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Top Destinations in the Czech Republic

As a landlocked country, the Czech Republic sits in the heart of Central Europe. It has been a habitat for Celts, Germanic tribes, and Slavic. From the Holy Roman Empire’s rise to being a colony of the Soviet Union, then an independent state of Czechoslovakia, to its peaceful separation from Slovakia in 1993, the Czech Republic has endured many growing pains and phases. Now it is a thriving nation that compels wanderers who can’t get enough of its rich history.

Although smaller than its bordering nations, the Czech Republic, or Czechia, boasts a plethora of impressive chateaux, castles, and monuments, all hailed from different eras of architecture. After all, the best presents come in small packages, right? So, it's about time for you to set foot on the Czech soil and tick it off your bucket list. The country has many UNESCO World Heritage sites that are easily accessible by car.

Can a tourist drive around the Czech Republic?

Since the country is best explored by driving a vehicle, you may find yourself wondering, “do I need an International Driving Licence in the Czech Republic?” You may also be curious if the Czech Republic requires an International Driving License. The answer is yes. To have an enjoyable trip, secure an International Driving Licence before your trip.

Your International Driving Licence or International Driving Permit in the Czech Republic will allow you to drive legally and hassle-free. It is a physical permit that translates your local driver's license.

Where can I get my IDP/IDL?

Getting an International Driving Licence in the Czech Republic is easy, and you can conveniently apply online. How to get an International Driving License in the Czech Republic? Before you get an International Driver's Permit in the Czech Republic, requirements should be met. You will need to provide a valid native driving license from your country of origin and a passport size photograph of yourself. Once you have these ready, you can go ahead and apply.

To get your International Driving License in the Czech Republic, visit the International Drivers Association’s (IDA) website. Avail different validities between $49 for one year, $55 for two years, and 59 for a three-year validity. It’s fast, secured, and in just a few minutes, you’ll be able to get a digital copy of your document via email, and a physical IDP will be shipped to your location. Once the applications are processed, tourists can download their driving licences copies for free.

Below are some of the top destinations you can visit in the Czech Republic.


You probably heard about Prague before, but you’re not sure what to expect from this wonderful capital city of Czechia. To begin with, Prague is a Bohemian region and the country's largest city. With over 1.3 million inhabitants, it takes up a great portion of the country's population. Prague is the historic core of the country, packed with striking and colorful baroque buildings, churches inspired by the Gothic and Renaissance periods, and the monumental Astro clock.

The city garnered its label as one the most visited cities in Europe, with a UNESCO World Heritage site sash on the side. If you’re into nightlife, Prague is a good spot to grab a cold beer and enjoy the delicious local cuisine.

Points of interest in Prague:

  • Vltava River. Within its vicinity, you can visit the Hradčany castle within the Prague Castle complex and appreciate the architecture built dated back in the 9th century. Across the Vltava River, be captivated by the awesome views of the city.
  • Karlův most. Also known as the Charles Bridge, it’s home to thirty baroque statues built during the 17th and 18th centuries. On a normal day, the Charles Bridge is crowded, so make sure to roam around here really early in the morning or later at night.
  • Petřín Gardens. Take a peaceful stroll and sightseeing through the gardens. Before you head here, you can prepare a picnic basket while enjoying reading your favorite book.
  • Old Town Square. Built in the 12th century, this square was the fly on the wall for witnessing many historical events in Prague, making it the most significant square in the city. Boasting colorful baroque churches, the Old Town Square is like a masterpiece.

Prague is easily accessible by car. Tourists should Make sure that they have their driving licenses and driving permits with them at all times. If you’re driving in the country with a US driver's license, you might be wondering, “do I need an International Driver's License in the Czech Republic?” The answer is yes, you do, especially if you drive in Prague. If you want to get your International Driving Permit for the Czech Republic, the International Drivers Association (IDA) is up to serve you.

When driving in your rental car with an International Driving Licence in the Czech Republic, English is widely used, so don’t stress out over misunderstanding with the local officers. Just show your documents, such as visa, passport, driver’s license, and IDP, and politely respond to any of their questions.

Český Krumlov

Garnering the title of UNESCO World Heritage site in 1992, this city of the castle has cobblestoned streets and a well-preserved layout that will surely take you back to the medieval period.

Points of interest in Český Krumlov:

  • State Castle. A national monument that offers amazing overlooking views of the city and is perfect for photographs. Truly a castle worth climbing up to.
  • Five-Petaled Rose Festival. Let this three-day festival give you a Renaissance vibe. Enjoy lively medieval music, craft fairs, and street plays that will keep you entertained while exploring the city.
  • International Music Festival Český Krumlov. Celebrate and experience classical music and soothe yourself with playing orchestras, and you will never know, you might just bump into a new favorite artist at the fest.

The stunning city of Český Krumlov is easy to get to, as long as you have a rental car and an IDP. Does the Czech Republic require an international driver’s license for EU citizens? No, you don’t need to, and as long as your EU-issued driving licence is valid, you can freely drive in the country. Is an international driver's license required in the Czech Republic for US-issued driving licence holders? Yes. Your IDP supplements your US driver’s license.

