Best Things to do in the USA

Best Things to do in the USA

Explore the Best Things to Do in the USA

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The USA has everything from the East Coast to the West Coast, from the iconic national parks to the electrifying energy of bustling cities. Whether you're a nature lover, a history buff, or a thrill-seeker, this country offers endless opportunities for exploration and discovery. So pack your bags and hop on an unforgettable journey through the land of dreams and opportunities!

Weather Conditions

Due to its vast and diverse geography, the United States experiences four distinct seasons: spring, summer, fall, and winter. The specific weather conditions can vary significantly depending on your region. Here's a general overview of the seasons in the USA:

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Spring (March to May): Spring is characterized by milder temperatures, blooming flowers, and increased rainfall in many parts of the country. It can be a transitional season with fluctuating weather patterns. In some regions, like the northern states, snow may still be present at the beginning of spring.

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Summer (June to August): Summer is typically warm to hot across most of the country. Temperatures can vary significantly from region to region, with some areas experiencing high humidity. Coastal regions may enjoy cooler temperatures due to ocean breezes. Thunderstorms and hurricanes can occur in certain regions during the summer months.

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Fall (September to November): Fall, also known as autumn, is characterized by mild to cool temperatures and changing foliage colors. The weather can be quite pleasant, especially in the early season. As fall progresses, temperatures gradually cool, leading to colder weather and sometimes snow in northern regions.

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Winter (December to February): Winter brings colder temperatures across much of the country, with the northern states experiencing freezing temperatures and snowfall. In southern regions, winters are milder, but temperatures can still drop significantly. Mountainous areas may experience heavy snowfall, making them ideal for winter sports.

Understanding the weather conditions and seasons is essential when preparing for outdoor activities in the USA. You can pack the appropriate clothing, and equipment, and be informed of safety precautions.

  • If you plan to hike in the mountains during the winter, you must be prepared for snow, low temperatures, and potential avalanches.
  • Summer outdoor activities, such as beach trips or camping, require sunscreen, hydration, and protection from heat-related illnesses.
  • Fall activities like leaf-peeping or outdoor festivals require clothing suitable for mild to cool temperatures.

When determining the best time to visit the USA and plan your outdoor activities, it's crucial to consider the weather and seasonal variations. This approach ensures a more enjoyable and safe experience. It's always recommended to check local weather forecasts and be prepared for any unforeseen changes in weather conditions.

Currency and Payments

The currency used in the United States is the United States Dollar (USD). It is denoted by the symbol "$" and has different denominations, including coins (penny, nickel, dime, quarter) and banknotes (1, 5, 10, 20, 50, and 100 dollar bills). Cash is widely accepted in most businesses, including restaurants, shops, and public transportation.

In addition to cash, electronic payments are widely used in the USA. Credit and debit cards are accepted in most establishments, including small businesses. Mobile and digital wallets, such as Apple Pay and Google Pay, are also commonly used.


While tipping is not mandatory, it is an important part of service industry culture. It helps supplement the income of service workers who often rely on these as compensation. However, it is always at the discretion of the individual to decide how much to tip, and it can be adjusted based on the quality of service received.

  • It is customary to tip waitstaff in restaurants, typically around 15-20% of the total bill.
  • Tipping is also expected for services like taxis, hotel staff, and hairdressers/barbers.
  • Tipping practices may vary slightly depending on the region and type of service, but it is generally considered customary.

It's worth noting that some restaurants and businesses may include a service charge or gratuity automatically, especially for larger groups or parties. Always check the bill to see if a service charge has been added before deciding on an additional tip.

Transportation Options

The United States offers a variety of transportation options to suit different needs and preferences. Here are some commonly used modes of transportation in the USA:

Cars: Private cars are a popular mode of transportation in the United States. The country has an extensive road network, making it convenient to travel by car.

Public Transportation: Major cities in the USA have well-developed public transportation systems, including buses, subways, light rails, and commuter trains. These systems provide convenient and affordable transportation within urban areas.

Air Travel: Domestic air travel is common for long-distance travel within the USA. The country has a vast network of airports, and several airlines operate regional and cross-country flights, making it easy to reach different destinations quickly.

