Best Car Insurance in Spain

Best Car Insurance in Spain

Best Car Insurance in Spain

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PUBLISHED ONNovember 27, 2023
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Do you plan on visiting the coasts of Andalusia to the breathtaking mountains of the Pyrenees? If you’re going to explore the regions of Spain, particularly by renting a car, it’s time to prepare all the essentials – with a special focus on car insurance.

Yes, even foreigners are required car insurance for protection. Unforeseen situations and accidents spare no one and the language barriers make it even more crucial for foreigners to have proper car insurance coverage.

Considerations in Choosing a Car Insurance Provider in Spain

In Spain, it is required by law to have at least third-party insurance to legally drive on the roads. This ensures that all drivers are financially responsible for any damages caused to third-party vehicles or properties in the event of an accident. Drivers caught without car insurance may face penalties and fines of up to 3,000 euros.

Foreigners in Spain

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Whether you are a resident or a visitor, you must have car insurance if you own a vehicle and plan to drive on Spanish roads. Just like any other driver in Spain, foreigners can also choose between different types of car insurance policies available.

As a foreigner, you will need to meet certain criteria and provide certain documents to obtain car insurance in Spain:

  • A valid Spanish driving license or a valid international driving permit if you are a visitor
  • These typically include proof of insurance from your previous insurer,
  • A copy of your Spanish address, and your vehicle’s registration documents

Insurance costs for foreigners in Spain depend on several factors:

  • Driving record
  • The type of vehicle you own
  • Your age
  • A non-EU driving license

Having a non-EU driving license may affect your insurance premiums, as it is considered a higher risk by insurance providers

Types of Car Insurance Available in Spain

When it comes to choosing car insurance in Spain, there are various types of coverage options to consider. Here are some common types of car insurance in Spain:

1. Third-Party Insurance: This is the minimum requirement for car insurance in Spain and is mandatory by law. Third-party insurance covers damages caused to other vehicles or properties in the event of an accident.


  • By having Third-Party Liability Insurance, you can rest assured that you are meeting the legal requirements
  • It covers any medical expenses or property damage that may result from an accident. This means that if you are at fault in a collision and someone sustains injuries, your insurance will cover their medical expenses.
  • Additionally, if the accident leads to damage to another person’s vehicle or property, your insurance will cover the repairs or replacement costs.


  • Third-Party Liability Insurance does not cover any damages to your own vehicle. It is the minimum legal requirement, so don’t expect wider coverage.

2. Comprehensive Insurance: Comprehensive insurance provides a higher level of protection by covering damages to both third-party vehicles and your own vehicle.

With its wider coverage and benefits, it’s no surprise that this policy typically comes with a higher premium. However, the security it provides makes it a worthwhile investment.


  • Comprehensive insurance covers damages caused by various scenarios: including theft, fire, natural disasters,vandalism,damage caused by falling objects, and personal medical expenses resulting from an accident.
  • Comprehensive insurance ensures that you are also financially protected against damages to your own vehicle. Your insurance will cover the repair or replacement costs if your car is damaged or destroyed by a non-accident-related event.
  • Do you own a higher-value vehicle or live in areas with a higher risk of theft or vandalism? A Comprehensive insurance provides an extra layer of security, especially in a country like Spain where these are unfortunately common.
  • It offers flexibility with additional benefits that often include roadside assistance and legal assistance. This can be particularly helpful if you encounter any unexpected problems while driving, such as a breakdown or a legal issue.

Limited Period Policies

Are you hesitant to purchase a car insurance policy because of your short stay? This is where limited-period policies come into play.

Also known as short-term car insurance, this policy provides coverage for a specific duration, typically ranging from a few days to a few months. If you’re a tourist, expat, or individual who is borrowing a vehicle for a short period, this type of policy might be ideal for you.


  • Limited period policies are their affordability. Unlike annual premiums, which can be costly, limited period policies allow you to pay for coverage only for the duration you actually need it. This can help you save, especially if you will only be driving for a short time or have occasional insurance needs.
  • This policy also offers convenience. Instead of going through the lengthy process of applying for a standard annual policy, you can easily obtain temporary coverage online or through insurance providers. The application is typically straightforward and can be completed in a matter of minutes, saving you time and hassle.


  • Limited period policies may have certain restrictions and limitations compared to traditional car insurance policies. For example, coverage for certain types of damages, such as natural disasters or theft, may be limited or excluded. Additionally, the policy may have a mileage limit or require the insured vehicle to meet certain criteria.

Additional Coverage

Roadside Assistance Coverage

Getting stuck on the side of the road due to a flat tire, a dead battery, or any other mechanical issue can be incredibly frustrating and inconvenient. This is where roadside assistance coverage can be a true lifesaver.

