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Међународна возачка дозвола (ИДП), која је регулицана од стране УН-а, потврђује да сте власник важеће возачке дозволе у својој земљи порекла.

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Do you need an international driver's license in St. Lucia?

Please note that there is no such thing as an International Driver’s License. The name for the document which is used to support your valid driver’s license in St. Lucia, is called an International Driver’s Permit (IDP). Although it is not required to have one, it is highly recommended for your you to drive in another country as a tourist.

So how many countries recognize our IDP? It’s in 165+ countries including the following:

  • Barbados
  • Canada
  • Italy
  • Brazil
  • Ireland
  • Netherlands
  • Portugal
  • Spain
  • Bahrain
  • Antigua
  • Bangladesh
  • Belgium
  • Bulgaria
  • Chile
  • Croatia
  • Greece
  • Guatemala
  • Hungary
  • Jamaica
  • Korea
  • Jordan
  • Kuwait
  • Malaysia
  • New Zealand
  • Peru
  • Philippines
  • Poland
  • Romania
  • Slovenia
  • Sri Lanka
  • Taiwan
  • Thailand
  • Vietnam
  • Zimbabwe

How do I get an international driver's license in St. Lucia?

You can get an IDP for St. Lucia by following these steps:

  1. Click the “Start My Application” button and fill out the application form.
  2. Attach a copy of your home country driver’s license and a passport size photo.
  3. Type in your credit card details to pay the IDP.

Wait for 30 days for your IDP to arrive at your doorstep or shipping address.

Can American drive in St. Lucia?

Yes, Americans can drive in St. Lucia as long as you have a valid International Driving Permit (IDP) and your home country driver’s license with you. These two should be paired together, so the IDP can be recognized since the document is used to verify the information on your driver’s license.

Топ дестинације у Саинт Луциа

Saint Lucia is an island that tourists to the Caribbean wish of; a tiny, lush, and hilly gem that is still unknown to many. It is the second-largest Windward Island of the Lesser Antilles, between Saint Vincent and Martinique. To enjoy your trip to Saint Lucia fully, you need an IDP. Read on to know more about International Driving Permit in Saint Lucia as you are browsing our official website.

Pigeon Island National Park

It is ranked #1 of the ten most visited attractions in Saint Lucia, known for its historic landmark and the story of the pirate with a wooden leg. Pigeon Island National Park is also the site of Saint Lucia’s annual Jazz & Arts Festival, which tourists love to experience. Moreover, Pigeon Island National Park offers many adventures, so it’s advisable to have or rent a car to create your itinerary.

Although the most sought event, which is the annual Jazz & Arts Festival, only happens during May, you can still enjoy various adventures all over the year. Tourists visit Pigeon Island year-round; this place is perfect for escapades. Retirees even go there to unwind and settle in. This place is accessible with a vehicle, and it’s easy to locate; bring an International Driving Permit as you drive through the address below.


Soufriere was once the capital city of Saint Lucia, and it is known for its twin pitons, which tourists visit most. It is also the site of the most well-known suites and restaurants in Saint Lucia. Make the best out of your vacation on Soufriere as you hike the pitons, zipline above the rainforests, and sip your Dasheen Fantasy in the famous T’cholit Bar.

Marigot Bay

Marigot Bay is a 5-star resort in Saint Lucia that lies on the west coast of this Caribbean island. It is a bay full of picturesque views, fabulous pools, and restaurants, perfect for yachters and people who just want to relax. Marigot Bay is also known for its attractive and straightforward setting, which is why Hollywood chose this place for movie scenes from some known movies.

The best time to visit Marigot Bay is from early June to late April; you will miss the high prices and the crowd so that you can enjoy the place peacefully. This place is accessible by car and boat. If you don’t have a rented car, you can ride a taxi from Hewannora in less than an hour for $70 and George F.L. Charles Airport for $25. However, driving on your own is advisable; you cannot only enjoy the trip, but you can also use the travel knowledge for the next time you visit the site.

Splash Island Water Park

A family-friendly water park situated in the Reduit Beach in Rodney Bay offers you water sports adventure featuring an obstacle course. Splash Island Water Park is known for its friendly theme, perfect for all ages, and you can do whatever you want. They will also require you to wear a life-vest regardless of your swimming ability to ensure everybody’s safety.

It is best to visit Splash Island Water Park from June to February to enjoy a sunny beach adventure. This site is accessible by car, and it’s not hard to get to the destination since Splash Island is famous to the people in Saint Lucia. Remember that tourists need to bring an international driver’s license when driving in Saint Lucia; reviews show that driving with an IDP saves a significant amount of time and money.

Spencer Ambrose Tours

Spencer Ambrose Tours ranked #1 of 6 Boat and Water tour companies in Vieux Fort, known for its fantastic itinerary, makes you witness Saint Lucia’s dramatic and lush coastline vegetation. Enjoy taking pictures from the scenic views as your ride the modern speedboat, cruising around the island. Spencer Ambrose Tours has friendly and knowledgeable staff to cater to your needs during the tour and make sure you are well-oriented.

Most Important Driving Rules

Before you go down the road, you need to know the essential driving rules in Saint Lucia to avoid problems along the street. Ignoring these major rules can result in consequences; worse is inevitable. You are strictly required to read and follow the driving rules when driving in Saint Lucia.

Drive on the left side

Like any former British colonies, the driving side in Saint Lucia is strictly on the left side of the road. You might find it difficult for the first time to drive on the left side; you can start learning by riding a taxi and let your eyes familiarize everything. You can also practice driving in remote areas where the traffic is not heavy. Remember that it’s a strict order to follow.

Avoid Drunk Driving

Saint Lucia imposed a Motor Vehicle and Road Traffic Act prohibiting drivers from drinking alcohol when driving. Violation of this act is billable up to 5,000 Eastern Caribbean dollars and overnight detention. Do not drive if you plan to drink alcohol or have taken alcohol. Always bring your International Driver’s Permit when driving in Saint Lucia; international travel requires documents like IDP.

Follow the speed limit

Most road accidents are a result of overspeeding and the negligence of the speed limit law. The speed limit for rural areas is 30 miles per hour, for a city or town is 15 miles per hour, and for highways is 40 miles per hour. It is essential to follow these speed limits to avoid vehicular accidents and violations.

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