Trains: Amtrak is the national passenger rail service in the USA, providing train travel between various cities and regions. While not as comprehensive as in some other countries, train travel can be a scenic and relaxed way to explore certain parts of the country.

Bicycles: Many cities in the USA are bicycle-friendly, with dedicated bike lanes and bike-sharing programs available. Bicycles are a popular mode of transportation for short distances or recreational purposes.

Walking: Walking is convenient in urban areas, particularly for shorter distances. Pedestrian-friendly cities offer well-maintained sidewalks and pedestrian-friendly environments.

Ferries: In coastal areas and regions with many lakes and rivers, ferries are available for transportation. They provide scenic routes and a unique way to travel between destinations.

Taxis and Ride-Sharing: Taxis are readily available in most cities, and ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft operate widely, providing on-demand transportation at the touch of a button.

Renting a car in the United States? Check out our United States of America Driving Guide!

Local Cuisine

The United States is diverse with a wide range of culinary traditions. Here are some local cuisines that visitors should try in the USA, without specifying them per state:

  • Barbecue: American barbecue varies by region, with styles like Texas-style (beef brisket), Carolina-style (pulled pork), and Kansas City-style (ribs) being popular choices.
  • Burgers: The United States is known for its delicious burgers, from classic cheeseburgers to gourmet creations with unique toppings.
  • Southern Fried Chicken: Experience southern-style fried chicken's crispy, flavorful goodness, often served with biscuits and gravy.
  • Macaroni and Cheese: A comfort food staple, American-style mac and cheese is rich, creamy, and often topped with breadcrumbs.
  • Clam Chowder: Particularly famous in New England, clam chowder is a creamy soup made with clams, potatoes, onions, and sometimes bacon.
  • Lobster Rolls: Enjoy succulent lobster meat tossed in mayo and served in a buttered, toasted bun, often accompanied by coleslaw.
  • Buffalo Wings: Buffalo-style chicken wings are a popular appetizer, with crispy fried chicken wings coated in hot sauce and served with blue cheese dressing.
  • Deep Dish Pizza: Originating from Chicago, deep dish pizza features a thick, buttery crust, topped with cheese, sauce, and various ingredients.
  • Tex-Mex: This fusion cuisine combines Mexican and American flavors, featuring nachos, enchiladas, tacos, and quesadillas.
  • Gumbo: A Louisiana specialty, gumbo is a rich and hearty stew typically made with a combination of meat or seafood, and okra, and served over rice.

Unique Cultural Experiences

The United States is a melting pot of cultures, traditions, and histories. From vibrant festivals and world-class museums to historic sites and lively jazz bars, here are some must-try cultural experiences that will enrich your journey through the USA:

Festivals: Experience the lively atmosphere of festivals celebrating different cultures and traditions.

  • Join the colorful Mardi Gras festivities in New Orleans, Louisiana, with parades, music, and vibrant street parties.
  • Explore the rich Native American heritage at the Gathering of Nations Powwow in Albuquerque, New Mexico.
  • Dive into the vibrant celebrations of Chinese New Year in San Francisco's Chinatown or the captivating Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta, where hundreds of hot air balloons fill the sky.

Museums: Delve into the fascinating world of art, history, and culture by visiting renowned museums across the United States.

  • Explore the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, which houses a vast collection spanning centuries and continents.
  • Discover the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C., offering an array of museums encompassing various subjects, including the National Air and Space Museum and the National Museum of African American History and Culture.
  • Visit the Art Institute of Chicago, home to an impressive collection of art spanning different eras and styles.

Historic Sites: Uncover the rich history of the United States by visiting iconic historic sites.

  • Step back at landmarks like Independence Hall in Philadelphia, where the Declaration of Independence was signed.
  • Experience the grandeur of Mount Vernon, the historic plantation and home of George Washington in Virginia.
  • Explore the preserved colonial city of Williamsburg, Virginia, where costumed interpreters bring history to life.
  • Stand in awe at the Statue of Liberty in New York Harbor, symbolizing freedom and opportunity.

Jazz Bars: Immerse yourself in American jazz's soulful sounds by visiting iconic bars nationwide.