Get your IDP from the International Drivers Association. If you want your International Driving Licence for the Czech Republic to be shipped there, provide your zip code, address, city, and country. Once you receive an email from the IDA, you can then download your International Driving Licence in the Czech Republic for free. Note that most car rental companies require tourists to have this document before they can drive motor vehicles abroad.


Located in the Bohemian-Moravian Highlands between České Budějovice and Brno, Telč is a small, fairytale-like town with only about 5,500 people. It is also named a UNESCO World Heritage site because of its Renaissance chateaux and colorful houses that add color to even a dreary day.

Points of interest in Telč:

  • Zachariáš of Hradec Square. Explore the decorative facades of this square, packed with colorful Gothic and Renaissance tenements. When you get weary of strolling around the area, take a quick break and check out the cafes, restaurants, and shops around it.
  • Highlands Museum. This museum is only a five minutes walk from Telč’s town hall. This is another spot you cannot miss when visiting Telč. With only five minutes walk from its town hall, you can enjoy an interesting display of Telc`s history.

Do tourists need International Driving Licences to drive motor vehicles in the Czech Republic? Is an International Driving License required in the Czech Republic? Unless you're a valid EU driving licence holder, then you will need to acquire one. How to get an international driver’s license in the Czech Republic? Just go to the IDA website, fill out the application form, and upload a passport size photo of yourself and your native driving license. Aside from your name and birthday, International Driving Licences for Czech Republic contain the holder's zip code, citizenship, and colored photograph of the holder.

To process your international driver’s license for the Czech Republic, the website of the IDA is live, and you can always ask the live agents for inquiries.


Brno is the Czech Republic’s second-largest city next to Prague and is a university-centered city with local beer bars, cafes, and museums you can enjoy. Brno, aside from Prague, is in the Czech Republic in a nutshell.

Points of interest in Brno:

  • Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul. This cathedral is famous among Czech, you know why? Well, just look at a 10CZK coin, and you’ll find out -- probably why entering the cathedral is free. But kidding aside, it’s another building in Czechia you should not miss. Bring something to snack on or a drink while enjoying the stunning view of the suburbs of Brno and Špilberk Castle, up on Petrov Hill.
  • Astro's Astronomical Clock. Astronomical clocks in the Czech Republic are almost everywhere. Brno’s main square, Náměstí Svobody, reflects a modern aesthetic and attracts tourists, mainly because of its astro clock. Explore the landmark and experience the hype first-hand.


This baroque city is Czech Republic’s 6th largest in the Moravian region. Olomouc has been one of the most important cities in the country for centuries and houses the Czech Monarchy. If you’re hooked in medieval astronomical clocks, you will love the one built in the city’s town hall. Olomouc boasts vibrant sceneries of impressive architecture, a thriving local craft beer scene, and its popular Moravian wine. Your Czech itinerary wouldn’t be as amazing without visiting Olomouc.

Points of interest in Olomouc:

  • Holy Trinity Column. Standing 32-meter high, this monument is UNESCO-recognised for its various elements, including eighteen sculptures of saints and twelve light-bearer figures. Visit the Holy Trinity to add to the collection of your visited UNESCO monument. It’s amazing to know that it's the largest free-standing Baroque sculpture in Central Europe.
  • Saint Wenceslas Cathedral. Standing at 100.65-meter high, this cathedral gets the title for having the second-highest spire in the country and the tallest in Moravia. It was founded in 1107. Olomouc is a spire-dense city, so visiting a few like Saint Wenceslas’ might just get you exploring the city, spire-by-spire.
  • Poets' Corner Hostel. This fantastic apartment-style hotel is a good place to stay in. With warm and lovely staff, you’ll be able to experience grand treatment here while still feeling homey.
  • Fountains of Olomouc. How could you miss this? There are over six fountains in Olomouc that were all built from the concept of mythology. Exploring the fountains of Olomouc is a great way to unwind in this sweet city.

Olomouc is easily accessible by driving a car. Do you need a driving licence in the Czech Republic? As mentioned earlier, your International Driver's Permit or Driving Licencse is an important factor to obtain a rental car if you're a tourist wanting to drive here. Visit the International Drivers Association to obtain your IDP and enjoy an affordable price range with fast processing. Fill out the application form and in just a matter of minutes, you will be notified of your driving licence for the Czech Republic through your provided mobile number and email address.

Once you have your International Driver's Permit in the Czech Republic, test your rental vehicle first before you sign a lease. It’s always good to make sure it works and is safe so you can have a worry-free driving experience in Olomouc.


Here’s another city you shouldn’t miss, especially if you love beer (the golden Pilsner lager, in particular). It’s the Czech Republic’s fourth-largest city in western Bohemia that is worth exploring because it simply is wonderful.

