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Why carry an IDP while driving in Azerbaijan?

Your IDP is a valid form of identification in more than 150 countries worldwide and contains your name, photo and driver information in the 12 most widely spoken languages in the world ÔÇô it is understandable to most of the local officials and authorities of the countries you visit.

It translates your identification information into 12 languages ÔÇö so it speaks the language even if you donÔÇÖt. Azerbaijan highly recommends an International Driving Permit.

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Traffic Ligits

Driving Rules in Azerbaijan

Explore one of the hidden treasures of the world. Azerbaijan is known for its capital, Baku. The land of flames has rich history and architecture. Drive your car from one place to another to see this amazing country. Be sure to read a few tips to enjoy your stay.  

Important Reminders:

  • Drive on the right side of the road.
  • Seat belt is a must.
  • Child-restraint is a must. Be sure to have pregnant women and children sit at the back of the car.
  • Hands-free is a must.┬á┬á
  • Avoid drinking if you are driving. Azerbaijan has 0 tolerance for blood alcohol level.
  • The speed limit is 20 km/h in urban areas, 60 km in rural roads┬áand 110 km/h on most expressways.
  • U-turn is not allowed on pedestrian lanes, railway crossing, bridges and tunnels.
  • Driving in evening is not advisable. Local animals often cause accidents.

Driving in the Winter

Winter in Azerbaijan is tolerable. You are good to go as long as you have all weather tires in your wheels. Emergency kits in your car will also help in cases of unexpected incidents.

Travel safely!

Cum s─â ob╚Ťine╚Ťi IDP dvs.

Am simplificat procesul de aplicare ├«n jos prin crearea unei platforme care v─â ghideaz─â astfel ├«nc├ót s─â ╚Öti╚Ťi exact de ce ve-╚Ťi avea nevoie pentru a finaliza cu succes aplica╚Ťia dvs.

IDA Application

1. Aplica╚Ťi online

Porni╚Ťi aplica╚Ťia pentru permisul de conducere interna╚Ťional aici .

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2. ├Änc─ârca╚Ťi fotografii

Asigura╚Ťi-v─â ┬ápentru a ├«nc─ârca o fotografie actualizat─â ╚Öi cu parametrii corec╚Ťi.

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3. Ob╚Ťine╚Ťi aprobat

A╚Ötepta╚Ťi confirmarea ╚Öi sunte╚Ťi gata s─â merge╚Ťi!

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5 star rating by Mile Wessels
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C├ónd am aflat c─â voi avea nevoie pentru a ar─âta un permis de conducere interna╚Ťional pe termen scurt, am fost incert c├ót de mult probleme ar fi ╚Öi dac─â ar fi chiar posibil. A╚Öa c─â m-am dus la International Drivers Asocia╚Ťia site-ul, ├«n cazul ├«n care ├«ntregul proces a fost foarte u╚Öor de urmat. Am fost fericit pentru a primi permisul meu ├«n termen de 15 minute! Am foarte recomanda acest serviciu.

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