  • Experience the vibrant jazz scene in New Orleans, where venues like Preservation Hall and Snug Harbor Jazz Bistro offer captivating performances by talented musicians.
  • Explore the historic neighborhoods of Harlem in New York City, known for their jazz clubs like The Apollo Theater and the legendary Blue Note.
  • These jazz bars provide an authentic musical experience from intimate clubs to larger venues.

Cultural Neighborhoods: Discover the diverse cultural enclaves that encapsulate the heritage of different communities.

  • Explore San Francisco's vibrant Chinatown, the oldest and one of the largest Chinese communities outside of Asia, offering a mix of traditional and contemporary experiences.
  • Visit Little Havana in Miami, Florida, to immerse yourself in Cuban culture, taste delicious cuisine, and enjoy Latin music.
  • Walk through Boston's North End, known as "Little Italy," with its charming streets, Italian bakeries, and authentic cuisine.

Native American Heritage Sites: Experience the rich Native American heritage and visit significant sites that showcase their history and traditions.

  • Explore Mesa Verde National Park in Colorado, home to well-preserved ancient cliff dwellings of the Ancestral Puebloans.
  • Visit the Navajo Nation in Arizona and Utah to learn about Navajo culture, visit the iconic Monument Valley, and witness traditional ceremonies.
  • Discover the Black Hills in South Dakota, where you can find sacred sites like Bear Butte and experience Lakota culture.

African American Heritage: Dive into the history and contributions of African Americans by visiting key cultural sites.

  • Explore the Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site in Atlanta, Georgia, which includes his childhood home and the Ebenezer Baptist Church.
  • Visit the National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington, D.C., to learn about the struggles and achievements of African Americans throughout history.
  • Walk the historic streets of Harlem in New York City, known for its role in African-American culture and the Harlem Renaissance.

The United States of America is a vast and diverse country that offers many experiences for travelers. There is something for everyone in the USA, from exploring natural landscapes to bustling cities, rich histories, and thrilling theme parks.

Key Highlights:

  • National parks: Glacier National Park, Yellowstone National Park, Zion National Park, and Acadia National Park are just a few of the iconic parks where visitors can explore breathtaking scenery, enjoy outdoor activities like hiking and wildlife spotting, and immerse themselves in the beauty of the natural world.
  • Scenic destinations: Lake Tahoe, located on the border of California and Nevada, is a pristine alpine lake surrounded by majestic mountains. South Beach in Miami, on the other hand, offers a vibrant atmosphere with its famous white sands, Art Deco architecture, and bustling nightlife.
  • Washington D.C: The capital city of the USA is home to iconic landmarks such as the White House, the Lincoln Memorial, and the Smithsonian museums, where visitors can delve into American history and culture.
  • New York City: The city that never sleeps is another must-visit destination. Times Square with its bright lights and Broadway shows, Central Park with its peaceful green spaces, and the iconic Statue of Liberty are just a few of the attractions that make this city so popular.
  • Theme parks: From Disneyland in California to Universal Orlando Resort in Florida, these parks provide endless fun for visitors of all ages.
  • Vibrant cities: San Francisco with its iconic Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz Island, San Antonio with its rich Texan heritage, and Kansas City with its vibrant music scene are just a few examples of the diverse cities that showcase the many facets of American culture.

Outdoor Activities

From rugged mountains and pristine beaches to vast forests and stunning deserts, the United States offers many outdoor activities that will leave you with unforgettable experiences and a deep connection to nature. Let this inspire you to unleash your spirit of adventure, and explore the great outdoors of the USA:

Hiking and Camping: The USA is a hiker's paradise with numerous national parks and wilderness areas. Explore iconic trails like the Appalachian Trail, Pacific Crest Trail, or the rugged beauty of Yosemite National Park. Set up camp under the stars and immerse yourself in the tranquil beauty of nature.

Wildlife Viewing: The United States boasts incredible biodiversity, providing ample opportunities for wildlife enthusiasts. Visit national parks like Yellowstone, Everglades, or Denali to spot iconic species such as bears, elk, moose, alligators, and diverse bird species. Take guided tours and gain insights into the incredible ecosystems and habitats.

