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International Driving Permit in Venezuela

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За вожњу у иностранству потребна је међународна возачка дозвола

вожња у иностранству са међународном возачком дозволом

Међународна возачка дозвола (ИДП), која је регулицана од стране УН-а, потврђује да сте власник важеће возачке дозволе у својој земљи порекла.

документи потребни за међународну возачку дозволу

Међународна возачка дозвола је важећи облик идентификације у више од 150 земаља широм света и садржи ваше име, фотографију и податке о вама на 12 светских језика.

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How do I get an international driving permit for Venezuela online?

First off, before you get an International Driver’s License/Permit from an IDP provider, you must check out their reviews on sites like Trustpilot.

Our IDP is recognized in over 165+ countries worldwide, including the following:

  • Brazil
  • Germany
  • Japan
  • Panama
  • Spain
  • Argentina
  • Australia
  • Barbados
  • Belgium
  • Canada
  • Colombia
  • Costa Rica
  • Cote D’Ivoire
  • Croatia
  • Cyprus
  • Dominican Republic
  • France
  • Guatemala
  • Guyana
  • Honduras
  • Iceland
  • Ireland
  • Italy
  • Korea
  • Liechtenstein
  • Macao
  • Malaysia
  • Mexico
  • Myanmar
  • Netherlands
  • New Zealand
  • Norway
  • Peru
  • Switzerland
  • Taiwan
  • Trinidad and Tobago
  • Ukraine
  • United Kingdom
  • Uruguay
  • Estonia
  • Hong Kong
  • and others!

And whether your IDP is English or not, you may have to get one as not all road traffic authorities are well-versed with the language.

Can I drive in USA with Venezuelan license?

Yes, you can drive in the USA with a Venezuelan license, However, you must have an International Driver’s Permit (IDP) along with valid driver’s licence. You can also drive in any foreign country with just your Venezuelan license as long as it is accompanied with an International Driving Permit.

Топ дестинације у Венецуели

Venezuela, a country located on the Northern End of South America, is a paradise of a nation. It is home to natural habitats and wildlife. This tropical nation boasts of beautiful beaches and scenery worth traveling to. If you want to know more about what are the top destinations in the country you can drive to, here are the top destinations in Venezuela.

Angel Falls

Angel Falls is one of the must-see destinations in Venezuela. It’s been featured in several movies and called “Paradise Falls.” Angel Falls is the world’s longest waterfall, with a nearly-kilometer drop from the summit called “Devil’s Mountain.” When visiting the falls, you can trek to an overlook that gives you one of the best-uninterrupted views of Angel Falls.

Angel Falls is located inside Canaima National Park, the second-largest national park in Venezuela. After visiting Angel Falls, you can go bird watching, animal spotting, and even go on a boat tour. The boat tour will let you see places that are only accessible via water transportation and even let you get close to the other waterfalls inside the national park. Lastly, don’t forget to drop by Laguna de Canaima when you leave, so you can see the red and pink hues of the waters of this picturesque lagoon.

Morrocoy National Park

Filled with beautiful bays, stunning islands, cays, and rare wildlife, Morrocoy National Park is a must-visit for travelers who want to relax. If you want to go sunbathing, swimming, or even diving, then Morrocoy National Park is the place for you. This 32,090-acre park is also home to 266 species of birds that you can try to spot while relaxing. If you want to go exploring, you can also go on a boat ride that will take you to the park’s various islands. And since Venezuela is an ecologically diverse country, don’t be surprised to find a forest near the beaches.


Maracaibo is a city bustling with life. Visit Venezuela’s second-largest city and go on countless adventures as you explore this bustling city. Maracaibo is one of the perfect places in Venezuela where you can learn about the country’s history, culture and beliefs. Maracaibo is also one of the best places in the country where you can shop until you drop, as the city is lined with clothing stores, souvenir shops, and local street food.

