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International Driving Permit (IDP), regulated by the United Nations, certifies that you are the holder of a valid driver's license in your country of origin.

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Your IDP is a valid form of identification in more than 150 countries worldwide and contains your name, photo and driver information in the 12 most widely spoken languages in the world.

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Is international driving license valid in Cyprus?

An international driving license is valid in Cyprus as long as it’s in the class of vehicle they wish to drive. When driving in Cyprus, you must always bring your national driver’s licence and an International Driving Permit. With an IDP/IDL, you don’t need to apply for a Cyprus driving licence or take a driving test.

How do I get an international driver's license in Cyprus?

Getting an international driver’s license in Cyprus is simple. You can apply in a road transport agency or online. Applying online is simpler since you only need to fill out the online application form, upload two passport size photographs, and submit the digital copy of your driver’s license issued from your home country.

Which countries driving license is valid in Cyprus?

If your driving license is in Greek or English, your driving licence is valid in Cyprus. Drivers with licenses issued from EU countries can use their driving license in Cyprus until their license’s expiry date. On the other hand, you can use your license for up to two months in Cyprus if your license is issued from the following countries:

  • Australia
  • Japan
  • Iceland
  • Canada
  • New Zealand
  • Russia
  • Serbia
  • Georgia
  • Norway
  • South Africa
  • Liechtenstein
  • Zimbabwe
  • UAE
  • USA

Top Destinations in Cyprus

Cyprus is one of the sparkling island countries of the Mediterranean, and it has the benefits of sun all-year-round, and coastlines filled with beautiful beaches. As the third-largest island in the Mediterranean, many tourists have already placed it on their bucket list of destinations.

The Best Time to Visit

For an island state, summer is always the peak season with beachgoers laying on the sand getting their skin tanned or bronzed.

The Boundaries

Before we get to explore the island of Cyprus, you should be informed that there is still a division with the Turkish-controlled part of Cyprus. However, since the visas are honored when you pass through, it can be assumed that your international driving permit (IDP) is usable in North Cyprus.

It might be a different matter with your rented car since some car companies would not let their cars cross the border. Even if you have a visa and International Driving Licence Cyprus, the car rental companies still make the decision, and you may choose a different rental car company.

Baths of Aphrodite

One way to enjoy your stay in Cyprus is to base yourself in a major city with a good hotel or accommodation.

The Baths are the crowning jewel of the Akamas Peninsula which is located at the place where the Chrysochous Valley ends and the rugged, challenging cliffs begin. The Baths of Aphrodite is said to be where Aphrodite found her great love, Adonis. They have a natural pool under a giant fig tree. Trek along the Aphrodite trail that leads to a spectacular view of Chrysochou Bay.

House of Dionysus

Head on back to Paphos and enter the Paphos Archeological Sites. Take a page off your Mythology and Classic Literature book and see the House of Dionysus. It is one of the finest houses and the most popular attraction in Paphos.

Mosaic artwork extends to the pavements. They show the best scenes from the colorful and dramatic Greek mythology, like Ganymede being flown by an eagle back to Olympus, and of course, Dionysus in a chariot drawn by leopards. Near the House of Dionysus is the House of Theseus and the House of Aion, with their share of mosaic artwork, like Theseus fighting the Minotaur.

Paphos Coastal Boardwalk

As you cruise around the archeological wonders of Paphos, there should be time to drive around and relax. The Coastal Boardwalk is great for strolling along and dining and shopping.

From here, you can walk from Paphos Fort to the Louis Phaethon Beach Resort. In that trail, you can pass the central Kato beaches.

Archeological Museum

If you need proof that Cyprus is a part of the cradle of civilization, the Archaeological Museum Some of the most significant historical excavations are housed in this museum which has four rooms spanning the Neolithic to Byzantine eras. They have pottery, sculptures, figures and idols, even marble, and items from the House of Dionysus which they secured.

Omodos Village Houses

After savoring the beaches and the history of Cyprus, no European trip would be complete with some cultural immersion. From Paphos, towards the Troodos Mountains, and before the elevation, you will find the charming houses of the Omodos village. This village is surrounded by vineyards that have adhered to the traditional winemaking practice. Sip on a variety of the best Cypriot wines such as Xynisteri. Mavro, and Zivania spirit.

Cyprus Museum

A trip to Cyprus should plot through its capital of Nicosia.