Skiing and Snowboarding: If you're a winter sports enthusiast, the United States offers world-class ski resorts. Whether you prefer the powdery slopes of Colorado, the majestic peaks of the Rocky Mountains, or the charm of Vermont, you'll find a winter wonderland waiting for you. Enjoy downhill skiing, snowboarding, cross-country skiing, or even try heli-skiing for an adrenaline rush.

Water Sports: With thousands of miles of coastline, lakes, and rivers, the USA offers many water-based activities. Surf the famous waves of California and Hawaii, try kiteboarding in the Outer Banks, or go kayaking in the picturesque Glacier Bay National Park. There's something for everyone, from fishing and sailing to paddleboarding and white-water rafting.

Rock Climbing: Adventure seekers will find their thrill on the towering cliffs and rock formations across the country. Test your skills at renowned climbing destinations like Yosemite Valley, Joshua Tree National Park, or Red River Gorge. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced climber, there are routes for all difficulty levels.

Scenic Road Trips: The United States boasts some of the world's most iconic and scenic drives. Embark on epic road trips along the Pacific Coast Highway in California, Route 66 through the heartland, or the stunning Blue Ridge Parkway in the Appalachian Mountains. Witness breathtaking landscapes, charming towns, and diverse cultures along the way.

Biking and Cycling: Explore the country's landscapes on two wheels. From mountain biking in Moab, Utah, to leisurely cycling along the Napa Valley vineyards, the USA offers a variety of biking experiences for all levels. Discover scenic trails, challenging climbs, and stunning views while enjoying the freedom of cycling.

National Park Adventures: The United States is home to an extensive network of national parks, each offering unique experiences. Embark on thrilling adventures like canyoneering in Zion National Park, wildlife safaris in Everglades National Park, or exploring geothermal wonders in Yellowstone National Park. Discover the wonders of nature and witness breathtaking landscapes.

National Wonders of the USA

The United States is home to some of the most majestic landscapes in the world, thanks to its extensive system of national parks.

Whether you're an avid hiker, wildlife enthusiast, or simply someone who appreciates the beauty of untouched nature, visiting these protected areas will undoubtedly foster a deep connection with the country's incredible natural heritage. So, lace up your hiking boots, pack your camping gear, and embark on an adventure of a lifetime in these national parks!

Glacier National Park

Known for its stunning glaciers, snow-capped peaks, and crystal-clear lakes, this park offers an authentic wilderness experience. Visitors can hike through alpine meadows, explore hidden valleys, or take a scenic drive along the famous Going-to-the-Sun Road. With over 700 miles of hiking trails, Glacier National Park provides endless opportunities to witness the beauty of untouched wilderness up close.

Key Highlights:

Spanning over a million acres, Glacier National Park is a haven for nature lovers and adventure seekers. Its pristine alpine meadows, hidden valleys, and dense forests make it a hiker's dream come true.

With over 700 miles of well-maintained hiking trails, there is no shortage of options for exploring this untouched wilderness. From leisurely strolls to challenging multi-day backpacking expeditions, there is a trail suited for every level of hiker.

  • Going-to-the-Sun Road. This scenic drive spans 50 miles and offers breathtaking vistas of the park's rugged mountain peaks, cascading waterfalls, and turquoise-tinged glacial lakes. With hairpin turns and dizzying heights, this engineering marvel provides an awe-inspiring journey through some of the park's most iconic landscapes.
  • Namesake glaciers. These ancient ice formations, remnants of the last ice age, are scattered throughout the park. From the massive Jackson Glacier to the ethereal Grinnell Glacier, each one is a testament to the majesty and power of nature.
  • Wildlife: From magnificent grizzly bears to playful mountain goats, from elusive wolves to herds of elk and bison, the park's diverse fauna captivates visitors at every turn. Wildlife-watching opportunities abound, whether a chance encounter during a hike or a peaceful observation from a designated viewing area.

Yellowstone National Park

Nestled in the heart of Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho, Yellowstone National Park stands as a true testament to the awe-inspiring wonders of nature. Known as the world's first national park, Yellowstone is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts, wildlife enthusiasts, and nature lovers alike.

