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It translates your identification information into 12 languages — so it speaks the language even if you don’t. Ghana highly recommends an International Driving Permit.

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Traffic Ligits

Driving Rules in Ghana

Looking for a good surfing destination? Then Ghana is where you want to be! This African country has one of the best surfing beaches in the world. Be sure to drive your own car to experience Ghana to the fullest. Here are a few reminders before you book your trip.  

Important Reminders:

  • Ghana drives on the right side of the road.
  • The minimum driving age is 18 years old.
  • Seat belt is a must.
  • Child-restraint is a must.
  • Hands-free is a must.  Keep your phones away unless they are hands-free. 
  • Drink responsibly. The legal alcohol limit is 80 mg per 100 ml of blood
  • The speed limit is 30 km/h in urban areas and 80 km/h on most highways.
  • You are required to stop every 4 hours. Rest for a bit before continuing your trip.
  • Be sure to have early warning devices, fire extinguisher, spare tire and first aid kit in your car at all times.

Driving in the Winter

Ghana is an African country so winter is not a problem. Be sure to plan your trip well so you will not travel during rainy season. As long as you have your emergency kits handy, you should be good to go.

Have a safe trip.

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Top Destinations of Ghana

Ghana is a richly blessed country in the West Africa region. It's a land of variety and adventure. The area has cosmopolitan cities, exotic animals, idyllic beaches, and a rich past. It is renowned both for its scenic ocean-side environment and for the lively individuals who live in it. If you’re planning to rent a car and drive around, you must know how to apply for an International Driving Permit Ghana number, comply with the International Driver Permit Ghana requirements and International Drivers License Ghana qualifications.

You should travel to Ghana to research its various heritage. A beneficial aspect of exploring the country would be getting to know its social, cultural, and economic histories as well as the relationship between both. You will have a hard time deciding where to start your holiday since there are a lot of tourist spots in Ghana. See where you can go and get to know what it offers.

Driving any car after the expiration of your International Drivers License Ghana eligibility, you must consider taking an International Driving License in Ghana, International Driver’s License Ghana number, an International Driving License Ghana zip code.


It is the heartland of the country and one of the most famous, modern, and greatest cities in Ghana. Two million people make up the city, so you'll definitely feel the vibrant nature of it. Accra has busy markets, alongside the heritage buildings of the colonial era. You will have a memorable experience enjoying the historical importance of its historical sights, such as Jamestown and the Patrick Henry Memorial.

As an example, this city is incredibly diverse with a booming economy and lovely people who will teach you a great deal. With a distance of 253 km from Accra to Kumasi, Accra is also geographically located, considered as a safe city to live in the world, making it practically open to everyone. Keep in mind that there is no way to drive in Ghana while one has arrived without having a document International Driving Permit Ghana requirements together with your International Driving Permit Ghana number and International Driving Permit for Ghana. An IDP lets you drive legally in a foreign country along with your domestic driver's license.

Mole National Park

Ghana provides plenty of places to visit in Accra for lovers of wildlife and nature. If you're looking for something beautiful, however, then the place to be is the Mole National Park. This is the biggest Ghanaian wildlife park. Many animal forms can be seen, including roan antelope, buffalo, elephants, hyenas, leopards, etc.

You’ll see more than 250 different species of birds that live in this park, which is great for bird enthusiasts. If you are visiting the area during the dry season, you will find that the park will look very different, with most of the animals gone. It is very difficult to get photos that look nice during the dry season. It would be considered amongst Ghana's best holiday destinations and would be a perfect place to visit for any occasion. Do I need an International Driver’s Permit for Ghana or not? A big yes! Before planning your trip, ready your International Driver's Permit Ghana qualifications and International Drivers Permit Ghana eligibility to apply for IDP on the International Driver’s Permit Ghana website.

Kakum National Park

One of the things you need to do in Accra is to visit Kakum National Park. Forget the incredible wildlife and serene weather of the densely populated forest, the walk on the amazing Canopy Walkway should be your highlight of the visit to this park. Hanging above ground level at 30 meters, the walkway is more than 350 meters/1150 feet long and passes over multiple bridges, giving you an amazing opportunity to enjoy the beauty and wildlife of Kakum National Park while checking your height fears at the same time.