Including roadside assistance coverage in your car insurance policy is a wise decision. This additional feature provides you with the peace of mind that help is just a phone call away, regardless of the time and place.

So, before hitting the road, make sure you have this valuable coverage in place. Here are the benefits of Roadside Assistance Coverage:

  • It provides you with access to a network of service providers who can help you in various situations. These providers can offer services like towing, battery jump-starts, fuel delivery, lockout assistance, and even minor mechanical repairs on the spot.
  • Roadside assistance coverage often includes perks that go beyond basic assistance. For example, some policies may offer trip interruption benefits that cover expenses such as accommodation, meals, and alternative transportation if your car breaks down far from home. If you frequently travel long distances or take road trips, this level of protection can be particularly valuable to you.
  • Coverage may extend to other drivers of your insured vehicle, such as family members or friends.

Take note that different insurance companies may offer varying levels of roadside assistance coverage. Some policies may have a limited number of service calls allowed per year, while others may offer unlimited assistance.

Some insurance policies in Spain offer legal assistance, which can be valuable in case of disputes or legal issues arising from a car accident. This can help you navigate through legal procedures and ensure that your rights are protected. Having legal support can alleviate stress and provide professional guidance during challenging situations.

Choice of Garage

Car insurance in Spain often gives you the flexibility to choose your preferred repair garage. This is beneficial as you can opt for a trusted and reliable repair center to ensure quality repairs. This will give you control over the repair process and can speed up the recovery of your vehicle.

Compare Prices and Coverage Options

Here are some things to keep in mind when comparing prices of potential insurance providers:

  • The cheapest option may not always be the best choice. Consider the coverage limits and deductibles offered by each company and how they match your needs. A slightly higher premium may be worth it if it means having higher coverage limits and lower out-of-pocket expenses in the event of a claim.
  • Consider the additional benefits offered by each insurance provider. Some companies may include extras like roadside assistance or legal assistance in their policies. These additional benefits can add value to your policy and give you peace of mind knowing that help is just a phone call away.
  • Provide accurate and consistent information to each insurance provider. Provide details about your vehicle, driving history, and any additional drivers you want to include on the policy. This will ensure that you get accurate quotes and can make a fair comparison.

Customer Satisfaction Reviews

Reading reviews can provide valuable insights into the overall reputation of insurance companies and their ability to handle claims efficiently.

These reviews can get a more balanced perspective on the following:

  • How well do insurance providers handle different types of claims? Reviews can give you a sense of how easy or difficult it is to file a claim and get reimbursed with each provider. Some customers may highlight their frustration with lengthy and complicated claim processes, while others may praise insurance companies for their efficiency and transparency.
  • Are their customer support teams responsive and knowledgeable? Look for reviews that specifically mention how quickly and effectively the insurance company helped resolve issues and provide support. This will give an assessment of their reliability and responsiveness, especially if you face urgent situations such as accidents or breakdowns.
  • Are there hidden fees or unexpected changes in premiums during the policy period? These insights will help you be aware of how transparent and upfront insurance companies are about their pricing structure.

What are the Best Car Insurance Providers in Spain for 2024?


Generali was established in 1893 in Italy and is one of the leading players in the insurance industry. With 190 years of experience, it provides asset and wealth management products in over 50 countries, including Spain.

Key Features

  • Generali promises the best repair garages, roadside assistance, easy paperwork, and personalized service that is available all year round
Third PartyComplete Third PartyComprehensive with Excess
Compulsory LiabilityUp to €50 million Optional Limited LiabilityLegal Defense and Claims for DamageUp to €10,000 Personal Injury to the DriverOptional: Travel Assistance andWindscreen and Window BreakageCompulsory LiabilityUp to €50 million Optional Limited LiabilityLegal Defense and Claims for DamageUp to €30,000 Personal Injury to the DriverTravel AssistanceWindscreen and Window BreakageCar Damage Caused by Collision with AnimalsTheftFireTotal Loss Due to Fire, Theft, or DamageCompulsory LiabilityUp to €50 million Optional Limited LiabilityLegal Defense and Claims for DamageUp to €30,000 Personal Injury to the DriverThird-Party ExtensionTravel AssistanceWindscreen and Window BreakageCar Damage Caused by Collision with AnimalsTheftFireTotal Loss Due to Fire, Theft, or Damage

Linea Directa

Linea Directa is a leading company in Spain providing vehicle and home insurance. With innovation, quality, and people at its core, they are able to service more than 3 million customers.