Key Highlights:

Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone. Carved by the powerful forces of the Yellowstone River, this awe-inspiring canyon offers panoramic views of towering cliffs, cascading waterfalls, and vibrant hues of rock formations. Hiking along the rim of the canyon or descending to the base provides an up-close and personal experience of the park's geological wonders.

Geothermal features: Yellowstone is home to the largest concentration of geysers on the planet.

  • The eruptions of Old Faithful draw crowds of visitors eagerly awaiting the spectacle. However, numerous other geysers and hot springs are scattered throughout the park, each with unique characteristics.
  • From the vibrant colors of the Grand Prismatic Spring to the bubbling cauldrons of the Norris Geyser Basin, exploring these geothermal wonders is like stepping into an otherworldly landscape.

Wildlife. The park is home to the largest wild bison herd in the United States and other iconic animals such as elk, wolves, grizzly bears, and moose.

  • Wildlife enthusiasts can venture into the Lamar Valley, America's Serengeti, to witness breathtaking wildlife encounters.
  • Whether observing bison roam freely in their natural habitat or capturing the elusive sight of a wolf pack hunting, Yellowstone offers a front-row seat to nature's greatest show.

Recreational activities. The park's extensive trail network caters to hikers of all skill levels, offering opportunities to explore pristine wilderness, discover hidden waterfalls, and encounter jaw-dropping scenery.

  • Anglers can try their luck in Yellowstone Lake and its tributaries, home to numerous trout species.
  • Additionally, the park offers opportunities for camping, wildlife viewing, horseback riding, and even winter activities like cross-country skiing and snowshoeing.

Zion National Park

Zion National Park is a true gem of the American landscape in the southwestern corner of Utah. Known for its towering sandstone cliffs, deep canyons, and vibrant desert landscapes, this park offers many unforgettable experiences for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers.

Key Highlights:

Hikes and trails. The park boasts a range of trails for all skill levels, from strolls along the Virgin River to challenging hikes that lead to breathtaking vistas.

  • The famous Angels Landing hike is not for the faint of heart, with its steep switchbacks and narrow ridge path, but the reward of panoramic views of the surrounding canyons is worth every step.
  • For a more leisurely option, the Riverside Walk takes visitors on a paved path alongside the Virgin River, offering glimpses of the park's towering sandstone walls and lush vegetation.

The Narrows: a dramatic slot canyon carved by the Virgin River. Towering cliffs surround hikers as they wade through the river, creating a unique and immersive experience. The Virgin River adds an extra adventure, as hikers navigate the current and marvel at the colorful rock formations that flank the riverbanks.

Adrenaline rush: Zion National Park also offers world-class rock climbing opportunities. The park boasts over 2,000 climbing routes, ranging from beginner-friendly to advanced. Climbers can test their skills on the park's sandstone cliffs and enjoy unparalleled views from high vantage points.

Wildlife: Bighorn sheep, mule deer, and pronghorn are just a few mammals that can be spotted in the park. There is also a rich bird population, including golden eagles, peregrine falcons, and canyon wrens. Keep your eyes peeled and your camera ready, as encounters with these magnificent creatures are truly a privilege.

Acadia National Park

Acadia National Park, located on Mount Desert Island in Maine, is a true gem of the East Coast. Its diverse landscapes and breathtaking views offer nature lovers and adventure seekers many activities and attractions.

Key Highlights:

Cadillac Mountain: Climbing the tallest peak on the East Coast will give you stunning sunrise and sunset views. Watching the sun paint the sky vibrant hues of orange and pink from the summit is an experience that will leave you awe-inspired.

Hiking: Acadia National Park has a vast network of trails ranging in difficulty levels.

  • The Precipice Trail is renowned for its thrilling cliffside ascent, with iron rungs and ladder-like steps providing both a challenge and a breathtaking opportunity to appreciate the park's rugged beauty.
  • TheJordan Pond Path, on the other hand, provides a stroll along the shoreline of the picturesque Jordan Pond, offering peaceful views of the surrounding mountains.