There are dozens of museums in Cyprus, but there is a reason why this one is at the center of the capital. They have the most comprehensive collection of artifacts gathered in the region from prehistoric (Neolithic) to the treasures of the Byzantine era. With over a dozen rooms of artifacts and artwork--it is a spectacular visual time capsule of the island’s different eras.


A famous tourist attraction immortalized in the book “Bitter Lemons of Cyprus” is Bellapais.

The village is lifted from a postcard, with the old white-washed cottages on the hillside with the centerpiece being the ruins of Bellapais Abbey. The old Augustinian monastery has carved arches giving that otherworldly feel and takes a somber yet calming tone.

Ayia Napa Nightlife

If you think you’ll skip Cyprus because it has nothing but ruins and old castles aside from the beaches, then you are missing out on one of the Mediterranean’s premier party places. Ayia Napa is home to one of the best bar scenes in Europe itself. They have a Central Party District (CPD) which ensures a wild night all-year round even outside the peak season. The CPD features Ayias Mavris Street, you can’t miss it since it’s virtually a neon city.

Quality entertainment with bands at places like Square Bar and specialty drinks at Eden give it a carnival-festival feel, similar to those in Rio or Louisiana.

Beach Bars

Ayia Napa is a coastal town, and if you want to party with that island feel, go to the beach bars instead of the CPD. The bars here are not all blaring dance beats and techno music, since they have a more laid-back feel. Load up on brews amid the golden sands and the waves, enjoy live music performances with chill tunes. Makronissos Beach and Nissi Bay Beach have numerous choices, and they also offer tasty cuisine during the day. Ayia Napa is a destination in itself.


Another charming coastal city in Cyprus, Larnaca is home to one of their biggest airports. Larnaca has beaches and Forts, but its main attractions are based on the world’s biggest religions. The Agios Lazarus and Hala Sultan Tekke are landmarks that visitors of all faiths love to visit for the combination of spectacular architecture and ambiance.

Other driving destinations in this region are the Stavrovouni Monastery, the Turkish Quarter that stretches from Larnaca Fort. The Fort stands at the seaside and is a symbol of Cyprus itself. The fort became a prison during the British occupation, but it also houses a Medieval Museum and the Grand Mosque.

North Cyprus Attractions

Since Cyprus is actually working towards reunification, fewer restrictions are being imposed.

Visiting the North, you have the harbor town of Kyrenia, a charming coastal harbor town, and the ancient, walled town of Famagusta. It's best to drive around the area than taking public transport to see all attractions at your own pace.

Karpas (Karpaz) Peninsula

Right at the tip of the land, Karpas Peninsula is certainly a breathtaking place, with subdued monasteries and churches giving way to the magnificence of nature. The Apostolos Andreas Monastery was built at the end of the peninsula, and it allows you to meditate with the waves as a background.

Most Important Driving Rules

When driving in foreign countries, you need to know the driving rules in those countries to avoid getting in trouble with the authorities. Following the driving rules is not only for your road safety but also for other road users.

Follow the Speed Limit

The absolute speed limit in Cyprus is 100 Kph since there are no freeways in the small island state. The usual limit is 80 Kph, and even lower at 50 Kph for “built-up” areas. You probably did not go to an island to be in a hurry, but there would be times you’re in a rush. Speed cameras are all around the main streets so even tourists can get caught. Cyprus does not have highways or freeways which have a higher speed limit, and they have speed cams to check.

No Eating or Drinking

For the fast-food guzzlers of United States of America, here is one adjustment you need to make. In Cyprus, it is totally prohibited to eat or drink while driving. It is not just frowned upon or discouraged-- the authorities will fine 85 euros if you get caught.

Drive on the left side of the road

Despite the division, the road rules in both Cyprus and Turkish-controlled North Cyprus are similar.

In the same way, the Cypriots, north or “south” will drive a motor vehicle on the left side of the road and overtake on the right. This sounds like a very tough adjustment for you, but for those who have driven in UK-influenced countries like Malta or Cyprus it’s really not that difficult.

Follow Safety Regulation

When you travel with kids, be careful with the seating. Rental car license plates are colored red with black letters. They prohibit children from sitting in the front seat if they are less than 150 cm tall. In that case, you need to provide a car seat or make them sit on the rear seats. Take note that all passengers, even in the rear, are required to wear seat belts. If not, they can charge a fine. Note the contact number of your rental company if there is a problem with safety regulations.

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