Steps in Securing a Passport in Malaysia: 9 Tips

Steps in Securing a Passport in Malaysia: 9 Tips

A Beginner’s Step-by-Step Guide to Securing a Passport in Malaysia

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Dorothy Field
PUBLISHED ONMarch 14, 2024

Malaysians like to travel abroad, but many who can’t because they need a passport get intimidated by the process of securing one. However, the steps in securing a passport in Malaysia are straightforward when you know what’s ahead.

Whether you’re applying for the first time or renewing after an adventure-filled decade, understanding the process can save you time and headaches. Knowing the steps is also important, as you may need a passport when learning how to obtain insurance in Malaysia.

1. Understanding Passports

Passports serve as your gateway to the world, embodying freedom, identity, and the opportunity for adventure.


Passports are important books. They let you travel across borders, especially when driving in Malaysia. There are a few kinds to know about.

Regular passports are for everyday folks. Diplomatic passports are for government officials on work trips. Official passports are used when they do certain jobs overseas.

Adults and children need different passports, too. Adults get one type, while children have another just for them.

Sometimes, people must travel quickly in emergencies. Then, they can get a temporary passport to help them go where they need to be safely and without delay.


A passport is like milk; it has an expiration date! Most countries say your passport should be good for six months after you plan to come back home from traveling abroad.

When your passport gets old or runs out of pages, it’s time to renew it. Don’t wait until the last minute.

For kids under 18 years old, their passports don’t last as long as grown-ups’. Kids change a lot as they grow up, and their pictures might look different after a few years.


Let’s talk about why we need these booklets with our photo inside:

Firstly, if you want to see the world beyond Malaysia or return home after visiting other places, you’ll need this booklet – it’s the law.

Secondly, imagine being far from home and needing help – your passport tells people which country can help you because it shows where you’re from.

Lastly, consider your passport the key that unlocks doors worldwide—but only if it hasn’t expired yet.

1. Eligibility Criteria

When you want to get a passport in Malaysia, you need to follow certain rules. These rules ensure that only the right people can get passports.

Age Requirement

You must be old enough to apply for a passport without your parents. In Malaysia, this means being at least 21 years old. You can still apply for a passport if you still need to be 21. But your parents or guardians must be with you when you do it.

For kids under 18, the rules are clear:

  • They need their parent or guardian there.
  • The adult has to give their okay for the passport.
  • Everyone needs to bring ID cards and birth certificates.

It’s important because it helps keep everyone safe when they travel.

Citizenship Proof

If you were born in Malaysia or your family is Malaysian, then proving it is vital. To show that you’re Malaysian, some papers work best:

  • Your birth certificate shows where and when you were born.
  • An identity card, also known as MyKad, for those over 12 years old.
  • Other documents might work, too, but check first.

The immigration officials will look at these carefully. They make sure everything matches up so everything runs smoothly.

No Travel Restrictions

Before getting excited about traveling with your new passport, check one thing: Make sure nothing stops you from leaving the country! This could be due to legal trouble like an outstanding warrant or past unpaid loans leading to a travel ban.

Here’s what to do if unsure:

1. Reach out directly to immigration authorities.

2. Ask them clearly if anything blocks your travel plans.

3. Do this before applying for your passport!

Traveling while banned can lead to big problems like fines or arrests! It’s better to always play by the rules and stay out of trouble.

1. Required Documents

Before packing your bags and dreaming about your next adventure, you’ll need to prepare a few essentials. The key is gathering the required documents to apply for your passport.


Birth Certificate

To get a passport in Malaysia, you must have your original birth certificate. It proves who you are and when you were born. Only certain types of birth certificates are okay to use. If someone doesn’t have one, there’s a special process they need to follow.

  • An original birth certificate is needed
  • Certain types are acceptable
  • Special process for those without it

ID Card

Adults need a MyKad, a Malaysian ID card, while kids use something called MyKid. If these IDs get lost or stolen, you must replace them before applying for your passport.

  • MyKad is necessary for adults
  • Use MyKid for children’s applications
  • Replace lost/stolen ID first

Proof of Citizenship

Sometimes, an ID card isn’t enough to show you’re Malaysian. You might need more documents, too. There can be different situations where extra proof is required. If there’s any mistake or difference in your citizenship papers, it needs fixing right away.

  • Extra documents may be needed with the ID card.
  • Different cases require more proof.
  • Fix mistakes in citizenship papers fast.

