on La Route de la Libération/A1.
  • Continue on Esplanade. Take Conway St to Pier Rd.
  • Keep left to continue on Esplanade.
  • Turn right onto Conway St.
  • Turn right onto Bond St.
  • Continue onto Pier Rd, and then the gallery is located on the right.

Tourists applying for an IDP will only need to fill out the registration form on the IDA's website. You also need to submit some of the requirements for motor vehicle driving abroad, such as your most recent passport-sized images. The IDA ensures a fast and easy application process to make everything convenient for tourists who want to drive abroad.

To have your driving permit or license issued, fill out the application form on the IDA's website. Applicants in IDA will have the chance to pay minimal fees only for a high-quality IDP with long-term validity.

Jersey War Tunnels - German Underground Hospital

Tourists may visit the Jersey War Tunnels in St. Lawrence Country Parish, four miles northwest of St. Helier. The city bus, car, or the JWT bus route are commonly accessible. On a variety of island bus trips, the scenery is also an admirable characteristic. The Germans created these tunnels by forcing slaves to do the labor.

When in the War Tunnels, you will find a military vehicle called Char B1 along with other replicas of military tanks. The tunnels had a fully functioning theater, clean airflow, and more, but the people did not utilize it during that time. Tourists can still see some of these materials on display.

Driving Directions:

  • Starting in Jersey Airport, you need to head east.
  • Continue on L'Avenue de la Reine Elizabeth II/B36 à Mont Fallu.
  • At the first roundabout, go through the exit onto L'Avenue de la Reine Elizabeth II/B36.
  • At the second roundabout, use the first exit onto La Route de Beaumont/A12.
  • Turn right to Mont Fallu.
  • Turn right to La Vallée de Saint-Pierre/A11.
  • Continue driving to Meadow Bank, then to your destination.
  • Turn left to Meadow Bank.
  • Turn left to Les Charrières de Maloney.
  • You need to continue driving straight and then turn left.

For tourists who wish to drive a motor vehicle on the island, the Jersey law requires that foreigners should have their local driver's license along with their IDPs to drive legally in Jersey. An IDP is beneficial during checkpoints and inspections since this will translate your local license to the authorities. It will serve as a key to better communication between local authorities and tourists who may not speak the same language.

The International Driver's License in Jersey requirements are straightforward, and this won’t take up too much of your time. Be reminded that this is not a substitution for your driver's license; hence, the law requires you to bring both of them when traveling.

Most Important Driving Rules in Jersey

Traffic regulations are necessary because they ensure individuals are safe on the road. In the hands of the wrong people, a vehicle would be hazardous. The well-being of all car drivers relies on what the law requires. One or two drivers who do not follow traffic rules may contribute to a significant majority of car collision reports.

Always carry with you your driver's license and IDPs

During your travel, are you intending to rent a car? If so, know that most major rental car companies expect rentals to have a valid driving license. Having an IDP still applies even in countries where drivers are not legally required to have such a document. Before getting into the car, make sure to prepare the necessary documents. To have a more painless process, you should try making a checklist to be sure.

As an international driver, an IDP provides you with peace of mind. It may be upsetting for some to realize that they have the risk of being fined for doing anything illegal. When traveling, getting an International Drivers Permit in Jersey gives you the assurance that you are on the right side of the law.

Suppose you don't have any prior knowledge regarding having an International Driver Permit. You may proceed to International Drivers Association. IDA will be guiding you through answering the International Driver's License in Jersey form. They will also show you the International Drivers Permit in Jersey sample to understand how an IDP looks and why it is a big help when traveling around Jersey.

Be wary of the speed limits

There are no more critical traffic regulations when discussing the road laws than those regulating the speed you can drive. In Jersey, speed limit rules and restrictions extend on any inch of the public highway. Driving, both for the driver and any other person on or near the road, can be an unsafe practice.

Choosing a reasonable speed to drive starts by defining the speed for the route you are traveling. Still, it doesn't stop there—the local authorities based speed limits on optimum traffic conditions and weather conditions. To ensure protection for yourself and others, you would need to drive slower than the fixed speed limit if all of these components are not optimum.

Authorities may not deem these serious criminal activities, the sanctions associated with them can be severe, especially where the misdemeanor has threatened other road and motor vehicle users. The punishment for violating traffic may depend on the seriousness and whether it is a first-time or repeat offense. Punishments will include:

  • A fine
  • A driving ban that is indefinite or conditional

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