This destination is a perfect balance between relaxation and recreation. Here, you can have fun at the local waterpark, watch local shows, and enjoy the nightlife. You can also escape the hustle of the city by visiting Museo de Arte contemporaneo Maczul, drop by Basilica de Nuestra Señora del Rosario de Chiquinquirá, or take a walk at Calle Carabobbo.


Barquisimeto is an up-and-coming tourist destination in Venezuela. This charming city is the hometown of famous musicians such as Aquiles Machado and Gustavo Dudmel, earning the title of the musical capital of Venezuela. Barquisimeto is known for its unique attractions and lively atmosphere; you can visit giant kinetic sculptures such as the Mounumento Manto de Maria and Monumento Al Sol Naciente.

The Mounumento Manto de Maria is the largest sculpture of the Virgin in the world. It’s famous for its unique way of viewing the artwork; you have to look at it at a certain angle to see the image of the Virgin Mary. Barquisimeto is also home to the famous La Flor de Venezuela, a stunning pavilion with moving petals as its roof.

Henri Pittier National Park

Come and see the oldest national park in Venezuela, Henri Pittier National Park. This national park is visited by researchers around the world because of its diverse ecosystem and extensive species of flora and fauna. You can try to spot 500 different species of birds in the park, as it is a famous birdwatching spot for birdwatchers and ornithologists.

Want to do more than birdwatching? You can also go swimming in Henri Pittier National Park. There are beautiful coastlines and clear beaches inside where you can either take a dip or go sunbathing. You can also join the guided tours where they explain to you all the different plants and animals present inside the park and how you can help preserve and protect them.


Coro, or “Windy City,” is a town in southern Venezuela that is known for being one of the oldest and best-preserved colonial towns in South America. Coro was once the capital of Venezuela before it was changed to Caracas. Here, you can see bright and beautiful Spanish architecture that is so well-preserved, you might think you are walking back in time.

Visit one of the beautiful cathedrals in the town and drop by their museums to learn more about the town’s history. You can also just take a walk around town and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere while being surrounded by colonial architecture. Coro became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1993, but in 2005 UNESCO declared Coro as a World Heritage in Danger due to the damages brought by hurricanes and heavy rains.

Most Important Rules of Driving in Venezuela

While enjoying your stay in Venezuela, you need to be cautious and follow the different rules of the country. This will ensure that your trip will be safe and trouble-free, helping you avoid unwanted run-ins with the local authorities. Remember to always be cooperative and courteous to the local authorities. Below are the most important driving rules in Venezuela.

Drunk driving is against the law

Venezuelan authorities tend to conduct random inspections throughout the country, so be sure you do not drink and drive. Venezuela imposes a 0.08% blood alcohol limit for all drivers, including tourists. The authorities will be conducting breath-analyzer tests on the drivers, and if you are caught, you will be fined. Depending on the severity of your violation, you might also be penalized, and they will revoke your driver’s license and impound your car/

Traveling with Children

If you are traveling with children, you need to make sure they are seated in proper child seats. They are not allowed to sit on the passenger seat unless they are 13 years old or older. Venezuela has a mandated child seat-type depending on the age and size of your child. If your child is 15 months old to 3 years old, he or she is required to sit on a rear-facing child seat. If the child is 4 or 5 years old, he or she needs to use forward-facing seats.

For older children that are aged between 6 and 11 years old and weigh about 25 kgs, they need to use a booster seat. Lastly, children who are 12 years old need to be seated in the rear and on a booster cushion if they weigh about 35 kgs. All those found disobeying this law will be fined a hefty amount of $66,000 to $132,000.

Fuel Laws

Venezuela’s fuel is currently being subsidized and limited by the government; because of this, there might be times when fuel is not readily available. Before you start driving around the country, it is best to have your car topped-up. It is also best to buy gas for your car outside the city centers like Caracas. This is because lines may tend to get long, and since the gas is limited, you might end up waiting for a long time before you can refill your tank. Try to ask your car rental company for their fuel plans or packages to make your trip more hassle-free.

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