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Top Destinations of Colombia

The country of Colombia is one of South America's most diverse and scenic destinations. Colombia has it all, with everything from beaches to cliffs to swamps that border the Amazon River. Visitors planning their dream trip would want to travel outside the cities and see national parks, historical sights, and the nation's vibrant culture. If you rent a car to drive around, you must know where to get an International Driving Permit or License in Colombia.

It is also rich in geological, scenic, ecological diversity and is suitable for adventurers, eco-lovers, cultural tourists, and adventurous travelers. If you’re wondering if you need an International Driving Permit in Colombia for a more extended stay, the answer would be definitely yes! Here are the best destinations for you to visit in Colombia for your next vacation.

Be mindful of the expiration of your IDP. Consider renewing your International Driving Permit before your Colombia trip. There is no way to drive in the country without submitting your International Driving Permit Colombia requirements together with your International Driving Permit Colombia zip code.

Caño Cristales

When in the grasp of guerrilla rebels, Caño Cristales was off-limits for decades, but is finally back in business and attracting more visitors than ever before. Most tourists come to this remote river canyon in the Orinoquía region to climb between its cascades and bathe in its natural swimming holes. While worth the trip in every season, between July and November, when algae bloom transforms the riverbed into a rainbow of colors, the canyon is especially prismatic.

What to expect in this destination

La Macarena's remote outpost is your base for trips to Caño Cristales and can only be reached by air from Bogotá or Villavicencio. It is one natural landmark that should be on the itinerary of any visitor, whether it is known as Caño Cristales, the Liquid Rainbow, or the River of Five Shades. Unfortunately, due to the FARC prevalence in the nearby regions, Caño Cristales has been closed to tourists since 1989. Still, a few tourist companies have recently started offering carefully planned tours to the area.

The river is situated in the national park known as Serranía de la Macarena, just south of the small town of La Macarena. Plants, rocks, sand, and algae add color to the river, which, depending on the location, can look black white, green, yellow, or bright red. Before planning your trip, ready your International Driving License Colombia requirements to apply for a driving permit.

An experience of its own is hiking along the banks of the Caño Cristales, but travelers can also go to Los Cuarzos waterfall or swim in the natural pools created by the river itself. You can visit and experience the rich culture of Colombia when you have your IDP. Have fun during your trip!

Hacienda Napoles

If there's one guy lingering well beyond the recent history of Colombia, it's the billionaire cocaine trafficker Pablo Escobar. What few people know is that in Puerto Triunfo, approximately 110 miles east of Medellin, you will actually visit the luxurious estate constructed and owned by Escobar.

In the decade following Escobar's 1993 death, the vast estate, known as Hacienda Nápoles, fell into disrepair. However, in the mid-2000s, the local government gained ownership of the property and converted it into an ever-growing amusement park with an exotic blend of theme zones, restaurants, a water park, and a safari-style zoo.

What to expect in this destination

Modern amusements and restaurants may be available, but there are traces of Escobar everywhere. Tourists are allowed to use their local driving licenses along with their driving permits. Your driving license or permit is usually valid within six months from the date of entry to Colombia stamped on the passport.

There is also a Jurassic zone packed with the life-size dinosaur replicas he bought for his son and a wild herd of hippos that has expanded from four to 40 after years of intense procreation and now constitutes the largest herd outside of Africa. Visit the International Drivers Association website and secure your International Drivers Permit in Colombia first.

La Guajira Peninsula

It's the northernmost point in South America, so maybe it just fits that La Guajira is unlike elsewhere on the globe. This small and little-visited peninsula is a tranquil oasis with rolling sand dunes, bird-covered mangrove swamps, and large stretches of empty land where the orange-brown La Guajira Desert meets the turquoise Caribbean Sea.

What to expect in this destination

Indigenous traditions are the law of the land here as the peninsula is home to the proud Wayuu people, who have never been subjugated under Spanish rule and retain a thriving community to this day. Bear in mind that tourism is still fresh in La Guajira, and it takes both diligence and a sense of adventure to ride in from the provincial capital of Riohacha. Cabo de la Vela's windsurfing Mecca has the most tourist facilities and is likely to be your best access point to the area.


Lovers of magic realism and the writings of Gabriel García Márquez will crash into the sleepy charms of Mompox. It appears extensively in the Nobel laureate's book, The General in His Labyrinth, in his most famous novel, One Hundred Years of Isolation, and is claimed to be the basis for the fictional town Macondo. If you want to rent a car to take a trip on your way to the location, make sure you have an IDP that'll serve as your foreign license.

In the trade route between the Caribbean coast and the Andes, Mompox was once a successful cog, notable as the place where "El Libertador" Simón Bolívar recruited his army to win independence for neighboring Venezuela. Today, along the muddy shores of the Magdalena River, this colonial remnant is simply a city lost over time.