Photo Guidelines

Passport photos have rules about size and background color. Your clothes should look proper and neat in the photo too. No big jewelry or funny poses allowed!

1. Photos must match the official size and color rules.

2. Wear the correct clothes; look neat.

3. Say no to fancy accessories or silly poses.

Remembering all these steps helps make sure getting your passport goes smoothly!

1. Application Process

Navigating the passport application process in Malaysia requires thorough preparation and an understanding of the necessary documentation. Each step is crucial for a hassle-free experience.

Online Submission

The first step in getting a passport is to apply online. This can be done on Malaysia’s official immigration website. It’s easy and saves you time.

You need some digital documents for this. Ensure you have electronic copies of your ID, birth certificate, and photo. The photo must follow the guidelines given on the website.

Here are the steps to apply online:

1. Go to the immigration website.

2. Create an account if you don’t have one.

3. Fill out the form with your details.

4. Upload all required documents.

5. Pay the fee using a credit or debit card.

After these steps, you will get an email confirmation.

In-person Submission

Some people prefer or need to submit their applications in person. You can do this at any passport office or immigration department in Malaysia.

Remember to bring all your original documents when you go there:

  • Your identity card (MyKad)
  • Birth certificate
  • Old passport (if renewing)

It’s open from Monday to Friday, usually from 7:30 AM till about 5:30 PM, but check ahead as times may vary.

Try going early in the morning or mid-week days like Tuesday and Wednesday to avoid long waits.

Appointment Booking

Sometimes, it’s better to book an appointment before submitting your application, especially during busy periods such as school holidays when many families are applying for passports together.

You can schedule appointments online or by calling their customer service number.

Plan ahead because slots fill up quickly! Here’s how:

  • Visit their online portal.
  • Choose a date and time that works best for you.
  • Give them your contact details so they can reach out if needed.

If something comes up and you cannot make it, don’t worry! You can change or cancel it by logging into your account again or calling them at least one day before.

1. Fees and Payment

Once you’ve started the application process for a Malaysian passport, it’s important to understand the fees. The cost of getting a passport can vary.

Passport Fees

The Malaysian government sets the fees for passports. They have different prices depending on how many pages your passport has. More pages usually mean higher costs.

For adults, a standard 32-page passport might cost RM200, and a 64-page one could be more expensive at RM300. Kids and senior citizens often get discounts on these fees.

Sometimes there are extra charges too. If you need your passport fast, an expedited service fee will apply.

There are also times when some people don’t have to pay as much or at all:

  • Children below 12 years old
  • Senior citizens aged 60 and above
  • Disabled persons with an OKU card

These groups may get lower rates or not have to pay certain fees.

Payment Methods

When paying for your passport, you can use several methods:

1. Cash payments at application centers.

2. Credit or debit cards if they accept them.

3. Bank drafts or postal orders are made out correctly.

It’s crucial to make sure that payments are secure and done right:

  • Always check who to make bank drafts payable to.
  • Keep receipts after making any payment.

Remember, once you’ve paid the fee, it is not returned even if your application isn’t successful.

1. Processing Time

Understanding the processing time for your passport application is crucial to planning your travel effectively. This section outlines how long you can expect to wait before your passport is ready and the factors that might influence this timeline.

Standard Timeline

Getting a passport in Malaysia involves planning. The average time from applying to getting your passport is about one to two weeks, but things can happen that make it take longer.

Sometimes, more people are applying, or there are holidays. These can slow things down. You might wait longer for your passport during these times.

Avoid applying during busy times, like before school breaks or major festivals, to avoid long waits. If you’re not in a rush, picking a quieter period can mean getting your passport faster.

Factors That Could Cause Delays

Several issues can cause delays in getting your Malaysian passport:

  • Mistakes on the application form.
  • Missing documents.
  • System problems at the Immigration Department.
  • High numbers of applicants, especially before festive seasons and school holidays.

It’s best to double-check everything before submitting it and apply early if you need your passport soon.

Best Time to Apply

The best time to apply is during non-peak periods:

1. After major holidays.

2. Mid-week rather than Mondays or Fridays.

3. Mornings tend to be less crowded than afternoons.

Applying outside peak times means fewer people and a smoother process for everyone involved.

Expedited Options

If you need your Malaysian passport quickly, there are expedited options available, but with certain conditions:

  • You must show proof that it’s urgent, like a flight ticket within 14 days or a medical letter if sick overseas family members require immediate attention.
  • Expedite service costs extra money on top of the regular fee discussed earlier under “Fees and Payment.”