Points of interest in Plzeň:

  • Pilsner Urquell Brewery. When you hear Czechia, either Prague or beer are the first things that come to mind. But if you don’t know it yet, the county is the original brewer of pilsner lager, and it's a pretty big deal. Do a little tour around the brewery and discover how the miracle happens and bottled, and of course, have a pint or two and taste the best beer in the world, straight out of its maker.
  • St. Bartholomew's Cathedral. This structure is one of the main attractions in Plzeň; it’s an old cathedral built dated 16th century and is home to the Pilsen Madonna -- the statue that represents the beautiful style of the Gothic era, so if you’re into Gothic crafts, you will love this building.
  • Old Synagogue. This historical architecture sits in the courtyard of homes in Smetana's Parks and was originally a Jewish school zone but is now home to holocaust victims’ memorials. It’s best to kill some time by taking a somber walk in this landmark.
  • Great Synagogue. Just like the Old Synagogue, there are unusual memorials for Holocaust victims found here. Czechs take pride in the Great Synagogue because it’s the third-largest in Europe and the fifth-biggest in the world. But what makes it even great is that it represented a rich Jewish community, which was sadly wiped out by Nazi’s n the years 1939 to 1945.

The Great Synagogue is currently under reconstruction and is closed to the public until 2021.

Plzeň, or Pilsen, is easy to access by car. Always carry your International Driving Permit in the Czech Republic, along with your native driver’s license. You absolutely do. Both an IDP and an international driver’s license give you permission to drive in the country. With an international driver’s license in the Czech Republic, English and several other languages are printed in your document, which is commonly understood by local officers worldwide, even in Czechia.

You don't need to get a local Czech driving licence, but you need an IDP to drive in the country. To secure your IDP, visit the International Drivers Associations website for a fast and secured processing. Complete your application form for an International Driver’s License for the Czech Republic, provide your mobile number and email address. This way, you’ll be notified when your international Czech driving licence is approved and ready to be sent to you.

České Budějovice

This city sits at the junction of the Vltava and Malše rivers and is home to another world-famous beer, beautiful architecture, and sceneries. České Budějovice defines a typical Czech city, welcoming you with hospitality and amazing sights of local establishments.

Points of interest in České Budějovice:

  • Budějovický Budvar. Also known as the Budweiser Budvar Brewery, this iconic brewery is the Czech Republic’s only state-owned establishment of beer in the country. Experience authentic Budweiser beer and Czech culture by tasting this world-famous beer.
  • Přemysl Ottokar II Square. Explore this large town square at night and see the symbolic Fountain of Samson lit up. Přemysl Ottokar II Square is within the city’s Old Town, so while you're here, you can also explore different architectures in the vicinity.
  • Černá věž. Also known as the Black Tower, this 72-meter-high tower offers incredible views. Climb up to the top and rent a pair of binoculars for 10 CZK.

When driving around this district in the Czech Republic, carry your International Driver's Permit and native driver’s license. These are required documents if you want a hassle-free driving experience throughout the country. The International Drivers Association will help you obtain an IDP at a reasonable cost range. Simply fill out the application form and enjoy fast and easy checkout processes!

If you’re a non-EU license holder and want to know if you need an International Driver's Permit in the Czech Republic, visit a Czech embassy or consulate.

Important Driving Rules in the Czech Republic

Driving in the Czech Republic lets you dissect the historical significance and inspiration behind every structure you will get to see in the country. The country’s driving rules are similar to most European countries, so make sure you understand and adhere to the following driving rules for you to fully make the most out of your Czech Tour.

Always carry your driving licence and IDP

It’s easy to leave things you may deem unimportant, but you will never know when you fall into a situation that makes you think of the “what ifs.” When you drive in the country, you must carry your native driving licence and know that an International Driver's Permit in the Czech Republic is one of the requirements to drive in the country legally. Along with securing your International Driver's Permit in the Czech Republic, test drive your rental car before you hit the Czech road.

Don’t drink and drive

While some EU nations allow a subtle amount of blood alcohol content (BAC) when driving, the Czech Republic, on the other hand, does not permit diving even with a very little percentage of alcohol in your blood. Drunk driving is one of the leading causes of vehicular accidents in the Czech Republic in recent years. Failure to adhere to this role will get you into trouble with the local authorities and can get you fined between 900 to 1800 euros.

Alcohol and drugs are considered criminal offenses in the Czech Republic, so better adhere and comply with undergoing a breathalyzer or blood test. If you refuse to do so, you will have to pay the same amount of fine.

Don’t use your mobile phone while driving

Driving in the Czech Republic while using your mobile phone on your hand is against traffic rules. Do not also wedge your mobile phone between and shoulder. Once the police officers catch you, you can get fined 50 to 90 euros. If you wish to make a quick phone call while driving your vehicle, use a hands-free device instead. This will save your pocket, your life, and others.

Don’t drive above the speed limit

In the Czech Republic, the speed limit is defined by which road you drive on. Maintain a speed limit of 130 kph on the motorway, 50 kph in the built-up areas, and 90 kph outside the built-up areas. If you go above these speed limits, even so slightly, you can get pulled over and pay a fine amounting between 20 to 70 euros.

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