  • Linea Directa offers three types of car insurance:
Third-party insuranceExtended third-party insuranceComprehensive insurance
Covers physical injury and material damage caused by the driver of the vehicle to injured third parties, regardless of whether the driver at fault is the owner of the insured vehicle.This insurance extends insurance guarantees to third partiesCovers windscreen repair, fire, and theft,not the damage to the insured vehicle or personal injuries to the policyholder.The most complete car insurance.Covers own damage, as well as bodily injuries and material damage caused to injured third parties.Optional coverage: includes Fine Management and Legal Assistance Service
  • provides compensation in case of damage or loss due to theft, fire, explosion, or even lightning strike
  • In the event of an accident, Linea Directa offers exclusive Comprehensive Medical Treatment: You can receive proper healthcare from renowned health centers and professionals
  • Included in the Comprehensive Medical Treatment is psychological assistance coverage for drivers and other passengers

Mapfre Seguros

MAPFRE Insurance is a multinational group servicing 49 countries, including Spain. It is the leading non-life insurer in Latin America and offers travel, home, auto, and life insurance.

  • MAPFRE offers separate car insurance and motorcycle insurance. But for this article, we’ll be focusing on car insurance.
  • MAPFRE offers four types of car insurance:
Third-party InsuranceAll Risk InsuranceCar Insurance for Young PeopleEcological Car Insurance
Basic and Extended insurance covering theft, fire, and windows.With and Without a Deductible – the most comprehensive on the market.This type of policy is particularly for new drivers and drivers under 30.It offers competitive prices based on the policyholder’s driving habits.hisThis policy is for owners with electric, hybrid, and ecological vehicles that emit less than 120 grams of CO2 per km.

Seguros Catalana Occidente

Seguros Catalan Occident is part of the Grupo Catalana Occidente (Catalan Western Group). It offers a wide range of products for families, small, and medium-sized businesses.

  • With Seguros Catalana, you can benefit from its continuous travel assistance, constant updates on the developments of your insurance, fines management, and AutoPresto workshops.
  • They base your premium on your driver’s license date, the value of your vehicle, and age.
  • Seguros Catala offers four types of car insurance with the following coverage:
Basic Third PartyComplete Third PartiesComprehensive Car Insurance With ExcessComprehensive Car Insurance Without Excess
Mandatory civil liabilityCivil liability for vehicle fireBroken moons or car windowsTravel AssistanceMandatory civil liabilityCivil liability for vehicle fireBroken moons or car windowsTravel AssistanceTheftFireThis policy has an affordable premium due to the excess that you will have to assume in the event of an accident. In the event of a repair, you will pay a small part and the company will pay the rest.Mandatory Civil LiabilityOwn damageDamage caused by atmospheric phenomenaTravel AssistanceAutopresto workshop networkE-car emergencyYour car for anotherOptional coverage: Expanded own damage, Expanded fire coverage, Extended theft coverage, Courtesy VehicleThis policy offers possible coverages and allows you to expand these to suit your needs.Mandatory Civil LiabilityDamage to your carDamage caused by atmospheric phenomenaFire guaranteeAutopresto workshop networkE-car emergencyTraffic fine alert serviceOptional Coverage: Expanded defense and claim, tinted moons or car windows, Extended theft coverage, Compensation for withdrawal of license

Zurich Insurance Group

Including Spain, Zurich Insurance Group provides individuals and businesses insurance protection in more than 200 countries. It offers home insurance and car insurance, particularly targeted at expats.

If you are temporarily staying in Spain, you might want to consider getting your car insurance from Zurich Insurance Group.

  • Agents communicate and transact in the language that you are familiar with. They will make the process easier for you and even tell you about the local issues you need to keep in mind.
  • Zurich will geolocate you in times of emergency, and they provide assistance 24/7
  • You can do transactions in your own country, such as opening a claim or paying using your bank account
  • You can manage your policy using the Mi Zurich app for both iPhone and Android
  • Zurich offers five car insurance coverage, but here are the three most important ones:
Third-partyThird-party with glassThird-party complete
Obligatory civil liabilityVoluntary civil liabilityEssential legal expensesEssential driver accidentEssential travel assistanceElectric car packObligatory civil liabilityVoluntary civil liabilityEssential legal expensesEssential driver accidentEssential travel assistanceElectric car packGlassObligatory civil liabilityVoluntary civil liabilityEssential legal expensesEssential driver accidentEssential travel assistanceElectric car packGlassTheftFireWeather events and game animals

Get protected while driving in Spain

In a country known for its stunning landscapes and scenic drives, having the best car insurance for driving in Spain is essential. Understanding the different types of insurance available, comparing insurance providers, and considering your personal circumstances are crucial steps to find the right coverage for your driving experience in Spain. Now, you can navigate the bustling streets of Madrid or cruise along the scenic Costa del Sol with peace of mind, knowing you’re well-protected on your journey.

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