Best Places to Visit in France

Best Places to Visit in France

Discover the Best Places to Visit in France

PUBLISHED ONDecember 10, 2023

Planning to visit the City of Love? With its gothic architecture and narrow streets, France is more than just Paris. This charming country is a mix of 19th-century coastal towns and beautiful villages that will take your breath away.

Enjoy the famous wines and marvel at the stunning Gothic cathedrals. Each town tells a unique story, making every visit an adventure.

Stay with us as we take you on a journey to discover the best places to visit in France.

Paris - The City of Lights

Who won't include Paris on their bucket list of French cities to visit? As the capital city of France, Paris is known worldwide as a beautiful and lively city. The city center, with its old and historic buildings, is a sight to behold.

Visiting Paris is indeed one of the best things to do in France. The city's charm lies in its history, culture, and the friendly people you meet on the streets. Each corner of this historic city tells a different story, making you feel part of a grand narrative.

Some of the most popular attractions in Paris include:

  • Eiffel Tower: This iconic structure, standing at 324 meters tall, is a must-visit. Take the elevator to the top and enjoy breathtaking views of the city.
  • The Louvre Museum: One of the world's most famous museums, it houses over 35,000 works of art including Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa.
  • Notre Dame Cathedral: A true masterpiece of Gothic architecture, this cathedral is a symbol of Paris and a must-visit for any history lover.

Bordeaux - Wine Capital of France

For wine lovers, a trip to France would be incomplete without visiting Bordeaux, the most famous wine capital. Nestled in the southwest of France, Bordeaux is a UNESCO World Heritage site, renowned for its fine wines.

This quaint town is surrounded by charming towns and picturesque villages, each offering unique views and experiences. You'll get lost in the beauty of the French countryside, filled with lush vineyards and rolling hills.

The wine capital of the world, Bordeaux is a must-visit for anyone looking to immerse themselves in the culture and sophistication of French winemaking. The town itself is as charming as the wines it produces, making every moment there a delightful experience.

French Riviera - Glamour and Sun-soaked Beaches

If you're planning to visit during the summer, the French Riviera should be at the top of your list. This coastal city is the epitome of glamour with its sun-soaked beaches and picturesque towns. As a famous port city, it's bustling with life and energy.

Stroll along the beach, soak up the sun, and enjoy the breathtaking views. The vibrant streets of the French Riviera are lined with chic boutiques and eateries, giving you a taste of the local culture and cuisine.

Each town in the Riviera tells its own story, filled with charm and beauty. A trip here is sure to be a summer you'll never forget.

Renting a car is probably your best option for exploring the French Riviera, as it allows you to visit multiple towns and beaches at your own pace. Just make sure to bring your international driving permit and ask for a driving guide from car rental providers to ensure a smooth and enjoyable journey.

Some of the best places to visit in the French Riviera include:

  • Nice: The capital city of the French Riviera, it's known for its stunning beaches and vibrant culture.
  • Cannes: Home to the famous Cannes Film Festival, this town is a mix of luxury and charm.
  • Monaco: A small yet glamorous country, it's home to the Monte Carlo casino and the Monaco Grand Prix.

Loire Valley - Châteaux and Gardens

For those who are more into history and architecture, the Loire Valley is a treasure trove waiting to be explored. This region is known for its historic and medieval towns, narrow cobblestone streets, and medieval villages, making it a journey back in time.

The star attractions here are the magnificent châteaux, with the Ch'teau de Chambord being one of the most impressive. Its stunning architecture is a feast for the eyes, taking you back to the age of French royalty.

Another must-visit is the Château de Chenonceau, a historic monument with a fascinating story to tell. This château is a testament to the grandeur of the past, standing tall amidst the serene countryside.

Don't miss the opportunity to visit a Gothic church in one of the medieval villages, and experience the tranquility and beauty of these spiritual places.

The Loire Valley is also home to the tallest sand dune in Europe, adding a unique twist to your French adventure!

Mont Saint-Michel - A Medieval Marvel

Another must-visit in France is the Mont Saint-Michel, an 8th century marvel with stunning medieval architecture. This island commune in Normandy will transport you back to the 9th century with its gothic spires, stout defensive walls, and delicate flying buttresses.

Mont Saint-Michel is a living testament to the power and ingenuity of medieval society, offering visitors an immersive journey back in time. Its unique location, out in the sea, adds to its charm, making it one of the most visited sites in France.

Notable Mentions

As a bonus, let's go through a couple more destinations that truly highlight France's rich history and stunning views. For starters, the hilltop villages and towns dotting the French landscape are a must-see. These settlements, some dating back to the 11th and 16th centuries, offer a unique glimpse into the past. Gordes, a hilltop village in Provence, is renowned for its stone houses and narrow streets that wind up the hill, providing breathtaking panoramas at every turn.

Next, immerse yourself in the grandeur of French monarchs at the Palace of Versailles. Explore the halls where kings and queens once roamed and marvel at the opulence of bygone eras. For nature lovers, don't miss the Gorges du Verdon, a river canyon often considered to be one of Europe's most beautiful.

Mont Blanc is also a must-see, as the highest mountain in Europe, its majestic presence promises unforgettable views.

Finally, make your way to Normandy, where the D-Day landing beaches and historical monuments tell tales of bravery and sacrifice. A visit to Calvados, known for its namesake apple brandy, will be the cherry on top of your journey through France's rich history and stunning landscapes.

Final Thoughts

Aside from locations, make sure to try out some of the local cuisine and delicacies while in France. Indulge in some baguettes, croissants, escargots, and other French classics that will leave you wanting more. And don't forget to pair your meals with a glass of Bordeaux or any other exquisite French wine.

Bon voyage! Bon appétit!

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