Water activities: The Park Loop Road provides access to scenic beaches, such as Sand Beach, where visitors can relax and take a refreshing dip in the clear waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Kayaking along the park's granite coastlines and exploring the numerous offshore islands is another popular way to experience the park's natural wonders up close.

Wildlife enthusiasts. Watch for the park's resident puffins and seals as you explore the coastal regions. The park is also a breeding ground for the endangered Peregrine falcon, making it a haven for birdwatching enthusiasts.

Yosemite National Park

Yosemite National Park is a must-visit destination for nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts. Located in California's Sierra Nevada mountains, this iconic national park offers awe-inspiring sights and experiences that will leave you in awe.

Key Highlights:

  • Waterfalls: The park is home to several stunning waterfalls, including the iconic Yosemite Falls, one of North America's tallest. Witnessing these cascades' sheer power and beauty is an incredible sight that amazes you.
  • Hiking: The Mist Trail is a popular choice, leading visitors to the base of Vernal Fall and offering spectacular views along the way. The challenging Half Dome hike rewards bold adventurers with stunning panoramic vistas from the summit. Whether you are seeking a stroll or an adrenaline-pumping trek, Yosemite has a trail for everyone.
  • Rock climbing: El Capitan and Half Dome are legendary among climbers, offering thrilling challenges and breathtaking views. The park has a rich climbing history and hosts climbers from around the globe who come to conquer these magnificent rock faces.
  • Wildlife: Animal lovers will delight in the chance to spot black bears, mule deer, bobcats, and even elusive mountain lions. Birdwatchers will be enchanted by the park's resident species, from the majestic bald eagle to the colorful Western tanager. Keep your camera ready for these incredible encounters.
  • Flora. The park boasts ancient giant sequoia trees, some of the largest living organisms on Earth, found in Mariposa Grove. The Tuolumne Meadows area offers vibrant wildflower displays, immersing visitors in a kaleidoscope of colors during the spring and summer.
  • Camping: With several campgrounds available throughout the park, falling asleep under the stars and waking up to the sound of nature is an experience like no other. If camping isn't your style, nearby Yosemite Valley offers a range of lodging options, from cozy cabins to luxury lodges, ensuring a comfortable stay for all.

Grand Canyon National Park

Stretching over 277 miles (446 kilometers) in length, up to 18 miles (29 kilometers) in width, and plunging to depths of over a mile (1.6 kilometers), the Grand Canyon is a colossal testament to nature's power and artistry. Its immense geological significance dates back billions of years, showcasing layers of rock that reveal the story of Earth's history.

Key Highlights:

  • South Rim: The South Rim is the primary access point to the Grand Canyon National Park, welcoming millions of visitors annually. As you step onto the rim, prepare to be mesmerized by the vastness and grandeur of this natural wonder. Multiple viewpoints, such as Mather Point and Yavapai Observation Station, offer panoramic views that showcase the canyon's layers and the mighty Colorado River winding through its depths.
  • Adventures and Exploration: Beyond the rim, the Grand Canyon National Park invites you to embark on unforgettable adventures. Hiking enthusiasts can tackle famous trails like the Bright Angel Trail, descending into the canyon to witness its towering walls up close and personal. For a truly remarkable experience, consider a rim-to-rim hike, traversing from one side of the canyon to the other.
  • Cultural and Educational Discoveries: Apart from its geological marvels, the Grand Canyon is also rich in cultural heritage. Native American tribes, including the Havasupai, Hualapai, Navajo, and Hopi, have historical and spiritual connections to the canyon. Cultural programs and events within the park provide an opportunity to learn about their traditions, artwork, and deep ties to this sacred land.

Discover the Best of the USA

From the awe-inspiring national parks that whisper stories of ancient wonders, to the lively festivals that ignite a sense of joy, and the museums that showcase treasures from different eras and places, the USA warmly welcomes adventurous explorers.

Whether you're indulging in the cultural pleasures of jazz bars, discovering historical landmarks, or savoring the beauty of the great outdoors, one thing is for sure - the most exciting activities in the USA are as varied as its population and as captivating as its scenery. And if you're considering obtaining an International Driving License USA, you'll have even more freedom to explore this vast and enchanting country.

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