If you want to drive a private motor vehicle, make sure it is registered in a vehicle licensing authority. You also need to bring the registration documents, your driver's license, and an IDP. You can apply for an IDP on the International Drivers Permit Ghana online, or International Drivers Permit Ghana site if you want to drive around. Don’t worry because you are not required to take an International Drivers Permit Ghana test for you to be an International Drivers Permit Ghana driver.


During the history of the Ashanti empire, Kumasi was the town that was the former capital of Ghana, and it is also the country's second-largest city. Kumasi is a delight for visitors, crowded with people and sprawling markets. The place is renowned for its gold jewelry, wooden stools as well as kente cloth. So, because of the different locations and craft stores in the area, people who love to shop will enjoy this place. The Manhyia Palace Museum is a great destination if you want to learn the background of the Ashanti Kingdom.

Kumasi, Ghana's second-largest city, is situated in the country's southern region. You will get to enjoy the amazing tourist sites of Ghana found here in this region, but above all, the amazing objects from the residents of the city, who are mostly artisans. You need to ensure that you come prepared with enough money to spend while visiting Kumasi, as there is definitely enough for everyone in terms of gold jewelry, wooden carvings, and clothing.

For foreigners staying more than six months, an International Driver's License in Ghana and an International Driver's License Ghana number are required. Make sure to comply with the International Driver's License Ghana requirements and obtain an International Drivers License Ghana zip code.

Busua Beach

Ghana is a country very near to the ocean. Busua is a beautiful beach where visitors can sunbathe and eat lobster that is freshly baked. It is also the location where individuals can learn to surf and participate in the exciting activities of the ocean. The place is also renowned for the numerous luxury resorts located very close to the beach.

If you choose Busua Beach as Ghana's holiday destination, you will never come back disappointed. When applying for an International Drivers Permit Ghana driver, provide your International Drivers Permit Ghana address when applying on the International Drivers Permit Ghana online.

This beach provides a great opportunity for guests and tourists coming to Ghana to relax their day in the magnificent Atlantic, enjoying the stunning sunsets. Thanks to the many luxury hotels surrounding the beach, you can enjoy the Ghanaian's amazing culture and food with a little touch of sophistication. Make sure to pay the International Drivers Permit Ghana bill for you to obtain your International Drivers Permit Ghana manual after applying on the International Drivers Permit Ghana site.


Kokrobite is home to Accra's most beautiful beaches. Apart from the other tourist attractions in this region, the beaches are the outstanding Academy of African Music and Art funded by Tettey Addy, the great Mustapha. You can relax there with the high-quality music of the people of Ghana.

The place is just another beach that will attract your attention when you are in Ghana. The place is located just 30 km from Accra, so people can trip to the club. In this region, the Academy of African Music and Art attracts many people who are interested in the artistic side of human lives. Resorts that have a stunning view of the beach can be booked. Or they can visit it for a day trip, where they can enjoy the lovely sunny beach. In May, the Homowo festival is also a common time when tourists flock to this beach destination.

Labadi Beach

Labadi is the most popular coastline in Accra, Ghana, also called the ideal city beach by tourists and locals alike. In addition to basking under the sun and resting on the beaches, one can enjoy the great food and drinks at the many local restaurants here. Because the beach is basically the land of the neighboring hotels, a small entrance fee must be charged to get in.

You'll certainly be able to catch some local entertainment, including native drumming, local reggae bands, dancing, and music if you visit on weekends. It's one of the best places in Ghana to visit to see the combination of local Ghanaian culture with hip hop and other western dance and music styles.

St. George's Castle

Whenever you are near an ocean, one of the primary types of occupation among individuals is fishing. Just as in Ghana, Elmina is a fishing town with the historic Castle of St. George. One of the historical places in Ghana you should not miss visiting and try to see for yourself is the Ghana Cloaca. The castle has walls that are painted white, and it was built in 1482 by the Portuguese.

Due to its engagement with the slave trade, it had a dark past, and they were kept in the dungeons that tourists can still see today. One should also explore the picturesque town when visiting the castle and speak to some guides who will explain the real history of the place to them. Prepare your International Driver's Permit Ghana contact number, International Drivers Permit Ghana bill, and International Drivers Permit Ghana address to apply for the IDP on the International Driver’s Permit in Ghana website.