What to expect in this destination

Many tourists spend much longer than expected wandering along the cobbled streets, lost in the atmosphere of colonial architecture, or taking boat trips through the Pijiño Swamp, a common birding attraction. However, it lacks a wealth of things to do. Tourists who want to opt for car rental and drive around are required to pass the requirements for driving permits. Always bring with you your International Drivers Permit Colombia.

Providencia Island

This eccentric Caribbean Island leaves a lot of perplexed first-time tourists. It's much closer to Nicaragua than Colombia, to begin with. Then there is the fact that its inhabitants speak Creole, not Spanish, nor English. Of course, when you sunbathe on the most beautiful beaches under the Colombian flag, none of it ever counts. You can try taking a road trip after confirming your International Drivers License Colombia form for convenient transactions online.

What to expect in this destination

This lonely island is the gem of the UNESCO-protected Seaflower Biosphere Reserve, with some of the world's most delicate marine habitats only waiting to be discovered, nothing more than a dollop of golden sands and perky palms. Rest first on the more famous San Andrés and take a fast hopper plane or a three-hour catamaran cruise to Providencia. Once there, in the remote hamlet of Aguadulce on the beautiful west side of the island, you can discover the biggest selection of cottages and hotels.

You can immediately take a drive on the road right after you get an IDP. You can rent a car to drive your family to the location. You don’t have to worry if you don’t know the International Drivers Permit Colombia download because you can easily look for it online.

The Lost City

A 44-kilometer, four-day trek to Ciudad Perdida, a forgotten city hidden deep in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta mountains that were only rediscovered in the 1970s, is undeniably Colombia's most famous climb. Established and inhabited between the 8th and 14th centuries by the Tayrona Indians, this ancient city is known to be one of the widest pre-Columbian settlements located in the Americas.

What to expect in this destination

The area's new tribal settlers have forbidden excavations, but you will find that the stone terraces and stairways are in excellent condition. Most of the site lies buried under a dense jungle quilt. Visiting this site alone is not feasible, so you will need to book a Santa Marta tour in advance. With lots of lovely nature surrounding the lost city, you can easily take a day trip with your family to the place after getting an International Drivers License zip code.


Many tourists will eventually begin their journey in Bogotá, the nation's largest city and beating heart. With some moaning of its gridlocked streets and dreary weather, and others falling head overhead for its rare mix of historic beauty and modern elegance, it is a city that often splits opinions. Anyway, this eight-million-dollar city continues to expand with people who give it ample time. Secure your IDP first for an enjoyable road trip in the city.

What to expect in this destination

Your sightseeing tour begins in the historic center of La Candelaria, where you'll find the spectacular buildings lining the Plaza de Bolívar and cultural attractions such as the Gold Museum, which is blindingly white. Then, head over to North Bogotá's wealthier neighborhoods for some of the best boutique stores and chef-driven restaurants in the country. Before going on your trip, secure your International Drivers License from the International Drivers Association first.

Most Important Driving Rules

In Colombia, driving is considered relatively risky, and it usually is not recommended for foreigners. If you plan to risk it, bear in mind that, especially in cities, Colombian drivers can be violent and unpredictable. Traffic signals, including cyclists, are regularly avoided, and the country has a high incidence of traffic accidents. It can be a struggle to fly across the country. This segment gives you valuable guidance about how to use public transport, drive a vehicle, and how to hire a car, and what specifications are required.

Observe proper speed limits

The following speed limits apply in the country:

  • Nearby residential areas and schools - up to 30 km/h
  • Urban regions - up to 60 km/h
  • Rural - up to 80 km/h
  • Motorways and trunk roads - up to 100 Km/h

Keep your distance

  • The distance between two cars should be 10m for vehicles traveling up to 30 Km/hr.
  • The distance between two cars should be 20m for vehicles traveling between 30 Km/hr and 60 Km/hr.
  • The distance between two cars should be 25 m for vehicles traveling between 60 Km/hr and 80 Km/hr.
  • The distance between the two cars should be 30m for vehicles traveling more than 80 Km/hr.

Follow Traffic Signs

The following types of traffic signs are used in Colombia:

  • Señales reglamentarias - Used to indicate limits and restrictions (red and white).
  • Señales preventivas - Used to show an oncoming hazard (yellow) or inform road users of temporary changes in the normal use of roads (orange).
  • Señales informativas - Used to provide road users with information and guidelines (usually blue, white, or green).
  • Find a list of traffic signs with their accompanying images in Colombia.

Avoid Drunk Driving

In Colombia, driving while drunk is considered a serious criminal offense, and if a motorist is found to be above the limit while driving, he or she may be taken to jail. Driving is also a criminal crime under the influence of drugs, and the punishments are the same as those for drunk driving.

This problem has long been a concern in Colombia and the source of many road collisions, but the government has recently implemented much tougher sanctions and reduced the number of alcohol-related deaths. The traffic police have the right to screen you for alcohol and narcotics intoxication. It is possible to administer a breath test. In small accidents, it is not unusual for drivers to share driver and liability particulars and then pass those over to their respective insurance providers.

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