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IDP is essential when driving abroad

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International Driving Permit (IDP), regulated by the United Nations, certifies that you are the holder of a valid driver's license in your country of origin.

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Your IDP is a valid form of identification in more than 150 countries worldwide and contains your name, photo and driver information in the 12 most widely spoken languages in the world.

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Driving Rules in Japan

Experience Japan; the Land of the Rising Sun and delve into its rich heritage, savor its delicious cuisine, and marvel at the mind-blowing scenery it has to offer. An intriguing aspect of your adventure might be understanding and adapting to Japan driving rules, as it adds a unique element to your journey. Driving in Japan is an experience in itself, distinct from other countries, yet an absolute treat! To make the most of your stay, be sure to familiarize yourself with these driving rules unique to Japan and embrace the freedom of exploring this beautiful country on your own terms.

Important Reminders:

  • Drive on the left side of the road.
  • The minimum age to drive a car is 18 years old. The minimum age to rent a car is 21 years old.
  • Seat belt is a must.
  • Hands-free is a must. Keep your phone away unless it is hands-free.
  • Drinking and driving is not tolerated. Japan has very strict rules for drunk driving
  • The speed limit is 30 km/h on urban areas, 80 km/h on rural roads and 100 km/h on motorways.
  • Be sure to have an early warning device in your car.
  • Japan is one of the best places to drive as a tourist.

Driving in the Winter

Driving in Japan in winter is challenging. Be sure to prepare before heading out. Put on winter tires in all wheels. Keep emergency kits in your car at all time.

Enjoy your stay.

Witness the Wonders of Japan

Exploring Japan is a venture into a realm where ancient traditions harmonize with cutting-edge modernity, and serene landscapes seamlessly merge with bustling cityscapes.

Whether you're captivated by the dynamic energy of Tokyo, the historic allure of Kyoto, or the natural wonders of Hokkaido, driving through Japan unveils a unique blend of tradition and innovation.

Get ready for an unforgettable adventure as we guide you through the essentials when driving in Japan, such as obtaining an IDP.

International Driving Permit FAQs

Can you drive in Japan with an International Driver's License?

To explore Japan's serene landscapes and bustling cities by car, you'll need an International Driving Permit (IDP), not to be confused with an international driver's license, which doesn't exist.

An IDP serves as an official translation of your valid driver's license into multiple languages, including Japanese. It translates your driver's license details into widely understood languages, making it easier for car rental companies and authorities to verify your driving credentials.

An IDP is valid for up to three months. If your stay extends beyond three months, Japanese regulations require you to obtain a local driver's license. This involves enrolling in a driving school in Japan, passing a driving test, and obtaining a Japanese driver's license.

Can I get an International Driving Permit online?

To apply for an IDP, simply start by clicking the “Apply for IDP” button. You'll need to provide a passport-size photo, your valid driver’s license, and credit card information. Double-check all details you enter on the form for accuracy.

Our IDP is recognized in over 165 countries worldwide, including prominent destinations like Taiwan, Tokyo, Monaco, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Germany, Malaysia, the United Kingdom, Thailand, Australia, Spain, Austria, Ireland, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Estonia, Norway, Sweden, and Denmark.

Travel through Japan, a country known for its rich culture, delicious cuisine, and breathtaking landscapes. Exploring the country involves acquainting yourself with Japan's driving rules.

Following these rules not only enriches your travel experience but also ensures you explore Japan's beauty safely and responsibly.

Key Driving Guidelines

  • Always drive on the left-hand side of the road.
  • The legal age for driving is 18, but you must be at least 21 to rent a car. Seat belts are mandatory for all passengers.
  • Use mobile phones only with hands-free devices.
  • Strict laws against drunk driving – Japan has a zero-tolerance policy.
  • Adhere to speed limits: 30 km/h in urban areas, 80 km/h on rural roads, and 100 km/h on motorways.
  • Equip your vehicle with an early warning device.
  • During winter, preparation is vital for a safe journey. Ensure your vehicle is equipped with winter tires on all wheels and carry an emergency kit at all times.

Top Destinations in Japan

From the dynamic energy of Tokyo to the serene temples of Kyoto, each destination unveils a unique facet of Japan's rich culture.

Explore the top destinations that define the Land of the Rising Sun, offering a diverse range of experiences, from the bustling urban landscapes to the tranquil beauty of nature.


Tokyo, Japan's bustling capital, is a dynamic metropolis where ultramodern skyscrapers coexist with historic temples. Explore the diverse districts, from the electronic wonderland of Akihabara to the traditional Asakusa, and savor the city's culinary delights.


Kyoto, a city steeped in history, is renowned for its well-preserved temples, traditional tea houses, and beautiful gardens. Visit iconic sites like Fushimi Inari Shrine and the historic Gion district.


Osaka is a vibrant city known for its street food culture, lively entertainment districts, and historic landmarks such as Osaka Castle. Enjoy the culinary delights of "Japan's Kitchen" and experience the lively atmosphere.


Hiroshima, forever marked by its tragic history, has risen as a symbol of peace. Visit Peace Memorial Park, Hiroshima Castle, and the iconic Atomic Bomb Dome while appreciating the city's resilience and dedication to promoting peace.


Hokkaido, Japan's northernmost island, is a paradise for nature enthusiasts. Experience stunning landscapes, hot springs in Noboribetsu, and outdoor activities in Niseko, making it a year-round destination.


Nara is renowned for its friendly deer and impressive temples, including Todai-ji with its giant Buddha statue. The city offers a tranquil escape into Japan's ancient past.


Hakone, nestled near Tokyo, is a hot spring haven with views of Mount Fuji. Relax in onsens, cruise Lake Ashi, and experience the Hakone Open-Air Museum


Nikko, a UNESCO World Heritage site, boasts ornate shrines and natural beauty. Toshogu Shrine, set in a stunning forest, and Kegon Falls are among its must-visit attractions.


Kanazawa, on the Sea of Japan, is celebrated for its well-preserved Edo-era districts, Kenrokuen Garden, and traditional arts and crafts.


Okinawa, a tropical paradise in the south, offers pristine beaches, vibrant coral reefs, and a unique cultural heritage distinct from mainland Japan. Explore Shuri Castle and unwind in the island's relaxed atmosphere.

Get Ready for the Ultimate Journey in Japan

As you prepare to explore the enchanting destinations of Japan, acquiring an International Driving Permit (IDP) proves essential for a seamless and enjoyable journey.

The IDP, recognized in over 165 countries worldwide, serves as your key to navigating the roads of Japan and experiencing the diverse landscapes and rich culture.

See our International Driving License Packages for more information.

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