Lake Volta

This is the biggest man-made lake in the world. When anyone comes to Ghana, the place is actually stunning and a must-visit. When the water source over the Volta River formed, the lake formed. It also occupies 3.6 percent of Ghana's ground. You can visit Dodi Island while visiting the site. In certain areas of the lake, people have the choice of fishing or actually going on a ride to the dam. Near the lake, exotic and luxurious hotels were designed to house visitors interested in spending quality time with the natural recluse.

Paga Crocodile Pond

As they either scare us or we don't want to meet them, most of us don't know anything about crocodiles. But this sanctuary is built to house crocodiles, and many of them can be seen by enthusiasts here. Currently, the crocodiles living over here are very nice to the people who visit them. Tourists will eat and get up-close-and-personal with the crocodiles.

This place loves their crocodiles and honors them, and is dead against any of them suffering; to crack the irrational fear of crocodiles from visitors, guides are always present. Know that when applying for an IDP, you don’t have to take the International Drivers Permit Ghana test just to have the International Drivers Permit Ghana manual.

Bosomtwe lake

Lake Bosomtwe, the only natural lake in Ashanti and Ghana, was created when a great meteorite struck this place a long time ago. The lake is known to be holy by the people of Ashanti, who believe that after death, the souls of people come here so that they can say goodbye to the God Twi. Lake Bosomtwe is a perfect place for adventure, aside from being a pilgrimage site. The lake, nearly 90 meters long, is an ideal destination for recreation, hiking, trekking, picnicking, horseback riding, biking, and water sports.

If you plan to stay for more than six months, an International Driver's License in Ghana and an International Driver's License Ghana number is required. Make sure to know how to get an International Driver's License in Ghana on the International Driver's License Ghana website.

Most Important Driving Rules

Traffic laws alone are unable to control any form of driving situation that might arise. There are some general rules to be understood and practiced by drivers. During your trip to Ghana, these safety reminders might help you prevent a crash, serious injury, or even death. These are just general statements, and, in all cases, they do not govern your actions. Before planning a trip for more than six months, you must know how to get Driver's License in Ghana on the International Driver’s License Ghana online.

You need to recognize the course of action of the laws that you need to follow while in the country if you plan to visit Ghana. You may be unfamiliar with a few rules reported below, so you need to review Ghana's driving guidelines to go without accident involvement. This section provides you with useful guidance on how to drive a car, how to rent a car, and what criteria are required.

General and Protection and Safety

  • Using your mobile phone when driving is highly prohibited. This ban extends to text messages, instant messages, e-mail, and Internet data
  • Yield to all motorway repair cars and staff in the construction zone
  • When flashing yellow lights are activated, all vehicles approaching the school bus should slow down and prepare to stop
  • Slow down and switch to the right shoulder of the road if an ambulance or police vehicle is approaching. Switch to the right-hand lane if you are on a multilane path, if possible

Distances Between Cars

  • For vehicles traveling up to 30 Km/hr, the distance between two cars should be 10 m
  • For vehicles traveling between 30 Km/hr and 60 Km/hr, the distance between two cars should be 20 m
  • For vehicles traveling between 60 Km/hr and 80 Km/hr, the gap between two cars should be 25 m
  • For vehicles traveling more than 80 Km/hr, the distance between the two cars should be 30 m

Drunk Driving

As it is a serious criminal offense to drive a motor vehicle when under the influence of alcohol in Ghana, it is likewise a criminal offense if a driver is found to be intoxicated behind the wheel. And when drugs are involved, it is always a criminal act to drive under the influence. Also, the penalties for driving under the influence of drugs would be the same as those for driving under the influence of alcohol.

Drink driving in Ghana has long been a problem and the cause of many road accidents, but the government has recently imposed much more stringent penalties and reduced the number of deaths due to alcohol. The traffic police have the right to check drivers for intoxication from alcohol and drugs.

Driving eligibility

An international driving license to drive in Ghana is an important document for foreigners that you must carry around. Having an IDP from the International Driver's Association takes only two hours. You don't have to take a PC exam to qualify for an overseas driving permit. To top off and transfer your pictures from the application shape, all you need is. Applications for a global driving license are unfettered and open within the International Driver's Association.

Driving without a permit is unlawful in Ghana. Ghana's driving law states that it is illegal for a person to work or drive a car when an individual is not eligible. Make sure you have an International Driver's License Ghana address for stays longer than six months, have passed the criteria on the International Driver's License Ghana website, and paid the cost of the Ghana International Driver's License tour.

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