Remember, though: even with expedited services, some things cannot be rushed due to security checks needed for all passports.

Additional Costs Associated With Expedited Processing Options

Choosing expedited processing will add more cost:

  • A standard adult’s expedite fee is RM200 (about $48).
  • For kids below 12 years old, it’s RM100 (about $24).

These fees come on top of standard charges already covered earlier, so plan accordingly!

Realistic Expectations On How Much Expedite Service Can Shorten The Timeline

Even with fast-tracking:

  • Getting the express service doesn’t guarantee delivery by any exact date.
  • It typically reduces waiting time by several days compared with standard service timing, which could take up to two weeks under normal circumstances.

So, while choosing this option somewhat speeds up the process, remember that some parts of making passports take time no matter what because safety comes first!

1. Collection Methods

After applying for your passport and waiting through the processing time, knowing how to get your passport is essential. There are two main ways: in-person collection or using a delivery service.

In-person Collection

When your passport is ready, you can pick it up at the office where you applied. You must show identification, like an ID card or your international driver’s license for Malaysia. This proves that you are the person who gets the passport.

If someone else is getting your passport for you, they must have an authorization letter from you. They also need their ID and a copy of yours. The office has rules to make sure passports go to the right people.

  • Bring proper identification
  • Authorization is needed for others collecting on your behalf

Delivery Service

Some people choose to have their passports sent by mail. If this is what you want, you can choose delivery options when you apply.

Once mailed, a tracking number helps you keep track of your passport. This is good because then you know when it will arrive home.

The people sending passports take care of them well during shipping. They use special envelopes and sometimes require a signature when delivering so that only the right person gets it.

  • Choose the mailing option upon application
  • Use tracking number after dispatch
  • Signatures may be required upon delivery

Getting your new Malaysian passport can be easy if these steps are followed carefully!

1. Renewal Process

Renewing your Malaysian passport is a straightforward process that ensures you enjoy the freedom of international travel without interruption.

When to Renew

It’s wise to renew your passport before it expires. Experts recommend doing this at least six months in advance because some countries will not let you in if your passport expires soon.

Imagine planning a holiday and finding out you can’t go! That could happen if your passport is about to run out. To avoid this, set up reminders on your phone or calendar. This way, you’ll remember when it’s time to renew.

Renewal Procedure

A passport can be renewed in Malaysia online or in person by visiting an office. Here’s how:

1. Check that all of your information is still correct.

2. Gather documents like your old passport and any forms they ask for.

3. If anything has changed, like getting married and changing names, have papers
showing this.

When doing it online:

  • Log in to the official website.
  • Fill out the renewal form with care.
  • Upload any needed files, such as photos or certificates.

If going in person:

  • Visit a nearby immigration office or service center.
  • Take all required paperwork with you.
  • Follow their steps, which include taking new photos there.

Remember, renewing isn’t just getting another copy; it needs accurate details, just like when applying for the first time.

1. Lost or Stolen Passports

Losing a passport or having it stolen is a traveler’s nightmare, plunging your plans into uncertainty. However, prompt response and clear steps can help mitigate the situation and secure your ability to travel again.

Reporting Loss

If you realize your passport is missing, act quickly. The first step is to file a police report. Go to the local police station and explain what happened. They will write down the details and give you a copy of the report. This document is essential.

Find the nearest Malaysian embassy or consulate for those who lose their passports abroad. Tell them about your lost passport as soon as possible. They are there to help you.

You may have to pay fees when reporting a lost passport. These could be for processing or penalty charges for negligence.

Replacement Process

Getting a new passport after losing yours involves several steps:

1. Show your police report at an Immigration Department office.

2. Fill out the replacement forms they provide.

3. Submit any required documents, like identification cards.

4. Pay the applicable fees for replacement services.

If possible, try to apply for a new one within two weeks of losing it.

Replacing a lost passport differs from renewing an expired one in urgency and procedure:

  • For loss: You need immediate action due to security risks.
  • For expiry: The process can be more planned with no emergency involved.

Remember these key points:

  • Act fast upon realizing your passport’s gone.
  • File that police report right away!
  • Contact Malaysian representatives if overseas.
  • Know there might be extra costs involved in this process.

Malaysian Passport Application Made Easy

Securing your Malaysian passport is a straight shot if you follow the steps we’ve laid out. From ensuring you meet the eligibility criteria to gathering your papers and paying the fees, it’s a journey worth taking for that ticket to the world. Keep an eye on the clock, though—processing time can be a sneaky beast.

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