Paraguay Driving Guide 2021

Paraguay Driving Guide 2021

Paraguay Driving Guide 2021

Paraguay is a unique beautiful country. Explore all of it by driving when you get your International Driving Permit

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Paraguay is known for its passion for soccer and fascinating natural wonders. This landlocked country boasts one of the largest hydroelectric plants globally, where the country receives 80% of its electricity from. Famous countries like Brazil and Argentina bound Paraguay; however, it has not received the same reception when it comes to tourism as other neighboring countries.

Nevertheless, it is still one of the most exciting countries one must visit because of its culture and drive-worthy places. Paraguay is one of the countries in the world where people are bilingual. People here speak Spanish, and the majority is also speaking the indigenous Guaraní language of its population.

How Can This Guide Help You

As they say, traveling and driving in Paraguay can be tricky, adventurous, and challenging all at once. In this guide are the things you need to prepare and remember before traveling to Paraguay. You also need to consider some things if you want to stay longer than is expected from a tourist. This will also serve as your guide on the driving rules and etiquette, road conditions, and ways to rent a car in Paraguay.

General Information

Paraguay is a South American country, with Asunción being its capital. Paraguay has preserved some of the country’s traditions where tourists can experience through colorful festivals, local cuisine, and historical destinations with its storied history and rich culture. They even preserved their centuries-old Guaraní language.

Geographic Location

Paraguay is the second landlocked country in South America, with Bolivia being the other one. Brazil bounds it to the east and northeast, Bolivia to the northwest, and Argentina to the south and southwest. Being landlocked, one would expect Paraguay not to have any bodies of water, but they do. The country has beaches, coasts, and ports on the Paraguay and Paraná rivers that give way to the Atlantic Ocean.

Other countries might border it, but this South American country owns the landlocked country’s largest navy. It has naval aviation, a coast guard, and a river defense corps, all part of its force. Paraguay has a country with long traditions, given the different settlements and civilizations in its history.

Languages Spoken

There are two official languages in Paraguay - Spanish and Guaraní. Spanish is used by 87% of Paraguay’s population, mostly in schools, government, business sector, and media. Meanwhile, the Guaraní language came from the indigenous Guaraní culture, used by almost 90% of its population. Only a few people in the country speak the English language, so it is best to have some Spanish phrases prepared before visiting Paraguay.

Land Area

The 406, 752 square kilometers of Paraguay’s land area includes grassy plains and low wooded hills east of Rio Paraguay and low marshy plains on the river’s west side of the Chaco region. Some regions of Paraguay farther from the river are landscapes dominated by forests, jungles, and scrubs. Eastern Paraguay features a higher elevation, where most of the country’s population is.


Early settlers in Paraguay were the Guaranís in 1537 under the Spanish regime. During the 17th century, Jesuits made Paraguay the center of their mission and converted Guaraní people to Christians, and introduced European culture. Paraguay proclaimed independence from Spain in the 19th century; however, a series of authoritarian governments ruled them.

The country ended the Paraguayan War period in 1864-1870, in which the country lost 25-33% of its territory to Argentina, Brazil, and Uruguay and half of its population. Paraguay was again involved in another international conflict called the Chaco War in 1932-1935 against Bolivia; this time, the Paraguayans prevailed. They experienced military dictatorships until 1989 after Alfredo Stroessner’s 35-year rule ended through an internal military coup.


Paraguay practices a representative democratic republic form of government. The president works as the head of state, and government and legislative power are given to the National Congress’s two chambers. Meanwhile, the judiciary handles tribunals and Courts of the Civil Law and the nine-member Supreme Court of Justice.


Despite being landlocked by larger and much popular countries in South America, Paraguay accommodated more than 1.18 million tourists in 2018. Paraguay is gearing towards much higher tourist arrival with its rich culture, colorful traditions, and festivals. Not only its interesting culture and tradition, but Paraguay’s natural beauty also reflects from the wilderness to crashing waterfalls.

Tourists can explore different natural reserves, local food, ancient cave paintings, and more in this South American country. If you love to put some thrill on your road trip, then you can witness motorsports events and go on nature hiking in the mountain of Paraguay.

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